Chapter 82 – It seems to be the time of departure

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That, which came to a halt in the outskirts of the city of Kukrika, was on time three days later after Rona told Renya the date and time of the departure.
As it’s something that can’t be seen often, the inhabitants of the city ignore their own jobs and gather to watch it. With the opening of street stalls aiming for the curious onlookers who assembled, its surroundings have suddenly been plunged into an excessively merry state.
Renya, who doesn’t like noisiness much, stood at a slightly separate place of that whirlpool of clamouring and gazed at its appearance from atop a building’s roof.
If described in a brief comment, it was a boorish mass of metal.
As for its shape, it appears to be similar to the snails of his previous world.
Its size is roughly 100 meters in over-all length going by Renya’s eye measurement.
There are no wheels attached to it.
Regarding the information related to this, Emil taught Renya the details excessively.
Its fuel is magic gems.
Consuming a mountain of those, it’s apparently advancing with its main body floating slightly above the ground in order to travel no matter how bad the road might be.
Simultaneously it’s proceeding forward by gushing out wind with an intense force through the propeller that has been installed at the rear of its main body.
Course changes are carried out by using small propellers which are set up all over its main body.
Describing it as the different world version of a huge hovercraft can be said to be mostly accurate, is Renya’s understanding.
“As an object, which takes tremendous expenses in regards to any kind of operation and maintenance, it’s generally very rarely made use of”, according to the information from Rona.
As for the circumstances that led to bringing out such ship, one is the nobles of Trident Principality regarding the existence called hero very highly.
And the other is the recently abundant supply of magic gems on the market. Thus, it’s possible to fly with it due to the situation where it’s relatively easy to secure the necessary amount of magic gems for operating it.
Renya, who heard that, was secretly troubled asking himself isn’t that because of me?
By no means, even Renya could consider that the magic gems, which have flown into the market via Frau, would be used to cause a problem in such a place.
Ahead of the view of Renya, who curses in his mind with Damn it! a stir occurred among the onlookers.
A woman, that wrapped up her body with a light blue dress made an appearance on the path, which was created by soldiers splitting onlookers apart, while bringing her attending court ladies and soldiers along.
The black hair, which is usually tied into a ponytail at the height of her head, flows down her back with a natural feeling. Her appearance, with her body clad in a dress of the princess line, was that of a young woman who won’t be ashamed no matter where she presents herself.
Unintentionally the saying “fine feathers make fine birds” pops into Renya’s head.
Right next to her she is accompanied by a blonde-haired woman who concealed her body with a priestess’ garb.
Her proportions, that can easily be recognised even if seen from a far distance, are at the level of causing jeering voices even from among the onlookers.
Of course, such voices ceased right away after the warning of a soldier, who is guarding the surroundings, and a single glare of the person herself.
Renya, who saw their figures off until they vanished inside the magic ship after they came out from within the onlookers, looks at the ship, which began to gush out wind from its rear while raising a roaring sound, floating slightly before long and takes a small breath.
He doesn’t know how many tons that ship weights, but the wind force, which is spit out in order to obtain propulsive power, is tremendous.
Fearing to be swallowed up by that, there were no onlookers behind the ship, but the aftermath of the dispersed cloud of dust completely assaults the onlookers and screams, as well as angry voices, reach Renya’s ears.


“Up to here there are no problems, I guess.” (Renya)

Renya mutters to himself while watching the ship steadily picking up speed albeit slowly.
Unable to advance along the highway due to its large build, the ship proceeds to a slightly separated place.
What’s different from a hovercraft is the aspect that it can continue to advance at a constant speed once it finishes accelerating because it’s floating due to sorcery.
Making the propellers at various places on the hull reversing their direction at the time of stopping, it apparently comes forcibly to a halt by having the hull touch down on the ground by suspending the floating once the speed has fallen to a certain extent.
It can be called a truly rough vehicle, but Renya somehow ended up liking that roughness.
I wonder if it’s something I can also build myself after downsizing it? He even ponders.
It would be nice if I could get smuggled on that ship though, Renya regrets.
Renya tried to scheme various plans whether he can’t get on the ship with Rona’s help, but the escorting soldiers, as well as the attending court ladies, have their person and personal ID’s strictly checked and thus there was absolutely no gap to slip onto the ship secretly.
Even if he tried changing places with someone, a person, who might accept such thing, will never be chosen as attending member from the very start due to their thorough style. Thus Renya has early given up on the plan of smuggling in.
The method of pursuing them through a transfer gate didn’t work as the Holy City wasn’t registered as transfer gate destination.
The people, who look after the Holy City, apparently hated moving via transfer. Since it’s the sacred capital, which worships God, it’s seen as blasphemy towards God to enter it by transferring in. It seems to be the embodiment of the intention “come entering by walking properly.”
It’s a truly troublesome group of people, Renya’s evaluation towards the Holy City is in a state of falling before he even goes there.
Flying on a dragon after asking Liaris, that was also a complicated story.
A dragon is an existence that will cause a city to switch into high alert even if its figure was merely seen in a far distance.
If he tried flying close to a large city like the Holy City on a dragon, it’s like telling them “please shoot me down.”
Flying by sorcery was a bit unreasonable, too.
If it was only Renya by himself, he had a hunch that he could manage one way or the other, but Emil forcefully insisted on being taken along.

“I’m someone who has largely contributed this time, right?” (Emil)

“Yeah, well…” (Renya)

“You won’t tell me that you are leaving me behind or such, will you?” (Emil)

Being urged with a smile while having his collar grasped, Renya couldn’t help but shake his head sideways.
Reluctantly thinking of an alternate plan, Renya tells Emil about it.
If she were to tell him that it’s impossible, Renya planned to say to her that she should give up on coming along then, but due to the knowledge of Renya, who conveyed it with a feeling that could be called vague, Emil got into it with a terrifying force.
What Renya explained to Emil is the existence of a 2 and 4 cycling piston structure and something like an engine that used those.
In addition, a suspension to reduce the vibrations and something like a transmission that made use of gears.
Presenting that, which is slightly fragmentary in his knowledge, to Emil, Renya explained it with a feeling at the level of it being possible to build something called a car once those parts were combined. But, after repeating various trials and errors while taking one night to integrate those, Emil took out a large amount of materials from Renya’s workshop and ended up adopting her ideas into a single work in one day.
Carrying its construction out at the same time of the troublesome item creation, which was originally requested by Renya, Renya couldn’t form any words due to his shock at the time he saw the completed work.
The detailed mechanism was gibberish even for Renya who provided the inspiration, but the parts, which he could somehow understand from the words of Emil who explained proudly, are the framework, which has been made out of an alloy of mithril and steel and has been covered by wyvern leather, and the fuel being magic gems.
As for the principle, using gears as an intermediary through a crank axis at the engine, which operates via compressed air that uses wind sorcery, it travels by conveying the movement to the tires which used twined wyvern wing membranes as a substitute for gum.
As brazen four-wheel-drive and because it has furthermore a suspension equipped, it apparently possesses a performance that makes it possible to travel ignoring the road’s state.
Being able to carry out the speed adjustment by switching gears with a single operation lever from the driver’s seat, it’s even capable of going backwards.
That driver’s seat is fully equipped with even a handbrake in addition to foot levers for breaking and accelerating.
Boasting a theoretical upper limit of 300 horse-power with four people on board, it was the birth of a different world auto-mobile that might be called perfect.
“It has golem control via alchemy and a combination of implementation techniques”, Emil says, but Renya wasn’t able to understand at all what it will be able to do if it has such things.
At this time Renya felt like he was made to realize the demons’ dreadfulness for the first time.
That car was currently stopped next to the building which Renya has climbed.
In the driver’s seat Emil is sitting with her usual tube top bra, hot-pants and coat. The intake holes, which have been installed at the car’s body, are thunderously sucking up air and the car is in a state where it can depart at any time.

“Renya, how long are you going to see them off? Shouldn’t we depart soon?” (Emil)

Going by the tone of her voice, Emil apparently can’t wait to depart any longer.
It’s probably inevitable that she promptly wants to try running this new car at full power.

“I’m coming now.” (Renya)

Giving a short reply, Renya jumps off the roof, and once he lands without a sound due to using his knee as cushioning, he opens the car’s door and climbs into the passenger’s seat.
The chair uses a cloth which was weaved into a fabric by Frau earnestly working at it and has a nice feeling.
After sinking his body deeply into it, coiling the belt, which was provided for the sake of safety, around his waist.
Although Renya didn’t even tell Emil about seat belts, this demon’s obsession reaches as far as the safety aspect. There are proper seat belts and air cushions for the sake of protecting the passengers, in case the car crashed into something, installed.
A professional engineer is frightening, Renya believed from the bottom of his heart.
Since she has said that this isn’t her field of expertise, I don’t want to know overly much how far Emil’s meticulousness can go in her field of expertise, Renya judges.
Once she made sure that Renya got on, Emil turns a small lever at the driver’s seat to the side.
Because strong glass with high transparency to the degree of being usable for stuff like the windscreen still doesn’t exist in this world, this is a switch to deploy a barrier as glass substitute which was brought in by Emil as last resort.
Because of this, the entire body of the car is covered by a single barrier. It protects the car and its passengers from being hit by pebbles, dust clouds and wind pressure at the time of moving at high speed.

“It might be a bit cramped, but please put up with it.” (Renya)

Renya said so while looking back over his shoulder to the rear seat.
A person, who wore a black, baggy robe covering them entirely and hid their face behind a white mask on the back seat of the four-seater, is sitting in a state of having properly fastened the belt on their side as well.
Being called out by Renya, that person nodded deeply once.
After confirming that, Renya returns his look to the front.

“Alright, please get going.” (Renya)

“Okie, let’s go.” (Emil)

Emil suddenly stepped onto the accelerator faster than Renya can restrain her with a “Wait a moment” due to the pitch in her voice.
The car takes off swiftly with an acceleration that presses his body into the seat.
Due to the appearance of an object, which they have never been seen before, travelling at a great speed while raising a low hum, screams are raised by the city’s residents, but Emil gradually increases the speed while not minding such things.


“We have to recover the part of starting late, don’t we!” (Emil)

Emil, who says that in an extremely happy voice, is in a state of completely stepping onto the accelerator.
Naturally, as this is a car built by Emil, it doesn’t have a device called limiter as it’s attached to the cars of his former world.
In other words, it will speed up as long as she keeps stepping on the accelerator until the limit of its performance.

“We are still in the city! Restrain yourself a bit!” (Renya)

Due to the scenery of the city passing by as if flying, even Renya is flustered as expected, but Emil doesn’t possess something like good hearing.

“Ahaha! Impossible! There’s no way for me to stop such fun!” (Emil)

Originally the vibrations will become terrifying if one drives with such a speed on top of a stone paving with an extreme unevenness, and the damage to the people, who are riding inside, will become substantial, but with the suspension, which was installed in the car’s body, the vibrations are somehow absorbed and suppressed to a reasonable level.
Nevertheless, as the vibrations couldn’t be completely kept down, Renya and the others jolted up and down.

“Ah, geez! Have it your way! Just don’t run someone over!” (Renya)

“Leave it to me~!” (Emil)

Emil promises without due consideration to Renya who gives up on restraining Emil quickly.


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