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The Patreon Game is an idea to make supporting the translation group a bit more interactive. Its main concept will be a community game with various events to give the patrons a chance to unlock more content than regularly provided by the normal Tier rewards.

The game’s name is “The Rise of Asuria Oukoku” and there will be a light lore setting to make the game more interesting and to give it a feel of nation building.

Everyone is encouraged to take part in it as the game lives from the participation of the patrons.


  • Every patron can take part in the events. In the beginning most events will be for all patrons while in the later stages there will also be other kind of event types.
  • Participation in events which are NOT supposed to be for you (e.g. a Tier 3 patron taking part in an event for Tier 1 patrons) will be ignored.
  • It is not allowed to try force others in any way into participating in the game by cursing, bashing or trolling against other patrons. While it is a community driven game, everyone is still free in their participation. Breaking this rule will lead to exclusion from the game.
  • Every patron has to join a faction. There are three factions in total currently: Baumeister household, Shuuya’s party and Renya’s goons, which represent the specific series to be supported. Once you join a faction for the first time, there will be a “lockout” of 2 months until you can change your choice (by directly contacting the game-master), so please choose wisely at the beginning. If you don’t choose a faction after joining within 2 weeks, you will be assigned to a faction for evening out the numbers by the game-master.
  • All rewards in the game will be provided for the parties concerned upon achievement of the goals via early chapter access. At no time there will be any monetary rewards.
  • A game is for entertainment and enjoyment, so please treat all participants fairly and simply have fun.
  • You are free to advertise for the game at other locations, but please keep Rule 2 in mind.
  • Suggestions and comments are always welcome.


All events will be announced towards the first part of the month and will have a time limit for the completion. The rewards for the completion as well as the conditions will be announced in the event Patreon post.

As Patreon is a bit unhandy for easily enabling extra payment, the event payments will be handled through Paypal. A special site on the blog will be set up with buttons (with a specific event numbers) that allows the players to work towards the set event goal. The event completion rate will be updated in the Patreon post manually so that all players may at any time check the current standings.

The event completion conditions will be set in a fair manner depending on the total number of players and the planned rewards. Minimum fee to participate in any event is 1€ with no limit upwards.   Please check the Events section for a detailed explanation!

A Discord server will be provided for all players. Patreon offers Discord awards which assign specific roles depending on the patron’s tier but those haven’t been working properly in the past. Once becoming a patron, please contact the game-master so that you can participate in the discussion on Discord. All players are encouraged to coordinate their community effort.

Suggestions and questions about specific events or the rules themselves are always welcome.



The amount of events is dependent on the circumstances of the translator. No rewards equals no events, in other words the possibility of events is for the community a chance to get more extra chapters beyond the regular tier rewards and an additional driving force for the translator to provide those rewards to enable events.

There will be various types of events. Here a short list:

  • General events –  All patrons are free to participate. This type of event will be the main type in the early stages of the game.
  • Faction and tier events – At later stages in the game there will be events where only certain factions or tiers may take part in. Please pay heed to not participate in the wrong event as your commission will be disregarded.
  • Lore events – Those are events following after the player community achieves a milestone in the goals. For example: If a goal is to reach 50 patrons, there will be a lore event once the threshold of 20% more than the required number of patrons for the goal is achieved (in this case 60). Lore events will be more difficult but will “safe” the goal achievement even in case the number of patrons falls below the original target number of 50 patrons in the future. Lore events will only appear for major goals (village, city, etc.), not for side goals (peddler, adventurer guild etc.)

All events will be provided with fair and achievable goals so that completion will be possible. Depending on the completion rate there might even be extra rewards!

The event goal will always be derived from a percentage with the two components: total number of possible players for an event + minimum amount of 1€ per player.

Failure of an event goal won’t have any negative repercussions in the early stages of the game. This will however change in the advanced stages.

The rewards will always be a time-limited access to early chapter previews as it wouldn’t work any other way with a tier system where extra chapters are part of the rewards. Exceptions are rewards such as interludes as these aren’t regularly released and thus their availability for the players will be unaffected of the regular release schedule.



Refunds will only occur in case a patron has paid towards the wrong event. And only in case it happens accidentally. Repeated payment towards wrong events might result in no further refunds and after several warnings in an exclusion from the game (ban as patron).


In case of any uncertainties or questions regarding these rules, please contact the game-master via


Revision 1: 10.4.2018

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