Chapter 81 – It seems to be preparations and work

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It was a work that causes a somewhat strange feeling for Renya, as it means that he would investigate the world he is currently at once more.
I wonder why I have neglected to do that until now, Renya ponders and tries to excuse it with haven’t I just neglected it until it became necessary since it would be unused knowledge otherwise? But in this world, which he considers investigating now, even the residents haven’t investigated things like geography with precision as if it was natural. He ends up realizing that.
Since this was the result he obtained from the information he could gather from normal citizens, he didn’t actually know whether there is even more detailed information in the hands of those people who have a position like managing the government.
First, there’s no map like the ones Renya saw in his previous world.
Even when he tries to investigate the route to move from city to city, there isn’t anything circulating but information at the level of 「You will get there once you follow this main road」, joking aside.
As expected, this stumped even Renya.
Just on paper, there’s no way to investigate the route from Kukrika to the Holy City.
As a last resort, Renya spurs on his feverish body, sallies forth to a bar in the city of Kukrika and sizes a suitable merchant-like appearing middle-aged man. While treating him to booze and food, he tried to endeavour in fishing for information.
As a result, he learned that it takes around one week with a carriage until the city called Gooshu, which is the capital city of Trident Principality, from the city of Kukrika.
Passing the principality’s border from Gooshu, it’s a distance of close to three weeks via carriage to the Holy City which is the capital city of the Holy Kingdom.
In that case, by a rough calculation in my head, it’s around 600 ~ 700 km from Kukrika to Gooshu.
And Gooshu and the Holy City are more than 2000 km apart.
After he heard that story, Renya was dejected by the pointless vastness of the continent where he currently resides, and once again gave instructions to Frau to end Shion’s maintenance of the status quo at a suitable point in time.
Just by going and returning it will take 2 months according to my calculations.
If Shion is left in a bedridden state for 2 months, the muscles in her whole body will definitely deteriorate.
With only a few days of being completely bedridden, those called humans quickly wither away to a degree of being able to actually feel the weakening of their muscle strength.
In order to recover those, it will be necessary to train the body several times the number of days spent resting.
Tentatively Shion is a swordswoman.
Despite being inexperienced even at the best of times, the day where Shion will become a decent swordswoman will fade away into the far distance if she ends up losing her physical strength even more.
That was something Renya couldn’t bring himself to do as he was probably classified as a swordsman in this world, too.
Even if told that it’s in exchange for Shion’s chastity.
Besides, it would be a simple story if she is in a condition where she can’t be moved, but likely Shion’s situation can’t be influenced if things advance, especially in a condition where she can be moved, Renya thought.
If I look at it from that side, I can also say that the vastness of the continents in this world is working towards a good direction for me.
Even in case it goes in a bad direction, for example, I will push through with persistence for her sake, is Renya’s intention.

“This time I will take care of watching the house.” (Croire)

It’s Croire who quickly made the offer to house-sit at this phase.
Being an elf, she goes out normally if it’s around the city of Kukrika, but she seems to be a bit reluctant to make an appearance at a city with a high population like the capital city of Trident Principality.
Furthermore, the existences called elves have apparently many matters they bear in mind about the existence called Holy Kingdom.

“That place holds the biggest authority as a sacred place where they worship the human god, but I have heard that on top of that there are many people who despise other races due to the doctrine of human supremacy. If the elf me entered their capital, I will likely sow a seed of trouble to the degree of feeling discouraged even if I’m caught, sold and thrown away before long.” (Croire)

Croire says while laying bare her unpleasant feelings on her face.

“Honestly said, I believe it’s fine if they perish after using this time’s hero disturbance as an excuse.” (Croire)

“Croire… you are talking in the elven language, right?” (Renya)

“Shion-san is on the sickbed. And since Rona isn’t here as she’s nursing Shion, isn’t that fine?” (Croire)

Now that she has said it, currently all of the members, who can move within Renya’s home, are those who can speak elvish.
Rather than that, the only one who can’t speak it was Shion.
For her to be minding Rona’s existence is probably because she is sensitive towards slander against the Holy Kingdom as Rona is a priest, isn’t it? It appeared after he considered it.

“For the human race it’s monotheism you know.” (Renya)

“Although the name of their god is unknown. This is, well, not only limited to the humans, but also the same for the elves.” (Croire)

“Really?” (Renya)

“Yes, as it’s insolent to speak the name of God, it hasn’t been handed down through the ages. This is also the same for the angels who are attending to God.” (Croire)

It was a piece of knowledge he was taught in an unexpected place.

“How about your side, Emil?” (Renya)

“It’s going well… is hard to say, I guess. At any rate, I have to assemble that completely in a few days, right? It’s already a lightning speed construction without me even sparing time to sleep. It’s fine as it seems to be interesting though.” (Emil)

Emil was in the middle of producing the item requested by Renya.
The only ones who know what they might be talking about are just Renya, Emil and Frau. Shion and Rona, of course, and even Croire haven’t been informed.
The manufacturing location is mainly carried out in the basement to where one can go down from the workshop. The details of that work were decided to be a secret by Renya.

“However, if it’s only about making it, it’s simple, but as you have attached various restrictions, Renya-kun…” (Emil)

“No, well, that’s its scrapping condition.” (Renya)

“Well, that’s true. Besides, even going by Renya’s and the others feelings, it will be accompanied with feelings of guilt no matter whether you use it or are made to use it unless it’s an item that can be discarded at any time.” (Emil)

“That is, well…” (Renya)

“It’s alright, Renya-kun. Well, leave it to me.” (Emil)

In contrast to Emil’s work which is carried out in absolute secrecy behind the scenes, Frau’s part was openly done at the workshop.
However, besides Renya there’s no one who comes and watches the details of her work.
If you ask why, that’s because that work not only gave an extremely bad feeling, but also stunk considerably.

“Master, I’d like you bring me the jar over there ~no.” (Frau)

Her appearance of cooking gently while tossing various raw materials inside the large iron pot which was hanging from the ceiling above the hearth, that has been installed in the workshop, was just like a magician from tales.


Renya, who was asked by Frau, who is stirring the contents of the iron pot in such state, picks up several jars which are on the top of a table.

“Which of them?” (Renya)

“It’s that bright red jar ~nano.” (Frau)

What’s inside the jars was classified by various colours.
Once Renya grasps a jar, which has been coloured in redness to the degree of being sickening, from among them, he hands it over to Frau.
The pitch black smoke, which rises from the iron pot, is something that causes a stimulus strong to the degree of causing one to be unable to stop tearing up and coughing if inhaled directly. It was the kind of smoke capable of causing various complaints by the neighbours to start flooding in if it’s released outside as is, but after Frau asked Renya, he gathers this irritating ample smoke together with wind sorcery and makes it scatter by making it rise up to the sky in one go. With that, the problem was cleared.
There was nothing Frau herself couldn’t deal with if it’s about simple wind sorcery, but she lacked the ability to eject this smoke up to a height where it won’t harm other people.
And so it has turned into a situation where it’s indispensable for Renya to always be next to Frau during her work progress.

“What the heck are the contents of that?” (Renya)

“Poison glands of large scorpions ~no.” (Frau)

Opening the jar’s lid, Frau throws its contents straight away into the iron pot.
What emerged from inside was a lump looking like pitch black dyed intestines.

“That’s poison, isn’t it?” (Renya)

“Yes, it’s poison ~nano.” (Frau)

“I know I have placed the request, but will that be alright?” (Renya)

The iron pot, which contained something like a black liquid and clod-like objects, begins to give off an even denser smoke.
Renya condenses it all together and scatters it after launching it to quite the altitude.
During that work progress, a message appeared in Renya’s field of vision.

<Information: Appraisal Skill – Poison Smoke Lv. 3 >

“Hey, Frau. Lv.3 poison, what kind of poison is that?” (Renya)

“It’s a gentle poison ~nano. It’s possible to counteract it with intermediate applied magic* ~no. (Frau) (T/N: Still struggling how to finally call it. It’s of the same system as the “Judgement” thingy used to check whether one’s lying but the author never gives a clear classification of the various magic systems used – houjutsu (法術) )

Isn’t that at a level where it’s already unmanageable by elementary applied magic if spilt? Renya wonders.
At the same time the doubt, whether it’s okay to irresponsibly dump such a thing, wells up within him.
However, for Renya it’s necessary to discharge that smoke somewhere even if he felt doubts about it.
Also, the knowledge and skill to change it into something harmless aren’t in Renya’s hands.
Did she notice Renya having a complicated expression in front of the lump of smoke, which was locked up after gathering it with the wind? Frau said, without resting the hand which is stirring the iron pot,

“Even if you don’t worry about it, it will become harmless after deteriorating for around one day once it gets in contact with the atmosphere ~no.” (Frau)

“I see.” (Renya)

Even so, in order to not harm someone by mistake, he decided to launch it up to a height where it can’t be properly seen anymore.

“Master, if you are surprised by that level of poison, you won’t be able to use something like the poison I’m currently making ~no.” (Frau)

“Will it have such harsh efficiency?” (Renya)

“Hmm…” (Frau)

Placing her right hand on her chin and while grasping the stick, with which she is stirring the contents of the iron pot, she continues her work of turning it around so that the contents won’t get burned or stuck. Before long Frau, who pondered a bit. mentions something frightening.

“If it’s about level, it will become Lv. 9. It’s a level where detoxification will fail with high probability even if you use an exclusive antidote for it. If its applied magic, it will be inefficient in counteracting it even with high-level anti-poison applied magic. If it’s an antidote like those that can be bought in shops, detoxification is absolutely impossible ~no. And even with a high-level healing medicine like an unusually effective medicine or cure-all, it won’t be possible to completely heal it at all.” (Frau)

“Eh…?” (Renya)

Renya felt like he heard something absurd, but the chattering Frau continues to explain indifferently as if it’s something trivial.

“The effect is mostly permanent ~nano. If the target was once affected, even healing featured by high-level applied magic will be impossible. By the way, the pharmacists, who can make this level of poison can be counted on one hand even if you talk about the vast continent ~no.” (Frau)

“Why can you make that, Frau?” (Renya)

Renya tries to throw the question, which appears just naturally, at her.
Due to that question, Frau’s movement stopped for a moment.
However, as it was really just for an instant, she resumes the mixing work right away.

“Now that you ask me that, I certainly don’t know why I can make it ~no.” (Frau)

“Wait a minute…” (Renya)

“Frau should be originally a fairy specialised in clothing and accessories ~nano. However, for some reason, I can make it ~no.” (Frau)

“Why is that so, I wonder?” Frau tilts her head to the side.
Renya judged that he probably won’t get an answer at this point even if he tried to pursue the matter any further due to that gesture, but in reality, Frau happened to know about that aspect.
That was something related to the people who were fairly frequently sent into Renya’s mansion.
At the point in time they intruded into Renya’s mansion, they turned into corpses at a rate of 100% as of now.
Their remains have been used as an important source of nutrients for the things living in the garden, but their souls, or rather their spirits have become the feed of the things living in a part of the basement. The majority of what Frau ended up bringing in are circumstances unbeknown even to Renya.
As if only natural, all of their possessed experiences and knowledge has come to Frau.
Likely, someone among those people was an expert in poisons, Frau assesses.
However, this isn’t something I have to tell Renya, Frau judges, too.

“Rather than such stuff, master, did you finish laying the groundwork with Rona-ane-sama ~no?” (Frau)

“Well, pretty much… I asked her to cooperate with us after explaining that it’s concerning Shion’s chastity.” (Renya)

“That’s straightforward ~no.” (Frau)

If it’s related to this time’s matter, Rona’s cooperation was essential no matter what.
To begin with, with just Renya, Emil and Frau, they won’t be able to create an argument for the upper ranks of Trident Principality. They can’t obtain the time and date of departing to the Holy City and the detailed information of the route either.
Considering it from the side of Trident Principality, she is the first princess albeit having no succession rights.
They cannot help being anxious that she will be attacked for that reason if it’s leaked to thieves in case things go wrong.
Thus, that information was concealed to quite a degree.

“Because Shion collapsed all of a sudden, it has caused an uproar in the surroundings.” (Rona)

Rona, who was requested to cooperate, mentioned in a complaining manner once she was made to listen to the situation of a drug being administered to Shion by Renya.
Even so, once she heard that Renya’s action was for the sake of it not turning into a situation which Shion doesn’t wish for, she agreed to cooperate without having any choice.

“All of it is for Shion, is why I’m ignoring it. And, believing that it can be handled one way or the other if it’s you, Renya, let me give you my information as well.” (Rona)

Saying that Rona illegally tells Renya the details of the information she knows.
Of course, that’s a deed which bears the danger of being charged with a serious crime if exposed.
Renya said that he has the intention to kidnap Shion as well as Rona and then to escape to the vicinity of the elven country if it ends up getting exposed.

“The departure was postponed due to her bad physical condition. However, it was decided that we will depart early in the morning three days later instead of today.” (Rona)

“What if Shion’s physical condition still hasn’t recovered?” (Renya)

“The official stance is that it’s wrong to keep Hero-sama waiting any longer. Their real attention is that it probably doesn’t matter whether her consciousness is ambiguous due to her bad physical condition as it will be fine as long as she can lie down on a bed. There apparently was support for such heresy…” (Rona)

Rona, who came to report the new information, told them while grinding her teeth out of vexation, but that was the second day after Shion collapsed.
Renya frowns due to such excessive motive.
Certainly, as it’s their aim, it probably doesn’t matter whether the person herself is conscious or not, but you can’t argue that it’s not related to whether her physical condition is good or bad. However, aren’t they going beyond the level of sleaze-bags too much? Renya ends up wondering.

“There are fools among nobles… With just the feeding of Shion to the hero being delayed, they start talking about stuff like the hero’s impression likely becoming worse… even Her Majesty, the Archduchess, couldn’t restrain those opinions.” (Rona)

Due to Rona having glazed eyes as her rage goes beyond making a full turn, Renya taps her shoulder and tells her “just list the names of those idiots afterwards.”
Renya continued questioning Rona, who apparently restrained her anger somewhat thanks to his words,

“Even if they say that a one-way trip to the Holy City takes about one month, right?” (Renya)

“Yes, but since it’s impossible to talk in such easygoing way, a magic ship will be used to go by flight.” (Rona)

“What’s that?” (Renya)

Renya tries to ask Rona about the details of the word, he heard for the first time, but Rona shook her head hurriedly.

“I don’t know the details about it either. It’s a ship that travels on land and moves with sorcery. That’s all I know.” (Rona)

Renya didn’t comprehend that explanation at all, but deciding to not bother about the details, he only thinks it’s probably a way to go to the Holy City while moving at high-speed.

“How much time does that ship require to get to the Holy City?” (Renya)

“Two days, it seems. Since I never boarded it either, it’s difficult for me to ascertain whether it’s the truth or not.” (Rona)

If it’s the truth, that’s a vehicle with quite the speed.
Moreover, it’s probably something quite big, Renya guessed.
No matter how much they say that their objective is to present Shion to the hero, they shouldn’t do something like sending a princess to the Holy City by herself. As there naturally should be a proper scale of attendants attached to her, there won’t be any meaning without a movement method that can deliver all of them at once.

“It’s fine if there’s a gap for me to smuggle in, but… in the worst case I have no other choice but to use another route.” (Renya)

“It’s one troublesome matter after the other”, Renya breathed out very deeply.


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