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Magic System

There are two magic systems at work in this novel. Over the course of the translation I have struggled how to translate them in a proper way as magic in Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de hasn’t been properly explained up until now.

  1.  Majutsu (魔術) – This is the magic Renya uses. Basically it seems to include all elemental magic (fire, wind, earth and water). It will be translated as sorcery.
  2. Houjutsu ( 法術) – This is a magic system that borrows power from divine beings. As such it will be translated as divine arts.
Main Cast

Renya – MC, died of old age and was reincarnated. In his former life he was a martial arts master living through the war and killing 100s of people. He is a battle maniac suffering from memory loss.

Shion – Was saved by MC at the very beginning. A ditzy, warrior lacking common sense. Daughter of a noble household.

Rona – Was saved just like Shion and acted before together in a duo with her. Her task is to guard Shion. Her peerage is Knight. She is a calculative, big-boobed, blonde schemer who is always smiling.

Frau Verde – A silky living in the mansion of Renya’s group. After Renya bought the mansion, she became his familiar. She’s capable of producing magic gems and can make sturdy equipment using her pets’ raw materials.

Croire pas Tifalet – 35th daughter of the elven emperor. She’s an elf that joins Renya’s party after him protecting an elven city.

Side Characters

Giliel – Angel under chibi-kami. She trades Renya’s shinai for a katana.

Fritz Rustbrid – The guild master of the Kukrika adventurer guild.

Khalil Valiel – A magician running a store in Kukrika. She teaches Renya the basics of magic.

Hartz Raisen – A B-rank adventurer who travels alongside the MC to his first dungeon experience – Dead

Zest Fatality – A C-rank adventurer who travels to the same dungeon just like Hartz. Betrays the group by using a sleeping drug. – Dead

Emil Rajah – The first demon the MC encounters in his first in his first dungeon crawl.

Az Hound – MC meets him at his first dungeon crawl. They become friends. After his party gets destroyed in the dungeon, he becomes a teacher in Kukrika’s adventurer school. He is the second son of an Earl household. Wishes to marry Liaris, a teacher in the same school and a commoner.

Liaris – A D-rank adventurer who retired and became a teacher in Kukrika’s adventurer school. She’s in love with Az.

Skrod – The commander of the defence of the elven city in the monster attack.

Royce pas Tifalet – 12th Emperor of the elven nation.


Kukrika – Location of Renya’s first base. A frontier city located in the Trident Principality.

Labyrinth Forest – A dungeon which is present on all continents and connected. Its entrance is in a forest close to Kukrika

Tomb of the Recluse – A dungeon located in the mountains close to Kukrika.

Sephirot – The capital of the elven empire.

Trident Principality – The duchy where the MC arrives at. Kukrika is located in it. The highest authority is the Archduke.


10 Copper coins -> 1 Big Copper coin

10 Big Copper coins -> 1 Silver coin

100 Silver coins -> 1 Gold coin

100 Gold coins -> 1 Platinum coin

a Big Copper coin is 100 Japanese yen,

a Silver coin is 1000 Japanese yen,

a Gold coin is 100’000 Japanese yen

and a Platinum coin is 10 million Japanese yen.


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  2. “Platinum coin is 10 million Japanese yen”
    Typical bullshit nonsense. Japanese yen can only be used to wipe your ass or burn in the stove. Above all else, it doesn’t even exist.

    • Exactly.
      No exchange of goods, no exchange rate, it’s economy 101.
      So it’s completely retarded, but used so often…

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