Chapter 90 – It seems to be the conclusion of the escape

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The spear, as a weapon class, isn’t usually seen as one that plays a prominent role.
There are probably a great variety of objecting opinions, while there will also exist people who regard the spear as the strongest weapon.
The evaluation that farmers could kill warriors if they are allowed to possess sangen* spears also exists. A short spear that’s used by an individual is an excellent weapon that meets all three major attack criteria, thrusting, slashing and bashing. (T/N: Very long spears with blades at the tip, google them if you want pictures)
It even appears in myths and there are also quite a few famous spears.
Notwithstanding, for some reason it doesn’t play a leading role.
If one were to speak of an almost definite hero weapon, the sword will be the first to be mentioned.
The heroes’ weapons are swords and most of the legendary weapons are swords as well.
As for imaginative strategies, one could even say that it’s the spear that suffers crushing defeats thanks to the sword.
However, that’s only hypothetically talking. If you confront reality, anyone can tell that a spear is quite a troublesome weapon.
That is to say, at least it has a large reach. And with only that characteristic, the spear can maintain a reasonable predominance in battle.
If one’s unlucky, it’s also possible that one will be done in just because of this single aspect.
People, who insist on a spear becoming powerless after its spearhead has been cut off, have seen too many videos and stories created by people who don’t know the threat of a dying spear.
If there’s something you can do, have a go at it, is what Renya wanted to say.
However, there are also disadvantageous aspects.
The biggest flaw is that the longer the spear is, the more time it takes to rotate it in one’s hands.
One can say that the trait of a spear is that it will become weak as soon as one circles around to its side.

“But then again, that’s only if there’s a flank to go around and cut into.” (Renya)

Muttering so, Renya once again evades a spearhead that was thrust towards him.
Dealing with spears in a narrow and straight passage results in being forced into an extremely difficult fight.
Even when he knocks it away or repels it, the next spearhead comes lunging in right after.
The only saving grace is that there’s no weapon that can cut while being pulled back, like a cross spear, in this place, Renya thinks.
If that was present here, I don’t feel like I would be able to break them with my bare hands.
If one were to possess Renya´s skills, lopping off only the spears’ head wasn’t something impossible, but if it turns into a scuffle in a passage that has little space and a low ceiling, wielding his katana isn’t something he is capable of.
To begin with, Renya had his katana stored in his inventory and he had no intention to take it out.
A weapon that’s quite rare will only end up giving away information that allows the inference of the user’s identity.
Renya doesn’t mind that a bit, no matter how flashy it might be, but it was absolutely necessary to hide the fact that the one who was currently in this location was Renya the adventurer from Kukrika.

“I’m tired of this. It’s getting annoying, is it no good to escape by breaking through the ceiling?” (Emil)

Emil grumbles with a fed up tone, while looking up at the ceiling.
For her who’s a demon, fighting, while not get injured and not killing the opponents seems to feel more stressful than expected. Her voice is deeply tinged with fatigue.

“I can’t go o~n like this if there isn’t some kinda reward.” (Emil)

“I will accept negotiations, so you have to come up with something.” (Renya)

“Oh? I just tried mentioning it, but now I have a bit of motivation.” (Emil)

Was she pleased by Renya’s answer? Emil takes one step forward.
Several spearheads are thrust towards her small body.
Although their high number only lasted for an instant, it was to an extent of making even Renya feel flustered, but Emil, without trying to evade those, mowed them down with a flash of her slender arms.
By nature a spear-handle isn’t something that will easily break due to the blow of a single person.
If they were that fragile, they would most probably break when stabbing into the target.
But for Emil’s strikes, which have the power of a demon behind them, breaking a spear handle is as simple as breaking a twig. And so, all the spears going towards her end up snapping after being hit.


“A spear with bare hands… is that guy a monster!?”

“We need spares! Quickly bring the spare spears!”

Due to the power of that blow, the soldiers instinctively end up falling back.
Turning around, Emil starts to run while pushing Renya.

“Hey! Hurry it up and let’s get outta here!” (Emil)

“I know that even without you telling me!” (Renya)

The soldiers, who held replacements spears, are chasing the two from behind as they escape at full speed.
From the viewpoint of the soldiers, they likely intend to corner Renya and Emil who are escaping into higher and higher floors, but from Renya’s view point, whose goal is to go to the top, you could say that the situation is advancing favourably.
Repeating a few more battles, Renya and Emil run up the stairs, get through several openings that seem to be hatches and finally slip out onto the rooftop of the magic ship’s living quarters.
As a result of Emil displaying her power for a second time, the two forced back the pursuing soldiers. And when they came out onto the rooftop, they saw a part of the royal castle being blown off, followed by an explosion and a violet clay-doll-like giant slowly rising up from within the ruins.

“… What is that?” (Renya)


Renya mutters as he was taken aback by the giant that was slowly slipping out from within the hole, that was created when the building was blown away, while also raising a low groan.

“What, you ask… that’s the monster you requested, isn’t it?” (Emil)

“That’s obviously too big, isn’t it!?” (Renya)

In comparison to the royal castle itself, the giant had a height surpassing 10 meters.
Even the soldiers, who appeared on the rooftop after chasing Renya and Emil, began to fall into panic after following Renya’s gaze and seeing the violet giant.
If such a ridiculously large monster were to suddenly appear inside the Holy Kingdom, that’s located in the centre of the continent, and furthermore in the Holy City, which is its centre, and on top of that in the royal castle which could be called its heart, it would cause rampant panic, huh? Renya thinks as he watches the flustered soldiers shuffling about in confusion.
When such an incident occurs, you can’t blame the soldier’s low training level, I suppose, he judges.

“A monster in the royal castle!?”

“No way… Just from where the hell…?”

While the voices of the soldiers can be heard, little explosions and flame pillars burst out all over the body of the violet giant as it leans its body forward, while placing a hand on the wall of the collapsed royal castle.
It seems that the attacks of the soldiers and magicians, who were trapped inside the royal castle, have begun.
Because they are serving in the royal castle, the attacks should be carried out by people that possess quite the ability, but with their attacks only exploding on the surface of the giant’s body, the giant stands stock-still as if it weren’t feeling a thing.

“It’s tough, that…” (Renya)

“Well the basic abilities of such kind of golem are toughness, size and slowness, those three.” (Emil)

Given that he didn’t want to produce extensive damage, Renya told Emil, when he made the request, that it would be great if she understood that the monster should have absolutely no offensive abilities.
So to speak, it’s simply an empty threat.

“As it has no offensive abilities, I put my effort into its defensive abilities. Its physical and magical defences are very sturdy.” (Emil)

“Even though it was me who requested it, that thing is nothing but a hindrance…” (Renya)

“O-Oy! You bastards!”

Due to Renya and Emil staring at the still-standing violet giant with somewhat half hearted gazes, one of the soldiers, who had apparently recovered from the shock in one way or another, shouts while jabbing the spear in his hand.
Renya and Emil noticed that the thrust-out spear and the hands grasping it were trembling slightly, but end up considering him as remarkable even if it’s just for having recovered first under these circumstances.

“Is that your deed as well!?”

Being asked that, Renya and Emil look at each other for a moment.
As Renya pondered Well then, how do I answer that? Emil readily yielded that part to Renya.
For the time being he was apparently aware of his own non-existing talent as performer.


“Fu… Fuahahahahahaha!”

Out of desperation, now that things have turned out like this, Renya raises a loud laughter in order to get through this with enthusiastic momentum.
Turning around to the soldier who slightly retreated with a startled expression, Renya spread both his arms widely.

“Don’t you understand what you are told? Foolish humans!” (Renya)

“Wh-!? B-Bastard…”

Seemingly out of shame, Renya is on the brink of using broken language, but given the situation, the soldier apparently didn’t notice.

“Although that’s the human’s way of doing things, something like this is good.” (Emil)

Emil points out in a whisper while hiding behind Renya.
While thinking They will probably think that I’m a ventriloquist puppet or something similar, Renya continues,

“We are currently here to abduct the humans’ princesses, present them to His Majesty the Demon King and to send the hero, on whom you bastards’ hope depends, to his death! We failed in securing one princess, but look! You assholes’ castle that tried to resist His Majesty the Demon King by sheltering the hero has collapsed at this point!” (Renya)

“Well~… Won’t even Demon King-sama be troubled if human princesses are offered to him? The current demon king, was it a male or a female?” (Emil)

Emil’s murmurs didn’t reach Renya’s ears, as it was erased by the voices of the stirring soldiers.
As expected, Renya, who blames his hearing, looks back over his shoulder.

“Does he exist after all, the demon king?” (Renya)

“Who knows? I do~n’t know a~nything.” (Emil)

Emil naturally averts her look by entrusting her back to Renya’s.
If the situation had allowed for it, Renya would have turned around and interrogated her, but it doesn’t look like the current circumstances will allow him to do so.
A conspicuously large flash is created around the chest area of the violet giant, that stood stock-still without doing anything while having placed its hands on the castle.
Once one strained their eyes a bit, one could see, although only vaguely, the figure of a person who held a shining sword and was cutting away at the violet giant while moving by flying throughout the sky.

“The attack just now whittled it down quite a bit. Is that the hero?” (Emil)

“I don’t know as it’s far away, but that’s probably the case. That guy’s an idiot, isn’t he?” (Renya)

“Why?” (Emil)

“Why is he expressly attacking it with a sword while flying in the sky? In such situation you first cut off the feet, right?” (Renya)

It’s common sense that will make one embarrassed, since it’s an established tactic to fight an opponent that has a larger body than oneself by first crushing the parts your hands can reach.
The act of expressly assaulting with a sword, while freely jumping and flying without caring about what’s below one’s own feet is the epitome of folly, Renya judges.

“Well, in any event, it’s a definite fact that hero-sama has been poisoned.” (Emil)

When you start something against someone, it’s indispensable to keep an ace up one’s sleeve, as long as it’s something possible, Renya thinks.
Always set up an insurance, is what it’s about, but if one limits the talk to this time, scattering poison when the fake-Shion was less than one meter away from the hero, was the first step.
The second step was the continuous emission of the same poison from all over the body of the poison doll that would appear after that.
If a monster appears at the royal castle and if it’s to a degree that it’s obviously powerful, the hero himself has to move in order to repel it.
Anticipating that, Renya requested Emil to make sure that the giant itself can spread poison into its surroundings.
Of course, thanks to that, it will result in unrelated people becoming victims as well, but since it’s not a poison that dictates life or death, I’d like them to resign themselves by considering it their own bad luck to have been dragged into it, Renya assesses.
Frau’s special poison 「Grave Sin of InfidelityCapricious Crime」.
This poison that boasts of a intense power at level 9 only works towards men. The poisoned men will experience panting with relentless palpitation, violent stomach ache and headache, and will feel nauseated to the degree of getting dehydrated, if left untreated, from just touching a woman.
Moreover, it has the extra effect that if any body part comes into contact with a woman’s bodily fluids, it will immediately get inflamed.
For all that, it’s hard to handle since it doesn’t have any effect at all on the male functions.
To explain it simply; it’s a drug that makes one contract an extreme woman allergy.
It’s a heartless story since the poisoned will have their bodies transformed in such a way that they can’t satiate those kinds of desires while still retaining said desire.
Furthermore, as Frau explained before, there’s almost no cure for it.
At the time when he heard about it, Renya unintentionally ended up distancing himself from Frau due to the dreadfulness of the details.
His expression seems to have become stiff from fear to a degree that even surprised Frau. It was to the extent that she had to explain several times that she would take responsibility, in case Renya got poisoned by mistake, and administer an antidote.

“Its original administration method was for the woman to drink it first and then get the man poisoned through physical contact. In the case of this method, it’s a superb application with only the woman, who poisoned the man, being excluded from the poison’s effects.” (Emil)

In short, it’s a poison that won’t affect women.

“You, never ever use it, okay?”

“Huh? Renya-kun, does that mean that you have the distinct intention to have a relationship with several women?” (Emil)

“I haven’t said that…” (Renya)

Even while wondering whether it’s inevitable to have it interpreted in such a manner, Renya refuses to do so, for the time being.
Even during that time, the hero flies around the giant and drives in seemingly strong attacks with the holy sword.
Each time, a violet liquid that resembles blood is sprayed and scattered from the open cut wounds, staining the hero’s body.
This poison shows its effect by being absorbed through mucous membranes, but with its excelling volatility, its virulence isn’t any different from created vapour.
However, when it comes in contact with air, it deteriorates through oxidation within several minutes and it becomes harmless.

“Ha! Did you see, thieves! The power of that hero-dono! The giant isn’t even able to use any techniques!”

He’s very likely a soldier affiliated to the Holy Kingdom.
Seemingly having gained vigour due to the appearance of the hero who is one-sidedly attacking the giant, he declares that loudly while holding up his spear.
Likewise, the soldiers in the surroundings raise their voices and praise the power of the hero by hoisting up their spears, but from Renya and Emil’s point of view, who are aware of the circumstances, they don’t hold any impressions above “Oh, is that so?”

“Hey, we have to withdraw with something that leaves a large impression, or do you intend to stay here forever?” (Emil)

Emil says while poking Renya’s back. Renya strains his brain thinking, while shaking his head, as he doesn’t have any kind of knowledge on hand that would be good to say in this situation.

“Ah, umm… That damned hero! What a lucky fellow! But next time it won’t go like this! Immerse yourself in your momentary peace while fearing the second and third plans’ shadows!” (Renya)

“You know what, isn’t it fine to just call yourself the demon king already?” (Emil)

Emil delivers the final blow to Renya, who’s filled with the feeling of wanting to embrace his knees out of embarrassment.
For some reason only that whisper of Emil’s properly reaches the ears of the soldiers.

“You bastard! You’re the demon king!?”

“As if that’s true! Bring them here if a demon king, who nonchalantly comes to such a place, exists! I will scold them! Even if I was the demon king, do you think I would withdraw with such shabby military results!?” (Renya)

“Do you plan to escape!? Son of a bitch!”


I ended up doing it, is the expression Renya shows.
Emil, who was waiting behind him, gently embraced Renya’s waist with her arms and hugs him from behind.

“Somehow it ended up becoming a sloppy story, but that’s how it is. Wouldn’t it be best for you guys to also go to hero-sama’s location? Although he’s in that kind of battle, it’s not like it has been safely concluded, has it?” (Emil)


“Well then, bye bye.” (Emil)

Emil’s words are similar to a soft whisper.
Due to her overly quiet whispering, the soldiers’ reaction was delayed for an instant.
In that momentary opportunity, two wings with black membranes appear from Emil’s back.
Emil kicked the ground with a single *tap* and the bodies of both of them floated up gently.

“Shit! They intend to escape by flight!”

“Someone bring the bows!”

The soldiers’ yells are audible, but it’s already too late.
When Emil flaps her black wings in one large stroke, she raises to a height where the soldiers’ hands can’t reach her anymore.
It’s an altitude where even the soldiers’ voices can’t be heard.

“Emil, say, do demons grow these on their backs?” (Renya)

“Those are dummies! Aren’t these always used as an amplification of wind magic?” (Emil)

“It appears you don’t have any leeway, I suppose? Though, having various things press against my back does feel good.” (Renya)

“Fool~! Since you can fly by yourself, how about doing so already? These things on my back are a nuisance and it’s also difficult to fly while carrying you! I might drop you if you don’t get off immediately!” (Emil)

“Mmh~… a bit longer.” (Renya)

“Can’t you say those things later!?” (Emil)


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     ”Can you explain and confirm the situation? Of course, I do not have a veto right.”

     The girl sitting at the table across the table squeezed out as soon as possible.

     While holding a mouth on the tea that Frau brewed, Rinya looks at the girl staring at this while holding a deep waist on the sofa.

     The hair is the color of the wet crow’s feathers, it drops straight to the back without tying, and the forelocks are trimmed one character around the upper part of the eyebrows.

     Below the eyebrows of a slightly heavy eye that seems to have a strong intention, a slightly hanging eyes that receives a sharp impression.

     The slender look facing a sharp atmosphere the girl wears.

     Clothes seems to be good, but Frau says it was tailored considerably, but it is above and below men with calm colors.

     Although Rinya thought that he was a man when he first saw it, he understood that he was a woman who saw that his chest was discreetly but surely swelled.

     It is Renayo who thinks that it is good to have noticed before asking.

     If you turn your eyes towards the little girl, you can see that Zion and Rona are sitting directly on the floor for some reason.

     Rinya thinks that he did not do bad things separately, but the girl forced the squatting to the two without saying the presence or absence, the two were not rebellious why they were ordered, Was.

     Incidentally, Seija and Tsuchibaji seemed to have disseminated a strange person who had flowed a long time ago to a human family, and Croir attended Renaya as it is now anyone knows.

     It seems that Elf did not accept it, it seems to know that there is something to say as knowledge.

     That croquar is sitting on the left side of Rensa a little while holding a tea cup with tea in both hands and breathing in while it is cooling and Emil on the right side is soothing sofa I am watching the situation while smiling with grinning in a state of being in an inverted state.

     Frau keeps saying behind Rasaya, as if it is in a fixed position, he will not utter a word.

     Rinya feels calm as it is full of women in the room.

     I feel like wanting to make an oasis of my mind unintentionally, but since I am a completely irrelevant person in this case, I can not call it and involve it.

     Renaya opened his mouth, I wonder what I should say.

     ”I do not understand anything at all”

     ”I do not claim such an answer”

     It is immediately answered in two brief prompts, and a troublesome expression of Renaya is floated.

     Apparently it does not seem to forgive me even if I do not have it.

     ”We are not visiting without any ate, please understand the meaning that Meyer = Fem-Fatale is here”

     ’I have not been told so …… ‘

     Rinya points his line of sight to Zion in the sitting seat, with a face-embarrassing expression on his face.

     Zion who desperately endured the pain of attacking feet due to an unfamiliar regular posture, swayed his head gently as he noticed that the line of sight of Renya faced towards him.

     ”I have heard stories about my stupid sister in advance,”

     Did she notice the tip of Liaoya’s line of sight, the girl says with a flat tone.

     I did not know what got into, but Rinya feels a depressed mood that it is impossible to say anything negative.

     A girl in front of Rennai’s eyes that he called Meyer = Fam = Fatar was himself a good sister she could say rather than a stakeholder in Zion, as you can see from the name.

     After raising a fuss in the holy city.

     Renaya and Emil returned home while walking to the city of Kukkura a while before returning while blowing up and Sion and Rona finally returned with a magic boat a little later.

     At first, saying that Renaya was emptied in the town of Kekkura, I asked Frau to ask around Furu, so that I could not leave it around, so Ridaya and Emil who secretly went into the town from the middle However, if you had the skill of two people it was not so much work.

     When Zion and Rona got out of the city I wrote out a lot in general, so when I came back there was a flashy welcome, but as soon as they arrived in the city they got soldiers I was surrounded and taken away somewhere.

     It seems that this sister was a culprit who abducted Zion and Lona, although it was Renaya who enclosed the hawk that it would not be so dangerous in his country.

     ”I do not know what they heard from the two of them, but I do not know anything.”

     ”Are you planning to cut off Shera to the last?”

     The line of sight glaring at Ridomi was terribly rugged.

     Although it seems that it is probably about 15 years old though it seems that it is about the information saying that it is a sister of Zion and thought from the body, it is not the eyes that the girl of the very old age does and it is not the eyesight that can be given at that age.

     Renaya understands that it seems that she was touched by some troublesome thought.

     Because I was troublesome, I thought that I should hopefully return home, but Frau did not shake his head in the vertical direction.

     ”A good customer, I can not do such a bad way as a maid that keeps this house”

     It is not preferable for Renya to recognize that Frau is a very rare and proper customer, keeping contact with the front gate, getting inside the main gate properly, and preparing until the endowment, even if it hurts it Even so, he insisted that he could not approve of being inattentiously insulted.

     It is Lennya who does not hear the sounds of the legends too much.

     Ryoi who seemed to be Sion’s sister at the point of prior contact, had consented to visit without thinking too deeply whether he came to see her sister who came back safely.

     It is a later festival even if I think now that I should have refused.

     ”I do not know what I do not know even if it is told”

     ”I am a stubborn person, I have expected, but … let’s talk to your own choosing here.”

     When I take out a small notebook from my coat pocket, Meiria starts talking while opening the page and staring at Rinya.

     ”First of all, the mastermind of this case is under suspicion of border crossing breaking”

     ”You are a bad person”

     Meiria who does not look away from Renny who returns short answers.

     Renya thinks that there is no meaning to open the notebook if you keep staring at me so much, but he does not notice the thought of Renaya, and Mary continues.

     ”Illegal intrusion into the holy city has also been added”

     ”I did not notice something with a well-guarded soldier”

     ”It seems as a result of a soldier in the gatekee running to maintain … … Because it is a story of another country, it does not matter.”

     Meilia’s words continue, truncating the actions of soldiers who would not know their faces anyhow.

     ”We have also been charged with saying that we used toxins for the brave man Yuuki = Yatsufusa, ten or so aristocrats, and the royal family of the Holy Kingdom”

     ”That’s awful. Are you killing the whole one?”

     There is no disturbance in the tone of Rinya to ask.

     Although it was only slightly, the ruggedness of Meyer’s gaze increases.

     It seemed that he wanted to say, although he knew, Rasaya penetrates through his unknown face.

     ”No, it seems that it was not fatal … … Since then, the victims seem to have been unable to bring women closer.”

     ”There was also a strange poison, if it is a royalty it would be tough for him to be inherited”

     Renaya who speaks completely as a stranger.

     ”Since it is obligatory for the royal family to take over, we will make it even if we tied to the bed, so alternatives will be prepared here and there, even if we do not do that.”

     The language of Mary’s answer is also the tone of another person’s affair.

     Renya reminds me of the face of the emperor in the elven country.

     Even if that is overdoing, it is no wonder that small things of a size similar to it are doing the same thing anywhere in the country of the people even if it is a royal family.

     It is a story that the country can perish if it stops.

     Although it is a toppling over if you overdo it by breaking the country, it was natural to prepare a lot of spare while striking so as not to do so.

     ”There are signs of using poisons that mislead that spirit for Lona Chevalier, her maid, and guards soldiers who were in charge of my sister’s priesthood as a priest of our country”

     Roryi’s line of sight flashed at a glance to Lonah sitting right.

     Soon Rona shakes his head as Purupuru.

     Apparently it seems to want to display the intention to say, I do not mind, but various places shake when I shake it together, so Ryoya will return my eyes to Meiria as if I was not aware of it a bit.

     ”Further destruction of the royal castle, illegal invasion of magic boats belonging to our country, unfaithful wrongdoing to Sion = Pham Fatar … ….”


     It was Zion who raised a surprised voice.

     In response to that voice, Zion raised protest voices to Mary, facing Zion.

     ”What is misfortune is not imitated like that!”

     ”I will rephase.Sion’s older sister who has been taken to the top of the bowl and taken away”

     ”Huh … ….”

     Losing to the cold eye of Meyria, Zion is silent.

     ”Anyway, if you raise the main crime, it is the on-parade of illegal invasion of cities and public facilities to break the border, destruction of buildings to use poisons, kidnapping and violent crime in assault.The murder is not entered It’s strange. ”

     ”What about the culprits’ eyes?”

     ”The Holy Kingdom seems to be almost settled by saying that it is a demon or a person connected to it.”

     After closing the notebook and sliding it back in the coat pocket, Meyer embarked on the table all the time on the table between Renya.

     ”But, I have done this alone, and I realized that there is a person who is even more motivated?”

     ”It’s a big deal, the capability of the Trident daily information gathering is very high.”

     ”It’s in front of you”

     ”I do not remember myself, I adamantly rebel against the suspicion that is not told”

     Renaya who looks back as losing to the glare Mary.

     In the battle with a gaze that continued for a while, Meyria broke away soon to look away.

     ”It seems that it was a misconception. I apologize for my rude.”

     It is Mailia which pulls out easily and puts down the body which it was leaning back to the sofa and lowers his head.

     It looked like it was too bad, so everyone except Meyer turned to an unexpected face.

     Whether you noticed those gaze, Meiria shrugged your shoulders and began to speak lightly.

     ”It does not matter what the real place is.It is nothing to say that the criminal is anything, it is not unusual for the border to be broken, and even if it is an illegal invasion to a magical ship, that is not a confidential treatment of itself either.”

     The country does not control all of the enormous distance border.

     Of course, if it goes through places other than the officials, Meiria says that there are many loopholes because there is a reasonable danger but only a rough net is established.

     If found, it is an act of offense, but if it is not found, it is not a crime, or it is not done as much thought, even if there are many manpower, it falls into a situation that it is missing.

     Illegal intrusion into a magical ship is also a crime if it is a current offense, but it seems that it is not a sort of sort to follow up after chasing what was escaped.

     ”About the abduction of Zion?”

     Renaya who thinks that such a thing is OK is questioned.

     Temporarily I tried to abduct a princess in a country.

     Regardless of the ordinary though it seems that we have to find the criminal over the face of the state even after chasing to the end of the earth and have to compensate for the crime, but the response of Meyer goes far beyond the expectations of Renya .

     ”I do not care about that any more”


     ”First official woman, with a great titre, but in reality it is unleastly unbeatable, and in the place where I thought that this was exactly the same as others, it does not affect a lot of people.”

     ”I know, I know … but it’s not like my real sister …”

     Radai thought that it was tremendously terrible, but he seems to know that he treats that as well.

     Although it seems that it seems to be understood, it seems that there is something irresistible when it is said clearly to face with the face.

     With a very miserable expression, Mary seems to murmur over the synergistic Zion.

     ”It is a joke,”

     ”Tight …… tight, May …”

     ”There will not be anything more than the shock I received when I told the first public woman to take office and told me to be the next Grand prix,”

     ”It is wonderful to be on good terms … … Then what kind of business do you have for today?”

     Renzi, who saw that Zion could suffer mental damage which can not be reoccurred, sits in her mouth.

     It was Mary who still had something to say but I cleared her a throat, once again turned to Liaoya, in a somewhat confusing tone.

     ”Please tell me the story here only for what I’m talking about now”

     Liaoya nodded nicely with a face like Mary ‘s face that got seriously more seriously, so that it got pressured somehow.

    • Google translate? Thanks for your contribution here, but the chapter is already translated and in editing now. 🙂

      Will edit it out from your post. The properly done chapter will be released in due time.
      For those wanting to read ahead via MTL, they are always free to do so, but not here please. 🙂

      • is that I am desperate to read it it is not the samee to read it in english as in japanese because I do not know much about it

        • I do understand your wish to read it as fast as possible. But I would recommend you to not use MTL if you don’t understand a bit of Japanese unless you want the meaning to get butchered. Even in your version I saw several mistakes just in the first 5 lines. And not little mistakes, but errors completely changing the meaning.

  19. Thanks for the chap!

    “As if that’s true! Bring them here if a demon king, who nonchalantly comes to such a place, exists! I will scold them! Even if I was the demon king, do you think I would withdraw with such shabby military results!?” (Renya)

    Yep, Emil is the Demon king, called it

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