Chapter 98.5 – It seems to be Interlude 10

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Even though I wanted to fool around for a longer time.
Yuuki thought while grinding his teeth in vexation as he lied face-down on the bed in the room that had been allocated for his personal use.
He believed that there wouldn’t be any hindrances.
Speaking of him, the hero, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t obtain.
He easily got his hands on girls, who caught his eyes while walking through the city, noble daughters and royal daughters of foreign countries.
Moreover, even though he hadn’t asked for it, various human countries that wanted to receive the hero’s protection offered their princesses one after the other.
For Yuuki it was truly a situation he couldn’t stop laughing about.
Even various dishes that commoners wouldn’t even be able to imagine were prepared for him as long as he so desired.
He was also capable of making anyone that annoyed him suffer any kind of punishment.
He could have someone else carry out the punishment instead of dirtying his own hands. Of course, even if he did it himself, there was absolutely no problem.
Until that day.
On that day, a woman that was offered to him griped about the advertisement for the daughter of a certain country’s archduchess. As for Yuuki, he was fed up with having sex with prudish women with prim faces as commonly seen among noble girls, but after seeing the person face-to-face, his impression changed a bit.
Her personal appearance that gave off a mood that felt somewhat dignified and her black eyes and hair which are rare in this world.
Yuuki associated hair colors such as light brown, red and blonde, unless dyed, as simply rarely seen female hair colors among the women close to him in his previous world, and therefore that black color was something that made him recall his former world somewhat and caused a craving within him for something he hadn’t seen for a long time.
He was convinced that as long as he exchanged some simple greetings and showed up at the dinner party afterwards for just a bit, he would likely be able to pull her into his bedroom and enjoy himself to the utmost. But, that naive illusion was crushed before long.
During the audience with the king of the Holy Kingdom, that princess was introduced to the hero Yuuki and at the moment when Yuuki got close to her, that happened.
He approached the princess after giving his name, went on his knee, took the princess’ right hand and kissed the back of her hand with its white, smooth skin.
It was a greeting for princesses performed by heroes and knights which appeared in the novels that Yuuki read from time to time in his former world.
In this world it was a conduct that isn’t seen very often, but being somewhat fond of it as hero-like behaviour, Yuuki did that to all the women he met. It was an act of basking himself in self-satisfaction, but he also did the same to the princess that was introduced as Shion Femme Fatale.
Her hand, which Yuuki grasped, was supple and slightly cold. At the time when he kissed the back of her hand, an awfully sweet scent, seemingly the perfume worn by her, tickled his nose.
On a first glance Yuuki arbitrarily believed that she probably wouldn’t use something like perfume going by her princess knight-like chivalry. It seems that this princess pays attention to her womanly appearance, Yuuki smiled.
Hiding his thought of I think I will enjoy myself very much tonight with a smile he considered as befitting for a hero, Yuuki stood up. Once his eyes met with those of Shion, Shion also showed a smile.
However, different from Yuuki, it was a smile filled with a dark and evil intent.
Reflexively Yuuki ended up letting go of her hand and backing off several steps.
While the king rose slightly from his throne asking what happened and the nobles present began to stir, only Shion herself didn’t move, lifting her lips in the shape of a crescent moon and revealing a smile without making a noise.

“Y-You… what’s so funny!?” (Yuuki)

Yuuki asked her with a loud voice as if hiding his feelings of shame for having backed off even if it was only a bit.
Without replying, Shion grabbed the wrist of her right hand, which had been kissed by the hero moments ago, with her left hand, crushed it while causing a dull and wet sound, and tore it off.
Amidst the screams uttered by some, Shion tossed the torn-off right hand at the hero while discharging a violet liquid from the cruel wound she inflicted upon herself.
Unable to react to the overwhelming occurrences, Yuuki couldn’t dodge the princess’ hand, which flew his way while drawing a parabola, and ended up landing right on his chest.
The chest part of the white dress suit that was given to him for his own exclusive use by the Holy Kingdom became sullied and stained with the violet liquid gushing out of the hand.
The silver bracelet which was placed around her right hand’s wrist, fell to the ground with a metallic clattering.

“What ar… what the hell are you doing!? Just who…?” (Yuuki)

“How filthy.”

Shion says without minding the liquid, which was gushing out from her wound with splashing sounds, at all.

“I thought that I would be able to bear it, but it feels more revolting than I expected. Although my personal history was fabricated, I feel compelled to resent you.”

“Answer! What are you!?” (Yuuki)

Light gathers in Yuuki’s palm.
It was the holy sword Tilwing which he pulled out from within the mass of light.
Only usable by heroes in this world, it’s currently Yuuki’s personal sword and can materialize anywhere as long as he calls upon it.
Modified by the hero’s power, its sharpness is very high. By just swinging it lightly, it can cut through steel. Looking at that sword with a gaze as if seeing something worthless, Shion laughed scornfully.

“I have no words on hand to answer an animal with.”

“Now you’ve said it! You monster!” (Yuuki)

Forgetting that the other party is a princess, Yuuki, who thought that he was taken for a fool, slashed at her with the holy sword diagonally from the shoulder without any warning.
The thing that took Shion’s shape took the hit directly to its body without even trying to avoid it.
The black dress was cut up and red blood gushes out from below the white skin that became exposed, or so Yuuki thought, but no blood gushed out from the widely opened wound. Only skin and something similarly white could be seen filling up the place below the skin.
Even though it had been cut with a single stroke from the right shoulder to the left side of its abdomen, its smile never even twitched.
At the same time Yuuki realized.
Although it directly took the holy sword’s hit , which should cut even through steel, with its female body without dodging it, its body hadn’t been completely cut up.
A deep, gaping wound had been opened, but the strike’s depth didn’t get through its body’s thickness.
This was something impossible if one considers the power of a holy sword.
If it had worn something like an armor, it would still have been an understandable phenomenon, but it didn’t possess anything like an armor except for the black dress on its body or a tool that had been imbued with defense spells.
It simply had such a high defensive level that it didn’t allow the holy sword’s strike to cut through its body.

“Are you human…?” (Yuuki)

“Don’t jest, there’s no way for me to be a human at this point, is there?”

It said while still smiling. The violet liquid kept surging out from its wound to an extent that made one wonder where this much liquid has been stored in its thin body.

“Fuck! … Why are you looking at me with such eyes…?” (Yuuki)

The events after that played out in the same way as seen by Renya and Emil from aboard the magic ship.
As a result of the gushed-out liquid taking the shape of a huge golem which started to rampage after destroying the castle, Yuuki attacked it with his sword and the hero’s power. Although he got quite surprised by its sudden appearance and its huge body, Yuuki crushed it by determinedly cutting at the golem that didn’t have that much strength in itself but, as if in exchange, possessed an extremely high defense power.
The uproar had calmed down for the present, but for Yuuki the true terror came after that.
After all he became completely incapable of any kind of act that had to do with women.
By just touching their skin, he is assailed by palpitation and panting to the degree of becoming dizzy; and while he gets tormented by headaches and stomaches, he violently throws up so much, that it makes one wonder whether he will also spit out his intestines.
He tried testing whether he would be able to endure it, but unable to bear it even for a mere few seconds, Yuuki’s body forced him to vomit repeatedly.
Moreover, once he touches female body fluids, in short their blood or saliva, the part of his skin that got in contact would get inflamed to the level of peeling off.
This is an inflammation that can be healed to a certain degree by using expensive healing potions. Having tried to test it several times, Yuuki before long suffered from terrible symptoms of not only the skin starting to fester, but even his flesh.
Because of this, Yuuki ended up with a body that couldn’t get involved with women at all.
For Yuuki, who only thought of creating a harem and living a rose-colored life once he came to the different word, it resulted in losing the majority of his reason for coming to this world.

“Making me go through such suffering, I won’t forgive that guy…” (Yuuki)

In the end the investigation of the Holy Kingdom didn’t attain any results in its search for the criminal who had sent an imitation of Trident Principality’s Princess Shion to the Holy Kingdom.
Of course, the most suspicious ones were the authorities of Trident Principality, but there is no evidence that someone belonging to the principality had made a move and there’s also no trace that the one called Lost, of whom Yuuki had heard about beforehand and that was staying around Shion, had entered the Holy Kingdom.
The kingdom thoroughly investigated the possibility of someone having passed the border without permission, but without any information from Trident Principality’s side, there was nothing they could say for sure. On top of that, there’s also the report from the soldiers that demons had invaded the magic airship affiliated to the Trident Principality during its stay in the Holy Kingdom. Therefore, regarding this time’s case, the position that it was a criminal act by demons who regarded the hero as threat has been mostly accepted as a given fact.
The Holy Kingdom’s royalty and nobility tentatively agreed with that as well.
That’s because they can’t do anything beyond that even if they can’t come to terms with the conclusion reached.
However, Yuuki was unable to consent.
The one who turned my body into something like this is definitely not a demon, is what he believes.
Even in the novels I read, there weren’t any demons who had done something so devious.
To begin with, for demons, who can achieve something like this event, there’s absolutely no need to let the hero live. Therefore they should have picked a method possessing a high killing ability.
Thus I have no doubt that it’s definitely a human who has done this treacherous and mischievous deed.

“If I let that princess… suffer hell, the mastermind behind this event should come out for sure…” (Yuuki)

The most fortunate aspect about this time’s case for Yuuki is that his hero powers haven’t suffered any kind of detriment.
There’s no change in his extraordinary physical and magical power as well as his authority to use equipment dedicated to heroes.
Because of that, the Holy Kingdom has kept the impotent Yuuki around, but this time Yuuki has the intention of demonstrating his powers to his heart’s content to settle matters with the Trident Principality.

“Nobles and their likes will happily cooperate with me if I cut off one of their arms.” (Yuuki)

Yuuki mutters as he lied face-down on his bed with a dark light dwelling in his eyes. His expression was so sinister that one couldn’t possibly call him a hero.


“Master? Isn’t that somehow weird? It’s weird, isn’t it? I mean, it’s strange.”

“That is an expression I have somehow heard somewhere before, you know?”

The little girl, who was half asleep, answered in a fed-up manner to Giliel who operated a board, which is quite similar to a greatly popular portable computer terminal in a certain world.
There’s no need for a god to sleep.
But, there are occasionally times when a god will indulge in indolences.
Although the work to be carried out only increases the more I play hooky, there are times when even a god wants to escape from reality, the little girl wanted to emphasize.

“What is it that’s weird? If it’s something stupid, I will make you suffer something dreadful, okay?”

“… Don’t mind it then.” (Giliel)

After pondering about it for just a few seconds, Giliel readily gave up on getting an answer to the first question she asked.
Due to that swift decision, the little girl asks while nastily wondering whether it’s something trivial,

“That leaves a bad aftertaste, doesn’t it…? I won’t look down on you and won’t get angry even if it’s something stupid, so try telling me?”

“Do you promise?” (Giliel)

“That’s fine, but… just so that you know, I won’t be able to cope with any of my responsibilities if I were to swallow a thousand needles.”

“Are you still going to do a pinky swear?” Once the little girl tried to raise her pinky finger, Giliel quickly rejected that.
That kind of penalty has definitely meaning since it’s painful once executed. But Giliel also realized that it wouldn’t show any kind of effect even if she tried to make the little girl swallow a lot of needles.

“It’s about the surroundings of Renya-san. Somehow he’s trying to strengthen or downgrade the soldiers around him in a strangely short amount of time, but isn’t this weird?” (Giliel)

“It’s not?”

“Really? The humans of the world over there belong to the category that becomes relatively strong and sturdy, but…” (Giliel)

“It’s the resources I had Renya-san carry, right?”

The resources mentioned by the little girl literally mean resources just like that. (T/N: The one in the line above and the first “resources” are written in katakana)
If the resources are abundant, the world will give birth to flexibility. For example, there will be leeway to create a demon king, though that’s not an overly good event, and to summon heroes.
On the other hand, if these resources are scarce, such beings naturally won’t appear. Furthermore, if the world loses that flexibility, it will become difficult to maintain the world itself.
Also, the souls existing in that world will have a boost in their quality if they take in these resources.
To begin with, the reason why Renya changed worlds was because the souls that improved their quality by taking in resources had begun to run out of resources and because of this, they had given up on the cycle of death and rebirth itself or had escaped to the cycles of death and rebirth in other worlds.
The important point here is the amount of resources a world possesses, it has absolutely no relation to how many existences the world supports.

“Since resources are originally not something that run out, I suppose the shortage in itself is odd, but…”

“Haa… how does that have any relation to my question?” (Giliel)

“You suck at conjectures… the resources I had Renya-san carry are to be disseminated and therefore will continue to be scattered into the surroundings as long as Renya-san lives in that world.”

“Somehow he’s like a toilet spray, isn’t he~?” (Giliel)

Giliel says while laughing bitterly, but the little girl says with a serious expression,

“If you say that in front of the person himself, I will turn you into an administrator of some world.”

“I have to decline!” (Giliel)

“Tsk… well, for that reason, the people around Renya-san receive this blessing to a greater or lesser extent. Got it?”

“Somehow… But, the resources; it doesn’t matter how much someone possesses, right?” (Giliel)

The little girl nods at Giliel who raised a new question.

“In that case, isn’t it fine to have Renya-san hold the resources enabling the preservation of that world without him scattering those?” (Giliel)

“And have Renya-san rebirth in that world forever? What will we do if he refuses to do that? In the first place, do you think that Renya-san can completely hold onto the resources to repeatedly maintain that world?”

“… I guess there are various difficulties with that, aren’t there?” (Giliel)

Wondering whether this girl properly understood the circumstances after seeing Giliel muttering that seriously, the little girl became worried about her even though Giliel’s an archangel she created by herself.


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