Chapter 92 – It seems to be a secret talk

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I wonder just how many times did I ask myself ‘How did it turn out like this?’ after coming to this world, Renya thought as he digested the unpleasant memories.
He’s on the parade ground of the military district of the city of Kukrika.
Currently a hundred soldiers with their bodies covered in training gear are standing in front of Renya, who is standing still in a somewhat bored manner, while staring at him as if they are looking at someone shady.
Renya, who was flooded by a hundred gazes that are filled with doubts, deliberated well then, what should I tell them with an extremely uncomfortable expression. But before long, he opened his mouth as if somehow giving up on it.

“Yo… I’m Renya Kunugi, an adventurer. From today on it has been decided that I will be in charge of you gentlemen’s training due to Her Highness the official Princess Mayria’s request. … For the time being, best regards.” (Renya)

While being exposed to many stares asking “Who’s that guy?”, Renya thinks really, how did it come to this as he recalls the events that led to his current situation.

The situation dates back to the time when Mayria visited Renya’s mansion.
Being reminded that disclosure is prohibited, Mayria smiled bitterly while seeing everyone’s faces present at the location, except Emil, becoming stiff, albeit only a bit.

“That doesn’t mean I will be talking about confidential matters. It’s to the degree of a secret talk that can’t be propagated publicly.” (Mayria)

“Although, given what you’ve said, not wanting to listen to it is completely valid in this situation… well, fine. So?” (Renya)

“First, I think I’d like to express my gratitude to the mastermind-sama of this time’s case.” (Mayria)

Mayria straightened herself properly by aligning her knees while sitting on the sofa and bowed her head very deeply afterwards.
It was obviously a bow towards Renya, but Renya secretly diverts his eyes away from Mayria.

“In this place, such fellow…” (Renya)

“Yes, it’s because I understand that they aren’t here.” (Mayria)

Lifting her head, Mayria clearly says that and reveals a smile.
Renya had started to have a grim image of her, but upon seeing her smile, he ends up thinking for the first time that she has a sweetness befitting her age.
As his thoughts had apparently shown on his face, Shion and Rona wore somewhat complicated expressions. Emil’s grinning deepens to the degree of laughter. Frau didn’t even move in the slightest while casting her eyes down and Croire softly nudged her elbow into Renya’s flank.

“As such, I shall tell you without keeping secrets. This time’s case, no matter how much the other party is the hero, the human race’s hope, it was far too terrible of a situation. Even so, if it’s for the sake of protecting this country’s people from the threat of the demons, there was no other method but to obey.” (Mayria)

“Well, I guess that’s how it is.” (Renya)

If he regards the pros and cons of the situation after separating the problems on the emotional level, even Renya was able to understand; as long as it’s just the logical arguments.
Though, if he were asked whether he would obey in that situation, he would probably answer that he will crush the hero with all his might.
A statesman is someone that has no room for a choice if they can protect the whole country with a single sacrifice.
Speaking of a pipedream such as protecting everything without any victims only applies to protagonists inside stories or bottomless idiots.

“If there was a situation telling me to go, I would give up and abide to it. I’m the next Archduchess, thus there are countless husband candidates even if I was disgraced by the hero. For argument’s sake, it would be a good bargain, if I was able to entice the hero. However, sending elder sister, who stepped back from the inheritance line, is something me and mother found difficult to accept… even the talk of completely getting destroyed alongside the Holy Kingdom…” (Mayria)

Perceiving a change in the eyes of the talking Mayria, which had a somewhat dangerous glint, Renya interrupted in a hurry.

“Let’s stay calm, okay…?” (Renya)

“The Principality of Trident is ranked second in power on the human continent. We have experience in fighting against monsters since we do so at all times. We are also a military country that functions as breakwater on the human continent. We definitely won’t lose if we go against the Holy Kingdom in a one-vs-one fight.” (Mayria)

“That’s not going to happen, right?” (Renya)

“Unfortunately. Since there’s also the influence of the temple regardless of the country, I dare say it would turn into the Principality of Trident going against an alliance of countries. However, since there’s the hero, winning will likely become impossible.” (Mayria)

Mayria readily affirms Renya’s remark.
Renya thinks that it’s only natural, but the members, excluding Renya and Mayria, end up wondering whether it won’t somehow turn into quite a nice competition if Renya is thrown into the mix.
The reality that it’s a way of thinking that’s not necessarily off the point is frightening, but there’s no one present who can accurately grasp this fact.

“Even so… no matter how much mother and I tried to stop her, this elder sister insisted on going by herself at any cost… I felt anxious about my meatheaded elder sister going there in high spirits while being certainly attracted by the word hero, but I was unable to change the will of my obstinate elder sister…” (Mayria)

“So that’s how it turned into this kind of situation.” (Renya)

Renya felt like a quite harsh evaluation came out from Mayria’s mouth, but he ignored it without giving it any deeper thought.
If Renya lets it pass, the other members won’t touch on that matter either. Only Shion, who’s the person concerned, hangs her head heartbroken as Mayria, who is the one who used those harsh words, keeps a composed expression.
After looking at the state of Shion for just a tiny bit, Mayria says,

“She’s a really stupid elder sister. Something like going as a substitute for me. She probably understood that nobody would take her once she became deflowered.” (Mayria)

“Muu…” (Shion)

Mayria softly and quietly sighs at the groaning Shion.

“However, although she’s that much of a fool and dim-witted, she’s still my elder sister. Only that point is indisputable… she’s my precious elder sister.” (Mayria)

Due to that seemingly unintentional murmur, Shion lifts her head with an expression filled with surprise.
As she plentifully realizes that her elder sister is likely looking at her, Mayria ignores her as much as possible and looks at Renya.
Renya perceived that her cheeks became red, though only slightly, but stays silent thinking that he should pretend to not have noticed it.

“Therefore, I can’t tell you just how grateful I am for the matter this time. … However, what’s painful is that I can’t make it public because of my position in this. It means that I can’t reward that person.” (Mayria)

“Well, that’s true, I suppose.” (Renya)

As a person possessing the position of being responsible for the whole principality, she would set a bad example for the citizens if she publicly thanked a criminal.
Besides, the offender is unknown at present and there are rumours that it’s very likely the deed of demons. If the Principality of Trident rewarded a single adventurer in some way and if that story spread, people that can possibly connect the dots would likely appear.
If that happened, there would have been absolutely no meaning in committing that crime while determinedly hiding his face.

“On top of that, though I feel sorry for something like this… I believe it can’t be helped even if I’m called shameless.” (Mayria)


“As a matter of fact, I visited you, as there’s something I’d like to request from you, Renya-sama.” (Mayria)

Right after giving her thanks, she says this? Renya thinks on the other hand.
Although it was vaguely, Renya considered that it might turn into such a situation.
Breathing out deeply once, Renya asks,

“Did the Holy Kingdom’s side say something?” (Renya)

“You could say that and also that it’s not so.” (Mayria)

Mayria’s answer wasn’t clear at all.
As Renya slowly tilts his head in confusion, Mayria continues with an explanation,

“There were signs that they would come to press for an answer regarding the case this time, but as their side doesn’t seems to have a hold of any kind of proof either, they didn’t meddle too much. However, the Holy Kingdom notified all nations that they will refrain from sending the hero over in case something happened for the meantime.” (Mayria)

“… Ah…” (Renya)

In his mind Renya ends up thinking Damn it.
Renya had spun his plan under the condition that it will be fine as long as the hero doesn’t die, as he will be treated as a decisive anti-demon king weapon. However, without the existence of the demon king actually having been confirmed at present, the only existing truth is that the activity of the demons and monsters has become more lively.
Even the Holy Kingdom will probably send the hero forcibly if the existence of the demon king gets confirmed. But as the current situation has yet to proceeded up to this point, all nations, with the Principality of Trident in the lead, will be pressed to deal with the monsters that have become more active.
Originally, the hero should go around the nations to help with monsters that have a level that’s unmanageable for the respective countries, and if such monsters aren’t present, to help with parts where manpower is lacking. But before doing that, the hero has ended up indulging in sensual pleasures. Moreover, that hero ended up being plunged into a state that’s almost impossible to recover from in regards to “those pleasures” by Renya.
As a result, the hero has apparently become unable to carry out something similar to a journey of helping people by touring the nations.

“It seems there are various reasons. It appears that he can’t take along any female members even if he goes on a journey. Even if he was forced to endure a male-only party, it looks like the hero became sulky that he wouldn’t be able to experience anything nice even if he helped anyone…” (Mayria)

“I guess he’s unsalvageable trash…” (Renya)

I wonder whether it would have been better if I had properly gotten rid of him in order to avoid future troubles, Renya ponders.
Mayria shakes her head while casting her eyes down with the impression that there’s no means to fix his character.

“I feel like wanting to thank god for such kind of people not existing in our nation. It seems that he won’t move even if he’s ordered to do so, with the reason that he was allowed to do as he likes until now. Even if he somehow gets encouraged into doing so, the rotten hero… no, that’s not it, the hero-wannabe that’s also rotten isn’t a match for an average soldier at all.” (Mayria)

“Abandon that garbage somewhere.” (Renya)

Although Renya made him completely incapable of nightly pleasures, he didn’t meddle with his combat ability at all since it would be bad if he got killed, as he still serves the purpose of being a decisive weapon against the demon king.
No matter how much trash the hero is, it’ll at least finish fighting the demon king and cleaning up the monsters as a favour for the benefits it enjoyed until now, Renya judged, but it seems that the trashiness of the hero went far beyond Renya’s expectations.
It’s often said that there’s no end if you look above, but on the other hand there’s also no bottom if you look below.

“I think so as well, but it looks like the authorities of the Holy Kingdom have a slightly varying opinion.” (Mayria)

Mayria behaves as if she’s enduring a headache while curbing her eyebrows.

“If not only the Holy Kingdom… but also the Holy City was to be exposed to an attack by demons, the hero will be compelled to fight, whether he likes it or not, I suppose. That’s why they’re keeping him in reserve, to act as a defensive measure.” (Mayria)

It looks like they are thinking that even that trash will at least defend the city where it lives, if its own home faces destruction after being exposed to attacks.
I see, there’s that way of using him, too, eh? Renya assesses, but the other party is that hero after all.
Isn’t the possibility of him running away quite high? Renya wonders.

“Even if we don’t think about the motives of the Holy Kingdom and the hero now, we ended up losing the grace of the hero. There’s almost no mistake about that. In other words, we have to consider the protection of our own principality with the military forces we have available right now.” (Mayria)

“In other words… you are telling me to participate in that protection as soldier?” (Renya)

Renya wondered whether she came here to scout him for the Principality’s army, but Mayria clearly denied Renya’s question by shaking her head.
Then what the hell do you want me to do? As Renya feels suspicious, Mayria said,

“Having high expectations of your skills, Renya-sama, I’d like to request you to train our Principality’s soldiers.” (Mayria)

“””””… Ha?”””””

Everyone’s exclamation, with the exception of Frau, is accidentally in harmony due to Mayria’s unbelievable words.
As if trying to press for an answer from Renya and the others, who were taken aback, Mayria argues passionately,

“I have heard about your true strength from various sources, Renya-sama. Currently the Trident Principality desperately wants to assemble many strong soldiers. Can’t you lend us your power for that sake?” (Mayria)

In the end Renya decided to accept Mayria’s request after a little bit of respite.
One of the reasons for that is that he felt responsible for making the hero become useless, although that’s something he can’t reveal openly.
Aside from that, there’s also the point of the sum of the request fee presented by Mayria being very generous.
The things necessary for the training will be completely provided by the principality as long as he tells them what he needs.
The request fee was, for starters, 5 platinum coins for a period limited to one month, where he would be in charge of training 100 soldiers of the army under the direct control of the Archduchess.
That would equal to around 50.000.000 yen in his previous world.
Renya isn’t too obsessive about money, but as one would expect, he felt dizzy due to the sum of money that was offered. Shion and Rona couldn’t close their open mouths, Emil laughed loudly and Croire showed a bitter expression for some reason.
When Renya later tried to ask Croire about the meaning of her expression, he learned that she apparently doesn’t like the human’s armies possessing too much power as an elven imperial princess.

“I can’t announce it publicly, but there will also be a reward included.” (Mayria)

Mayria added in a whisper.
Even if that’s included, the large request fee is already far away from common sense.
Renya blurted out the words that popped up in his mind reflexively.

“No way! Do you intend to add Shion’s chastity to such an amount of money!?” (Renya)

Shion falls over from her seiza posture.
Without looking Shion’s way, Mayria waved her hand in front of her face.

“Definitely not. That’s around one gold coin worth, I think?” (Mayria)

“May!? No matter how you look at it, isn’t that extremely rude towards me!?” (Shion)

Shion protested after getting up quickly, however Mayria coldly looks down on Shion.

“Even though I will gladly give your partner several dozens of silver coins to a few gold coins as payment, after the trouble of being successfully ensnared by onee-sama’s female wiles, as long as they are able to keep you in check while keeping you company. Please consider it my benevolence that I attach a value of one gold coin to you yourself, Shion-ane-sama.” (Mayria)

“May!? Where did you learn to talk like that!?” (Shion)

“I’m already 15 years old. I won’t stay a child forever.” (Mayria)

“15 is still a child, I think… as it’s fine already, please take it outside, you two.” (Renya)

Shion tries to cling to the knee of Mayria, who answered arrogantly while sitting on the sofa.
While investing great effort into understanding it in a positive way by thinking I guess it’s proof that they are close, Renya said that with a terribly worn-out voice.
After that kind of exchange, the story returns to its beginning.
Renya looked up to the sky while wondering just how did it end up like this?


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