Chapter 183 + Extra

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Chapter 183 – Epilogue


“Somehow I feel completely spent.” Vepar muttered with a tired look while tilting a cup with black tea in the lounge of the royal castle after the battle on the plaza.

The plaza, which had been littered with corpses all over, was now spot clean again, and three knights guarded the stone statue remaining in its center, and another five soldiers stood guard at the plaza’s entrance to limit the entry for a while.
The knights, who had fainted from the wind magic-based sound attack unleashed by Origa at the end, had been admitted to the castle’s medical office. The demons, who had collapsed in the same way, were taken home by a unit under the direct control of Vepar, including the corpses of the dead demons.
Right now the leaders were taking a rest under the pretext of holding another preparatory meeting for signing a peace treaty.
Puuse, whose face was as exhausted as Vepar’s, relaxed in the same room with Reni and Zanga, who had been called to the castle without anyone knowing when that happened.

“Everyone, sorry for keeping you waiting.” Imeraria appeared in the lounge accompanied by Sabnak, and sat down on a couch after bowing once.

Tasting the black tea prepared by a skillful maid, Imeraria was calm, if only going by her behavior. However, the traces of tears, which she couldn’t conceal with make-up, and the emptiness of her eyes, which were completely tired out, made everyone present turn worried looks at her.

“It might not be something I should worry about, but are you alright without taking a break?” (Vepar)

“Yes, I am. There are still things I have to do right now. Since those around me have worked well for my sake, I’m fine since I will take a break once we finish speaking.” (Imeraria)

“I see. Then let’s hurry up and get this done, right?” Zanga suggested to begin the meeting to Imeraria who had answered Vepar’s concern while obviously forcing a smile.

Within around two hours of adjustments, Orsongrande, the demons, and the people, who acted together with Reni among the elves and beastmen, managed to finalize a draft for a treaty.
For a few days, each party took the draft with them, carefully scrutinized it, and after adjusting it once more, it was planned for all of them to sign the treaty.
A messenger had already been sent to inform Horant of the situation to some extent, and it was likely that Horant would enter the same treaty.
As for the beastmen, the treaty only affected those who belonged to the planned, autonomous region within Fokalore’s territory under Reni. Once the autonomous region’s establishment were to be completed, several other tribes would probably immigrate there from the wastelands. Reni’s and Helen’s parents should also be included among those.
It was decided for the elves to register in the Tohno Earldom alongside Zanga, but only Puuse would remain in the royal castle upon Imeraria’s strong request.
The demons would have their sovereignty over Vichy and Swordland recognized by the other races, and they would need to devote themselves to rebuilding all of it into one structured country from now on.

“Good grief, I guess we can finally return to our carefree lives with this. Pacing around all over the place, and getting dragged into strife has worn me out completely.” (Zanga)

Zanga and Reni left the royal castle together and headed to the mansion in the capital which Alyssa had inherited from Hifumi. For the present, they planned to use that place as a base and spend their time there until the signing of the treaty.
The group, which was guarded by knights with Knight Vaiya walking at the front, drew the populace’s looks. However, those looks were all kind ones.
Just as Reni had planned, the battle in front of the royal castle frightened the people living in the capital plentifully. Not having expected for mayhem to break out in the center of the capital, the capital turned into a melting pot of chaos. The ones who appeared at that moment were the elves and beastmen around Reni and Zanga.
They helped out with the evacuation by giving precise instructions and guiding the people, and they properly protected the people with the soldiers being confused on how to deal with the demons.
As result, the number of people holding animosity towards the beastmen and elves dropped sharply, at least among the people of the royal capital.

Even while huddling her shoulders slightly out of embarrassment over being watched, Reni murmured to Zanga in a whisper, “No, I think that the hard times are going to start from now on.”

“Oh my, really…? But you’re right, we have to build a city next.” (Zanga)

What a splendid little lady to fully grasp what has to be done, Zanga admired, but the “hard times” mentioned by Reni had a slightly different meaning.

“Building a city will be difficult as well, but…us elves and beastmen have to properly establish a military force.” (Reni)

Not just Zanga, but even Vaiya, who overheard those words, reflexively looked back at her.

“What do you mean by that…?” (Vaiya)

“It’s something I was taught by Hifumi-san.” Renya declared while looking into Vaiya’s eyes, “After the walls between the races are torn down, everyone will properly see the other, and at first everyone will get along without any reservations. However, a short time later they will quickly start to see parts they dislike about each other. And, if there’s some kind of trigger, those unpleasant feelings will easily change into hostility.”

The humans, beastmen, elves, and demons would directly look at each other throughout tens or hundreds of years. Because the existence of the person called Hifumi threw things into disorder, a part of the people would follow his path.

“Right now it’s a period where we will observe each other. But, as that continues for several years or decades, at a time when we gained a deeper understanding of each other…something might happen once again.” Reni said, and added, “Just like at the time when we gained temporary peace after building our own city in the slums.”

“Peace doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary to get ready for war. Because it’s peaceful, one should prepare for the time when the peace comes to an end. That’s what we must do from now on.” (Reni)

At the time when all related parties felt relieved that they had reached a big breaking point with the demise of all strife, only this little girl felt nervous about the great tasks ahead of her.


Extra Episode


After Imeraria’s rule genuinely began with Hifumi being sealed, the number of simple and frugal furnishings within the castle continued to increase.
It was the same for the queen’s room. After yielding her crown to her son, Carl, she lived inside a small room located deep inside the castle.
Having been released from her governmental duties, she enjoyed researching magic on a daily basis, but once she reached the middle years of her sixties, her small body was ruined by an illness, forcing her to spend long periods of time in bed.

“Puuse-san, I’m really envious of you having kept your beautiful form without any change.” (Imeraria)

“What are you saying, no matter how old you might be, your girlish cuteness is wonderful, Imeraria-sama.” (Puuse)

Imeraria, who raised herself atop her bed, breathed out painfully even while smiling at Puuse.
Her body, which had been thin to begin with, had withered away so much that her bones were clearly sticking out. Wearing a simple, thin piece of clothing gave her the impression of a fragility that might be broken at any time.
Her face had few wrinkles considering her age, but her cheeks had become hollow, and her age as well as the visible fatigue made it obvious that the time of her death was nigh.

“Puuse-san, I will probably die very soon. You as an elf should know. All mana is gone from my body.” (Imeraria)

“Imeraria-sama…” (Puuse)

“I’m very sorry for having kept you restrained in the castle for such a long time…” (Imeraria)

“There’s nothing you’d have to apologize for. I did so out of my own choice.” (Puuse)

“Thank y-…you…*cough*…*cough*…” Imeraria coughed violently after thanking Puuse.

Puuse gently supported her skinny body, put her to bed, and used healing magic on her. It didn’t work against the illness, but it eased her pain a bit, she had heard from Imeraria.

“Haah…it got slightly better.” Imeraria smiled while taking a deep breath.

“I’m sure, I made the richest and most experiences among the successive generations of this country’s royals. I have many things to talk about with my mother, father, and my younger brother in the world of the dead. And I must apologize…” Imeraria said with a weak voice while looking up to the canopy.

“Apologize…you say?” (Puuse)

“Indeed. It appears cold-hearted that my family was killed, but it’s also true that they partly paid for their own mistakes. However…” (Imeraria)

Looking shy and revealing a girlish smile, Imeraria’s cheeks blushed after looking at Puuse.

“I fell in love with the enemy of my parents. And, I was blessed with his child… I don’t regret any of it, but I’m certain that I will be blamed for it by my family after my death. Since I have no excuse, all I can do is to apologize.” (Imeraria)

Her thin hand grasped at the air as if looking for something, and then found Puuse’s hand at last. Puuse firmly wrapped up the hand, which grasped hers feebly, with both hands.

“Warm…Puuse-san. Thank you for everything. And, I’m in no position to ask something like this of you, but please take care of Karl.” (Imeraria)

“Of course. As far as it’s possible for me, anything…” (Puuse)

“But, Puuse-san, please find your own happiness, too. I couldn’t live with my loved one, but I was truly happy as I was able to raise his child…” (Imeraria)

Even while being considerate of Imeraria, Puuse was definitely seeing the shadow of death in her smiling face. Tears flowed down her cheeks with her lips trembling.

“I have a request…the method to release Hifumi-sama you told me…if it’s ever used, and if you happen to meet Hifumi-sama…” (Imeraria)

Imeraria’s blue eyes gazed at Puuse.

“The young me couldn’t accept her feelings honestly… But, tell Hifumi-sama that even now, from the bottom of my heart, I…” So as to not miss her voice that was gradually becoming weaker, Puuse stood up and brought her ear close to Imeraria’s mouth. “love h-…him…”

“Imeraria-sama…” (Puuse)

Realizing that the flame of her life had been extinguished, Puuse cried quietly while grasping the hand which had turned cold.
Everyone asked in curiosity about the last words of a queen who had lived through an era of extreme changes, but Puuse said that it was a promise between women, and never told anyone what she said.
That’s because it was a confession of love, which she couldn’t reveal to anyone, by a girl whose life had turned into a journey of stepping over many deaths because she was born as royalty, and because she summoned one man from a different world.





Author’s Afterword:

Thank you very much for reading.
There are three reasons why I published this episode:
1.) Since I have started releasing the sequel of this work, “Revived Slaughterer,” I wanted to post an update as an opportunity to inform all of you who have bookmarked this series about that fact.
2.) It’s a commemoration for the release of the second volume of the light novel.
3.) And, the biggest reason: I wanted to pass on that Imeraria had died while smiling. I didn’t plan to publish this scene in the sequel.
The afterword has become long, but I’m truly thankful to you for following my long story up to this point.


Translator’s Note:

Thank you for having read this far. If you reached this point and enjoyed the translation of this series. Then please consider buying me a coffee.

As you’ve read in the Author’s notes, there’s a sequel called “Revived Slaughterer.” But I decided against translating it for several reasons:

  1. and foremost, the low number of readers for this series. I know this is also owed to me dragging out the end as I had other things to do, but the release rate of Summoned Slaughterer went down from initially weekly to irregular exactly because the number of readers had gone down significantly.
  2. The author’s inactivity. He stopped writing the sequel in the beginning of 2018 and never went back to it. As far as I can tell, he also stopped completely writing later in 2018 after trying out various other series.
  3. The publisher wrapped up their release by finishing the LN in this series.

However, despite all that, I really liked this series and I hope you did as well. Personally I consider this a good point to stop and believe especially the last chapters to be done rather well.

With this series over, I hope I can interest you for the other series being translated on this blog. I’m sure you will be able to find something that interests you since reading this far means that your and my interests in books align to some extent.

Once again, thank you all for reading!



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