Chapter 87 – It seems to be an escape due to a blunder

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Describing it as ‘being entangled’ might be wrong, are Renya’s thoughts while peeking inside the room.
To say it precisely, it’s a completely limp nude woman’s body that’s not moving as well as a nude man’s body moving and twining himself around her, that’s the feeling I get.
The appearance of the woman, whose arms loosely hang while moving her head each time she’s shaken with no light dwelling in her eyes, doesn’t give one the impression of being a human body at all.
She’s completely like a doll, Renya assesses.
While drool is drooping down from her partly open mouth, that woman seems to have lost consciousness quite a while ago and appears to have been continuously tampered with in that state, he guessed.
Once he turns his look towards the floor, all of the figures scattered there are women.
Their ages and figures are diverse, but the only common aspect shared among them is their nudity.
And all of them have blank eyes as they have turned unconscious.
When he shifts his attention to a corner of the room, he saw clothes tossed away carelessly forming a mountain, likely worn by those scattered women beforehand.
Dresses like those worn by noble daughters, apron dresses similar to those worn by maids and even ordinary clothes like those worn by the common people of the city, though unknown why they are in this place, are piled up over there.
Once he sees this much, there’s no mistake.

“In the middle of having fun, eh…? This is terrible…” (Renya)

It was apparently 6~7 women in total counting the ones spread out on the floor and the one on top of the bed in the middle of the act.
With the one attacking them persistently to the extent of them losing consciousness and the one still in the middle of the act being the same man, it makes Renya wonder whether that’s not abnormal.
Though Renya can’t discard the possibility that it might be him who is simply abnormal.
He turns his eyes towards the incense burner releasing smoke in a corner of the room.
Once he used the <Appraisal> skill he tends to forget about, a message flowed in.

<Information: Appraisal Skill – Harmony Aroma, a type of incense>

“What kind of incense is that!?” (Renya)

Retorting reflexively, Renya holds down his mouth in a hurry.

“It causes pleasure and lengthens the endurance. It’s that kind of incense. It’s not necessary for me, but… without this, the oujou-sama’s will resist fiercely and break right away. Oh well, even if I have this, almost all of them will end up broken anyway.”

Renya frowns at the voice that could be heard through the slight opening of the window.
When he peeked once more, the person who appears to be the hero had casually tossed on the floor the body of the woman, whom he had embraced until then, and was sitting on the edge of the bed.
Once Renya widened the opening by pressing his hand against the window, from there he smoothly intruded into the room since his presence had been exposed already anyway.
The room’s interior is filled with a stuffily hot air. It’s teeming with the thick scent of the incense, to a degree that cannot be compared to what has leaked out from the window. With the body odour of man and women added on top, it makes Renya lightly feel like throwing up.

“It’s cool to look like a ninja! I wonder to which country you belong?” (Yuuki)

“Me being present… you noticed it from the start, right?” (Renya)

The words leaving Renya’s mouth have a far lower tone than his usual voice. Moreover they are muffled thanks to the cloth covering his mouth.

“Of course. I’m the hero. Isn’t it obvious that something like the presence of a rat that sneaked into castle will be noticed by me right away?” (Yuuki)

“So that’s why you continued unabashed? You are quite the big deal, aren’t you?” (Renya)

While his voice is dripping with emotions of disgust, Renya observes the hero below the dim light.
A gently waving dark, or rather light brown, short hair and slender, well-featured looks.
His shapely nose is conspicuous, his chiselled features are deep and his eyes are distinct as well as two-layered.
Going by Renya’s opinion, 8-9 people out of 10 will likely consider him to be an ikemen if asked about his looks.
Since he’s still nude, his body’s foundation can be seen, but you can’t say that he’s much of the martial arts type in any way.
If pushed to say, his upper body is feeble and his body isn’t that well-built either.
In regards to his lower body, Renya refused to look there.
That doesn’t mean that he wants to see the lower body of a woman, but Renya doesn’t want to see that of a male even if they beg him to do so.

“I knew that there’s no one on lookout.” (Yuuki)

“I suppose you have confidence with that as well. Will you let me hear your name too, Hero-sama?” (Renya)

“My name is Yuuki Yatsufusa. It’s hero Yuuki. You would do fine to remember it. After all, it’s the name of the person who will save this world.” (Yuuki)

Renya lightly drops his shoulders due to the hero’s own grand introduction as he spreads both arms, still sitting at the edge of the bed.
Because he thought that it certainly will only be something like the customary one, where he will give his own name if asked, he felt like having received a letdown.
It probably can’t be helped that he wants to introduce himself this much although he ended up thinking that, there’s also no way that the hero, who introduced himself as Yuuki, knows about Renya’s innermost thoughts.

“So? Who and from where are you?” (Yuuki)

“I don’t think that’s a question you will get an answer for if you ask this sort of person.” (Renya)

“Really? That’s regrettable. I had such a feeling too, though.” (Yuuki)

While nude, the hero called Yuuki looks away from Renya, stands up from the bed, and walks towards the corner of the room.
Yuuki took out trousers that look like jeans from the clothes that were piled into a mountain, and casually put them on.
An ikemen wearing jeans with a bare upper body; for some people that might be a view that drives them mad, but Renya has no deeper knowledge in that area.


Inside his head, he’s just pondering how do I get away from here?
The only reason Renya had appeared in front of Yuuki is simply because his intrusion had been exposed anyway.
Once I hear what I must hear and see what I must see, there’s nothing better than running away quickly.

“I have heard that you are a hero that was summoned from another world, but is that really true?” (Renya)

“Why do I have to tell that to a person who doesn’t name himself? Oh well, not like it matters though. That’s right. Answering the plead of the people of this world, I came here after being guided by goddess-sama.” (Yuuki)

“Is that any different from a Lost? Meeting one is rare, but as for us, such beings aren’t that unusual.” (Renya)

Renya has no intention to tell Yuuki about him being a person from another world.
To the bitter end, he intends to stick with pretending to be a spy from some country of this world.
Yuuki’s expression warped, looking displeased due to Renya’s question.

“Something like confusing me, who came here after being asked to do so, with people who got lost by mistake. You are a rude person, aren’t you.” (Yuuki)

I also don’t want to be handled as the same kind as you, Renya retorts in his mind.
It might have possibly ended up showing on his face a bit, but as Renya’s face was luckily covered by a cloth, there is no way for his opponent to realize.

“Do you really intend to fight the demon king as the hero? Though you probably can’t say that you won’t do it now that you have had sex with this many various women.” (Renya)

“Yeah. After all, it’s the hero’s job to defeat the demon king, isn’t it?” (Yuuki)

“You are insane, you know?” (Renya)

“I’m sane, you know? Besides, as long as I’m the hero, the people will swarm to this power, blood and body.” (Yuuki)

Renya hasn’t moved from the window where he slipped in.
Without even trying to look in the direction of Renya, Yuuki grabbed the hair of a single woman that was still lying on the ground, and dragged her along then woke her up.
Even though the awoken woman should feel pain due to having her hair pulled, she doesn’t react in any way besides leaking a low and quiet moan.
Yuuki’s tongue licked her cheek with a *slurp*.

“I don’t have to endure, right? It’s all-you-can-eat, isn’t it? Food as well as girls. Even slaves, I can create as much as I like. Something like a girl being arranged for the night if I say that she’s nice, don’t you think that leaves nothing to be desired?” (Yuuki)

“You are saying that, as a man you want to always have as much sex as possible and eat as much as you like? … You, you are worse garbage than I thought…” (Renya)

“No one can stop me. There won’t be anyone to defeat the demon king, if they offend me.” (Yuuki)

“You are a blabbermouth, aren’t you…?” (Renya)

“That’s right, it’s something that needs to accumulate a bit.” (Yuuki)

Accumulate? Before he could think about that doubt, Renya’s body reacted to it.
What was held in the hands of Yuuki, who should be empty-handed, is a longsword with gaudy ornaments embedded and a wide breadth.
He swung the sword at Renya from a place quite far from Renya himself.
It was a distance where the sword blade shouldn’t reach, but sensing the approach of an attack, Renya’s body rolls on the ground.
Above him, an invisible blade passed through and cut up the window in a straight line.

“Oh, you dodged it? Your intuition is great.” (Yuuki)

“Attacking all of a sudden, eh? What a dangerous fellow.” (Renya)

After having evaded the attack, Renya stands up right away and puts himself on guard.
Although he had become a good target for a follow-up attack, since Renya was rolling around as much as he likes, Yuuki’s immediate pursuit attack didn’t happen.

“No, not at all. In this case, you are the criminal as a trespasser here, right? If it was America, you would have been shot on the spot.” (Yuuki)

Being drawn to consent for an instant, Renya immediately creates a voice as if surprised.

“You came from quite the dangerous place, I guess.” (Renya)

Due to Renya’s words, that can be interpreted as if the place called 「America」 was actually Yuuki’s home country in his former world, Yuuki shoulders his longsword while muttering,

“I see, you say you don’t know America.” (Yuuki)

It apparently was some kind of leading question, but Renya has no intention to concern himself with that.
Fleetingly glancing at the window that was now partially destroyed due to the attack that just happened, he kicks off the ground, hurls himself against the window with his back, and jumps outside after breaking through.
Of course that place was quite high up in the air, far away from the ground.
If he doesn’t do anything but continuing to fall, he will die.
Seeing as he has already been discovered by the hero, it’s not a situation where he can talk about stealth, silence or such.
Renya clads his entire body in a gust of air by activating wind magic with the void attribute, and flies in a straight line towards the outside of the royal palace’s grounds.
The soldiers below, who seem to have finally noticed the unusual phenomenon taking place above their heads, hurriedly move and point at the sky while shouting something. However Renya doesn’t have the free time to pay any attention to them.
If it’s flight speed supported by Renya’s mana, something like fleeing from the royal palace should be done in an instant.
However, due to his inability to leave the royal palace, Renya cannot do anything but stop in mid air.
It’s because Yuuki stood in the direction of his movement, grinning while holding the sword in one hand.
Of course there’s nothing below his feet. Yuuki has moved, in an instant, from the previous room to Renya’s flight path. Moreover he’s in a state of floating.

“I don’t remember you having passed me though?” (Renya)

“It’s short-distance teleportation and floating. Since I’m the hero, that much is simple.” (Yuuki)

Thrusting the point of the longsword he held at Renya, Yuuki says,

“This is the Holy Sword Tyrfing. Its sharpness allows it to cut even through steel.” (Yuuki)

“That’s also an exaggerated sword.” (Renya)

“Please surrender if you don’t want to get a taste of its blade. If i learn what country you spy for, I will be able to grasp that country’s weaknesses.” (Yuuki)

Renya didn’t know how much of a danger the item called holy sword was, but ‘since it has been expressly given a name, it’s likely impossible for it to be blunt’, he thinks.
In that case there’s the question whether it’s possible to fend it off with my katana that’s currently stored in my inventory.

“If I grasp their weaknesses, I will also make them offer me the princesses over there or whatever, I guess?” (Yuuki)

“You really are trash…” (Renya)

“As a matter of fact I wondered whether you aren’t a Lost.” (Yuuki)

Renya looks puzzled at Yuuki due to the suddenly changed topic.
Yuuki continued speaking without a single quiver of his sword’s point.

“Tomorrow a princess will be presented to me as my belonging. She possesses information that there’s quite a skilled Lost.” (Yuuki)

I have been exposed, Renya silently stares at Yuuki without making a single sound.

“I wondered if he wouldn’t come creeping in without understanding his own place. It looks like it was a miss though.” (Yuuki)

“So?” (Renya)

“If it’s a miss, then it is a miss. If there isn’t anything else good about it, isn’t that a waste of labour and effort?” (Yuuki)

Renya doesn’t answer.
After all, he didn’t know whether there’s the expression of labour and such in the world over here.
If he reacts strangely here, it will result in him being asked why he knows about it.

“Given that I’m fed up with princesses and such these days… it’s great that I will be given a fresh female knight though.” (Yuuki)

Being grinned at, Renya felt like some snapping sound occurred somewhere in his head.
If things go on as they are, Shion will end up in front of that man who will try to break her with his sinister ways. On top of shamelessly blurting out that he’s fed up with princesses, he mentioned that a female knight is great as the next target.
Even though Shion is facing this place on top of having this much resolve.
Moreover, speaking of a female knight Renya knows, he is reminded of Rona who is a former knight, albeit now a priestess.
If this hero or whatever learns of that fact, won’t he then feel inclined to even have sex with Rona?
Among the skills Renya possesses, , and are started up at maximum power all of a sudden. Renya’s mana, which can even be described as uncommonly weak among humans, gets sucked up.

“You know, as for women…” (Renya)

“Mmh?” (Yuuki)

Seemingly having sensed the abnormality in Renya’s voice, Yuuki tilts his head to the side.
His face transformed into a startled expression as if he had noticed something. He looked up into the sky while holding down his ear with his free hand.
That was apparently the same for the soldiers who were below. They look up at the sky while plugging their ears after dropping their weapons.
An intense buzzing in the ears was caused by the sudden change in atmospheric pressure occuring in that place. However, while neither the hero nor the soldiers knew the cause of it at all, they looked up to they sky as they felt some vague presence there.
And, that action wasn’t wrong at all.

“As for women, they ain’t food to be devoured by you. Buzz off, moron!” (Renya)

<Roaring Thunderbolt>, one of the highest ranked spells among the wind attribute, was invoked by Renya due to his still raging fury.
The instant it was invoked, heaven and earth was connected by a shining, bluish-white, huge pillar.
Though it’s something that happened later in the future; on top of that huge pillar of light being visible from every point within a radius ranging dozens of kilometers with the Holy City as centre, the vibration and thunderous roaring that occurred afterwards assaulted the entire Holy City and caused heavy damage such as collapsing houses and destroying windows.
As for the part of the royal castle that received the bolt directly, a hole was drilled very deeply into the ground with a diameter of ten-odd meters. As if it was natural, the soldiers and buildings that were hit directly evaporated without leaving anything behind.
The hero succeeded in barely evading it by using a short-distance teleport, but he suffered quite the heavy damage during what was called the aftermath.
And, as if it’s only natural, the figure of the man who appeared to be a spy of some country went missing after the pillar of light vanished.


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