Chapter 3 – Freya Uppsala 1

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The invocation of magic requires 『Correct Intonation』, the 『Correct Amount of Mana』 and lastly a 『Correct Perception』.
Several months of training have been racked up for『Teleport』.
Zenjirou, just at the point of reliably and successfully chanting with『Correct Intonation』 while pouring the 『Correct Amount of Mana』 appropriate for 『Teleport』 into the spell, is finally beginning to tackle the last obstacle, the 『Correct Perception』.

Having given him passing marks for 『Correct Intonation』 and the 『Correct Amount of Mana』 of 『Teleport』, Aura took Zenjirou to a windowless stone room in a secluded section of the royal palace.

“Aura, this place is…?” (Zenjirou)

Watching her husband restlessly survey the room in confusion, the queen, who was clad in a comfortable and soft-looking dress, smiled meaningfully.
It’s been three months since her period last came, but it hasn’t yet reached the point where her belly is noticeable. The morning sickness that plagued her last pregnancy also hasn’t made an appearance.
Even for the same mother every pregnancy is different, and it seems that it will be much easier this time around.
Doctor Michelle had declared, “I’m certain that you’re pregnant”, and only given Aura permission to continue with governmental affairs within the palace on the condition that she always keeps a maid with her.

“As expected, you remember this place, huh? Right, Zenjirou, this is the room where you were summoned into this world.” (Aura)

It’s the room where Aura drew Zenjirou to this world using 『Different World Summoning』.
In other words, this is where Zenjirou had first stepped into this world. It’s already been three years since his arrival. Even so Zenjirou vividly remembers the shock of when he was summoned to this world for the first time.

“Whoaa, that’s really nostalgic somehow. I feel like this place hasn’t changed at all.” (Zenjirou)

“Well, that only makes sense. This place is a 『Special Room』 after all.” (Aura)

“Eh? What do you mean?” (Zenjirou)

Watching him tilt his head in confusion, the queen explains to her husband,

“This is a room established for us Carpa royalty, or rather, users of 『Space-Time Magic』, to make it as easy as possible to use 『Teleport』.
Until you’ve grown accustomed to drawing a clear image of activating the 『Teleport』 spell in your mind, it’s very difficult. In the beginning you will learn how to do it in this room.” (Aura)

Zenjirou understands what Aura is saying, but it doesn’t make any sense to him why things are done like this, and he only has more questions.

“Isn’t it easier to imagine a more familiar place as the destination when learning 『Teleport』? Like the inner palace’s living room in my case?” (Zenjirou)

As if she’d been waiting for that question, the queen immediately responds with,

“Space that you’re familiar with is unexpectedly difficult actually. The spirit can account for slight differences between the image in your mind and reality to some degree, but it has its limits.
A space that doesn’t change in appearance depending on the time of year, or even the time of day, is difficult to find.
Also, and this is knowledge exclusive to space-time magic users, if you try to travel too far from east to west, night and day will be reversed. That makes imagining extremely difficult.” (Aura)

“Ah, I see. The time difference, huh?” (Zenjirou)

Zenjirou clapped his hands together in understanding upon Aura’s explanation.
In the end 『Teleport』 is no more than a spell allowing one to travel a certain distance instantaneously. It doesn’t mean that you can ignore time.
For example, just because it’s daytime in Japan right now, doesn’t mean it’s daytime in New York. If you imagine New York in the daytime, the spell will not be invoked.
Unless one includes the time difference in their calculations and imagines New York at night, 『Teleport』 won’t work.
It’s also the same if the seasons are drastically off. A person who has never experienced anything but Hokkaido’s winter, won’t be able to activate 『Teleport』 to Hokkaido in summer, even if they try to do so.
Zenjirou understood the gist of it after receiving that explanation, but as expected, he still has some unanswered questions.

“Mmh? You’re saying, if the image in my mind diverges too much from reality, 『Teleport』 won’t be invoked, right? In that case it means that it’ll misfire even in situations like the room being majorly rearranged or unexpected people being present?” (Zenjirou)

If that’s true, it’s actually impossible to use 『Teleport』 to move somewhere outside, which means that this spell is a lot more limited in its application than I had expected.
However, the queen shakes her head at Zenjirou’s question.

“No, if it’s just that much, it will invoke without problems in most cases. As a matter of fact, when I used 『Teleport』 to travel to our field encampment during the great war, everyone had already moved out due to some miscommunication.” (Aura)

“I got really scared back then,” the queen laughs.

“You know, if it’s a field encampment before and after being vacated, I feel like the differences are about the same as the difference between the royal palace in the 『Rainy Season』 and the 『Hottest Season』, though.” (Zenjirou)

Laughing goodnaturedly at Zenjirou’s dissatisfaction, the queen agrees.

“To be honest, I think so too. But, reality is different. Even if you find it difficult to accept, you have no option but to do so. Well, I think the ways of the great spirit are too mysterious for humans to understand in the first place.” (Aura)

“Yeah, it’s magic after all. I guess it’s only natural for it to be somewhat irrational and random.” (Zenjirou)

Zenjirou, remembering how he had found many aspects of the 『Time Reversal』 spell difficult to accept, decided to just leave it at face value for the time being.

“That’s why I recommend that you start practicing 『Teleport』here to begin with. At the very least, you’ll always be able to come back to the royal palace in an emergency.” (Aura)

“Okay. Ah, but wait a moment. Can such a room only be found in the royal palace? Look, there are other royal territories, like Valentia or Potosi, right? I’m sure it would be convenient if similar rooms were also in those provincial royal territories.” (Zenjirou)

Queen Aura doubtfully tilts her head to the side as she thinks over Zenjirou’s suggestion.

“Wouldn’t it mess up the image if several versions of the same room existed, and render all of them useless?” (Aura)

“No, they wouldn’t have to be completely identical. I think it would be fine if you rearrange the positions of the oil lamps or write 『Royal Palace』 and 『Valentia』 on the walls in big letters.” (Zenjirou)

“Hmm…it might be worth considering, but the risk of confusion is also significant.
If you get used to imagining what’s needed for『Teleport』, such rooms may help the process to some extent, but then again it’s not that difficult to move within the Kingdom. As long as it’s within the country, the difference in time and season isn’t that big, after all.” (Aura)

This is especially true if you use the capital as your reference.
The Carpa Kingdom is large enough to be considered a major power, so there is some time difference between the western coast and the eastern border. However, the capital is situated in the center, reducing the distance to something where the time difference would be negligible.
Even if the sun rose and set an hour earlier at the eastern border in comparison to the western coast, the time difference from the capital is a mere thirty minutes.
If it’s daytime in the capital, the easternmost and westernmost points of the country are both still experiencing the daytime. And the same can be said about nighttime.
Apart from the actual sunrise and sunset, there’s no significant difference in the images.

“What about outside the Kingdom then? If I remember correctly, you previously sent Princess Isabelle of the Jilbell family to the Twin Kingdom with 『Teleport』, didn’t you?” (Zenjirou)

“I have visited the Twin Kingdom several times in the past. It was good luck that the Twin Kingdom was within the area for which I was responsible.” (Aura)

The queen reveals a somewhat wistful smile.
It’s said that back when there were many members of the royal family the Carpa Kingdom allowed members of the royal family to stay in friendly neighboring countries for some time, since it was possible to travel by『Teleport』.
Aura is the sole survivor of the royal family of that time. Thus, the foreign countries that can be visited through 『Teleport』 right now are limited to those that Aura had visited in the past. It certainly wasn’t a lie to say that it was great luck that the Twin Kingdom of Sharrow and Jilbell, a country that could not be allowed to slip through their fingers at any cost, was included among those countries.
But, the fact that the number of visitable countries had been significantly reduced also reminds Aura that all the royal family members besides herself had perished in the great war.
Zenjirou, noticing the lonely expression of his wife, timidly puts his right arm around Aura’s waist and awkwardly embraces her.

“Yeah, thanks to that I can go to the Twin Kingdom as well.” (Zenjirou)

“Uh huh.” (Aura)

Obediently entrusting her body to her husband, the queen nodded with a gentle smile.

“But, before I can teleport you to the Twin Kingdom, you have to master 『Teleport』. You understand that, right?” (Aura)

“Yeah, of course.” (Zenjirou)

If Aura uses 『Teleport』 on Zenjirou, it would only take an instant for him to go to the Twin Kingdom, but as long as Zenjirou doesn’t learn 『Teleport』, the only method for him to return would be the land route.
Back when Zenjirou went to Valentia, Aura picked him up with 『Teleport』 as an『Emergency Measure』. She did the heavy lifting required to send Zenjirou to the capital with 『Teleport』 and then returning with 『Teleport』 herself, but that had only been possible because both places were still within the country.
In the first place, the reason Zenjirou is heading to the Twin Kingdom is to get ready to summon a healing practitioner of the Jilbell family for the birth of Aura’s second child.
If Zenjirou doesn’t learn 『Teleport』, there’s no point in him visiting the Twin Kingdom.
Zenjirou, having made a full circle back to the beginning of the conversation, renews his determination and scans the dim room.

“Alright, if it’s like this, I have to master 『Teleport』 as soon as possible, don’t I? All that’s left is the image, so I will do my best.” (Zenjirou)

Having declared his determination, Zenjirou seriously stares at the interior of the room, not even blinking as he tried to burn its appearance into his mind.

“It’s great that you’re doing your best, but don’t stay here too long. I don’t think it will pose too big a problem since the ventilation holes are open, but there are several oil lamps burning in this windowless room after all.” (Aura)

Hearing Queen Aura’s warning, Zenjirou obediently assents.

“Ah, right. In that case I’ll just grab my digital camera from the living room. If I take a picture of this place, even if I’m not here the image will…” (Zenjirou)

Halfway through his sentence, he noticed his own stupidity. Hanging his head in disappointment, Zenjirou groans.

“Right, the problem is the image. Leaving aside other spells, as long as I can solidify the image of 『Teleport』, I can take pictures of the places where I want to travel to in advance and use the spell while looking at those. Why didn’t I realize such an obvious thing…?” (Zenjirou)

The queen pats his back consolingly, with a wry smile.

“That often happens when you throw yourself into something. Or rather, isn’t it a good thing that you noticed it early on?” (Aura)

“Well, I guess you’re right. Now that I think of it, since I only recently managed to pour the 『Correct Amount of Mana』 into the spell, not to mention using the 『Correct Pronunciation』, I barely lost any time anyway.” (Zenjirou)

“That’s how it is. There’s no need to think too hard about everything. You’re actually doing quite well. It’s usually impossible to achieve one’s goal without wasting some time on a step or two.” (Aura)

“I know, right? I reflected since I made a stupid oversight, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not an uncorrectable mistake. I guess there’s no point in me worrying about it so much.” (Zenjirou)

Having pulled himself together, Zenjirou stands up straight again and takes a deep breath.

“I’m going back to the living room to bring the camera then. Once I finish taking the pictures, I will stop for the day.” (Zenjirou)

“Yeah.” (Aura)

Zenjirou leaves the room quickly.
He returned after a short while, took pictures and a short video on the room then, as promised, stopped for the day.




Five days after that.
Zenjirou, after lunch, began the last step of learning 『Teleport』 in the inner palace’s living room.
Among the three necessary components for invoking a spell he has already cleared the 『Correct Pronunciation』and the 『Correct Amount of Mana』. All that’s left is the last one, the 『Correct Perception』.
Since he’s past the stage of tracking his successes and failure with ○ and × in the『Spell Result Chart』 on the spreadsheet program by now, he hasn’t booted up his PC.
Standing in a corner of the living room, he holds the camera in his hand and recites the spell.

“Send my chosen target to the place I envision…” (Zenjirou)

For the umpteenth time during these five days Zenjirou opened his eyes after finishing the chant, but he is still standing in the living room.

“No good, huh…?” (Zenjirou)

Despite this, Zenjirou doesn’t appear to be impatient or disappointed.
He can’t really put it into words, but he feels like realizing that he could imagine the destination with the image on the camera in front of him was a big step forward.

“Yeah, as expected. It really is easier to form a clear mental image using a picture rather than a video. If the video is too bad, the image will be blurred too.
Alright, one more time!” (Zenjirou)

Fortunately the magic in this world doesn’t consume any mana if one fails to invoke it. There are no other penalties either.
The outcome is only that “nothing happened.”
Thanks to that a person can practice magic as much as they like as long as they can continue to focus and they have the time.


Zenjirou stares at the camera’s image again, concentrating with every fiber of his being.
A part of the royal palace. A dim stone room illuminated by constantly burning lamps with absolutely no outside light.
An image of him standing in the middle of that room, facing the wall in front where the fire of an oil lamp burns.
Having vividly imagined that, he silently closed his eyes.
And then, imagining that the stone room in his mind is projected to his surroundings, he next “shifts” his own position.

“Send my chosen target to the place I envision. As compensation, I will…” (Zenjirou)

Having finished chanting the spell, Zenjirou slowly opened his eyes and found not the familiar living room, but a stone room with several brightly burning fires.
The guards in the room are staring at Zenjirou with such obvious astonishment that it can actually be felt despite the darkness of the room.
The eyes of the onlookers. His image as a member of royalty. There was some small sliver of rational judgement left in a corner of Zenjirou’s mind, but there was no way that it could restrain the emotions overwhelming him at this moment.




“Wooohooo! I did it!” (Zenjirou)

Zenjirou literally jumped for joy in an outburst that startled the two soldiers into stepping back on reflex. Even after returning to the inner palace’s living room, Zenjirou’s excitement hadn’t abated at all.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! I did it, I really did it! I’m amazing! I’m a magician!” (Zenjirou)

If you were to say that he’s already a magician given that he can use 『Space Isolation Barrier』 and 『Haul』, it wouldn’t be a lie, but 『Teleport』 is a spell in a completely different league.
Practically, 『Teleport』 is a dream-like spell that tremendously increases the potential range of Zenjirou’s activity unlike the previous two.
With Zenjirou’s shoddy imagination he probably “won’t be able to teleport anywhere he’s visited once without a problem” like Aura, but if he has the help of the digital camera like this time, the range of the『Teleport』 spell increases tremendously.
And above all, it means that Zenjirou has completed his preparations to transfer to the Twin Kingdom of Sharrow and Jilbell, which is a big accomplishment.

“I made it in time! I made it this time, Aura.” (Zenjirou)

Zenjirou flopped himself on the black, leather-covered sofa, thrusts his right fist towards the ceiling as he lay sprawled upside-down.
He’s remembering Aura’s last delivery, the moment of the birth of his beloved, eldest son ── Carlos Zenkichi.
Doctor Michelle said, “It was an extremely stable and relatively short delivery,” but Zenjirou couldn’t believe that at all.
The pained and exhausted voice of his beloved wife that had seemed to last an eternity.
The feeling of helplessness as he listened to that voice in the adjoining room.
If there was really nothing to be done about this, he would have likely resigned himself to this fate.
But, in this world the healing practitioners of the Jilbell family, who can manipulate techniques far beyond even modern medicine, exist.
The Twin Kingdom of Sharrow and Jilbell, where they live, is a distant land halfway across the continent, but Zenjirou had the potential to unlock an ability that would render that distance inconsequential. 『Space-Time Magic』 is the bloodline magic of the Carpa Kingdom. If he could have used 『Teleport』 back then, the epitome of 『Space-Time Magic』, he would definitely have brought a healing practitioner.
In that case he could have prepared a much safer childbirth environment for his beloved wife and child than even the most advanced nations of modern Earth.
It was all just hindsight in the end, but even though the Zenjirou of that time had that option as father and husband, he had spent his time idly, and didn’t take his magic education seriously at all.
That’s why Zenjirou felt a shiver running down his spine when he was told, “I might be pregnant with your second child,” by Aura when he returned from the Guzzle Margraviate.
Once on shore, you pray no more.
Didn’t I unconsciously waste my days again, forgetting the fear and feeling of helplessness from back then? Won’t I be definitely be punished for it this time?
But, fortunately fate had taken pity on Zenjirou.

“With this I can go to the Twin Kingdom…! This time it’ll be fine, Aura. Since I will protect you this time, give birth to your second baby with peace of mind.” (Zenjirou)

A bright hope for the future and the will to make that hope reality no matter what it takes appeared in Zenjirou’s eyes as he muttered to himself.

That evening.
A bright smile was on Queen Aura’s face when she returned to the inner palace after finishing her work.
From her expression, Zenjirou knows that she’s heard of his『Exploits』.

“It looks like you succeeded.” (Aura)

Blessed with the image of his wife with a smile plastered over her whole face and that comment, Zenjirou fistpumps, his smile not losing one bit to Aura’s.

“Yeah, thanks to you. Honestly, even I still can’t believe it, though.” (Zenjirou)

Flanked by her maids, the queen draws closer to the smiling Zenjirou.

“In the case of 『Teleport』 everyone feels like that at first. After all, it’s not like you can test it too many times to reassure yourself.” (Aura)

『Teleport』 is a big spell that can barely be used three times a day with Aura’s level of mana, and two in Zenjirou’s case.
The queen, finally in front of Zenjirou, gently grabs her husband’s right hand with both of hers.

“I didn’t expect that you would learn 『Teleport』 this quickly. Everything is the result of your tireless efforts. I’m sure you did your very best for my sake. Thank you.” (Aura)

“That is, umm…” (Zenjirou)

At his wife’s words, Zenjirou shifts uncomfortably but doesn’t pull his hand away.
Normally when they have such mushy conversation he’s alone with Aura, but right now there are maids on standby nearby in order to support the pregnant Aura.
The young maids are showing unconcerned expressions as if saying, “I don’t hear anything,” but Zenjirou, who has been acquainted with them for a fairly long time, knows.
Those are the eyes of someone listening with all their might with the intention to later use what they heard as material for a steamy gossip among the maids.
Well, it’s impossible to prevent gossip after all.
That’s why he doesn’t want to act shamefully in front of the maids, but with his cherished wife being so loving, you can’t just respond with a smile.

“Hmm, I guess you’re correct. Yeah, I did my best. I kept at it for your sake, Aura.” (Zenjirou)

In reality there really is no other reason for Zenjirou trying so hard to master 『Teleport』 as quickly as possible than Aura’s pregnancy.

“With this I can go to the Twin Kingdom. That’s why you can have peace of mind and give birth to the child in your belly, Aura.” (Zenjirou)

Zenjirou becomes very emotional as he says this, wrapping his arms around his beloved wife.

“Thank you, Zenjirou.” (Aura)

“My pleasure.” (Zenjirou)

He savors the sensation of his wife’s two soft breasts pressed against his chest through the two layers of cloth she’s wearing as she obediently entrusts her body to him.
Normally he would have begun kissing her by now, but acutely aware of the maids’ looks, it’s difficult for him to take such bold action.
Besides, even though her abdomen hasn’t become conspicuous yet, a new life is dwelling in his wife’s belly.
He can’t hug here as tightly as always



In the end the queen and her husband don’t say anything else. They simply press their bodies against each other as if trying to savor each other’s warmth as long as possible.




The day after Zenjirou succeeded in casting 『Teleport』 for the first time, the princess of the northern continent’s Uppsala Kingdom requested an urgent audience with him.
Zenjirou had been in a state of euphoria that was rather unbecoming for his age, following his acquisition of the first practical spell and third overall after 『Space Isolation Barrier』 and 『Haul』, but upon receiving a request for an 『urgent』 audience from foreign royalty, he completely switched back his mindset.
By the time he met with Princess Freya in a room of the royal palace, he had completely regained his composure.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, Your Highness.” (Zenjirou)

“No, it is I who should be sorry for visiting you on such a short notice. Let me express my gratitude, Your Majesty.” (Freya)

As he exchanges greetings with Princess Freya from the opposite sofa, Zenjirou begins to have some suspicions.
(Hm? Doesn’t she seem rather calm for someone who requested an urgent audience?) (Zenjirou)
It’s dangerous to judge genuine royalty by their behavior and apparent expressions, but conversely, if it was truly urgent, Princess Freya would deliberately have shown an obviously panicked and impatient expression.
This might not be as serious as I thought it would be.
Zenjirou relaxed a bit, but since this audience was still classed as 『urgent』, it would be rude to waste more time on introductions and idle chat.

“So, what might be your business with me, Your Highness?” (Zenjirou)

Princess Freya smiles happily as Zenjirou cuts right to the point.

“Yes, actually I’m very sorry for the sudden change of schedule, but I’d like to return to 『Valentia』. Would you be able to give me your permission?” (Freya)

“Nh, did something happen?” (Zenjirou)

Surprised, Zenjirou asked back. In response the silver haired princess quietly elaborated.

“Yes. As a matter of fact, I received a message from my subordinates who stayed behind in Valentia. It looks like there’s a small problem with the 『Yellow Leaves』.” (Freya)

“Problem, you say?” (Zenjirou)

Isn’t that a quite serious matter then? Seeing Zenjirou tilt his head with a quizzical look, Princess Freya adds with a composed smile,

“I suppose I could call it a problem, but it’s not as if the ship has sunk or that the damage is irreparable. It’s somewhat embarrassing, but it seems we took the situation too lightly because it’s the first time we’ve experienced the 『Rainy Season』 on the southern continent. It has apparently caused a huge delay in our progress.” (Freya)

The people of the northern continent, who have never experienced the 『Rainy Season』, have difficulty imagining it, even when they are told that, “The probability of rain is around once every two or three days during those three months.”
For that reason the ship’s repair has fallen behind the initial schedule.
Princess Freya has either borrowed or received a great deal of things, including the dock, the materials, and the craftsmen that her crew was lacking from the Carpa Kingdom in order to repair 『Yellow Leaves』.
If the work falls behind, Princess Freya has to request an extension from Queen Aura. If that proves to be the case, the word of messengers would not be reliable enough to make a proper case.
If she doesn’t see the actual state with her own eyes and hear directly from the workers on-site, she won’t be able to properly face Queen Aura in negotiations. That was Princess Freya’s claim.

“I see…” (Zenjirou)

The arguments she mentioned are reasonable. It’s not a disadvantageous proposal for Carpa either.
However, because Princess Freya is a 『Visitor of the Royal Family』 after all, she requires the ruler, Aura’s, permission to leave the capital.

“I understand your circumstances. I’m sure you will be granted permission if it’s something like this. I will inform Her Majesty Aura today, so you can expect to hear back from her soon.” (Zenjirou)

“Thank you very much, Your Majesty.” (Freya)

In a sudden burst of inspiration, Zenjirou asks Freya, who has already bowed with a smile, one last question.

“Just to clarify, are you going to Valentia alone?” (Zenjirou)

Thinking over Zenjirou’s question, Princess Freya answers slowly,

“Let’s see…I guess the ones that have to go by all means are Skathi and I. Of course, considering the dangers of the journey, I’d like permission to be accompanied by around half of the soldiers that I brought along as guards, though.” (Freya)

“I see.” (Zenjirou)

As he absorbs Princess Freya’s answer, Zenjirou thinks.
From another perspective, bringing guards simply because of the danger of the journey means that the number of people who need to leave is reduced to two if the journey doesn’t exist in the first place or if it’s possible to guarantee their absolute safety.

“Understood. I can’t give you a definitive answer, but I think the odds of you having a positive answer by tomorrow are high.” (Zenjirou)

“I thank you for your help, Your Majesty.” (Freya)

Princess Freya bowed her head once more and smiled.




That evening.
Zenjirou, who had returned to the inner palace, wrote the characters of this world on dragon skin meant for official documents with an unfamiliar dragon bone brush.

“Alright, there should be no mistakes. Amanda, can I have you check it over?” (Zenjirou)

“Yes, I shall take a look at it.” (Amanda)

Zenjirou hands the dragon skin, to Supervising Maid Amanda and stretches atop the chair.

“Ugh, the characters of this world are difficult after all. The most important thing is that I don’t have the confidence in whether I can write smoothly on my own or not.” (Zenjirou)

Zenjirou’s reading and writing ability in the southern continent’s western language isn’t high by any standard, hence why he’s griping like this.
Since I practice whenever I have spare time, I have a reasonable level of skill, but it’s probably around the same level as a Japanese middle schooler’s English.
To put it bluntly, Zenjirou’s reading and writing ability is below that of even Nilda Guzzle who had laughed and said, “I have the most difficulty with letters.”
Well, coming from a completely different language system, Zenjirou’s reading and writing being bad after around three years is only natural, however.
Usually he has someone read documents aloud, and then has the civil officials write on his behalf. Zenjirou only signs the finished documents, but at this rate he won’t improve no matter how much time passes.
In order to remedy that situation, he tries to personally write the documents that are relatively simple, and those that would not cause too big a problem if there was a mistake.
This time it’s an official document, but since it’s a document Zenjirou is essentially directly handing to Aura, the only ones who will see it are Zenjirou, Aura, and Aura’s First Secretary, Fabio.
Even if he makes a few mistakes in the writing, it won’t be a big issue.

“I had a look. There’s no problem.” (Amanda)

“Great, thanks.” (Zenjirou)

As Zenjirou takes back the dragon skin to check it one last time, the entrance door opens.

“I’m back.” (Aura)

It was the other master of the inner palace ── Queen Aura.
The queen, accompanied by several inner palace maids, composedly steps into the living room.

“Oh! Welcome back, Aura. I’m done here as well.” (Zenjirou)

Upon his wife’s return, Zenjirou stands up from his chair with the dragon skin in hand.

“Yeah, fortunately I haven’t had any morning sickness like when I had Carlos yet, but Doctor Michelle has repeatedly emphasized that I’m not to strain myself.
Hmm? Is it an official document that you’re holding in your hand? How unusual for you to bring work into the inner palace.” (Aura)

Discovered by the queen’s sharp eyes, the prince consort nods lightly and holds it out to her.


“Yeah, it would be best to do this quickly. In any case, it’s the kind of talk fit for the inner palace. I will explain the details later, I’d like you to sign this document, Aura.” (Zenjirou)

The document Aura received was a request form for the use of Queen Aura’s 『Teleport』. As the requestor, Zenjirou had noted down the name of Princess Freya and the female warrior Skathi as targets for 『Teleport』.
Seeing it, the queen’s expression quickly stiffens.

“I guess I will listen to the details first.” (Aura)

Sitting on the sofa across from each other, Zenjirou explained the situation to Aura.

“I see. I understand the circumstances. You might say that it was inevitable that they would be overly optimistic in their initial estimation of the work progress if the rainy season doesn’t exist on the northern continent.
Under such circumstances the shorter travel time and the safety of Princess Freya certainly bear enough importance to have me use 『Teleport』.” (Aura)

Traveling during the 『Rainy Season』 is difficult. Aristocrats in particular travel in large dragon carriages with equally large roofs, but such travel options are limited by the road.
At worst, they will run into a dead end caused by a landslide or a quagmire along the way. Even if they try to return the way they came, the rain may have washed out the road by then. As a result, travelers will become trapped on the road. Such unlucky cases are rare, but they do exist.
There’s nothing that can compete with 『Teleport』 in regards to safety or speed
The state of the repairs of the 『Yellow Leaves』 is an important matter for the Carpa Kingdom, too.
As long as the repairs aren’t complete, Princess Freya and her entourage can’t return to Uppsala Kingdom. And, as long as they are stuck, the establishment of official diplomatic relations between the Carpa Kingdom and the Uppsala Kingdom will be delayed as well.
Originally, there would be a need to discuss suitable compensation for the use of 『Teleport』, but if it is also beneficial for the royal family to do so, then there is no need.
Of course this is assuming that the other party accepts traveling by『Teleport』, though.
Zenjirou is obviously relieved at Aura’s reply.

“That’s great. Princess Freya didn’t seem too flustered, but personally I think that it’s better to hurry, you know?
I’m afraid that those on-site might lose their calm and act rashly if the work falls behind schedule too much, since the distance between the ship’s top brass, its trading partners, and the workers is so great.” (Zenjirou)

What Zenjirou is fearing is the possibility that the craftsmen on-site will do the unreasonable to meet the initial work schedule at all costs.
Princess Freya and Queen Aura are born and bred royalty. Hence there are moments when they are unable to understand how seriously those under them will take their orders.
Workers on-site may go slightly too far in order to keep their promises with their superiors and trade partners.
The troublesome matter is that ship repair during the rainy season is 『dangerous』 but not 『impossible』.
The queen, now privy to Zenjirou’s concerns, thinks it over with a serious expression.

“I see. Certainly, now that you mention it, I happened to witness similar actions from my subordinates during the great war.
If there are injured, or even worse, casualties because those on-site acted unreasonably on a miscommunication or simply delayed communications, it will also leave a bad aftertaste during negotiations later.” (Aura)

Negotiations between states comprise mostly of power struggles and making favorable deals, but the ones holding those negotiations are actual humans with feelings.
If someone close to you is injured or killed under the command of the other party, it will be difficult to get through the negotiations without any negative impact at all.

“Understood. I will call Princess Freya and Warrior Skathi first thing tomorrow. Because I must give warning before I use 『Teleport』, I won’t be able to send them to Valentia immediately tomorrow, but I can speed things up enough to have them depart the day after.” (Aura)

“Yeah, I think that’ll be fine. Thanks, Aura.” (Zenjirou)

Zenjirou sighed, letting the tension out of his shoulders due to his wife’s quick support.

“What, the one who is grateful is me. The diplomatic relations with the Uppsala Kingdom are a national project, and I’m the one in charge of this country.
While we’re at it, I just got an idea. I’d like you to use your knight, Natalio, or Ines as forewarning that you’re going to send a number of people over through 『Teleport』. How about it?” (Aura)

Though it’s an unexpected suggestion, once Zenjirou thinks it over, he understands what Aura is trying to say.
Those two always accompany Zenjirou when he goes somewhere. To be more precise, they are Zenjirou’s close aides.

“With that you’re basically saying that I will go over there after them as well?” (Zenjirou)

The queen confirms Zenjirou’s question,

“Yeah. I thought it would be a good opportunity. You also grasped 『Teleport』, right?
Rather than trying to test it by going abroad and visiting the Twin Kingdom all of a sudden, I wondered if you could just try to return from Valentia, since you’ve already been there before. And, if you manage to return safely, you will 『Teleport』 to Valentia yourself the next day.
If you can accomplish all that, no one will be able to say anything about you sending Princess Freya and Victoria-dono back with 『Teleport』 after Princess Freya’s business there is done.
Of course, you have to send Natalio or Ines back first as forewarning.” (Aura)

“Ah, I see. If I reach the point where I can master『Teleport』, I will also be able to do things like that.” (Zenjirou)

Zenjirou buries his head in his hands, overwhelmed.
『Teleport』 is truly a spell in a different league to 『Space Isolation Barrier』 and 『Haul』, the two spells he had learned before now.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that he would literally have the world in his hands if he masters this spell.
Zenjirou doesn’t have a huge ego, but even he can’t help but be proud of the progress he’s made.
The current me possesses an ability that will have a huge influence on national politics.
The queen gently smiles at her husband who is just now realizing his own power.

“That’s how it is. The true worth of 『Teleport』 shows itself when several users are deployed inside and outside the country. It’s only once or twice per day, but it becomes possible to travel anywhere almost instantaneously.
Ideally, I’d like to have teleport users at the eastern fortress Mujuque, the western port city Valentia, the southern silver mines of Potosi and the northern ancient capital in the Lala Dukedom.” (Aura)

Before the great war, when there were still many members of the royal family, 『Teleport』 users had actually been deployed to those four points.
However, Zenjirou frowns at Aura’s words.

“Yeah, that might be the duty of royalty, but honestly, I really dislike that.
Even in the distant future, I don’t want to be separated from the capital for an extended period of time. If possible I don’t want to make my own children go to such distant places, either.” (Zenjirou)

It’s impossible for Space-Time Magic users that will be born from now on to be anyone’s but Zenjirou’s children.
Knowing that, Zenjirou complains, but in order to comfort him, Aura says,

“That’s not what I meant, don’t worry, it probably won’t happen. Deploying royal family members in the four cardinal directions is something that can only happen after plenty of royal family members have already been deployed in the capital.
The reason why the 『Teleport』 requests are so overly frequent is because this place is the capital. In particular, as queen, prince consort, crown prince and second heir to the throne, you, me, Carlos, and our next child will never be stationed out in the provinces.” (Aura)

“Yeah, I got it.” (Zenjirou)

The queen can’t help but feel a stab of guilt in her heart upon seeing her husband’s relieved expression.
Currently the talks concerning Princess Freya becoming Zenjirou’s concubine have begun to head in a promising direction.
It has been decided that Princess Freya will be granted the rank of Duchess by the Carpa Kingdom and receive a small territory on the coast, if she becomes Zenjirou’s concubine.
Naturally this means that any children born between Princess Freya and Zenjirou in the future will succeed the dukedom. Once that happens, those children won’t live in the capital but in that dukedom.
For Zenjirou, living apart from his own children is a near inevitability.
The children between Princess Freya and Zenjirou.
For Queen Aura they’ll simply be “the future generation of royalty that should be carefully handled,” but for Zenjirou they will be his children from a different mother.

“Well, there’s no point thinking too deeply about the future.” (Aura)

Smiling, the queen unconsciously strokes her belly, where her second child dwells, with her right hand.




The next day Queen Aura had a meeting with Uppsala Kingdom’s First Princess, Freya Uppsala.
Upon hearing the chain of events, Princess Freya widens her ice green eyes in surprise.

“Then what you’re saying is that you will send me and Skathi to Valentia with your 『Teleport』technique, Your Majesty?” (Freya)

“That’s right. The one who suggested it is my husband, but after hearing the story, I judged that to be the best approach as well. There is no knowing what kind of harm would befall you if you were to travel the road during the 『Rainy Season』.
My husband also pointed out that another problem is that we don’t know how seriously the workers on-site are taking the delay.
If they have overestimated the importance of the work, they may try to continue regardless of the rainy weather. I’m sure that you’re very well aware of the dangers of that, much more so than us.” (Aura)

“Certainly, it’s just as you say.” (Freya)

Hearing the red-haired queen’s explanation, the silver-haired princess contemplated for a short while.
She knows the truth of Aura’s claim. Her being unable to give an immediate reply is solely due to the potential risk involved in entrusting her safety to 『Teleport』.
For Princess Freya, both the nature of 『Teleport』and the nature of Queen Aura are uncertain.
If Princess Freya were to be sent into the distant skies or the burning crater of a volcano under the guise of a trip to Valentia, that would spell her immediate death. And even without going that far, sending Princess Freya to a land completely unknown to her would result in the same thing. But then again Princess Freya is convinced that the trade between continents along with her suggestion of becoming Zenjirou’s concubine will bring huge benefits to the Carpa Kingdom.
She can’t say that she completely understands Aura, but at the very least Princess Freya has comprehended that she’s a statesman with plenty of reason and discernment.
Speaking of which, she had also heard that the royal members of the Carpa Kingdom offer 『Teleport』 as a service to people inside and outside the country for a fee.
To put it bluntly, 『Teleport』 is a big advantage for Carpa’s royal family but also an important source of income.
Using 『Teleport』 as means for murder would mean cutting off that source of income. (After all, no one would willingly pay for a service that, depending on the practitioner’s mood, might spell their doom).
Given all this, one can conclude the possibility of Queen Aura deceiving Princess Freya and sending her to a dangerous place as close to zero.
Once she made up her mind, Princess Freya acted quickly.

“Understood. If that’s how it is, then please allow me to take advantage of your kindness. Would you mind telling me how much compensation you’ll be requiring?” (Freya)

The blonde warrior behind Princess Freya lets out a gasp at her words. Since Princess Freya will be using『Teleport』, that means that Skathi will do the same, so the surprise is natural.
Having said that, Princess Freya is the master to whom Skathi has pledged her lifelong allegiance. There won’t be any objection from her as to what her master has decided.
As Skathi regains control over her expression, Queen Aura speaks up.

“No, this is a serious affair concerning the repairs on 『Yellow Leaves』. This will also affect our Carpa Kingdom. We won’t be asking for compensation from the people who are teaching us the amazing iron-working and shipbuilding techniques of the northern continent, especially not for something of this level.” (Aura)

“Oh, my! I cannot thank your Majesty enough for this gesture.” (Freya)

Princess Freya smiles somewhat bitterly in her heart at Aura’s words.
Of course Aura waiving the compensation fee cannot simply be taken at face value.
It means “Since I won’t demand a fee each and every time an incident occurs, return safely to your own country so you can marry into the Carpa royalty with your『Shipbuilders』 and 『Iron Manufacturing Experts』as dowry.”
However, for Princess Freya, who had developed a deep affection for Zenjirou, that’s exactly what she wishes to do.

“Now that it’s been decided, it’s best to be quick about it, isn’t it? Your Majesty, when are you going to send Skathi and I to Valentia?” (Freya)

“If it suits you, it’s possible to send you tomorrow at the earliest.” (Aura)

Upon hearing Aura’s words, Princess Freya casts a look at her trusted aide.

“Skathi, I think we’re fine with tomorrow as well, what do you think?” (Freya)

The female warrior, who acts simultaneously as bodyguard and caretaker, immediately answers her master.

“Yes. There is no problem with that. I will have the luggage in order before the day is over.” (Skathi)

The queen quickly advises the capable female warrior.

“Ah, Victoria-dono, 『Teleport』 can only transport baggage a person can reasonably carry. Please prepare your luggage with that in mind.” (Aura)

“Very well. Thank you very much for your kind advice, Your Majesty.” (Skathi)

The tall warrior respectfully bowed her head towards the queen.




The next day.
As scheduled, Princess Freya and the female warrior Victoria Kronkvist (aka Skathi) stood in Valentia where the rain was pouring down.
The inner palace’s maid Ines had been transferred ahead to Valentia the previous day to give a forewarning, so the preparations to welcome Princess Freya and Skathi had already been completed when they arrived at the Duke’s mansion through 『Teleport』.
When Princess Freya had gone to the capital she had taken a little more than half the warriors on the 『Yellow Leaves』 with her. The remaining warriors had stayed behind in Valentia to protect the sailors who cannot defend themselves.
Princess Freya, who was welcomed by those warriors, hurriedly greets Valentia’s Governor Damian, and then heads to the port where the rain’s falling heavily.
Carpa Kingdom, with its 『Rainy Season』, has proper rain gear.
The princess and the female warrior put hooded raincoats made from the skin of an aquatic reptile on over their clothes and walk straight through the puddles on the paved stone road.
Having experienced camping and going on a boat downstream in the Uppsala Kingdom, Princess Freya is no longer flustered by a few splashes of water.
Princess Freya, who had witnessed the same heavily raining sky before at sea, lightly shakes the water off her hood, and sighs,

“Now that I have personally experienced it, I cannot help but understand why the southern continent treats 『Bloodline Magic』 as something absolute.” (Freya)

“Certainly, this defies reality. It seems the numbers of times it can be used is limited, but even so, the existence of such magic completely undermines strategy.” (Skathi)

The tall female warrior is also rather resigned as she expresses her agreement.
In Princess Freya’s native land, the Uppsala Kingdom, royalty doesn’t possess bloodline magic. It’s a state largely focused on engineering.
Hence the idea that science surpasses magic is prevalent, but if the people were shown the practical application of bloodline magic like this, their beliefs would sway.
Even if it’s limited in its use to a small number of people, a method allowing one to instantaneously travel a distance that would take several days in a royal carriage is pretty much cheating, going by the common sense of the northern continent.

“How wonderful. I really want that.” (Freya)

Hearing her master mumbling that many times under her breath, obviously revealing her desires, the warrior walking next to her cautions her with a whisper,

“Milady, on this southern continent the act of stealing bloodline magic seems to be regarded as a barbaric act that may even lead to a declaration of war.” (Skathi)

Even Zenjirou, who simply has the potential to use the bloodline magic of a foreign country, through no fault of his own, was under a fair amount of pressure.
It’s unclear just how severe a backlash someone who intentionally steals bloodline magic would have to face.

“…How regrettable.” (Freya)

The princess, grumbling with a crestfallen look, quickly changes the topic, and turns to her trusted friend with a smile,

“By the way, Skathi, we’re already at the port. Thanks to this rain gear, you can’t see my garments, right?” (Freya)

As she speaks, Princess Freya points to the menswear she’s wearing beneath the raincoat with her right hand.

“Excuse me, Captain.” (Skathi)

Skathi, guessing what her master wanted to say, corrected herself while smiling wryly.



The port is not that far away from Duke Valentia’s mansion.
Before long the two arrived at the wharf where the 『Yellow Leaves』 is anchored.
Even now heavy rain is pouring down, but because Valentia’s port is protected by a threefold breakwater on top of there being no wind, the sea within the port is calm.
Having said that, there’s no way that it’s not dangerous to continue the repairs in this heavy rain.
Princess Freya looks up from the shore at her ship, which she is seeing for the first time in several months, and mutters,

“His Majesty Zenjirou really has keen insight, hasn’t he?” (Freya)

“Yes. At the very least, he sees things that we do not consider.” (Skathi)

Just as Zenjirou feared, people forcibly continuing with the repairs in this rain can be seen on the 『Yellow Leaves』.
Among them there’s a number of veterans swinging their hammers while perched on the main mast.
Princess Freya sighs, half in astonishment and half in reflection, and orders her aide.

“Skathi, please handle it.” (Freya)

“Aye aye, Captain.” (Skathi)

Having received her master’s command, the largely built female warrior quickly fills her lungs with air.

“Listen up! There’s been a change in orders! Those at work, stop what you’re doing and come down!!” (Skathi)

Her loud voice didn’t lose out to the sound of the heavy rainfall in the slightest.




Zenjirou teleported over to Valentia several days later.
Having finished greeting the Governor of Valentia Dukedom, he first photographed his room in Duke Valentia’s mansion with the digital camera he brought along.
Zenjirou, who had only just grasped the principle, still can’t use 『Teleport』 without looking at the pictures he took with the digital camera. (Even while looking at it, his success rate is still about 20%, but he can offset that weakness by trying many times).

“If I continue taking photos like this, it should also extend the range of where I can move with 『Teleport』.” (Zenjirou)

The drawback of doing it this way is that Zenjirou won’t be able to use 『Teleport』, if the battery of the camera dies or the camera itself breaks down.
As insurance against that, he used some of the precious remnants of the printer ink and printed out the picture of the important stone room in the royal palace. Even though he’s carrying that picture with him, it’s not like it’s indestructible or everlasting either.
As expected, eventually I want to be skilled enough that I can easilyTeleportto places I have visited once like Aura.
Although that is definitely a goal for the future, in the current situation every single 『Teleport』 user is greatly needed.
Even Zenjirou, who needs the camera for assistance, is a precious asset. Right now he has no option but to throw himself onto the battlefield while still relying on that support.
Anyhow, Zenjirou, counting this as his break, immediately headed to a meeting with Princess Freya’s group with his personal knight Natalio and the maid Ines.

Probably because she came to a shipyard, Princess Freya wasn’t wearing a dress like he’d grown accustomed to seeing her in, but a captain’s attire similar to the time when Zenjirou met her for the first time.
It’s Zenjirou’s personal impression, but he feels like male clothing suits her more than the dresses she usually wears.
That doesn’t mean that Princess Freya is manly. It means that her moving around energetically in dynamic attire is more natural for her.
Having obtained Zenjirou’s permission, the princess sat down on the opposing sofa, and expressed her gratitude as soon as she opened her mouth

“Thank you very much for investing your time and effort for our cause on this occasion. Thanks to your help, we were able to deal with the situation before it developed into a serious incident, Your Majesty Zenjirou. Let me thank you once more for that.” (Freya)

Behind her, Skathi presses her right fist against her left shoulder, and bows her head.
Guessing from the nuance in her words that the reason she’s thanking him isn’t just for sending them via Aura’s 『Teleport』, Zenjirou gently asks,

“So they did try to continue with the repairs after all?” (Zenjirou)

Princess Freya nods in response to Zenjirou’s question, making her short silver hair sway.

“Yes, it is just as you say. Your insight was remarkable, Your Majesty.” (Freya)

Since Princess Freya’s words don’t seem to be mere flattery, Zenjirou smiles wryly, looking embarrassed.

“No, I’m just prone to worrying, therefore it’s nothing worthy of such admiration.” (Zenjirou)

“However, it was my oversight. Even though I have sailed with the crew of the 『Yellow Leaves』for so long, I didn’t realize that there was such a discrepancy between our ways of thinking until you pointed it out, Your Majesty. I am ashamed.” (Freya)

“Excuse me, but you sailed on the same ship as them right, Your Highness? When you’re close to your subordinates, you can adapt orders, but you can’t do that if you’re separated. Inevitably loyal subordinates will try to comply with their initial order.” (Zenjirou)

With his understanding of Princess Freya’s character. Zenjirou felt it would be better to explain his reasoning than to simply console her.

“I see, so that’s how those in their position will take it. I’m grateful for your wise advice.” (Freya)

Having such heartfelt admiration directed at him, Zenjirou shifted uncomfortably.
Just because Zenjirou was able to predict that the workers on-site might continue the repairs even during rainy weather, it doesn’t mean that he’s more intelligent than Queen Aura or Princess Freya.
It’s merely because he had the same experience when he was an on-site worker while he was still at the company.
For example, there was a time when the ship carrying crucial materials ran into trouble overseas and was delayed by over a month, after he’d already accepted a request from a frequent client.
Because of that, the time frame to finish the work was shortened by a month. He somehow managed to complete it in time with a hellish schedule only for the other party to nonchalantly tell him, “Well, I didn’t expect you to make the deadline. I’d already prepared myself for a month-long delay, but thank you.”
“Then please tell me from the start!!” was what Zenjirou’s soul had screamed behind his silence.
Like this, people in weak positions like subordinates and subcontractors can’t easily ask to, “Please extend the deadline since it’s impossible,” from their side since the contract had already been established.
Disappointing a precious client and being told, “Then I will give this job to someone else,” means losing everything to them. If they are somehow able to make the deadline by doing the unreasonable, there are many people who will pick that option.
If they have to admit that “I won’t make it in time”, that means that they really won’t be able to do it no matter what. And, in such a situation, they will do their utmost to minimize the delay as much as possible.
For Zenjirou, who has experienced such situations, it was easy to surmise that saying, “It might be difficult to finish by the set date,” would be difficult for the workers on-site who had made a promise with Princess Freya, their direct superior, and Aura, who is the queen of the country where they are staying.

“Were you able to adjust the work schedule then?” (Zenjirou)

Even though Princess Freya confirms it with a small nod, she reveals a troubled expression.

“Yes. Given that it’s possible to roughly estimate the delay due to the 『Rainy Season』, we finished the adjustment of that part. However, I’m slightly worried that our plans will be derailed again because of the 『Hottest Season』 afterwards.
A heat like the one when we came to the Carpa Kingdom is going to continue for three months, right?” (Freya)

At Princess Freya’s words, Zenjirou hesitates, but ultimately decides that she should know the truth.

“Princess Freya, you should have arrived during the 『Vibrant Season』 according to the calendar. Since the weather won’t completely transform in a day, the latter half of the 『Vibrant Season』is similar to the start of the 『Hottest Season』, but the month when the temperature is highest is not then.” (Zenjirou)

“……Eh?” (Freya)

After an unusually long pause, Princess Freya leaked a dimwitted sound with a flabbergasted expression.
Even Skathi has widened her reddish brown eyes in disbelief.
Zenjirou truly understands their feelings. Even Zenjirou would have likely felt that his life was in danger without the ice electric fan when he first came to this world, much less a princess from the northernmost part of the northern continent. Compared to Zenjirou, who had experienced sweltering nights with temperatures higher than 30°C and extremely hot days with more than 35°C in the Kanto area of Japan, her experience with heat was meager.
I feel like she won’t be able to get a real sense of it even if I tell her, but I still have to warn her.

“The temperature during the hottest season exceeds a person’s body temperature. Because of the heat during the day, the temperature remains high through the night. Even the people of Carpa Kingdom, who were born and raised in this area, mostly stick to being active during early morning and evening, when the heat goes down slightly, because it’s dangerous to be active at midday during the 『Hottest Season』.
During the day, almost everyone – both commoners and nobles – preserve their stamina with a 『Siesta』.” (Zenjirou)



Apparently having heard about the actual details of the 『Hottest Season』for the first time just now, master and servant of the Uppsala Kingdom were both lost for words.

“Our country’s craftsmen should be participating in the repairs of the 『Yellow Leaves』. Haven’t you heard about it from them?” (Zenjirou)

Princess Freya releases a deep sigh upon hearing Zenjirou’s question.

“I haven’t talked directly to them, but I have heard that there were doubts raised, like “Is it going to be really alright with this schedule?” from the craftsmen on-site.
However, since I was told that it was their first time repairing a large sailing ship, I carelessly dismissed their worries as mere fretting over technical details and didn’t investigate further.” (Freya)

“Ah, that’s understandable, I suppose.” (Zenjirou)

When one works with people from a different cultural background, there’s bound to be misunderstandings.
Princess Freya’s crew of the 『Yellow Leaves』 doesn’t know about the 『Hottest Season』 of the southern continent. They can’t comprehend that people will suffer health issues from just being active outside during the day.
On the other hand, the craftsmen of the Carpa Kingdom have never left the Midwest of the southern continent. Hence they can’t understand that there are people who don’t know about the heat of the 『Hottest Season』.
Even if they have doubts about the schedule, given the circumstances, they might just assume that it’ll be alright since that’s what they’ve been told.
After all, participating in the repairs of a big four-mast ship is a first for the craftsmen of the Carpa Kingdom. They don’t have the slightest idea how difficult it will be and how much time will be necessary to repair it.
As neither side can understand the 『Common Sense』 of the other side, they aren’t even aware that they can’t understand each other. It’s this sort of situation.

“Let’s call all the craftsmen together and confirm how much work they can carry out during the 『Hottest Season』 in this area.
It’s not what we originally planned, but I would like to stay here in Valentia until the repairs of the 『Yellow Leaves』 have been completed. What do you think?” (Freya)

“I think that’s fine. The return to the capital will be instantaneous since I will be taking you. As for your livelihood during your stay in Valentia; it’s probably fine to continue as you have been, I will talk to Governor Damian about it.” (Zenjirou)

“Okay, I apologize for the trouble, Your Majesty.” (Freya)

Princess Freya thanked Zenjirou once more for his understanding.



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