Chapter 113 – Heart Of Mine

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Hifumi, who lifted his eyes at the several rocks coming falling, pondered for an instant, shall I absorb those with darkness magic just like at the time of the attack in the elven village?
However there are no poles and boards like last time. While looking at the stones approaching with a speed that will literally squash him, he thought how wasteful. It’s too profane to simply toss the large-scaled trap, they expressly used to aim for my life, into darkness.
And unconsciously Hifumi’s body leaps.
Kicking off the barrier next to the ground, his body slips through the rocks aiming for the gaps in-between them by matching the timing of their fall.
Rather than the rocks, his visual field is completely zero due to the previously fluttered-down cloud of dust, but he moves his body by groping around with his intuition.
Due to the rough surfaces of the the rocks his hakama got torn even more and the scratches on his arms increased as well, however he was aroused to a degree that he didn’t feel any pain.

“Tsk!” (Hifumi)

His cuff was caught by a rock he grabbed to hold onto it.
Naturally he has no time to release it and retrace his steps.
Finally changing the direction of the stone by hitting it with his foot from atop in a forced stance, he succeeded in running aground by making sure to lie down on top of the stone.
His heart is beating loudly due to the quick appearance and disappearance of death’s abyss, but his fight still hasn’t ended.
Crushing down together with the stone, Hifumi, who circulated the impact by taking a defensive stance while clinging to the stone with his whole body, held his breath within the risen dust.

“My king. For caution’s sake, I shall examine the corpse.” (Phegor)

“I leave it to you.” (Agathion)

Sitting on the throne, Agathion gave his permission to Phegor’s proposal with an exaggerated nod.

“Then…” (Phegor)

Once Phegor released the barrier, the rubble, which was locked up within, spilled out alongside sand and a cloud of dust.
Phegor, who is estimating that Hifumi is likely at death’s door even at the faint chance that he survived somehow, puts up his guard and draws the knife he always carries around, however his pace shows no wavering.

“Well then, once I move the debris out of the way…” (Phegor)

By no means is it a good thing to use magic that causes an explosion within the castle. If it’s Vepar, she will likely wash it away with a water current, but Phegor, who isn’t overly strong at that, decided to choose the method of pushing up the debris with earth magic.
It’s just to confirm the cruelly smashed corpse of the human by looking below the stone. It’s fine to leave the clean up to someone else later.
At the time most of the scattered dust had calmed down, Phegor concentrated his consciousness to the front to use magic while grasping his knife.

“Yoo.” (Hifumi)

What was thrust out was the face of Hifumi, who had closed his eyes, and the point of the katana, which didn’t loose any of its brightness.

“What!?” (Phegor)

Although he shouldn’t be able to see within the cloud of dust, Hifumi’s thrust accurately aims at Phegor’s heart.
However, even while being surprised, Phegor was able to react.
Swinging his knife, he was barely successful at grazing the katana’s point which lunged at him in a straight line.
Even so he isn’t able to completely kill its momentum.
The cold blade pierced into Phegor’s right breast.

“Gu…” (Phegor)

Phegor, whose lung got penetrated, grasps the bare blade even while enduring the pain and spitting out a vast amount of blood from his mouth.

“I was careless, but… I will suppress you at least this much…” (Phegor)

“Mu?” (Hifumi)

Although Hifumi still hasn’t opened his eyes, he felt the presence of the same barrier as before. He didn’t understand the aim, but although he decided to take some distance temporarily, he can’t pull out the katana.
Even while having a rib broken by taking a frontal kick in order to thrust him away, Phegor doesn’t release the katana. On the contrary, he curls up his body and embraces the katana. Tossing away the knife as well, he grabs the katana’s guard.
Phegor laughed.

“I will likely die very soon, but it will probably be impossible for you to confront the king if you don’t have this sword. Oh foolish human who goes against the king, you will die in this place. I will look after this sword until I have confirmed that.” (Phegor)

Unnoticed the vicinity of Phegor, who closed his eyes, is enveloped in a barrier.
Hifumi, who took some distance after letting go of the katana, breathed out through his nose.

“Splendidly done, Phegor.” (Agathion)

Agathion nods in satisfaction.

“I shall convey your resolve to all demons. As central figure of the demon races’ revival and the attack against the humans and elves, I shall remember you properly.” (Agathion)

Phegor doesn’t seem to have the leeway to return any words anymore, but receiving Agathion’s words with a smile, he bows his head.
While the lord and his retainer were having this passionate exchange, Hifumi took out a water bottle from his darkness storage and completely basked himself in water.
Having washed his eyes as well, he finally regains his sight.

“So, did you finish your little chat?” (Hifumi)

“Haha, you are quite composed, human.” (Agathion)

Although he is feigning laughter, Agathion’s face has a cramp.

“Composure? It ended incompletely without me giving the finishing blow. It can’t be helped that I’m angry.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who hatefully stared at the barrier that is secluding Phegor, brushed off the dust off his hakama.
He brushes up his wet hair.

“Something like the enemy dying unnoticed is the worst. Not feeling the moment a life is stolen with these hands is a disgrace as opponent who fought them. It’s the first time for me to have such unpleasant feeling after a battle while fighting in this world.” (Hifumi)

“Besides”, pointing his finger at Agathion, Hifumi opened his right eye widely.

“Although it’s nice to be an unconcerned spectator as well, are you able to resolve yourself to fight? Don’t act half-heartedly. This time I definitely want you to struggle for your life.” (Hifumi)

“Humph, it won’t become a struggle. It will finish with an one-sided torture.” (Agathion)

Before finishing speaking, Agathion fired an ice spear and a fireball.

“Oh, how fast.” (Hifumi)

However, compared to the gaps between the rocks he passed before, it was slow.
While taking a stance with his legs in a L-shape, Hifumi dodges the lump of ice, which grazes his hair, with a sway of his head and avoids the fireball by walking.

“As expected, your physical ability his high as well. But, how about this?” (Agathion)

Agathion made numerous pellets appear above his head.
With each of them having the size of a fist, those are giving off a lustre making one believe that their hardness is completely like metal.

“I’m outstanding among the demons for my strength in magic. I’m especially skilled at earth magic.” (Agathion)

“Enough of the tedious chattering.” (Hifumi)

Hifumi takes out a suntetsu and grasps it tightly within his right hand.

“What’s important is whether it will reach me. Isn’t that right?” (Hifumi)

“As you said. The answer to that will appear right away!” (Agathion)

The pellets approach with a speed similar to bullets.
They number ten. With no regular arrangement, there were differences in each of their speeds.
If he is hit by even one of those, he won’t escape a serious injury. A magic attack, which will likely instantly kill him if one of them hits in a bad spot, assaults Hifumi.
However, Hifumi began to run fiercely.

“Great! There is such strong magic! This is definitely a different world! It gives the feeling that this is fantasy indeed!” (Hifumi)

From the three pellets which came flying first, he avoids two and hits the last with the suntetsu.
He intended to break it, but the pellet, which was harder than Hifumi imagined, hit the wall with just its momentum reduced.
His hand, holding the suntetsu, has become numb.
At that moment a partially delayed pellet hit the pinky of his hand holding the suntetsu and broke the bone at the fingertip.

“Ouch!” (Hifumi)

Although he exaggeratedly raises his voice in pain, he doesn’t release the suntetsu.

“That’s it! This is the kind of battle I wanted!” (Hifumi)

Dodging another attacking pellet, he bends backwards and strikes it with the suntetsu.
Looking at Hifumi who is laughing loudly while shedding blood from his broken finger, Agathion frowned wondering whether Hifumi had gone mad.
Phegor won’t last long either. In order to get quickly rid of the lunatic in front of his eyes. Agathion created even more pellets.
Even so, Hifumi keeps on advancing with his feet.
He is shot without collapsing while avoiding one or two, but he doesn’t take any large damage.
Hifumi runs up to the stairway leading up to the platform where Agathion is standing.
A pellet hits his forehead, but shaking his head, he dampens its force. However, even if he avoided a direct hit, he was largely cut at his forehead.

“I reached you.” (Hifumi)

Although Hifumi was shedding blood at many places, he looked down on Agathion.
He swung his suntetsu sideways aiming at the scruff of the neck of Agathion, who was befuddled as if having forgotten to attack, due to the violent strike.

“Aah?” (Hifumi)

Hifumi, who felt a weird feedback, looked at Agathion who should be spouting blood.
The boy who had half of his entire neck gouged out looks up at Hifumi while giggling.

“How regrettable.” (Agathion)

Even though he is missing his throat, Agathion talks without any change to before.
The cross-section, which should have laid bare the bones and flesh, just showed something like a white sand without even a single drop of blood flowing.

“My body is different to you normal living beings.” (Agathion)

Agathion’s left hand, which was held out in front of Hifumi’s face, burst open.




“What’s this!?” (Imeraria)

Imeraria tightly grasped the letter she had read.
Sabnak, standing next to her, doesn’t say anything.
The one who gave Imeraria an answer was the kneeling Prime Minister Adol.

“In title it’s “the protection of the citizens and the cleaning up of the monsters who became atrocious”, but…” (Adol)

“Prime Minister, do you believe that 500 soldiers are necessary to exterminate the monsters? No, even if you don’t believe it, the statesmen and citizens of Vichy will doubtlessly take it as an application of military pressure.” (Imeraria)

Imeraria, who was at the end of her wit’s while sitting on the throne, breathes a sigh.

“I understand that it’s strange to blame anyone in this case. If I were to ask whether someone made a mistake, it would definitely be me. With the absence of Hifumi-sama who headed to the wastelands and with Origa-san being in the capital as well, I ended up being careless.” (Imeraria)

“… With those two currently not being present, just who the hell is handing out the instructions?” (Sabnak)

Adol replies to Sabnak’s question,

“According to the intelligence of the knight order, it looks to be the girl holding the position called Military Director, but… do you know her?” (Adol)

Of course Sabnak as well as Imeraria know that person.

“Alyssa-chan, eh…? She is energetic, but she shouldn’t be a child who does too unreasonable things. Why are you glaring at me, father-in-law-sama?” (Sabnak)

“Don’t say you made a move on her before or something like that…” (Adol)

“T-There’s no way I did that.” (Sabnak)

Adol glared at Sabnak who is denying while shaking both his hands, but noticing how Imeraria’s look became stern, he hung his head in a panic.

“Good grief… Rather than that, there’s no doubt that Alyssa-san is commanding the army, as Sabnak-san has said. Though I can’t really imagine that.” (Imeraria)

“As we are talking about Hifumi-san here, it’s also possible that he issued the orders far in advance. It’s not only her either. Since it looks like the civil officials, who were released from slavery, have remained in that territory as well, Hifumi-san’s political foundation in that territory is firm.” (Adol)

Not just within the kingdom but even including other nations, Fokalore is supported by stable economic strength and there isn’t any political disorder due to the distinct chain of command.

“A territory within our kingdom being this good in shape should originally be something to be delighted over. But, as for me, I don’t feel like raising both my hands in joy.” (Imeraria)

“Besides”, Imeraria smooths out the letter, she ended up crushing, with her palm.

“With the fact of them having a connection to the civil officials, who will return to their territories after having learned in Fokalore, and the soldiers, who are transferred to all nations, it’s probably fine to think that Fokalore is aware of the military and economical information of many territories within our kingdom.” (Imeraria)

“Such aspects are always researched by civil officials after all”, Imeraria murmured.

“Hifumi-sama has a character of getting completely absorbed in battle, but it looks like he is cleverly and cunningly controlling those apsects as well.” (Imeraria)

Due to Imeraria showing a vague expression making it difficult to distinct whether she is praising Hifumi or labelling him as dangerous person, Sabnak and Adol looked at each other and changed the topic in a hurry.

“At any rate, what are they aiming for with the military movements during the absence of their feudal lord, I wonder?”

“Good grief. Although the exchange with Vichy has finally increased and the vicinity has become stable.”

Sabnak cocks his head in puzzlement due to Adol’s question. However, for some reason Imeraria showed an expression understanding all of it.

“It’s simple. “That “stability” and “peace” are states not desired by Hifumi-sama.” (Imeraria)

The looks of the two men focus on Imeraria.

“Hifumi-sama undoubtedly wants to throw this world into chaos and disorder. He likely won’t be satisfied until blood-stained battles occur all over. And he intends to enjoy how me and the leaders of the other nations cope with that state of affairs.” (Imeraria)

“That is, how to call it…?”

“For that gentleman this world is likely very boring. Therefore, by stirring up things here and there, killing and causing instability, he is trying to change this world into an interesting shape for him.” (Imeraria)

While Sabnak and Adol carefully listen to Imeraria’s conjecture, they nod with serious expressions.

“… He will likely trigger a fierce war in a not so distant future. Adol-san, I think it will be difficult, but please work out the budget. Sabnak-san, please work on the training and preparations of the soldiers jointly with the knight order.” (Imeraria)

“Certainly!” (Adol)

“Her Majesty the Queen, do you mean that Vichy will turn into a battlefield?” (Sabnak)

Imeraria slowly shook her head in answer to Sabnak’s question.

“No. Most likely Hifumi-sama will bring a far more powerful and troublesome opponent along. From the wastelands or… from the other side.” (Imeraria)

In the direction, where Imeraria shifted her focus at, lies the wastelands.
Just what is that man currently seeing, what is he experiencing and whom is he killing?

“Send a compulsory order from the capital to all the territories bordering the wastelands. Please station the royal army at all of those territories. I don’t know where the fight will start. Let’s get ready as much as we can.” (Imeraria)

Sabnak bowed deeply towards the order which was announced with a dignified voice.


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