Chapter 88 – It seems to be the start of the operation after the blunder

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“Say, Renya, didn’t you go a tiiiny bit over the top there?” (Emil)

“I might have done a bit too much after giving in to my emotions. I’m reflecting on it.” (Renya)

“That’s right, isn’t it? With damages to the city and letting the actual target, the hero, get away. That’s not very funny now, is it?” (Emil)

The spell <Roaring Thunderbolt>, which Renya fired at the hero, ended up causing quite an amount of damage to the urban areas in addition to the royal castle.
The damage of the spell itself was actually limited. It merely resulted in making a huge hole with a diameter of ten-odd meters in a section of the royal castle’s grounds.
That being said, the hole had a depth that didn’t allow one to see the bottom if looking inside from above.
The problem is the aftermath of the spell. The sound of the lightning strike, together with the vibration caused during the opening of the large hole, dealt reasonable damage to the buildings in the surroundings.
To be more specific, windows were blown off and buildings collapsed due to the vibrations.
After dawn broke, Emil and Renya went to see the actual site while feigning ignorance, but due to the damages brought about by the aftermath, Renya had cold sweat and Emil’s eyes sparkled while laughing hard due to its dreadfulness.
Feeling panicked due to the painful looks from the surroundings, triggered when Emil started to laugh loudly, Renya dragged her into the shadow of a collapsed building.
Since it looked like she would hysterically laugh forever if things stayed as they are, Renya sent Emil back to the inn by asking “What about the masked person’s guarding?” while urging her.
After that, Emil returned to the inn which serves as their base. Renya bought a robe with a hood attached in a nearby store, hid his face, and voluntarily helped out in the transport of the wounded and the removal of debris, which began to be carried out independently by the surrounding residents.
Although Renya knew about it, something like healing magic was apparently extremely precious in this world.
Renya didn’t share that impression from his point of view at all, since he had received healing and had seen Rona use it several times. Contrary to his expectations of a Holy City, which should have enough priests to the degree of actually being able to sell healing, he was told there aren’t that many people who can use precise healing magic by the residents.
Renya was made to realize the fact that the excellence of Rona, who can use healing magic even though she changed her occupation from being a knight, is not something that should be expected.
If magic is no good, how about a kind of medicine, the so-called potion, Renya wonders. With this being the place it is, the price of potions is reasonably good. But it doesn’t seem to be an item that the city’s residents can prepare out of nowhere.
On top of not wanting to stand out, Renya was troubled about his face being remembered. But since he was guilty of this failure, he secretly investigated the general store for adventurers, bought potions, and tried to slip them together with a big amount of money into the emergency rations taken out by the residents. He also sneakily called into the shadows some priests, who according to the city’s residents seem to be able to use healing magic, and tried to negotiate with them to heal the people cheaply by handing them some bribes.
The sole salvation is that there were no casualties or wounded beyond recovery, Renya sighs. He feels relieved that it hasn’t resulted in something that can’t be undone anymore.
No matter how much the needle of my anger meter ended up peaking out, this wasn’t a spell that can be used inside a city, Renya miserably reflects. Let’s use a single-target spell that causes a lot less damage next time after a careful selection, he firmly vowed.
But then again, even for next time, Renya had a feeling he will completely forget about it in case it’s released after he gives in to his wrath.
In the middle of his volunteering work, the magic ship, which Shion and the others had boarded, arrives at the Holy City.
Only at this time, the residents rested their working hands and headed towards the arrived magic ship to welcome it.

“You won’t go have a look, Renya-kun?” (Emil)

At such time, Emil, who has no intention to help with the work, came to see the circumstances while bringing along the masked person.
Since he has already seen the magic ship once in the city of Kukrika, he has absolutely no curiosity.
Rather than that, I should focus on finishing the work quickly, Renya judges.
The masked person, who was brought along by Emil, extremely increases the suspiciousness of the group by matching their appearance with Renya, due to wearing a robe that hid them completely with the hood lowered as well.

“Even if I go see them, there’s no point in that, right?” (Renya)

“Huh? It’s the appearance of the lovely Shion-chan in her finest clothes, no?”

“Isn’t that the appearance of a calf that has been sold on the market, and is at its final moments?” (Renya)

Due to the words Renya returned calmly, the masked person fell over.
Of course, there’s no way for either Renya nor Emil to do an admirable act such as helping the collapsed masked person up.

“I wonder whether the buyer is in good health?” (Emil)

“Well, I wonder about that. By no means did I think that the spell would be evaded though.” (Renya)

Originally <Roaring Thunderbolt> was a spell that will get invoked after chanting for quite a long time while pouring mana into it.
In Renya’s case, due to the activation of the two skills: no chant and high-speed recovery, it was invoked in a considerably short time that is unthinkable going by common sense. However, even with that outlandish, high speed invokation, the hero evaded that spell with a short-distance teleport.
Then again, that doesn’t mean he was able to completely transfer to a place outside the range of the spell’s effect. It was only to the degree of him having avoided a direct hit. But from Renya’s point of view, that wasn’t expected to happen and thus Renya gave up on further pursuit after seeing the hero’s ability.

“But, that short-distance teleportation is a nuisance, isn’t it? There’s no casting and he doesn’t gather any mana either.” (Renya)

I think that is far too much of a cheat, Renya grows indignant.
Emil didn’t show it with her expression and mouth, but she was filled with the feeling of wanting to return that line entirely back to Renya just like that.

“Most likely it’s a skill of <Hero>, I suppose. They are existences that always cause difficulties to the demons.” (Emil)

“Then there’s no other option but to suppress him with range attacks.” (Renya)

At present, Renya couldn’t find any other method to kill him but to corner him with regular attacks, then at the same time as he notices the signs of the hero using a short-distance teleport, use a skill or spell capable of attacking the surroundings.
That’s still fine since Renya can activate sorcery without chanting, but if one isn’t capable of doing that, it becomes necessary to measure the timing very strictly, otherwise they won’t be able to finish the chant ahead of the estimated timing when the hero will teleport.
You might say that he’s a very annoying opponent.

“If you do that inside the city, it will result in the same situation though?” (Emil)

“Guh…” (Renya)

I wonder whether there is a skill such as space control or something similar, which can force my opponent into some field where the damage won’t reach the surroundings, Renya ponders.

“Oh well, there’s nothing better for their side than us not fighting as much as possible though. So, what will we do from now on?” (Emil)

“Were you able to investigate the flow of events in the castle?” (Renya)

“After being granted an audience by the king in the royal castle, they will be matched up with the hero… then, under the influence of the hero, they will be forced to pledge that they will exert themselves for the sake of bringing peace to the entire continent. Afterwards, it’s been planned to hold a party to celebrate another power having joined the hero’s camp.”

The masked person, who somehow recovered themselves from their toppled over stance, says in a muffled voice through the mask.
Renya and Emil fixedly stare at the mask of the masked person with slightly astonished expressions.
Averting the face as if avoiding their looks, the masked person cleared their throat with a single cough.

“It has been decided that things will approximately unfold in such sequence. Since there’s no need to forcibly change it either, it should proceed like that.”

“I see. If you say it’s just as expected, then it’s just as expected. Things going as expected is far too boring though, you know?” (Emil)

“They are not particularly doing it for fun.”

“Oh, really? How boring.” (Emil)

The masked person’s tone suggests discarding Emil’s comment resolutely, but Emil doesn’t seem to mind that either.

“Do you also know the place where the group from the Trident Principality will stay at?” (Renya)

“The plan is for them to lodge in the magic ship. M… the princess and her friend will go to the royal castle, but the staff of the magic ship and a part of the escorting soldiers should stay behind on the ship.”

“When will the party proceed towards the royal castle?” (Renya)

“I guess right away, after they can prepare the road following their arrival. The audience ceremony itself won’t take that much time either.”

“Hmm.” Renya ponders while placing his hand on his chin.
If I don’t take the consequences of the events into consideration, there would actually be no need to bring this masked person along.
For Renya, it’s the truth that they brought the masked person along thinking about keeping the future matters as simple as possible. Furthermore, it will allow them to push the responsibility away to a place where it won’t cause any trouble to anyone.

“Emil, how about the invocation of that?” (Renya)

“It will start up if the hero enters within a 1 m radius of that. I guess it will be a large rampage after Frau-chan’s special something was dumped into it.” (Emil)

“Are there people from the Holy Kingdom inside the magic ship, too?”

“I guess so. There will be some people who will have preparatory meetings about the security and such.”

“All right. Then let’s do it like this.” (Renya)

Renya declared while looking at Emil and the masked person.

“I will pack for the time being.” (Emil)


It was just the masked person who asked in return.
Emil apparently understood immediately what the best thing for her to do would be from Renya’s brief comment. Going around to the back of the masked person, she tightly hugs their body.


“Okay, let’s return to the inn for now.” (Emil)

“W-Wait, Renya!? What the hell?”

Renya didn’t answer.
The reason is that it wasn’t necessary for the masked person to understand what will happen from now on.
Emil has the appearance of a little girl, but her true nature is that of a demon.
Because of that, her physical strength is beyond her appearance, or rather, she powerfully breaks through the limit of what can be imagined from her looks.
Emil, who returned to the inn while easily carrying the masked person, carelessly throws the masked person on top of the bed and swiftly wraps their body up with the blanket, which was beneath the masked person, while leaving only the head outside.
With that all too skillful performance, the masked person ended up getting tucked in without even the time to put up a resistance.
Moreover, with the rope she took out, the masked person ended up getting bound from atop the blanket in the same manner as a chef who prevents the meat from falling apart during cooking.

“Eh!? Eeh!? What the hell is going to happen from now on!?”

There was no voice answering the question.
With the place being what it is, there’s no worry that the voice will leak to the outside. Even if we are criticized or seen by anyone, they will simply link it to a special play, is what Renya intended to insist on.
However, in that case, Renya’s shyness would take quite the substantial damage.

“Renya-kun, is it okay like this?” (Emil)

Due to Emil’s question, Renya lightly checks the state of the rope binding the masked person.
The masked person was bound tightly so that they couldn’t slip out, but it doesn’t seem like the knots were tied in a way that strangles their body, Renya judged.

“It’s okay. Please, just do it so that it’s not painful.” (Renya)

While warning Emil for caution’s sake, Renya calls the inn’s employee and asks for the bill.

“Sorry. A sudden job has cropped up. There’s still money left, right? I don’t need the change, please keep everything. And, we received favours from you as well. Please take this as a little thanks.” (Renya)

Renya said while slipping a gold coin into the hands of the female employee with a plain impression.
It’s far too much money as tip, Renya thinks, but in addition to the sudden check-out, it was money that carried the implication of hush money, as he himself didn’t want to be connected to the disastrous scene behind him.
Behind him is Emil assuming a triumphant look as if saying “Caught ya”, stepping with one foot on the body of the masked person who was transformed into a wrapped roll.
That’s the disastrous scene Renya doesn’t want to have any connection with, and seemingly perceiving that it will become troublesome if she touched onto that matter, the female employee doesn’t even turn her glance at it.

“There are various special circumstances, okay? It will save us some trouble if you could handle these matters as a secret.” (Renya)

“… There are no decent people coming to such a place…”

“I see. Nevertheless, well, it would be great if you can keep it in mind. Well then, we are in your debt.” (Renya)

Once he asks her to give his best regards to the inn’s landlord, Renya leaves the inn behind.
Easily shouldering the packaged masked person, Emil followed behind him.

“Will we go across the city like this?” (Emil)

“That’s impossible, right? It’s fine here since it’s the slums, but we will stand out too much in the normal city. We will go outside once by crossing over the northern wall.” (Renya)

“S-Someone explain a bit!”

Neither Renya nor Emil take any notice of the masked person’s voice.
They were apparently packed quite skillfully. Emil blocks the mouth of the masked person, who isn’t even able to squirm, with one hand.
Even if they are called slums, it’s not a good idea to kick up a fuss without knowing whose eyes are looking from where.
The two, who ran through the slums in such a state, easily jumped over the wall at the outer section of the city, just like at the time when they entered, and headed towards the magic ship along the wall.


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