Chapter 129 – In The World Like This

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It was on the third day after coming back from Fokalore when Midas discovered Nelgal and joined up with him.

“Such things happened?” (Nelgal)

“It’s disgraceful as it apparently exposes the pathetic state of affairs in Orsongrande, but for that reason it’s not allowed for anything to happen to you by any chance, Nelgal-sama, is Queen Imeraria’s thinking.” (Midas)

“That’s appreciated. It’s an ideal that a nation’s inside is a monolith, but I do understand that it’s a complicated matter.” (Nelgal)

“The situation in Horant is even graver”, Nelgal smiles.
Discussing while drinking water in a room of a cheap inn is quite unsuitable for a succeeding king, though not quite yet, and a knight, however there was a certain connotation in the uncouth atmosphere between Nelgal’s plain character and the un-knight-like Midas.
Once Midas explained the particulars of the current situation, Nelgal willingly accepted the escort by the knights.

“As a matter of fact it might not only be the nobles of your country who are aiming for my life.” (Nelgal)

“What do you mean by that?” (Midas)

“There are also people in Horant who don’t approve a moderate like me seizing authority.” (Nelgal)

“That’s what it means”, Nelgal showed a worn-out face.
Even though he braced himself for an assassination during his travel, it wouldn’t do if he didn’t think about his movements after returning to his country. Originally his plans were to study about the city state system of Vichy after studying abroad in Fokalore, to return home after putting together his very own political measures, to become royalty after preparing plentifully with Suprangel and to get crowned while waiting for stability.

“Really, things never go as planned. Since there’s a testament in the country and I have been given it for caution’s sake as well, I expect that I will be able to get enthroned without any problems though.” (Nelgal)

All that won’t have any future if Nelgal ends up dying.
Once again Midas had a feeling that his emotions became tense due to the significance of his mission.

“According to Horant’s laws, until the successor takes the throne, once the king has died, the one in charge of the army is dismissed temporarily and it will become a matter of everything being handed over to the next king by the prime minister and the civil officials. It’s a measurement against the military authorities running wild.” (Nelgal)

“Therefore, even if they deal with attacks from outside, they will never invade a foreign country on their own devices”, Nelgal tells Midas in order to give him a peace of mind.
However, Midas had a doubt about that system.
(In other words, that means, with Nelgal, who’s the next king, being here, the prime minister actually holds the supreme authority until Nelgal returns to Horant and gets crowned. He might indeed not attack a foreign country by himself. But, if Horant is attacked by a foreign country, and if he obtains the justification of acting on behalf of self-defence…?) (Midas)
And currently there’s the teaching unit, dispatched from Hifumi’s territory, in Horant.

“Nelgal-sama.” (Midas)

“Yes. What is it?” (Nelgal)

“… Pardon my rudeness, but is it fine for me to talk hypothetically?” (Midas)

“I don’t mind. Go head.” (Nelgal)

The guarding Horant soldier, who stood at Nelgal’s side, showed that his body was filled with tension, however Midas asked boldly,

“If… you waited with your return without going back to Horant as is, Nelgal-sama, what will happen with the authority of His Excellency, the prime minister?” (Midas)

“With all due respect, what do you intended by asking such question…?”

Nelgal held back the guard, who raised his voice unable to endure it, by raising his right hand.

“In other words, there’s the possibility of the prime minister hindering my return, is what you are saying?” (Nelgal)

“… Or, to announce you missing…” (Midas)

Nelgal looked up to the sky due to Midas’ squeezed out words.
The ceiling boards, which stand out as they are blackened and slightly dirty, appear as if they are representing my own feelings.

“In order for me to not be found for all my life, you mean? It might be a good method to change it into him seizing authority over my loyal subjects.” (Nelgal)

The soldier from Horant became completely pale. Even if he considered the possibility of being attacked by bandits in Orsongrande, he likely didn’t think of a situation of being aimed at by fellow countrymen.

“Nelgal-sama. Let’s hurry as much as possible. We will further reinforce the personnel in the capital. I will help you return to your country with all my power. Regarding what happens after that, that…” (Midas)

“You have offered more than plenty. As for after my return home, that’s something I have to deal with by myself. Rather than that, is it alright for you to support me that much?” (Nelgal)

Midas shook his head due to Nelgal laughing while asking “aren’t you going a bit too far for a person from another country?”

“Our country, Orsongrande, not to mention Queen Imeraria, doesn’t wish for a battle with anyone happening. … As you are well aware, there’s a person who is quite capable of threatening even his own country if that leads to starting a war with another country.” (Midas)

“Pu…ahahaha!” (Nelgal)

Nelgal, who raised a laughter while unable to endure it any longer, restrained his voice somehow and apologized with “I’m sorry.”

“Good gracious, although he is the feudal lord of a single province, for even the Queen to worry about his movements… I once again understood the reason, why His Majesty, Suprangel, sent me to study there, very well. He is a person that can’t be imitated at all.” (Nelgal)

“If everyone was like that man, the people wouldn’t be able to pass their time peacefully.” (Midas)

“Oh, I wonder about that?” (Nelgal)

Midas tilts his head to the side due to Nelgal smiling.

“Although he won’t show mercy to an opponent that appeared at the actual site of a battle, he has a kind side towards those who are indifferent to fighting from the beginning. As he won’t take any soldiers, but those who volunteered, along to a battlefield, that also means that the people won’t be greatly anxious as with Horant that turns them into soldiers by drafting.” (Nelgal)

Midas listens while staring in wonder.

“It looks like you are an acquaintance of that man as well, thus you probably know about it. Choose yourself whether to fight or not, and once you decided to fight, kill your opponents using any mean possible… that’s what he is telling the soldiers in Fokalore.” (Nelgal)

Looking at Midas who is dumbfounded, Nelgal once again raised a laughter unable to to hold it back.




At daybreak Hifumi took Origa and Alyssa and departed Fokalore on horse. There are no guards. There was no one who raised up words about the necessity of bringing guards along either.

“Was it really alright for me to come with you?” (Alyssa)

Alyssa quietly asked Origa who is galloping next to her.
Being allowed her wish to accompany Hifumi, who at first planned to go to the capital alone, Origa moreover recommended for Alyssa accompanying them as well.
Surprised by the sudden designation, Alyssa, who thought that Origa accompanying him also served as trip for the married couple with no outsiders being present, refused since there’s also the command and organization of the reinforcements, but receiving an invitation under the pretext of having “a talk between women” from Origa that evening, it turned into a travel with three people as she complied to the persuasion.

“It’s fine. Alyssa, you are a friend who travelled with Hifumi-sama as well. Nowadays such opportunities have completely diminished, too. Wasn’t it just the right time?” (Origa)

Alyssa thought there’s nothing just right about heading towards fighting, but even so her heart has become happy and restless about travelling with Hifumi and Origa for some reason.

“However, you were finally able to have a trip as married couple.” (Alyssa)

“I was allowed to be together with Hifumi-sama from the day he came to this world. Besides, I had plenty of time to spend together with him after returning to Fokalore.” (Origa)

She smiles while blushing, but Alyssa knows that the “plenty” means her mostly accompanying him in his training. Though she doesn’t know about what happens after they return to their own room in the evening.
Alyssa didn’t have any confidence whether that way of relationship between a man and a woman was correct  as she never associated with a man until now, but she thought probably there’s something wrong about it, isn’t it?
The fief’s army soldiers are gentle. Although Miyukare pokes her nose into various matters as well, it is a rather fun companionship, if pushed to say.

“Men, huh…?” (Alyssa)

Naturally she turned her look at Hifumi’s back.

“By the way.” (Origa)

Alyssa’s shoulders trembled with a start due to Origa’s voice.

“W-What?” (Alyssa)

“Hifumi-sama’s left hand is all the time covered by a glove, I wonder whether you have heard anything about that.” (Origa)

Alyssa tilted her head to the side with an “Oh?”

“I don’t know, but… Origa-san, didn’t you ask him yourself?” (Alyssa)

“Even when I did, he ended up dodging the matter… I see, Alyssa, you haven’t heard anything about it either.” (Origa)

What Origa showed was an expression of relief and worry.
While feeling relieved that it’s not only her who hasn’t been told anything, she feels that she wants him to tell just her if something’s wrong.
Alyssa realized that vaguely.

“Aren’t you worried about it, Alyssa?” (Origa)

“Although I became mindful of it, he would likely tell me if it was necessary to do so… Yea, if Hifumi-san considered it to be fine like this, I’m fine with as well, I think.” (Alyssa)

Origa showed a smile unintentionally due to the bright and laughing voice of Alyssa.

“I have a feeling and believe that I’m sometimes no match for you. Oh well. If I stay close to Hifumi-sama, he will probably tell me one day. There’s no need to hurry.” (Origa)

Breathing out very deeply, Origa fixed her grip on the reins.

“Alyssa, you have a pleasant smile. I like that smile of yours, too.” (Origa)

During their talk last night, Alyssa also told Origa about the death of her soldiers and her defeat against Balzephon. The smile that Alyssa showed then was an awkward one while conducting herself stout-heartedly.

“G-Geez. That’s somewhat embarrassing.” (Alyssa)

Due to Origa smiling at Alyssa, who waves her hands while becoming red up until her ears, Hifumi called out to them.

“I’m sorry about interrupting your fun time, but I will go ahead.” (Hifumi)

“Yes, it’s about the thieves ahead of us, isn’t it?” (Origa)

Origa smiles sweetly at Hifumi who turned around.
Just a minute ago around 20 people, who are lying in wait ahead of the highway, were caught by Origa’s spell Echolocation.

“You found them, eh? You have practised it properly.” (Hifumi)

“It’s a spell for which you provided the idea, dear. Thus it’s only natural.” (Origa)

“Well, then I’m off.” (Hifumi)

Without waiting for an answer, Hifumi quickly went ahead.
Origa and Alyssa see his back off as he plunges forward while setting up a pole of around 130 cm, he took out before either of them realized, on his right side with a whack.

“Let us hurry as well?” (Origa)

“To help him?” (Alyssa)

Origa smiles while saying “no way” towards Alyssa’s question.

“Even you want to see it, right? How Hifumi-sama kills people stylishly.” (Origa)

“Ah… yea, that’s true.” (Alyssa)

“Let’s go. I don’t want to miss even a second of it.” (Origa)

Watching Origa who chased Hifumi’s back, Alyssa felt something fall down with a thump in her chest.

“… I see. Origa-san is living with all her might for the sake of her own “love.”” (Alyssa)

I was only preoccupied with Hifumi, but right next to me there was an amazing person, Alyssa became a bit happy.

“Love, eh?” (Alyssa)

Let’s live honestly and straightforwardly while becoming a bit more frank with myself as well, she decided.
First I will chase that back.




“… Is it alright for the ruler of the demons to come out this far?”

“It’s fine. I was pushed by all my subordinates… they left it to me while trusting me.”

“A resignation from your official duties, it is?”

“I’d like you to call it a nurturing of my subordinates.”

As Vepar, who became the ruler of the demons, and the elf Puuse have a quarrel right in the middle of the wastelands, their fellow travellers have taken distance and are glaring at each other.
While crossing the wastelands heading towards Hifumi’s territory, Puuse’s group bumped into Vepar who left after claiming to inspect the situation outside herself which finally allowed her to set out.
Although they don’t know each other’s faces, the elves and demons are well aware of the other’s characteristics.

“Puuse-san, these people are…”

“I have realized it right away by the colour of their skin. They are demons.” (Puuse)

Even though Puuse exposed her vigilance, Vepar introduced herself, but even so, far from lowering her tension, Puuse glared at Vepar with an even more intense gaze.

“All things considered, it’s unusual. Dog, rabbit and tiger beastmen together and there’s even an elf with them.” (Vepar)

The one Vepar pointed out as dog beastman was Gengu. He has come along in order to meet with Hifumi while at the same time acting as guard. He also serves as sparring partner for the tiger beastman Malfas en route.

“This world has changed while you demons have secluded yourselves.” (Puuse)

“Wasn’t it you elves who locked us up?” (Vepar)

“The ones who did something to be locked up were the demons, right?” (Puuse)

The fate between elves and demons has been inherited for generations and is warped at the roots.
Seeing Puuse, who usually has an obedient and calm character, having a quarrel with such naked hostility, Malfas and Gengu stared in wonder. Having mostly no relations with demons, the beastmen, who don’t have a custom of leaving something like a legend from their ancestors behind, don’t understand Puuse’s emotions.

“Well, it’s fine. At any rate, it looks like there was a complete change in the power distribution in the wastelands, too.” (Vepar)

“The time for beastmen, elves and humans to meet each other and take each other’s hands has come. You should probably understand that it’s impossible for the demons to exercise their authority like before.” (Puuse)

“Puuse-san, let’s drop it.”

The one-eared rabbitwoman stops Puuse by placing her hand on Puuse’s shoulder.

“Ruler-sama of the demons, we still have a very long travel ahead of us. Please, won’t you be able to overlook us in this place?”

Vepar sighed deeply due to the rabbitwoman who lowered her head which had only one ear remaining on it.

“Aren’t we completely the villains like this? We don’t have any particular intention to travel together with you. I only wanted to check the state outside for just a bit.” (Vepar)

“But”, Vepar looked at Puuse with a fleeting glance and called out to the rabbitwoman,

“I wonder whether you can tell me what you are planning and where you are headed, rabbit-san?” (Vepar)

“That is, the necessity to tell you is…” (Puuse)

The rabbitwoman stops Puuse, who raised her voice, with a 「Please wait」.

“I fell in love with a human male. Therefore I’m heading towards a human city to meet him.”

“Oh my, love that exceeds races, you say? How beautiful. What kind of person is he?” (Vepar)

“Ummm… as gentle person who treats beastmen and humans in the same manner, he is very powerful even though he doesn’t look like he is that strong. He is overbearing but refreshing in some respects…”

Vepar and Puuse, who look at each other’s faces, have the same expression towards the rabbitwoman who talks while being bashful. Frowning and troubled expressions.

“Umm, you know…. rabbit-san, what your name?” (Vepar) (T/N: Finally after like 40 chapters someone asks……………)

“It’s Viine (T/N: >> Viーne <<).” (Viine)

“Viine-chan. Does that person wear a thin, single-edged sword at his waist and slightly peculiar and frilly clothes while having black hair per chance?” (Vepar)

“That’s right! Do you know about master!?” (Viine)

“Master?” (Vepar)

“It seems that Viine-san was originally purchased as slave by that person.” (Puuse)

Puuse supplements it as painful matter of the past, but as it doesn’t appear to be a especially detestable past for the person concerned, she seems to be excited about meeting a person who says that she knows Hifumi.

“Certainly, I met master in the shape of being bought by him, but he gave me a chance to survive by my own strength, gave me friends and provided learning to me who didn’t know anything.” (Viine)

Vepar and Puuse look at each other once again due to Viine talking while being somewhat excited. Gengu’s group’s male party and Vepar’s escorts have been completely left out of the loop.

“I won’t say anything bad, but give up on that man.” (Vepar)

“… Eh?” (Viine)

Once Vepar voiced out her clearly dissuading remark, Viine blinked her eyes in puzzlement.

“That man is a dangerous guy who enjoys stirring up the world. Since you will definitely become unhappy if you are close to him, look for a better man.” (Vepar)

“Such, such a thing!” (Viine)

Viine sent a look towards Puuse seeking for timely help, however Puuse lowered her sight.

“Umm… as for calling him a dangerous person, I have to agree as well…” (Puuse)

Due to Puuse’s remark which was muttered honestly albeit she looked as if it was difficult for her to say, Viine dropped her shoulders in a crestfallen manner and ended up bursting into tears.

“T-The beastmen, at least the city of beastmen, everyone was able to have such livelihood thanks to master. And yet, and yet…” (Viine)

“S-Sorry. I don’t think badly of Hifumi-san either. However, he is a bit, scary if you are close to him, or rather…” (Puuse)

“He is frightening, isn’t he? Isn’t he someone that looks like he’s walking with a drawn sword.” (Vepar)

Upon Vepar’s comment, Viine finally ends up wailing.

“A-Anyway, since we will withdraw from here, you demons, quickly return to your original place and forget about your former glory.” (Puuse)

Puuse glances at Vepar and soothes apologetically Viine by hugging her shoulders while walking into the wastelands once again.
Even Gengu’s group, which was dumbfounded, somehow followed them after bowing towards Vepar.

“… Eh? Is this my bad?” (Vepar)

Surveying the guards who are waiting behind her, it was only female members, whose disposition she knew, as her subordinates who were under her command from the beginning, but all of the girls simultaneously averted their looks from Vepar.


Even though she complains by saying “though I just said it out of kindness” while pouting, Vepar turned her look towards the opposite direction of where Puuse’s group was heading.

“W-Well, it’s fine. Rather than that, I heard something interesting. Humans, elves and beastmen, huh?” (Vepar)

“It looks like it has become a somewhat enjoyable stroll”, Vepar licked her lips.


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