Chapter 141 – Wild World

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As the room, which Alyssa entered, was apparently a storage, it was simple to leave outside the storage as it wasn’t locked either.

“… Huh?” (Alyssa)

At the time when she looked from the outside she thought that the building had four floors, but outside the cramped storage with its piles of wooden boxes the ceiling has become high as if it was the hall of a castle. She was barely able to perceive that with the faint light existing inside the room.

“Judging by the impression from outside, it has at least one more floor on top.”

One of the soldiers mutters and Alyssa nods.

“That means… uwah…”

Once they move while carefully checking the situation in the vicinity of the storage, they discovered a huge cage.
Iron bars with a thickness at the level of Alyssa’s waist are forming a grid. Inside, where light mostly doesn’t reach, a giant soldier, who is sleeping while leaning his back against the wall, is dimly visible.
There are two cages. The one who likely lived in the empty counterpart was the giant soldier who was killed by Hifumi this morning, Alyssa guessed.
Alyssa is troubled at this point.
If we get rid of the giant soldier here and now, it will probably become quite easy even if we proceed towards the capital city of Horant from here on.
However, even though we have done preparations to deal with them, it’s not definitely certain that we can win against a giant soldier with 3 people.

“Umumu…” (Alyssa)

A change takes place while she is groaning.

“It’s a fire! Everyone, wake up!”

It’s from the neighbouring building, I guess? A panicked voice can be heard in a distance.
Did he hear that voice? The sleeping giant soldier was stirring restlessly.

“Let’s hide for the moment!” (Alyssa)

Upon Alyssa’s decision, they return to in front of the storage, disappear in the darkness and watch the state of affairs.
It seems like the other 3 units have set fire quickly. There are angry roars and sounds of a crowd of people coming and going outside the building. The sound of wood burning with a cackling was audible.
Once she looks in the direction of the cage, the giant soldier, who appears to be completely awake now, stretches his tall figure, which gives the impression of being about to reach the ceiling, and surveys his surroundings while looking displeased.
At this moment, two people, appearing to be magicians of Horant, rush into the place while panting (were they on the floor above?).

“Let’s release the reinforced soldier!”

“No, controlling him with just us two is…”

“If he is burnt to death due to the spread of fire, it will be our responsibility, won’t it!? Moreover, this is an enemy attack! I will open the lock!”

The man, who rebuked his colleague’s indecisive attitude in one go, yells 「Stay obedient!」 towards the giant soldier while opening a part of the iron bars with a magic tool-like key.
While having stood up sluggishly, the giant looks down on Horant’s magicians with blank eyes which held no emotions.
Seeing that situation, Alyssa turned around to her comrades.

“It will be bad if that one’s released, right? Let’s go.” (Alyssa)

Alyssa, who jumped out with a force similar to being flicked away without waiting for an answer, headed towards the man who tried to stop her and stabbed him with the wakizashi just as she rammed into him.


Once Alyssa, who confirmed his death as his voice leaks out from his throat, turns her gaze towards the other man. She saw the figure of the magician struggling while being held in an eagle grip by the giant soldier in front of her perplexed comrades.
He was apparently caught just as he opened the cage.

“R-Release me, this…”

The magician, who was drenched in sweat due to pain and fear, frantically tries to make the giant soldier stop, but the giant soldier sluggishly tries to bend himself forward from the cage while grabbing the magician.

“Both of you, take some distance and prepare for combat! Get that ready!” (Alyssa)

While issuing instructions to her comrades, Alyssa intentionally used a loud voice to attract the attention of the giant soldier.
Verifying that the giant soldier’s gaze slowly turned her way, she stands in a conspicuous place where the light shines and prepares the wakizashi in her right hand.
Cold sweat traces down her cheeks.
Her body was still made to tremble by the scariness of the time when she was knocked down from atop her horse, but the shivering calmed down with only the strong sensation of holding her wakizashi in her right hand.

“Come and get me!” (Alyssa)

Just as her image of the time when Hifumi provoked his opponents, she displayed a smile while mimicking him.
Did he get angry due to that? The giant soldier threw the magician of Horant, he held, towards Alyssa.


Being slapped against the wall, the magician, who leaked a voice similar to a frog, smashed down the wooden wall and left by rolling outside.
Alyssa doesn’t take her eyes off the giant soldier even while dodging the rolling magician sideways.
In the middle of the confrontation Alyssa heard the voices of her comrades.

“We will use a net!”

In the next instant a large net fell upon the giant soldier.


Alyssa dashes while carrying her wakizashi towards the giant soldier who raises groans in irritation as he pulls at the net which got entwined by him struggling.
They had Sabnak concede a share of the net which was spread out as spear protection in the defence encampment. It is a net used for fishing with weights attached at its edges and small eyes.

“If I remember correctly, at the time when Hifumi-san killed it…” (Alyssa)

What Alyssa is aiming for are the feet of the giant soldier who is visible from below the net. The bare toes, which aren’t protected by armour, are slightly dirty. Thick nails have grown just like a beast.
With the wakizashi, she firmly held in both hands, she completely cut off the toes from their root at the side of the little toe.
Only the big toe was saved by the obstruction of the bone, but just as his toes were scattered about while the stumps shed blood, the giant soldier fell on his backside.

“… Muu.” (Alyssa)

Taking distance while slipping through the log-like arm which the giant soldier swung precisely even as he was writhing and getting entangled by the net, Alyssa grind her teeth.

“This didn’t get through.” (Alyssa)

She glares at the giant soldier who is moving around restlessly while sitting.
Her comrades, who cast the net, have drawn their weapons and are slashing at the giant soldier, but the giant soldier doesn’t look like he is faltering either.
Imitating Hifumi, Alyssa planned to aim for the head or neck after the giant was made to fall down, but even in the state of sitting, the giant’s head is twice as high as Alyssa’s height.
While watching as the net is gradually becoming worn-out due to the giant’s superhuman strength, Alyssa wonders whether there isn’t anything they can do and searches her pocket and the interior of her rucksack with her free left hand. There she found the shuriken.

“It’s something I almost never used, but if I remember correctly, it goes with such feeling.” (Alyssa)

Mimicking Origa, she sheathes the wakizashi, prepares the shuriken in her right hand and throws them while making sure to stretch her arm in front.
The largely off shuriken pierces the wall on the opposite side while making a sound of *clonk*.

“Mumuu!” (Alyssa)

While groaning she throws the second one.
This one stabs into the face of the giant soldier. He approaches Alyssa by slouching while seeming to be very unhappy.

“Once more!” (Alyssa)

This time she throws it with a large swing using all her strength.
The shuriken moved quickly and stabbed into the giant soldier’s left eye with a force of getting deeply buried into it.
Having all of a sudden lost half of his visual field, the giant soldier wriggles in a confused state while holding down his face.


“Aim for the arms!” (Alyssa)

Grasping the wakizashi once again, Alyssa gives directions to her comrades.
The two soldier of Fokalore, who responded to it swiftly, respectively cut at the wrist of both arms, with which the giant soldier holds his face, using their swords.
Even without feeling pain, it’s probably irritating. The giant soldier, who collapsed facing upwards, swung his arms and Alyssa leapt in as substitute for the soldiers who were warded off.

“This is the end!” (lyssa)

She drove her wakizashi very deeply targeting the eye which had been crushed by the shuriken.
Being pushed by the wakizashi‘s tip, the shuriken reached the brain.
With the remaining right eye being widely opened, the giant soldier stopped moving.

“… Phew.” (Alyssa)

“Director, you did it!”

Alyssa, who wiped off her sweat and turned towards her cheering comrades with a smile, already saw flames rising from the hole in the wall, where the magician was thrown at, once she lifted her face wondering whether they should go to look for the documents on the floor above.

“It’s terrible. Everyone, let’s give up on the documents and escape! We might get surrounded by the fire if we went upstairs!” (Alyssa)


Horant’s soldiers are moving about in confusion in the vicinity of the buildings which are still burning brightly outside.
Alyssa, who decided to escape by taking advantage of that chaos, took a glance at the fallen and dead giant soldier and left the building behind.


“Well, a passing mark, I guess?” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who observed the combat style of Alyssa from the stairway continuing to the upper floor, suddenly lifted the edges of his mouth and smiled.
Setting aside her physical ability, it’s unacceptable for her to miss with the shuriken, but she created a method to kill her enemy, gave proper instructions and was even able to deal with irregularities. In case of a battle in this world up until now, there was no way to cope with an opponent, who excelled in physical ability, if there was no magic, I guess.
Choosing his “weak point,” Alyssa used it effectively.
Also, watching Hifumi’s way of doing things, she picked up the parts she can do herself and implemented them. This was also something he valued highly.

“Well then, shall I go to the next target location as well?” (Hifumi)

Hifumi sends a fleeting glance behind.
Five corpses of soldiers from Horant were scattered around on the second floor. Having been killed with a single stroke, all of them wore a confused expression due to not understanding what happened to them.
Hifumi clicks his tongue once.

“Although it’s for the sake of confirming the results, my stress keeps piling up…” (Hifumi)

When he was venting complaints while tapping the guard of his katana with a finger, several soldiers of Horant rushed into the lower floor after Alyssa withdrew from there.

“This is… the reinforced soldier has been done in?”

“The fellow outside is dead as well. Anyway, this place will be abandoned! If he’s already dead, it cannot be helped!”

Hifumi jumps down towards the soldiers who are discussing the circumstances.


A single soldier is flattened after having Hifumi’s knee being driven on top of his shoulder. Since Hifumi grabbed the soldier’s head while at it, he broke the neck by twisting it backwards and the soldier instantly died after being thrown onto the ground while Hifumi made sure to crush his upper body including the collarbone.

“Wha-, W-Who are you?”

“Ah~… let’s see. A suspicious person, that’s about it.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who stood up slowly, places his back against the iron bars while staying idle.


Avoiding the sword which was swung down from an overhead position, he delivers a kick from the side and with the sword being stuck in-between the bars, the soldier fell over while being unarmed.

“You have to fight after properly examining your surroundings.” (Hifumi)

Once he tramples down with his entire foot on top of the breast armour with a *bam*, the soldier vomits blood and dies.
Hifumi lightly swings the jitte, which he took out from his pocket, towards the sword which was pushed forth by another soldier.
The sword, which got hooked with only that, left the hands of the soldier.
Once the soldier was dumbfounded by having suddenly snatched away his sword from his palm, his own sword was thrown aiming for his throat.

“Eat this!”

Was there a magician mixed in? A fireball approaches Hifumi who threw the sword.
However, Hifumi stared at the conflagration with cold eyes and knocked down the fireball with his left hand which had a glove.


“W-What’s this…?”

Hifumi slowly got close to the shocked magician and hit the face of his opponent with his palm in the same manner as he knocked down the fireball just now.

“You know.”


Standing right next to the head of the magician who collapsed due to the impact, Hifumi looks down at him.

“Something like a fireball that merely comes flying in a straight line can be dealt with completely even if you hurl 100 of them at me.” (Hifumi)

“Therefore”, Hifumi points at the magician with his left hand.

“What you are doing isn’t any different from throwing with stones. Not to mention that you even release a yell. The way of suddenly throwing a Molotov cocktail in silence is a lot harder to deal with. Do you understand the meaning of what I’m saying?” (Hifumi)

“Uuh… Uaah…”

Looking at the magician who is simply trembling without even moving a single finger as if his hands and feet are completely bound, even when being questioned, Hifumi sighed very deeply.

“Tsk.” (Hifumi)

Striking the eyes of the magician with the jitte in irritation, Hifumi, who lost interest in the other party who is convulsing and heading towards death, turned around towards the remaining soldiers of Horant.
The soldiers, who had that gaze turned on them, step back instinctively.
The fire has completely spread. The flame, which is slowly creeping up the wall while burning, is brighter than the original light.


“For what reason do you think I deliberately dispatched Ma Carne’s unit to this country? It’s so that you lot can fight a lot better, isn’t it? You guys as well.” (Hifumi)

When he pointed at the soldiers holding their swords, Hifumi didn’t try to hide his expression of anger anymore.

“Are you only going to wield your swords like idiots? Your half-assed way makes me angry. Do you understand how much patience it took to choose to teach you without killing you? Teaching you the way how to fight isn’t just for popularizing it. I had hoped that the guys, who try to train while possessing a sense of danger, will increase if the number of strong people grows. I anticipated ingenious scheming how to to fight, the appearance of new spells and weapons and the start of conflicts where lives are at risk.” (Hifumi)

With his tone getting gradually stronger, the soldiers of Horant are trembling while listening.

“Wasn’t there enough time? Weren’t you able to prepare for fighting yet? Then, why did you attack? Why don’t you try to run away?” (Hifumi)

He draws the katana from his waist.
The flames are flickering, but the katana’s blade is shining dangerously.

“Don’t mess around, really. Just what the hell were you doing in this world that is blessed by killing this many people? Are there still not enough people? Or, do you not understand unless someone dies between your eyes?” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who breathed out intensely and excitedly, pointed at the corpse of the giant soldier with the katana’s tip.

“Those are great. Those are likely the result of researching magic in Horant. Alyssa wrecked her brain how to defeat those. Using tools and learning the necessary technique, she was able to kill him. At first even I had quite the hard time. But, is that all?” (Hifumi)

The katana’s tip is turned towards the soldiers.

“By any chance, did you start a war while relying on no more than that? Did you even think that the conclusion of the killing will be reached that easily?” (Hifumi)

Sucking in breath through his nose, he breathes it out through his mouth.

“Choose. Will you fight with me to prove that you trained? Or will you escape and convey my words to your boss?” (Hifumi)

“Hurry up”, at the moment made a single step forward, all of the remaining soldiers of Horant turned their back on him and ran away.
Watching their figures, Hifumi sighed deeply.

“Good grief…” (Hifumi)

Sheathing his katana, Hifumi, who put his breathing in order and erased his presence, started to quietly tail behind the soldiers who were running away frantically.


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