Chapter 80 – It seems to be a little conspiracy

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“Yes, then I want to begin the meeting for the first let’s-laugh-loudly-while-pointing-at-the-hero-after-making-him-cry-by-beating-him-up planning draft ~no.” (Frau)

“Oy, wait… for heaven’s sake… just wait a bit…” (Renya)

Renya, who was prostrating on the table with a feeling of gasping, tries to somehow rein in the remark of Frau who has raised her voice.
His face is somewhat feverish and his look is slightly hollow.
With a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, he doesn’t seem healthy no matter how you look at it.
Originally that shouldn’t have happened to a degree that one might say it’s almost impossible for Renya to enter such a state.
Renya has the skill 「Healthy Body」.
It’s a skill that tries to keep Renya’s body in the very best condition. Even if he was afflicted by sickness or poison and even if those were at the level of being instantly fatal for argument’s sake, it’s a skill capable of enduring those and rejecting them in a short time.
Thanks to this skill being continuously active, or in other words being a passive skill, Renya is in a state where he won’t fall ill or even if he does, his health will recover immediately. But what Renya noticed last night was that he is able to turn it OFF for some unknown reason.
For the sake of confining Shion, Renya had her swallow poison by feeding it to her mouth-to-mouth, however as it’s bad for settling his feelings by feigning ignorance, he decided to swallow the same amount of poison he had her swallow, but then realized, won’t it be detoxified by the skill 「Healthy Body」 right away?
At the moment he thought this would be bad, the message 「Do you wish to turn the Healthy Body skill OFF temporarily?」 popped up in his field of vision.
Using the help function right away, Renya, who confirmed that this skill could be turned ON and OFF, changed the Healthy Body skill to OFF.
Putting down Shion, whom he carried, on the bed before the delayed type of poison began to show its effect, he was suddenly assaulted by dizziness when he pondered whether he should try to consult about the steps from here on out with Rona and the others at dawn for the time being.
While placing his hand on the wall reflexively, Renya, who crumbled down to the floor starting with his knees, wondered how’s this an average degree of fever while spilling cold sweat due to stomach ache, nausea and violent shakes that attacked him.
At the same time he was unable to trust that it’s really non-lethal after actually experiencing the feeling himself although Frau said that it’s pretty much non-lethal in case such poison assaulted Shion’s body.
Due to a level of lethargy that made him even unable to support his body after placing both hands on the wall, Renya gave Frau the instruction via telepathic communication to see to Shion’s nursing by calling Rona and his consciousness snapped off right after that.
Renya doesn’t know what happened after that.
Once he noticed that it became morning, Renya was put to sleep on his own bed and his clothes were completely changed to something else from what he wore at the time when he went to bed.
Frau was sitting besides the bed and fixedly stared at Renya. For some reason Emil had sneaked into the futon while nude and clung to Renya’s body.

“Master, did you wake up ~nano?” (Frau)

Renya tried to answer Frau’s question, but as his throat was dry, his voice didn’t come out.
It was just a sound like husky groaning that escaped from his lips, but due to that sound Emil, who was clinging to Renya, woke up.

“Renya! Good grief, what’s this all about? It isn’t very dexterous to get close to death with a combination technique of high fever and dehydration within your own home, is it?” (Emil)

“Master, I haven’t heard with what method you made Shion-ane swallow it. But, at the moment you held four pills in your mouth, its penetration had already started ~no. It was on the verge of getting really dangerous ~no.” (Frau)

That means me having made her swallow it with mouth-to-mouth feeding has been apparently completely leaked to Frau.
Certainly, as there’s a mucous membrane within the mouth, that was a logical fact even if I didn’t expect for the poison to enter from there at the time I held it in my mouth.
Maybe the expectation of sharing a kiss with Shion made me restless after I put it in my mouth.
If I consider it like that, I ended up doing something quite embarrassing, Renya reflects.

“For the time being, Renya, it’s better if you drink water… Is it fine for me to give it you orally?” (Emil)

Smiling impishly, Emil asks while helping Renya’s upper body to sit up, Renya has no spare energy to answer.
From the issue of him not reacting, Emil, who guessed that Renya wasn’t in a state where she could mess around with him overly much, applied a water jug, she retrieved from somewhere, to Renya’s mouth and made him hold the water in his mouth.
Due to the sensation of cold water flowing into his parched and thirsty throat, Renya felt his consciousness returning, albeit only a bit.

“Sorry… I was too much of a dunce.” (Renya)

“Yea, really. Well for me it’s fine either way since I was able to use it as excuse to slip into your bed while nude though.” (Emil)

Emil said that in a jesting tone, but Renya actually knew without being told that she likely tried to warm him up somewhat as he was shivering due to the chills coming from the high fever.
Frau and Croire have too small bodies in comparison to Renya and Rona was likely unable to take her hands off Shion’s nursing.

“Sorry, Emil. You have my gratitude… put something on.” (Renya)

Renya, who thinks the other party might be a demon, but it won’t do without me immediately expressing my gratitude in regards to her having nursed me, squeezes out those words somehow while being hugged by Emil.
After showing a slightly astonished expression due to being told that, Emil quietly turned her look towards the distance.

“It doesn’t really matter though. Even I would be troubled if you died.” (Emil)

“For the time being, since it was non-lethal…. poison, I won’t die… that easily, will I?” (Renya)

“It’s not about dying due to poison ~no.” (Frau)

Frau said nonchalantly.

“However, there was the possibility of you dying due to being unable to resist its effects ~no.” (Frau)

“Oy…?” (Renya)

“What is called a lethal poison is one that will reliably kill you as long as you don’t treat it after swallowing it ~no. Even if you don’t treat this one, you will only suffer high fever and vomiting ~no. … However, I can’t deny the possibility of death due to the inability of enduring dehydration and fever ~no.” (Frau)

“I-Is Shion alright…?” (Renya)

Renya was flustered as he made her swallow something fairly bad, but Frau shrugged her shoulders and told him that it was something harmless.

“For Shion-ane-sama it’s just a fever at the level of her being unable to stand up and walk ~nano. Probably master ended up taking over all of the bad symptoms ~no.” (Frau)

“She is… alright?” (Renya)

“Alright or whatever, while laying in a futon and being nursed by Rona, she was idling around with a somewhat slovenly smile. And Rona told me, please tell Renya today’s departure was postponed because of the person’s poor physical shape.” (Emil)

Renya feels relieved due to Emil’s words.
It seems only the strong symptoms of its effect were absorbed into Renya’s body at the time he held the pills in his mouth. Apparently only a relatively weak poison reached Shion’s body.
Even so, as it was a fever at the level of her being unable to stand up and walk, Renya’s objective was accomplished.

“Well then, Renya.” (Emil)

Crawling out of the futon, Emil said while putting on her underwear.
Renya believed that Emil had only black underwear because of a vague image, but contrary to his expectations, it was pure white underwear which had fine lace ornaments added in.
The expression of Emil, who puts them on, seems to be extremely happy for some reason.


“You will tell us what happened last night, right?” (Emil)

When he is told so with a smile, he might have been able to feign ignorance if it was the usual him, but since he has shown his shortcomings by having to be nursed for one night due to getting weakened by a fever, there are no means for Renya to resist it.
Thus, after he was made to spill all the details of last night’s conversation with Shion, the first words of what Frau said were strange.
Given that she didn’t want to continue even though they are talking in Renya’s bedroom just as usual, they moved the place to the parlour.
Although Renya’s at the parlour after changing his clothes properly, does his body feel sluggish because of the high fever after all? He doesn’t feel like moving and is in a state of mostly fallen prostrate while he at least rises his body from atop the table occasionally.

“Master, I know how you feel ~no. But if it’s this painful, I think I should detoxify you ~no.” (Frau)

Since it’s a poison created by Frau, Frau naturally possesses the antidote.
She isn’t an idiot that will use poison without having an antidote.

“No, but… on Shion… since I have forced that condition on her for three days, only me having it easy means…” (Renya)

“I feel like it will be fine even if you don’t care about it much though.” (Emil)

Smiling while looking at Renya, who is completely exhausted, as something very interesting, Emil says with a friendly grin.

“Certainly, the fever seemed to be painful. However, that person appears to be light-headed and foolish for some other reason.” (Emil)

“Renya-san, she uttered “ufufu~” ~no.” (Frau)

The way of having her swallow it was likely wrong? Renya ponders while lying on the table.
However, if I made her swallow it the normal way, Shion might have succumbed to an even worse condition.
If it’s just a generation of the fever’s effects after filtering them through Renya’s body, this will be painful for Renya, but since that’s a good thing, he wonders wasn’t it a good method to have her swallow it through mouth-to-mouth feeding?

“Well, let’s put that aside for the moment…” (Renya)

“Renya-kun, your face is red.” (Emil)

Averting his face from the grinning face of Emil, Renya switches the skill 「Healthy Body」 ON for just a bit.
Suppressing only the intense stomach ache and nausea, he reverts it to OFF once again at the moment when just the fever is remaining.
Shion apparently didn’t have any symptoms of stomach ache and nausea.
So, in that case Renya himself has no obligation to suffer those symptoms.

“Leave me alone. … It’s a fact that it won’t do unless we don’t take some measures against that hero or whatever. I’m not the kind of person able to offer my friends to some unknown fellow with unknown circumstances.” (Renya)

“Even if you say that, is there some move capable of beating him? Certainly there’s no way for you to get him done in with a single strike, right?” (Emil)

“Even if rotten, he’s the human race’s hope. He is the hero that will become the key against the demon king’s army ~nano. If we handle it unskilfully, it’s very likely to turn the entirety of the human race into our enemies ~no.” (Frau)

“At that time I will act as fake hero by killing the demon king.” (Renya)

“… Is that so~?” (Emil)

Though she doesn’t change her expression, Emil felt cold sweat streaming down her back.
Emil is classified by her peculiar personality, but as demon she feels pretty much only little respect and awe towards the one called demon king.
Of course, in regards to consenting or refusing the demon king’s existence, Emil has absolutely no intention to talk even if she was asked by Renya for example, however she feels something frightening in regards to Renya who carelessly talks about killing the demon king.

“For the time being we will peacefully… no, there’s no need for that. I want to pick a method of finishing it without allowing Shion to leave.” (Renya)

“That sounds like you don’t wish to hear our opinion, doesn’t it?” (Emil)

“Croire-ane-sama not having been called here says everything, I believe ~no.” (Frau)

Just as Frau says, Renya didn’t invite Croire to this consultation.
“The matter is about human nobles”, he has told Croire, but in that case he should have originally left Emil out of the loop as well.
For Renya there’s a reason to deliberately invite Emil to this.

“After this Emil will…” (Renya)

Looking at the item on top of the table taken out by Renya, Emil nods as if to state her agreement.

“Certainly doing it like that, the rest will be my field of expertise.” (Emil)

“And, in order for Frau to stock up on that…” (Renya) (T/N Eligible to change as kept very obscure what they are talking about and the kanji can mean various things)

“Master, in that case you can leave it to Frau ~no. I have already stocked up a really amazing ((amount)) of that ~no.” (Frau)

Frau takes responsibility after hitting her chest with a single *pon*.
Because of that confident behaviour, Renya ends up believing that she will definitely bring out something far more terrific than he requested, but since there’s no particular problem with that, he judges to let her do as she likes.

“By the way, can you maintain Shion’s condition like that?” (Renya)

“Leave that side to me as well ~no. I will do it so that Rona-ane-sama doesn’t realize ~no. For how long?” (Frau)

“It will be fine if it’s at least the number of days it takes to make a round-trip to the Holy City and two additional days after this.” (Renya)

“That will probably be alright ~nano.” (Frau)

Although Renya didn’t know how many days it would take afterwards, Frau affirmed it without even asking about the exact number.

“Emil, I’d like you to conceal the prepared item though? It will become troublesome if it’s exposed.” (Renya)

“I shall hide it perfectly now then. I will display my best ability so that they definitely don’t realize its existence.” (Emil)

Picking up the item he placed on the table by Renya, Emil, who tosses it into the pocket of her coat, nodded her head to Renya’s request.

“Well then, it looks like it will get fun. Will you go to the Holy City, Renya?” (Emil)

“Well, yeah. I will secretly slip in somewhere.” (Renya)

“I’d like you to take me along by all means. Let’s make that the reward for this time’s request.” (Emil)

“… Don’t cause an uproar, okay?” (Renya)

“Got it, master. Let’s later invite members that look to be suitable?” (Emil)

“Frau, please take care of making the necessary arrangements towards Rona. This time she has to cooperate.” (Renya)

“Roger, master ~nano.” (Frau)

Once Frau answered, Emil and Frau saluted towards Renya almost at the same time.
Due to the excessively matching timing, Renya tilts his head to the side wondering what they are doing.

“I will accomplish the order from master no matter how ~nano.” (Frau)

“For the time being, since you have to take part in the operation, Renya-kun… no, master, you should rest your body.” (Emil)

Before Renya says anything, Emil hods up Renya’s body easily.
It was the princess carry Renya performed on Shion last night.

“Come now, let’s return to bed, Renya-kun, okay?” (Emil)

“Wai-, oy, wait. I can walk myself!” (Renya)

“No, no, something like making master walk himself… we will properly sleep together this night as well if you are a good boy.” (Emil)

Renya tried to somehow get away from Emil who looks happy, but after struggling for a while, he stops moving due to complete exhaustion.
As he moved vigorously in a state of having a fever, he apparently ended up fainting.
Thanks to his overcompensating skills, Renya doesn’t use up all his strength that often.
There was almost no situation where he stopped moving up to this point.

“The efficacy of that poison might be… a bit too strong ~no…” (Frau)

Frau muttered in a whisper while seeing off the back of Emil who is carrying Renya gleefully.
It’s Frau’s special poison 「Witch Hunt of Insanity」Witch Hunt of Madness.
Dragged out from Renya’s knowledge, its name originates from the five stages of torture carried out to draw out a confession at witch hunts in the different world.
In the user manual there hasn’t been written anything but the effects up to four pills, but as for the fifth pill that wasn’t mentioned, that, which was until then a non-lethal drug, transforms into a poison definitely killing the person who takes it.

“I should prepare a weaker drug ~no.” (Frau)

“Well, the matter is over”, after lightly reflecting, Frau floated away lightly.


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