Chapter 78 – It seems to be a night assault 2

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Daytime was very noisy, Renya recalled while sitting half up on top of his bed.
From going to a dragon subjugation while taking Liaris along until arriving at the current point in time; it was a clamour that plentifully involved even the surroundings and not only Liaris herself which would have been only natural.
It’s something obvious, but the dragon Dra-kun quickly returned to the mountains after being introduced all over.
That’s a reasonable measure since only his existence near them will give birth to alertness and nervousness which is unwanted by the surroundings.
Another reason was also the abnormal increase in feed cost.
Although Liaris joined the ranks of nobles, her salary is pretty much paid by the country.
Liaris, who didn’t prepare anything as she ended up becoming a Viscount far too sudden, was granted quite the large amount of money as funds by the country to cover the costs of preparations in addition to her salary.
That means, that money is in order for her buy ornaments and clothes that befit her social status.
Until then Liaris lived in the teacher’s dormitory of the adventurer training school, but a mansion was also prepared for her as it’s likely bad for a person, who has a rank of nobility, to live in a dormitory.
Originally she should have been offered to live in a high-class residential area where nobles and their-likes live, but a problem sprung up at that point.
For the mansion of Liaris, where a dragon might arrive or depart in emergencies, a garden, which could at least fit a dragon, was necessary first of all. For this reason Liaris’ mansion wasn’t built in the residential area but in the commercial district and moreover very close to Renya’s home.
Although several small shops had been already built there, they were all dismantled right away once the building of Liaris’ mansion was decided and a splendid mansion was completed leaving people to look at in blank amazement.
They likely pulled some strings behind the scenes for this, Renya judges.
Although that’s no more than guessing, what likely ended up making the decision was a dragon coming to an area with a dense population if they made Liaris live in the residential area.
The citizens and nobles probably indicated their disapproval to this.
Even if they understand that it’s poses no danger and that Liaris has it properly under control as ally, it seems that a dragon’s appearance is still something that triggers an instinctive fear within them after all.
The military district being no good has probably the same reason, Renya assessed.
What decided for her to take up residence in the commercial district is that there’s many shops in the commercial district but there’s only few population living there in comparison to other districts.
It seems they deemed there will likely be little damage even if something happens.
Incidentally, for it to be built close to Renya’s home can be regarded as transparent intention of “Please take care of it in case something happens.”
Renya felt somewhat hazy about this, but since it’s not a bad thing to have a friend live nearby, he decided to ignore the the intentions of someone from somewhere.
Although it’s a digression, but it looks like it was decided for Az to live in Liaris’ mansion.
Az came to explain to Renya while blushing around his face and averting his sight after giving the doubtful reasoning of “Since Liaris complained that it would be lonely to live in a large mansion by herself”, but unable to bear the looks of Renya and the others, who all grinned broadly, he ended up apologizing and asking them “I’d like you to pardon me from pursuing the matter any further.”
As for the reward to be paid to Renya by Liaris; because of the celebration of a new home, Renya decided to not accept most of the valuable articles.
However, as that article was what decided for Renya to accept Liaris’s request, he took custody of it together with other dummy articles.
At first Renya considered destroying it as he is apparently able to defeat most things with his katana, however not knowing whether he is able to destroy it in the first place as it is what it is, assuming he can place a certain degree of trust in it being the real article, he gives up on its destruction as it’s something where he doesn’t know what will happen if he ended up destroying it.
Calling Frau and Emil instead, he consulted with them about his wish for the article to not reach the hands of people since it’s something extremely dangerous, without talking about the origins of the item itself. Placing it in a box, Renya made with the leftovers of the mithril he received from the elves, he had Emil cast a reinforced seal after welding the upper part so that the lid can’t be opened. Frau dug a deep pit in the garden, the mithril box was placed inside and it was thoroughly covered with hardened soil.
Frau planted vegetation, which is quite unknown to Renya who has called it 「extremely dangerous」, on the section of the hardened soil making it impossible for people to approach.

“It looks like a kind of poisonous plant that was transformed with mana. Though just touching will be alright, if you cut or burn it… it will likely become very interesting.” (Emil)

Emil runs her finger on top of the thin leaves of the grown weed while facing it with an entranced look.
At the time Renya came back to the house while bringing Emil along, everyone except Croire looked at Renya with expressions implicating the remark “Did you return with yet another girl?”
It’s only Croire who is aware of Emil’s true identity, but with her meeting Emil in the middle of this time’s subjugation, Emil being troubled on her further prospects and furthermore with Croire being a person having received helped in the dragon capture, she followed up on Renya though it apparently didn’t have much of an effect.
That Emil, while receiving a tour all over the house from Frau, raised a shout of joy just as they were passing through the garden and plunged into the vegetation that is growing there. She remained in a state of not moving from there all day.
The other members didn’t comprehend at all what touched Emil’s heartstrings, but once Emil, who in the end examined the garden’s vegetation to her heart’s content, got to know that it’s Frau who is looking after the garden, she roughly carried Frau away, occupied the basement and became extremely friendly with Frau for some reason after they came out.
During that course of events it was decided that the basement would become Emil’s room.
From Renya’s standpoint, he considered to create a room by destroying a part used by the storehouse for the sake of Emil since there was no free room, but seeing the figures of Frau and Emil, who merrily brought in furniture provided from somewhere, he stopped pondering over this matter while thinking it doesn’t particularly matter if the person herself is fine with that.
Although it had been repeatedly put off for one reason or the other, it was today that they held the long-awaited welcome party for Az and Liaris since they moved into the neighbourhood.
The many dishes, which were prepared by cooking, roasting and stewing wyvren meat, which they have in large quantities, together with the ingredients, they received from the elven country, by Frau and Renya putting all their skills to use, became something extravagant to the degree of Az making the remark “I haven’t tasted such cooking even as noble” after seeing the dishes.
Throwing a large amount of alcohol into the mix there, Az and Liaris were sent home when the party was in the act of being a huge success and after cleaning up it had completely become night in an instant. Renya retired to his room after quickly taking a bath, but it didn’t take much time for him to get up on top of his bed after suddenly being woken up.
The interior of the room is pitch black with the window’s curtains being lowered and there being no light source. Renya is unable to see anything in this state even if he uses his eyes.
His vicinity is wrapped in complete silence. A creaking sound like a small scraping, is audible from the direction of the room’s entrance and although it’s only one sound it was to degree of becoming an earache.
Renya had an idea about the true nature of that sound.
Renya, who sat on the edge of the bed after removing the blanket which was wrapped around his body, activates a weakened Light spell.
A pale light, which appeared in the centre of the room, illuminates the room albeit weakly and Renya’s eyes become able to see what is causing the small scraping sound.
It was a net hanging from the ceiling.
Renya, who has been previously attacked by Rona, though he invited her inside his room by himself, decided to plant a trap at the room’s entrance at the time of sleeping with the implication of not making a strange mistake rather than for self-protection.
If someone steps into it, a net will be launched from a device, that was installed on the floor. It was something that makes an intruder hang from the ceiling while being entangled by a rope that runs along the wall on top of capturing them, but it seems like someone was caught in that.
The sound of small scraping comes from the rope, that is suspending the net from the ceiling, rubbing against the beams of the ceiling where it has been set up.
Releasing a sigh, Renya looks at the inside of the net which is higher than his point of view after sitting on the bed.
The one who is swaying to and fro while showing a despondent expression with her body contracted by the net was Shion.
It seems she came creeping in about the time I went to bed. With an appearance of her feet, shoulders and chest being boldly exposed by what is called a tank top with hot-pants according to Renya’s knowledge, it was probably a situation that would usually greatly arouse the lust of the opposite sex, but due to the spectacle of her lightly swaying after being captured by the net, it induces laughter rather than arousal.


Placing his hand on his forehead in order to suppress a headache, Renya addresses Shion who doesn’t say a single word while hanging her head in shame.

“I have two questions. Though first of all, I believe the door was more or less locked?” (Renya)

“Asking Frau, I had her open it for me.” (Shion)

Shion’s answer was just as Renya expected.
Renya doesn’t understand something well, but he somehow feels like something is loitering around the grounds of the mansion while they are sleeping.
Frau doesn’t say anything about it. Because that unknown something erases its presence quickly and can’t be seen when he gets up to go to the toilet in the night, Renya has decided to not say anything, but there’s no way for the act of sneaking into the room of another member during the time such things are there to not be exposed to Frau.
Even if you think about this, Frau’s authorisation is something difficult to pursuit in various ways when I think about it.

“The second question: Although it vaguely adheres to my expectations if you got Frau’s authorization… what for did you come here?” (Renya)

Having been asked, Shion squirmed around within the net for a little while, but eventually resolved herself, properly looked into Renya’s eyes and clearly stated,

“I came for a yobai.” (Shion)

“Look here…” (Renya)

While thinking as expected, huh?, Renya says with a tired voice.
The inhabitants of this world are living fast or have low timidity towards such act? They have a tendency to form sexual relations by making an immediate move and believe to go for it as there’s no time like the present.
Renya doesn’t know whether that talk is limited to Shion and Rona or whether it’s the common sense of this world. He didn’t have any intention at all to investigate it either, but if pushed to say, Renya, who acts by the traits of a Japanese who have a disposition of being herbivores, can’t be bothered to usher them in with just a “let’s go for a home run” in any way.

“Such a thing is likely no good for a woman of marriageable age, is it?” (Renya)

“Why? I don’t understand the reason for it to be no good.” (Shion)

Being asked back in reverse with a blank expression, Renya gives up reflexively from it becoming a sermon with “A woman of marriageable age has to be more modest.”
As the other party has the intention to have a sexual relation anyway, she will come with the intention to have sex once again.
In case she switched it to “isn’t the rest your problem since it’s okay from my side?”, it doesn’t look like we will be able to come up with an effective objection.
The expression of Shion, who attached a different meaning to the silence of Renya who pondered well then, what to say to persuade her?, becomes gloomy.

“It’s no good if it’s me after all.” (Shion)

“Ah, no, wait a minute. I’m currently at the point of gathering my thoughts. … That’s right, having sex in such manner… er, rather because you are giving me your love, my fortune of being born as male will likely be used up, but even if your side’s fine with it, I don’t think it has penetrated this far on my side. For the time being I’m not starving to the degree that I will devour any meal set before my eyes either. Therefore, such stuff will be after properly spending time together for a little bit longer…” (Renya)

“Ah, actually I wanted to do that. However, I don’t have much time remaining anymore.” (Shion)

Being told that in a serious tone, Renya looks closely at Shion.
As setting for saying such kind of line, the most standard reason is not having much time in life remaining due to having inflicted some incurable disease, or something like that I guess.
However, no matter how much Renya looks, Shion has no symptoms of that.
Given that Renya is no doctor, he isn’t able to make out any trends visible by professionals, however after watching Shion, the expression that she won’t see tomorrow is still far off.
Since that’s the case it has to be a different reason, thinking that far, Renya recalls the conversation he had with Rona previously.
Rona and Shion were born into quite good families, Renya was told.
In that case it’s imaginable as reason that there was some time limit prepared ahead of time between Shion and her family, is what this is about.

“Is it an issue related to your family?” (Renya)

Once Renya asks while thinking anyway, it’s also troublesome because it’s a story related to a pedigree of nobility or such, Shion is surprised temporarily and immediately returns to an expression signifying her agreement.

“Which reminds me, Rona had indirectly talked about that.” (Renya)

There’s no denial, thus it means I was apparently right.
After Shion showed an expression of hesitating albeit only a little, she stared at Renya with a serious look.

“Renya, it might be a story that has no relation to you, but would you listen to it?” (Shion)

“Well, I have nothing planned for tomorrow. If it’s to the extent of listening, I can do that.” (Renya)

Once Renya nodded after saying that, he urged on Shion with his gaze to continue.


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