Chapter 85 – It seems to be the infiltration into the Holy City 2

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“Uhh yeah… it feels unpleasant, doesn’t it?” (Emil)

Hearing Emil groaning for some reason, Renya’s expression shows worry, albeit only a bit.
Merely taking a few minutes to mash the ruffians who picked a fight with her into paste, Emil, after lining up in one row all the ruffians who had turned into peaceful lone heads, casts some kind of spell while mumbling something under her breath and extracted the information. That’s something that happened just an hour ago.
Even while pulling out the information from the ruffians’ heads, Emil didn’t try to hide her displeasure and furrowed her eyebrows.
If Renya were allowed to speak about Emil, he would say her character is that of a tenacious demon who won’t die unless getting sprinkled with detergent, being splashed with hot water, or having slippers thrown at her. But the current Emil’s outward appearance is that of a little girl befitting the description of petite and cute.
There are also cases where one’s character is strongly influenced by their outward appearance. Hasn’t her mood been killed due to the large amount of blood and freshly severed heads? Renya was concerned.

“Are you okay? If you feel unwell, we can also rest a bit…” (Renya)

“Oh, Renya-kun, you are being kind. How unusual.” (Emil)

“Once in a while that happens as well.” (Renya)

Renya says with a disappointed expression.
Emil waved her hands lightly while laughing.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Well, just a bit; it’s because their extracted memories really were like those…” (Emil)

“Those?” (Renya)

“Experiences of surrounding people, beating the hell out of them, stripping them, gang-raping them, murdering them?” (Emil)

It appears that it was something occurring everyday.
It looked like Emil was saying that she feels unwell because of the way she personally experienced it; it was as if being forced to watch the same events from their memories, in all kinds of different angles, since there were many ruffians.
However, Renya thinks.
Didn’t you do even crueler things?
Emil looks extremely displeased, as she apparently guessed Renya’s thinking from his expression.

“Can I have you not mix up research goals with doing it for the sake of pleasure?” (Emil)

“No, well… I think in the end it’s the same though.” (Renya)

“No! Absolutely not! Is it that the mouth that spouts such ridiculous stuff? Very well, let me shut it up until you understand that it’s something totally different! Mmh~…” (Emil)

“Stop it, you idiot! Don’t grab my collar and pull it to yourself! Don’t get close while pursing your lips! Don’t shut your eyes!!” (Renya)


“You say that, but isn’t this a place for that?” (Emil)

Saying that, Emil surveys the surroundings.
Currently they were in a room with a huge bed that was decorated gaudily to the extreme.
In the end, they finished reviewing the memories of the ruffians who attacked them. But their memories had absolutely no entries of inns like the ones Renya had looked for.
Seemingly in exchange, they apparently contained excessive details of nothing but brothels and the so-called traditional love hotels.
After pondering about it for a bit, Renya instructs Emil to lead them to the most expensive traditional love hotel from the obtained information.
A traditional love hotel is basically an inn for men to bring women along and spend a pleasurable time with them*. (T/N: Been a bit more liberal here as the raw stayed indistinct with “leading to that thing” which sounds like a huge cringefest)
If one ignores various matters, it’s possible to stay the night.
Moreover, as it only has one intended use, things like checking one’s identity papers shouldn’t be carried out.
“Why are there such facilities in the holy city though?” The masked person muttered, but from Renya’s point of view it would have actually been strange for them to not exist.
Because people live as people do, it’s simply something that can’t be avoided even if it’s criticized sharply.
If it was possible to completely shut those facilities down, the ones living there would undoubtedly not be humans.
They would be something else completely.

“Certainly this is such an establishment, but that doesn’t mean that we came here to do such things.” (Renya)

When Renya declared that clearly, Emil made a terribly disappointed expression.
At the time when Renya’s party arrived at the inn, the man appearing to be the inn’s owner, after throwing a cold glance at Renya and the others, said in a curt tone,

“5 silver coins for one night. There’s no meal. There’s a bath, but tell me if hot water is needed. It will cost extra.”

Although he had a brusqueness as if he was annoyed by people, Renya regarded that way of interacting as likeable.
Telling the other party only about the essential things, he doesn’t pry unnecessarily.
Isn’t he the ideal owner of a traditional love hotel? Renya wonders.
While thinking about such things, Renya threw down 5 gold coins in front of the owner.
A slight degree of change was visible in the unsociable expression of the owner, due to Renya suddenly paying 100 times the lodging expenses, casually.

“The most spacious room will do. I’d also like to have hot water. Can’t I have you arrange meals as well?” (Renya)

Due to the change on the owner’s face, Renya judged that he had a chance and shortly told him the things he requires.
After pondering for a while, the owner asked Renya as to confirm,

“… These gold coins, are they part of the entire prepayment?”

Renya nodded without changing his expression while thinking ‘He took the bait after all.’

“Of course. Since we will impose on you for several nights, please tell me if it’s insufficient and I will pay the rest. Please hold onto it if there’s some left.” (Renya)

Once Renya asks “How about it?”, the owner takes the gold coins placed in front of him, takes out a bell from his pocket, and makes it lightly ring once.
As if in reaction to that sound, a single female employee showed up from within the inn.
She has features that don’t leave much of an impact due to her plain attire.

“This one will attend to you. Just tell her your business. In case there isn’t enough money, you will be told by her. I will prepare the best among our rooms. Is it fine with that?”

The power of gold coins is great after all, Renya assesses.
For the inn’s owner, Renya is an excessively good guest with good liquidity. The owner apparently decided to accept all of Renya’s requests after judging that he will likely be able to get quite the profit if he humours Renya.

“That helps. Thank you.” (Renya)

While expressing his gratitude, Renya adds one more gold coin.

“Enjoy your stay.”

Hearing from behind them the words of the owner, who became a bit more affable in comparison to the beginning, Renya’s group arrived at a room after being guided there.
The room’s furniture setup was really simple.
There is a flashily decorated bed with a canopy attached to it, and a size that would still have a place left for sleeping, even if you let 4 people sleep side-by-side in the middle. Besides that, there’s only a depository that appears to have valuables inside, a chair and a dresser.
There are also several windows, apparently for the sake of illumination. They are small and furthermore can’t be opened due to their fixed fitting.
The female employee left a small bell behind, telling them to ring it if there’s some business, and exited the room.
Of course, Renya doesn’t forget to quietly bribe that employee with several silver coins when she was leaving.
Even though she’s astonished about the coins in her hand being silver coins, she smiles broadly and bows. After seeing the employee off, Renya throws himself down on the large bed in the shape of 大 .
The masked person appears to be nervous and sits down on the bed’s edge with a stiff body. Apparently seeing it for the first time, Emil seems to be very interested in such a place of the human race. She walks around the room in circles while examining it all over.

“What will we do after this?”

Being asked by the masked person sitting at the bed’s edge, Renya immediately replied without rising his body,

“Sleep. I’m worn-out.” (Renya)

It was slightly late afternoon when they left the city of Kukrika.
They entered the holy city early in the morning.
Being shaken around in a car for half a day throughout the night, while avoiding the check point, and then bypassing the gate, exhausted Renya very much.
Even though one might say that, he actually had recovered his stamina instantly due to the Regeneration skill, but had a mood of wanting to sleep due to exhaustion, unbeknownst whether emotionally or mentally anyway.

“Please wake me up once the sun goes down. It’s fine for you to do as you please, but… going outside is not recommended, okay?” (Renya)

“Then I will sleep as well. What will you do?” (Emil)

Emil asks the masked person.

“I want to sleep a bit, too.”

“Then all of us will happily sleep together.” (Emil)

“How did it turn out like this? If all three of us sleep, who will wake us up… geh, if you guys sleep on the bed, I will take the floor…” (Renya)

“Don’t make me say it!” (Emil)

While diving into the bed, Emil drove her elbow into Renya’s solar plexus, who is lying in a 大 posture.
No matter how much you call her build petit, it’s a blow that packed the entire body weight of Emil. A blow into a place that, if directly attacked even under normal circumstances, blocks one’s breathing.
Renya, who was unprepared as he relaxed his attention due to finally being able to sleep, ended up receiving it fully.
As expected, if it was done with the full power of a demon, he likely would have fallen into a state of having several entrails torn and coughing up blood. But as Emil apparently hit him in jest, he didn’t take that much damage. However, it still causes Renya trouble to breathe, leading to agony.
Taking a posture of sleeping together by clinging to the right half of the suffering Renya, and changing Renya’s right shoulder into a pillow, Emil beckoned the masked person.

“Since I will be borrowing this side, you take the other.” (Emil)

“Ah, yes.”

“Say… ing yes here… that’s wro… ng, rig…ht?” (Renya)

The masked person smoothly slips their body, unhindered, on Renya’s left side without taking off the black robe or the mask.
Though it takes the form of this side gently snuggling up to Renya, his left arm is still used as pillow.
Renya voices out his objection after painfully gasping, but he can’t get either Emil or the masked person to pay any attention to him.
Moreover, since both his arms are used as pillows, he has fallen into a situation where he can’t move about.

“Okay, good night. Ah, it’s alright to leave the task of waking everyone up to me.” (Emil)

“Have a good night.”

“You guys… hey…” (Renya)

Renya tried to somehow extract his arms and shoulders from below the two’s heads, but the masked person’s side appears to be quite tired. The masked person starts to raise a small sleeping breath in almost no time.
I guess they got worn-out quite a bit during the forced travel, Renya judges.
Since he vaguely grasped the level of the masked person’s exhaustion, Renya gave up on moving, since it could turn out badly if he wakes them up by squirming around after they got their long-awaited rest.

“You are gentle, Renya-kun.” (Emil)

“Shut up… hurry up and fall asleep. I will do so as well.” (Renya)

Due to Emil’s teasing tone, Renya shuts his eyes while judging that he should fall asleep quickly in this situation.

“I will sleep, but hey… what will we do after the sun goes down?” (Emil)

Once he opens his eyes and turns his face her way, after being asked that, his eyes meet with Emil’s. She is staring at him as if probing Renya’s expression, while being in a state of being glued to him as she uses his shoulder as a pillow.
While locking eyes with Emil, Renya says,

“You guys will stay here while you eat dinner.” (Renya)

“And you, Renya-kun?” (Emil)

“I will… there’s a place I want to go to for a bit.” (Renya)

“Where is it? Can you tell me, too?” (Emil)

Though you already know it, Renya thinks, but it seems that Emil wants to hear it from his mouth no matter what.
For an instant, Renya considered whether he should deceive her by telling her something else, but in his mind, Renya was confident that he most likely wouldn’t be able to deceive Emil.
Rather than hurting her feelings by telling her something awkward, there’s less demerit in telling her the truth, I guess.
Coming to that conclusion, Renya said,

“I will sneak into the royal castle.” (Renya)

“I see, for a preliminary examination of hero-kun, I suppose?” (Emil)

“It’s said that it will take two days for that huge ship to travel here from Kukrika, thus Shion’s group will arrive around tomorrow evening, right? This is my forecast, but won’t the course of events after that be: her dressing up, and then being matched up with the hero during an evening party or such?” (Renya)

It’s also possible they will take it slow, starting from an audience on the day after, giving her rest for one night. But if the hero is, as the rumours say, the type who devours anything without making any difference, he probably won’t be capable of waiting patiently for a woman who came to meet him, will he? Renya ponders.
If I consider that the hero wants to messily devour her as soon as possible, this forecast is the closest match, Renya was able to imagine.

“You might be on the right track there. So, once the evening party comes to an end, we will storm in during their pleasure time, you say?” (Emil)

“Can you really say that considering your current outward appearance…? Well, though the actual performance will be close to it, there’s no way I will agree with doing it unprepared. Besides, it’s necessary to check whether the hero himself has a character as the rumours claim.” (Renya)

What Renya knows about the hero at present is all he was told by Shion.
Since it has been investigated by Rona, its credibility is high, I think, but I should try to ascertain it with my own eyes once after all, Renya believes.
In case the rumours were lies and the hero was actually truly splendid, Renya would completely end up playing the villain’s role here due to picking a fight while believing in the rumours.
And not only that; it’s not unlikely for that to result in losing someone who is a trump card for the fight against the demon king.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” (Emil)

Apparently she finished asking what she wanted to know. Emil closes her eyes quietly.

“The best would be for you to stay here while protecting this place.” (Renya)

Renya says, wondering what to say, if she asked him to take her along into the royal castle, to turn her down.
No matter how you put it, I feel slightly reluctant to trespass the royal castle of the Holy Kingdom, which can be called the heart of the human race’s strongest power, while taking a demon along.
However, he stopped that pointless worrying.

“… Ro~ger. Well then, good night, master.” (Emil)

“Good night. … Dream well.” (Renya)

Adding one more phrase, Renya closes his eyes as well.
It looks like he accumulated far more fatigue than he himself expected. It didn’t take that much time until Renya’s consciousness succumbed to his sleepiness.


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