Chapter 93 – It seems to be the start of training

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“Ah… I believe you have various negative thoughts such as discontent, complaints and this whole thing being absurd, but as this is an order from above, give it up. I’d like you to follow my instructions for the coming month.” (Renya)

Renya turned around to the soldiers lining up on the parade ground while trying to stay as expressionless as possible, since it couldn’t be helped even if he cursed the heavens, but excluding the soldiers, he saw an element that brought him a headache.
Clad in the same equipment as the other soldiers, for some reason, Shion was standing in the front row with with her eyes sparkling.
Due to her being the only woman among the male soldiers, she stands out abnormally, but only she herself hasn’t realized that.
At the time when Renya made the contract to train the Principality’s soldiers upon Mayria’s request, Shion suddenly proposed to take part in the training too.
Her surroundings and especially Mayria wanted to stop her with all their might, but Shion refused it stubbornly.

“The only one among Renya’s party that lacks battle strength is me. I would hate it to be left out as a combat asset forever. Even I want to be able to fight decently.” (Shion)

With Shion insisting on that, the others somewhat accepted her point and stopped holding her back.
However, from Renya’s point of view, Shion doesn’t appear to be that weak.
In reality, compared to when Az and Rona fell into a state of near-death from one hit during the battle with Emil, Shion got through it with nothing more than injuries at the level of a beating.
Putting Az who is a magician aside, it was an attack that plunged even Rona, a former knight, into such precarious situation.
That doesn’t mean that Shion possesses an extraordinarily sturdy body.
Once I think about it, it’s unclear whether Shion was conscious or unconscious at that time, but wasn’t she able to defend one blow from Emil? Renya ponders.
As a belief of Renya’s, it’s impossible for there to be coincidences in a battle.
If you can make even your opponent think it was a coincidence, then your foundations in a skill are strong enough for you to be able to reliably and consciously execute it in battle, Renya believes.
In other words it means that in Renya’s eyes Shion possesses the ability to defend against the attack of a demon as long as she properly prepares her equipment.
The person herself isn’t aware of that. She also doesn’t possess equipment that corresponds to her abilities.
Since it’s a good opportunity, I guess I will try to train her plentifully while also confirming her determination, Renya plans.

“Instructor-dono? Is it fine for me ask a little question?”

A single soldier raised his hand in front of Renya who was silent, since he was brooding over those things.
Judging roughly by his appearance, it’s a young man with quite the forged body build.
He has crew-cut blonde hair and blue eyes.
From the fact that there are several scars visible on his face and arms, one can expect him to be a veteran soldier.

“What is it? Umm…” (Renya)

“It’s Keith. I’m the leader of the soldiers. Attach -sama to my name at the time you call out to me, Instructor-dono.” (Keith)

Huh? Renya tilted his head to the side.
I feel like I heard something strange there, but I guess it’s just my imagination.
Without minding Renya’s innermost thoughts, the soldier that introduced himself as Keith takes a step forward from among the soldiers and says to Renya with a smile pasted on his face,

“It seems that you are an adventurer, Instructor-dono. But, around what rank are you?” (Keith)

“It was F, I think? It’s the lowest rank.” (Renya)

A laughter erupts from among the soldiers due to Renya’s immediate reply.
Renya tilted his head to the side once more.
From Renya’s point of view something like rank or such didn’t matter at all since him registering at the adventurer’s guild was an act for the sake of obtaining identification papers that can be used widely, but it seems that for the soldiers that isn’t the case.
Keith, who guffawed the loudest in front of Renya, says to Renya while smiling,

“That’s a surprise! Are you telling us that an adventurer at the lowest rank will train us in the way of fighting?” (Keith)

“H-Hey, Soldier Leader.” (Shion)

In a panic Shion tries to stop him.
Seemingly because they are soldiers of the Principality’s armed forces more or less, the soldiers seem to know Shion’s face.

“Shion-sama, I don’t know what this guy said to butter up to you and Mayria-sama, but are you really serious about leaving the training of the Principality’s armed forces’ soldiers to such bastard!?” (Keith)

“Soldier Leader, I think this is…” (Shion)

“Shion, stay silent for a bit.” (Renya)

Though Shion drew near and tried to explain the circumstance to Keith, she shut her mouth and her body twitched when she was called out by Renya with a cold voice.
Turning her neck stiffly in Renya’s direction as if making creaking sounds, the face she saw had smiles all over in contrast to his freezing voice.

“Renya…” (Shion)

“Keith-sama? No, Soldier Leader Keith-sama? I guess it’s fine with this?” (Renya)

Renya asked really calmly with a deliberately polite tone, but Shion’s face, who’s watching him, is ghastly pale.
The soldiers don’t understand why Shion’s complexion has deteriorated this much.

“In short, you guys are just that. You say there’s nothing to be taught by an adventurer with a low rank?” (Renya)

“T-That’s only natural! So far we have trained as armed forces of the Principality…”

“I see, I see. It’s not like I don’t understand your attitude.” (Renya)

Although it was Keith who raised his voice, Renya interrupts him, not allowing him to finish.

“You want to say that you, as proud soldiers of the armed forces, have until now gone through such an intense training that it goes beyond being sufficient, right?” (Renya)

“T-That’s right.” (Keith)

“Wonderful. That’s truly magnificent.” (Renya)

Renya applauses towards Keith while smiling.
The soldiers look at each other without comprehending where Renya’s leading this conversation. Only the sound of Renya’s clapping reverberates on the parade ground where they are.

“Renya… this much is already enough. I will explain it properly to them.” (Shion)

“Sh-i-o-n?” (Renya)

Shion, who is the only person that understands that the current situation mustn’t continue in the direction it’s heading, tries to mediate somehow, but her name being slowly called out by Renya causes her body to stiffen.
The smile doesn’t vanish from Renya’s face.

“Will you join the events that will follow as well? I don’t mind it.” (Renya)

“Umm… I wonder whether I could get permission to escape?” (Shion)

Being asked by Renya, Shion readily gave up.
I probably can’t do anything about this anymore, is what she basically says.
Even Renya wouldn’t do something like killing the soldiers since he had been requested to train them by Mayria. There’s nothing further I can do under these circumstances, she understood.
Shion judged that there’s no other path she could take other than to escape swiftly so that the damage wouldn’t spread to her.

“Permission or whatever else. This isn’t training. … It’s simple playing around. I don’t particularly mind even if you don’t participate.” (Renya)

“Got it.” (Shion)

Shion nods and hurriedly walks to the entrance of the parade ground while passing by Renya’s side.
At the time she passed next to Renya, she placed a hand on Renya’s shoulder, brought her mouth close to his ear and whispered,

“Please, do it as gently as possible.” (Shion)

“Don’t worry. There won’t be any deceased.” (Renya)

His reply was short, but as if giving Shion peace of mind, he hit her back with a slap once and urged her towards the entrance of the parade ground.
Meanwhile, apparently feeling that something was off, the soldiers didn’t raise their voices even once.
After Renya sees that Shion has left, he once again looks at the soldiers.

“Well then, as the princess’ eyes won’t be watching, it’s time for male bonding. Let’s speak frankly here?” (Renya)

“Something like talking with a guy like you…” (Keith)

“I see. If you don’t understand words, that’s also fine with me, I suppose.” (Renya)

Renya, who interrupted the talking Keith once again, takes one step towards Keith.
Keith was about one head taller than Renya, but due to Renya approaching him, he ends up retreating a step back.

“So, in that case, since words are unnecessary, let’s talk about things with these?” (Renya)

Having taken one more step, Renya lightly hit Keith’s chest with his fist once.
The expression of Keith, who guessed the meaning with that, changes once again into one of contempt, considering Renya a fool.

“Whoa, you aren’t saying that you, a Rank F, want to have a fight with me, are you?” (Keith)

“It’s not you alone. It’s all of you.” (Renya)

The soldiers didn’t immediately comprehend the words Renya spoke in order to correct Keith.
However, as time passed, the soldiers understand Renya’s declaration, and, beginning to rage due to his conceited manner, there start to appear even some among them who place their hands on the training swords that are affixed to their waist.
Before long, Renya opens his mouth once more while watching the state of those soldiers with a smile,

“I don’t know what kind of difficult training you did, but, in my eyes, dealing with you guys is equal to mere child’s play.” (Renya)

Taking a fleeting glance at Keith who can’t form any words due to him trembling in rage, Renya purposely turns aside slowly after laughing scornfully and takes a little distance from Keith.

“Well, since it doesn’t seem that you have heads that are capable of understanding words, I guess it will actually be faster for you to personally experience it. I will even give you a handicap. I won’t use any weapons.” (Renya)

“You fucker… do you think that you will get out of this with all your limbs intact after spouting this much shit!?” (Keith)

As if reacting to Renya’s words, who challenged them while smiling faintly, the soldiers finally drew their swords.
Even if one says that they are pulling out their blades, the soldiers only possess normal swords.
Clearly being made out of iron. If they hit, far from being painful, they can break bones and, depending on the place, can even lead to death.
The scenery of 100 frenzied soldiers glaring with weapons in hand brought about an intimidating air to the degree that a timid person would become unable to move, but Renya hit his hands together once as if declaring that he had come up with a good idea.

“Oh, yes! Come attack me without worries as I won’t use magic either. I will make you properly understand that your strength isn’t even at the level of being a match for an adventurer at the lowest rank, as you guys call it.” (Renya)

“Oy, you lot!” (Keith)

Keith shouted.
The soldiers behind him answer with a「Yeah!」

“Send this pretentious idiot to the medical facility by beating him up!” (Keith)

Upon Keith issuing his instructions, a hundred soldiers attacked Renya with their weapons in hand.
On the other hand, Shion, who had quickly exited the parade ground, headed towards the seats for noble visitors instead of heading home immediately.
The seats have been built in a high place so that the nobles and royals could overlook the parade ground in order to be shown the results of the soldiers’ training.
Even the place that’s being used by Renya and the others didn’t omit the custom and was equipped with such seats.
Shion tried to observe what sort of thing Renya and the soldiers will do, since it’s a rare experience.
Of course, if it turns into a situation that she can’t let pass, she would rush onto the parade ground again with the intention to stop Renya somehow.
At the moment when Shion sat down in a seat, what jumped into the line of her sight was the spectacle of Renya quickly running from place to place in the lead while hundred soldiers were chasing after him on the parade ground.

“Huh?” (Shion)

It’s about Renya.
Shion was convinced that Renya, as someone who could attack with magic that is beyond common sense, would annihilate the soldiers with his katana, something with a cutting ability that she couldn’t understand, and leaked out an idiotic voice without being able to believe what she sees.
The parade ground is vast. Which is because there are also events where they perform sham battles and such with quite a large number of people, but Renya is easily running across such a wide area.
The soldiers are trailing behind him or groups of them are trying to surround Renya by carrying out different manoeuvres, but Renya, who weaves his way through the gaps between them, keeps running without receiving a single blow from anyone.

“There’s only one opponent! Spread and surround him!” (Keith)

Once Keith releases his orders, several teams separate from the main body and try to corner Renya through different routes.
With his route being blocked, Renya was challenged by one team after having dropped his speed.
In the next instant.

“Ah… aah…”

Shion witnessed the sight of a human being hurled into the air without any magic being used.
From Renya’s point of view, he simply swiped the feet of a soldier that came slashing at him with his sword, seized the guy once his stance collapsed and threw him, but with just that, several grown men danced in mid-air unable to continue fighting any longer.
As if he’s doing a juggling game with humans, the soldiers that obstructed Renya’s path were made to dance in mid-air as he passes through. Like a trail chasing him, the bodies of the thrown soldiers crash on the ground with squishy sounds.
The ground is covered with a soft soil to some extent, but the soldiers that were flung into a height of 2 to 3 meters, are incapable of adopting a sufficient defensive stance and apparently received damage to the degree of not being able to stand up right away.

“What was that just now…?”

As if seeing something that no one can believe, a soldier mutters in a daze.

“Have your feet stopped?” (Renya)

Renya, who heard the murmur, approaches the soldier who said that.
Renya stepped in front of the soldier, who prepared his sword in a panic, inhaled deeply and released a palm strike charged with power by twisting his entire body. Staring at the soldier as if he were insignificant, Renya made him fly parallel to the ground without raising his voice.
His body got entangled with several soldiers that were in the way of his flight path and they ended up being knocked to the ground all at once.
At this point in time Keith belatedly realized that he ended up stirring up trouble with an opponent they shouldn’t have picked a fight with, but it was already too late.
Renya, who swiftly drew close to another group, strikes one soldier, places the two ankles of the collapsed body in-between his arm and his sides and mows down the surrounding soldiers with a giant swing while using all his power.
Those who were hit with the soldier’s body, who wore armour, didn’t get away safely but there’s also no way that it will end easily for the soldier who was hurled.
After Renya cleanly defeated the group of soldiers, who have been knocked down while screaming, with the blunt high powered weapon that was a soldier, who was brandished as a weapon due to his weight and centripetal force while petitioning to be released, he released the soldier-weapon. This was done only once he saw fit after having risen his rotational speed even further.
Keith was unable to do anything but watch the figure of the flying soldier as he flapped his limbs while nonsensically being tossed around.


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