Chapter 143 – The Monster

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The soldiers of Horant, who escaped without even a single one experiencing Hifumi’s threat, headed in the direction of the capital city to run away from the border where the mayhem continues while dawn hasn’t broken.
More or less they have entrusted the message “it’s for the sake of informing the capital’ for their superiors to another soldier so that it isn’t considered as fleeing, but since they haven’t received an order, they will likely be treated as deserters, strictly speaking.
However, that much doesn’t seem to be apparent to those running away themselves.
They took advantage of the chaos, procured a carriage by giving the same reason from before and vigorously rushed out towards the highway.
Hifumi, who made sure of that up to that point, seizes a warhorse, which was set free from the stable temporarily due to the fire, and follows the carriage at a distance where he can’t be confirmed by sight.
Although there isn’t any harness attached, he skilfully keeps balance with a half-lotus position where he placed the top of his right foot on his left knee.

“They are slow.” (Hifumi)

In the long run the speed between a carriage and a single rider will be different.
Hifumi, who felt troubled by having to regulate so that he doesn’t suddenly overtake them, ended up going too far while the carriage’s soldiers made camp.
Because it was a route he remembered, he decides to go ahead while expecting them to head in the direction of the capital city.

“If I’m going to have a chat anyway, I guess the guys at the top are better.” (Hifumi)

Though it was a horse he chose by intuition, it was apparently a winner. Exhibiting its splendid leg strength of a swift, fawn-coloured horse, he reached a location where he could see the capital city after three days.
Hifumi, who approached a village in the vicinity, decides to give the horse into custody to a farmer, who was there, after handing him some money.
Lying down after borrowing a shed the farmer uses, he waited for the night.


The capital city of Horant, Adolameruk.
Although it’s a country that currently has no legitimate ruler, the confusion of Prime Minister Kuzemu grasping the power within the castle has no effect on the populace and lower soldiers. The city was relatively calm.
Of course the confrontation with Orsongrande has raised unease amongst the people. There’s also the matter of Kuzemu deliberately announcing that the successor, Nelgal, “is deemed to be taken prisoner by Orsongrande.” It has reached the point that many soldiers can be seen controlling and guarding the city and the security at the entrance to the city has become strict as well.
However, compared to what they felt to be strict, it was in a word, 「weak」, in Hifumi’s case.
With the number of soldiers, who are standing absent-mindedly in front of the closed gate while holding their spears, being 10, are they careless because they are far from the border? Several sentries, who are lazily walking around without any motivation, are visible.
Without there being even a single of them who realized Hifumi’s figure closing in while taking advantage of the night’s blackness, there was no one questioning him even when he invaded by scaling the wall smoothly.
Hifumi, who got angry once again, continuing after the soldiers at the national border, due to there being no more than this level of surveillance even in the capital city, heads silently to the castle while killing his footsteps nevertheless.

“I did go around killing the soldiers the last time I came here, didn’t I? That was fun. Setting aside the crown prince’s way of doing things, they fought while doing their best. However, even if I just did the same thing, it would be boring.” (Hifumi)

While muttering under his breath, the figure of Hifumi blended with the buildings’ shades and he vanished as if melting away and went towards the castle.


When Vaiya’s vanguard unit, which took Viine and the others along, arrived at the defence encampment where Imeraria waits it was just the time of Hifumi leaving the horse in the village with the capital city right in front of his eyes.
The sun is starting to sink, there are heavy clouds, which are thinly sticking to the sky, and a light rain is falling.

“The Knight Vaiya has arrived just now.” (Vaiya)

Seeing Vaiya, who visited the tent with Imeraria in it to report his arrival, being wet due to the rain, a maid quietly handed him a towel.

“Vaiya-san, I’m sorry for having you come here in hurry.” (Imeraria)

“It’s for Your esteemed Majesty. I feel that I want to receive your appreciation and praises after I obtained military results.” (Vaiya)

Vaiya showing a feeling of being obliged in an exaggerated manner to a degree that it can be regarded as ridiculous is for the sake of him easing his own tension of having entered the battlefield, is something Imeraria understands. Unintentionally chuckling, she urges him towards the reception sofa.
“Although he was the type who wears clothes as too serious person since the time when he was still in the Second Knight Order, his character mellowed out after the training in Fokalore and getting married”, she recalls Sabnak having mentioned that at some time.
Once she looks casually, Vaiya is still in the state of standing without sitting down.

“What’s wrong?” (Imeraria)

“As a matter of fact, there are people accompanying me…” (Vaiya)

“Accompanying, you say?” (Imeraria)

“Yes, as they named themselves as acquaintances of Earl Tohno, they told me that they want to meet with him. They have joined me after I took over from Fokalore’s civil official, Paryu-san. Those fellow travellers are unique. It’s my humble wish to have them introduced to Your Majesty on this occasion.” (Vaiya)

Imeraria pondered, but Vaiya shouldn’t have brought along anyone suspicious either.

“Where are those people?” (Imeraria)

“Currently they are in the middle of talking with Captain Sabnak.” (Vaiya)

It will probably be alright if Sabnak judges them as being no problem, Imeraria made a maid go contact Sabnak so that they will enter the tent together with him.

“How’s the situation in the capital?” (Imeraria)

“There haven’t been any particular problems. Even as for the public order, since I requested Midas-san to handle it, there won’t be any issues, I think? There don’t seem to be any particular moves in Vichy’s direction either.” (Vaiya)

Intentionally mentioning it as in the “direction” of Vichy includes Fokalore as well.

“Your Majesty, for you to reinforce our war potential at this time, were there some movements by Horant?” (Vaiya)

Due to Vaiya talking uneasily, Imeraria smiles calmly.

“The ones moving will be our side. The full details will be explained at the next war council.” (Imeraria)

“It’s Sabnak. Umm, I brought the, guests?” (Sabnak)

Sabnak’s voice was audible from outside the tent, but Imeraria knitted her eyebrows due to his evasive manner of speech.

“Please enter.” (Imeraria)

“Excuse me.” (Sabnak)

The one who entered the tent first was Sabnak.
And, seeing the four who followed after him, Imeraria became speechless.

“Your Majesty, these are the gentlemen and ladies from the wastelands who crossed a great distance to meet with Earl Tohno.” (Sabnak)

“I’m the elf Puuse.”

“I’m Viine.”

“I’m called Gengu ~ssu.”

“I-I am, M-Malfas!”

“… Your Majesty?”

“… Ha!” (Imeraria)

Imeraria was in a state of having her mouth opened while looking at the beastmen, but recovering  due to Sabnak’s call, she elegantly wipes the edges of her mouth with a handkerchief.

“I’m the queen of Orsongrande Kingdom, Imeraria. It looks like it was a long trip from the wastelands. It’s the first time for me to encounter elves and beastmen, but… do you understand my words?” (Imeraria)

Looking at each other’s faces, Puuse takes one step forward.

“Queen-sama, we are using the same language. I think a conversation won’t be a problem?” (Puuse)

“So, about the matter of having come to meet with Hifumi-sama…” (Imeraria)

After asking several questions, Imeraria arranged for Puuse’s group to be allowed using separate tents for men and women out of consideration that they can wait for Hifumi in the encampment.
Once Puuse and the others, who are grateful for the warm reception, left while being led by maids, Imeraria sank her back into the sofa while curbing her brows.

“… What did Hifumi-sama do in the wastelands? Really, something like a beastwoman chasing him up to here.” (Imeraria)

Alongside a deep sigh, she drinks her cold black tea.

“Anyway, it was a saving grace that Origa-san wasn’t here. Sabnak-san, I leave it to you that they and Origa-san don’t run into each other until Hifumi-sama returns.” (Imeraria)

“Aren’t you imagining too much there? They are people who have likewise fallen in love with Hifumi-san, so if they get along well…” (Sabnak)

“Sabnak-san, you are naive.” (Imeraria)

She stabs Sabnak with an unusually sharp gaze.

“The rabbit beastman-san just now… Viine-san came here while saying an admirable thing like she just wants to be at his side, however do you believe that Origa-san will allow that?” (Imeraria)

“Uuh…” (Sabnak)

“And, the moment a quarrel occurs between them, will you be able to remonstrate them to be nice to each other, Sabnak-san?” (Imeraria)

“I-Isn’t that a task that exceeds my abilities…?” (Sabnak)

Imeraria’s gaze switches from Sabnak to Vaiya.

“Even for me, to barge in on such situation is a bit…” (Vaiya)

Hearing the timid answers of the two adults, Imeraria sighed deeply.

“We will be able to form a relationship with the elves, who are said to wield powerful magic, and the beastmen who were our former enemy. That in itself is something great. The matter of creating a friendship with them will likely be of benefit for Orsongrande.” (Imeraria)

“For that reason”, Imeraria made a short pause.

“We should avoid unnecessary troubles to the best of our abilities. Even Origa-san will be obedient in front of Hifumi-sama. I will also request Alyssa-san to lay the groundwork thoroughly.” (Imeraria)

“”Acknowledged.”” (Sabnak & Vaiya)

Imeraria informed the two, who matched their voices, about another matter.

“I will explain the strategy, I drew up, before the arrival of the main force. Let’s have dinner together. You two and Alyssa-san. And let’s invite those beastmen from before as well. I will have them decide whether they want to stay at Münster temporarily or remain here after explaining the current state.” (Imeraria)

It looks like it will take a full two days for the main force of the reinforcements to arrive even if they are quick. It will also be necessary to explain things to Nelgal who will arrive together with the main army, but I will push this strategy forth even if I have to basically threaten him, was her intention.
All of it is for the sake of her squaring off against Hifumi while keeping her pride as queen.



Before the guarding soldier finished speaking, Hifumi cut his windpipe just slightly with the tip of his katana in one go and the body, which had lost its soul, collapsed alongside a sound of air leaking out.

“It’s this. I came here to complain about this.” (Hifumi)

While lowering the drawn katana, Hifumi stands in front of Horant’s prime minster who was sitting at his desk.

“W-Who are you bastard…?” (Kuzemu)

“The lord of Fokalore, Hifumi. The man who killed this place’s crown prince.” (Hifumi)

“What…” (Kuzemu)

Kuzemu, who has become pale while drenched in sweat, carefully examines the man standing in front of him from top to bottom.
Kuzemu himself never saw Hifumi, but he was aware about the person called Hifumi and about the uproar within the castle.

“How foolish. To reach this place all by yourself…” (Kuzemu)

“That’s it. That.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi points at the corpse of the soldier he killed himself a moment ago.

“It’s the same for this guy as well, but you are far too careless. Entering the country, entering the city and entering the castle, all of it was at a level of being extremely easy to degree of making me yawn. Your men are just walking around leisurely and don’t have any kind of vigilance in addition to that either. Isn’t that as if you are telling me to break in?” (Hifumi)

“For example”, Hifumi retrieved a light magic tool from his darkness storage.

“I can’t use anything but darkness magic, but research in magic has advanced in Horant, right? I heard that even this lamp was created in Horant. In that case, noticing an intruder, sounding a general alert once someone discovered an enemy or doing various things is possible, isn’t it?” (Hifumi)

“Uuh, but such things, except for those intended for battle, are developed by private merchants… buh!?” (Kuzemu)

Just as he began to line up excuses, Hifumi slapped Kuzemu’s cheek with his palm after stabbing the katana into the floor.
Is his field of vision flickering? Hifumi brings his face close to Kuzemu who is repeatedly blinking.

“You, don’t you think that a method for attacking means it is intended for battle?” (Hifumi)

Picking up the katana, he holds it out in front of Kuzemu’s eyes so that he can see its hamon.
Hifumi, who turns the blade towards below and shifts the handle into his left hand, intended to show it, but Kuzemu was unable to consider it as anything else but threatening. He feels uneasy whether the ominously shining blade will cut his own throat in the same manner as the guard’s.

“A weapon is fine as weapon. If it’s polished up as item that steals a person’s life, it is beautifully sublimed.” (Hifumi)

Drawing back the katana, he returns it into its scabbard.

“But you know, while it may be strong at attacking that doesn’t mean that one can win. It isn’t just a mutual competition and confrontation. Now matter how strong a weapon might be, it will be meaningless if you aren’t able to find a gap to use it.” (Hifumi)

What Hifumi pointed at was the sword which hung at the waist of the corpse. Recognising him as intruder, the soldier tried to call out and yet he didn’t even touch the hilt.

“W-What do you want to tell me?” (Kuzemu)

“You don’t understand?” (Hifumi)

Going away from in front of Kuzemu, Hifumi removed the katana from his waist and sat down on a sofa with a flump.

“You are able to use magic. You were born into this world at great pains. If you are able to use earth magic, you will probably be able to camouflage a trap perfectly. If you can use wind magic, it’s possible to survey a somewhat wide range. If it’s fire magic, one can light a signal fire without using tools. Even by thinking about it for a bit, there are this many possible applications.” (Hifumi)

“Are you asshole telling me that Orsongrande’s military has advanced this far?” (Kuzemu)

“No?” (Hifumi)

Kuzemu looked at Hifumi, who shook his head as he smiled, while wiping away the sweat.

“I wonder whether I gave Orsongrande a bit too much of an advantage. Although it looks like you created a slightly big toy in Horant, those are no good. Even the techniques taught to you by the instruction unit sent by me have parts similar to imitating just the upper surface.” (Hifumi)

“Therefore”, Hifumi tapped the scabbard of his katana.

“I decided to give you various hints regarding magic which is the distinctive characteristic of Horant.” (Hifumi)

“I-Isn’t that an act that serves the interests of your enemy!? What are you planning!?” (Kuzemu)

“What a foolish thing to say. The current you doesn’t even amount to being an enemy for me. Thus it isn’t an act that serves the interests of my enemy.” (Hifumi)

“T-That’s sophistry!” (Kuzemu)

“Even if it’s sophistry, that’s fine. Do you know? A weakling uses sophistry to gloss over, but the strong one uses it while persisting with their egoism.” (Hifumi)

“So, what are you telling me to do?” (Kuzemu)

Finding it already difficult to bring it to a close with words in this situation, Kuzemu asks Hifumi that.

“Since the border probably has already broken down due to the attacks of Orsongrande’s side, I shall instruct you magic techniques I came up with in order for you to retake the border or to defend. I have only the darkness attribute, thus it will just be the theory though. Hey! Hurry up and summon the magicians in charge or the researchers. I don’t have the time to idle around here. The evil hand of Orsongrande might be reaching for this place soon.” (Hifumi)

While saying that, Hifumi rung the bell on top of a low table which is located in front of the sofa.
A maid immediately enters the room.

“You cal-… hii!?”

The maid, who entered while looking down, screamed when she discovered the soldier’s corpse.

“Black tea, please. Also, I’d like something I can take out.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi tells the frightened maid his order.
Due to the words of an unknown person, the maid looked at Kuzemu in her search for help.

“… Prepare it as you were told. And, can you call someone of the castle’s magic researchers?” (Kuzemu)


Once the maid leaves the room as if running away, Hifumi looks into Kuzemu’s eyes.
Joy is clearly visible on his face.

“Do your best. Imeraria is an amateur, but Fokalore’s soldiers are considerably powerful. I don’t care what you want to do in the end, but you have to persist here for the sake of achieving your dreams.” (Hifumi)

Standing up, Hifumi hit Kuzemu’s shoulder.

“Let’s have a real war with a properly large number of people dying. Okay?” (Hifumi)

Kuzemu was unable to reply as he was merely trembling.


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