Chapter 77 – It seems to be a text taking a glimpse in-between the arcs

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“Starting retrieval of data in sequence from route one once again. Currently 5% of all routes have been completely blocked. The damage ratio towards the world over there is going back and forth between the line of 2%, but it’s recognised as being in permissible range. The summoning rate has surpassed 41% and is still further rising. It’s mortifying that the success rate of interception has been cut at 40%. At any rate, as the distance is close, the other side has ended up seizing the initiative… discovering summoning routes, intercepting those. … Ah, it’s no good, it was bypassed through another route. The erosion rate will rise once again.”

“Beginning the mental obstruction towards the practitioners at the summoning site… this way is impossible as well. Since the supervisor of the human race has deployed a vast jamming, they have successfully narrowed down the target. Confirmed 98% ineffectiveness of the released virus. Although 2% are on standby or reserve, there’s no possibility of a restart. Their barrier is far too strong… shall I release it again?”

“Acknowledged. Or rather, toss it at them continuously until the other side admits defeat. It might turn into a slight hindrance for the other processes.”

“Roger. I will mix in a subspecies, that received an update, and eject it.”

“Umm… Master?” (Giliel)

Sensing a mood that she is in a state of being somehow strangely excited, Giliel raised her voice shyly.
The place where Giliel is currently located at is a huge room which was buried in some quite unknown machines within a barrier.
A little girl is standing in a daunting pose in its centre. Countless terminals have been deployed in her surroundings. The angels, who had a translucent visor equipped as if hiding their eyes in front of the terminals, hit input terminals, somehow similar to keyboards, with typing sounds while entering lines with unknown meanings.

“I’m very sorry for disturbing you while you are busy, but what kind of clamour is this?” (Giliel)

“The details of the operation? The furniture of the room? Which of those do you want to hear about?”

“I’d like to ask about both, but…” (Giliel)

“If it’s about the room, I changed its design to look Cyberpunk-like. It’s cool, isn’t it?” (God) (T/N: Cyberpunk as reference the genre type of Science Fiction I guess)

Having been told that, Giliel turns around in a circle and surveys her surroundings.
The room’s ceiling was high and its walls were large, but machines with uncertain utility had been tightly inserted there so that those walls were completely filled. They are showing gauges, where it’s unclear what their are representing, and spitting out numbers that make no sense even if you look at them.
She didn’t know whether that’s cool seen from the standpoint of a person who likes that kind of situation where the light of gauges is blinking in a gloomy room, but Giliel has no such hobby.

“Does it have any meaning, that?” (Giliel)

“If it’s meaning, then no!” (God)

Giliel feels fed up after the little girl stated that decisively.
Nevertheless, pulling herself together one way or the other, Giliel tries to throw another question at her.

“Then, what about the side of the operation details?” (Giliel)

“That one is…” (God)

The little girl, who looks at the work-in-progress of the angels while making a sound of grinding her teeth out of vexation, said over her should looking annoyed while strongly clenching her fists,

“We are obstructing the ritual of hero summoning.” (God)

“You are obstructing it…?” (Giliel)

“Yes, it looks just like this, but what we are actually doing is retrieving the data of each world’s route from the previous world of the summoned towards the summoning site and destroying them once we discover the traces of summoning mana. The mana for using summoning magic formulae is enormous. As it’s impossible for just one caster, they are sending the mana to the summoned’s original world by branching it through several routes. The somewhat larger routes, which allow large amounts of mana to be sent all at once, have been closed from the start. However, there’s an infinite number of routes. Since we don’t know which and just when they will use a specific route, close to half of the ritual has ended up finishing already.” (God)

“Even with you here, master?” (Giliel)

Due to Giliel’s way of telling her that in a slightly surprised manner, the little girl faced her and showed a smile that wasn’t like that of a little girl at all but rather like that of a worn-out grandmother.

“If I were almighty, we wouldn’t have such difficulties.” (God)

“Is.. that so? Is it not possible to stop the summoning itself?” (Giliel)

“That’s impossible. In the long run our side will end up falling behind. Even if it’s possible to delay them, preventing it is impossible.” (God)

Giliel tries to express her question, she suddenly came up with, due to the little girl showing quite the frustrated expression.

“Be that as it may, why are you trying to hinder the summoning? Seeing that a demon king has appeared among the demons, won’t it be out of the question if there’s no hero for the human race?” (Giliel)

“That’s why.” (God)

The little girl looks at Giliel, who is frowning due to not understanding the meaning, with the eyes of a teacher that sees a completely incapable pupil.

“Giliel, do you know of shogi?” (God)

“Y-Yes. It’s one of the games of the world where that Renya-san lived.” (Giliel)

“That’s right. That one’s a game where both side’s try to take each other’s king, however the number of game pieces changes depending on one’s competency. But you know, there are game pieces whose numbers won’t decrease no matter what.” (God)

“That is… the king and the opposing king, right?” (Giliel)

“Yes, it’s those. Without them it won’t become a game. It is similar to the jindori game over here.” (God)

Did the anger towards the supervisor of that world well up in her while talking? The little girl’s eyes are tinged with a dangerous glim.
As expected, since she has stopped them once before, she probably won’t wield her power entrusting all of it to her anger without thinking, Giliel thought, but this little girl, who’s still angry after all, was an extremely scary being even from Giliel’s standpoint.

“There’s a demon king and there’s a hero. With the game pieces being all together for the first time, it will turn into a game. It will be out of the question if either side is missing.” (God)

“In other words, as long as you interfere with the summoning of a hero here, master, the jindori in that world won’t begin, is what you mean?” (Giliel)

“That’s how it is. If possible, I wanted to stop it completely, but that was in vain after all.” (God)

“Huh? Now that you mention it, if it happens as you’ve said, won’t it this time become a game just between the humans and the demons?” (Giliel)

Completely ignoring the little girl who has a grim impression hanging in the air, Giliel voices out a doubt that occurred in her mind.
Why is it only the humans who summon heroes from another world in that world in all ages and countries, Giliel, who had unlimited knowledge, wondered going by the records of other races having carried out the hero summoning ritual.

“There’s no way for that to happen, right? It’s just the humans trying to summon a hero from another world. The other races will simply choose a hero from amidst their ranks.” (God)

“In that case, have the other races already finished choosing their heroes?” (Giliel)

“No, not yet.” (God)

The little girl answered while scratching her head roughly.

“The setting is that the humans’ hero summoning will become the trigger for the appearance of heroes among the other races. Therefore, if we are able to thwart this hero summoning, the game won’t start no matter how eager the demons are to play it.” (God)

“Is that so…? However, you ended up blundering on its prevention, right?” (Giliel)

“You… you are becoming somewhat annoying.” (God)

Giliel, who was glared at with a fleeting glance of the little girl, becomes flustered and looks in the other direction.
Giliel’s mood improved just a bit after seeing the state of the little girl, who is as a matter of fact her superior, failing without being unable to accomplish it, but she didn’t know what kind of suffering she would experience if she honestly answered to such matter.
Moreover, given that she feels that the little girl would perceive that by just looking into her eyes, Giliel averts her look frantically.

“Well, it’s fine. If you consider the influence towards the origin of the summoned and the summons’ destination, it would be difficult to prevent it completely. It will just work if we completely block all the routes connecting them.” (God)

“May I also ask for the reason why you didn’t do that?” (Giliel)

“That’s simple. It will probably become a mess for either world.” (God)

The little girl points at a monitor where one of the angels was peering into.
Countless numbers were lining up there and those numbers were changing moment by moment, but some among them don’t fluctuate while showing a zero in a red colour.
Just the numerical value of the gauge, which is installed next to that monitor, shows 0.02 and goes up or down.

“This is a route surveillance monitor… and that’s what the thing does.” (God)

“Haa.” (Giliel)

“Those red zeros are the routes which have been blocked. At the current point in time, 5% of all known routes have been blocked. As result natural disasters have started to occur in the world where Renya-san came from. Since it’s not possible to go on like this for a long time, we probably should release the blockade already. Even if we continue blocking them, we won’t be able to stop the summoning.” (God)

“That’s right, isn’t it. If it just turns into a bother, you should release the blockade, shouldn’t you?” (Giliel)

“… Somehow, you alone have quite the non-serious attitude.” (God)

Giliel stated bluntly and readily.
The little girl feels very dissatisfied with that.
The little girl suspected is that fellow maybe not understanding even half of what I’m telling her?, but this was merely nothing more than a difference in reaction brought down by a difference in their respective roles.

“Well, it’s not in the range of my work. Even if I were to advise you strongly one way or the other, there’s no way that the likes of me is able to do something that master isn’t able to do, right?” (Giliel)

“That’s a sound argument, however… you are starting to get on my nerves…” (God)

“That’s you venting your anger, master. So, have you decided to cease this large-scaled interference operation?” (Giliel)

“Yes, it will only be stalling even if we continue it and won’t bring any results. Preserving at this point will also increase the costs.” (God)

Once she has decided that, her moving to action is fast.
With the words “Little girl’s withdrawal!”, the angels, who were clattering on the keyboards in front of the monitors until then, disassemble the room itself and withdraw somewhere with a level of skill, that can also be regarded as some kind of joke, as Giliel didn’t understand at all on what kind of principle it happened.
The gloomy computer room, that looked like it would become a near future-like cyberpunk stage, vanishes in the blink of an eye and transforms into the usual, empty space which is pure white as far as they eyes can see.
The angels, who performed the withdrawal, bowed while saying “Thank your for your hard work” all together and once once they confirmed that there was nothing left to clean up, they flew away in a far, unknown distance.
They probably returned to their other jobs, Giliel judges.
For those girls the kind of skit over here should have been an irregular job.

“Since we stopped stalling them, they hero will likely be summoned right away.” (God)

The little girl mutters while seeing off the angels who flew away.

“Well, it begins from the selection of the person to be summoned, goes on to the request of crossing of the boundary and the explanation the current situation by the supervisor of the human race and then that human has to consent to it… Since it’s also a standard flow for choosing some gifts or attaching some hero-like skills, it will still take some time until the hero’s advent even if the summoning itself is successful, I think.” (God)

“There are many troublesome formalities, eh? Isn’t it fine if you see the hero off by attaching some suitable skill or gift that’s necessary?” (Giliel)

Due to Giliel being astonished by adopting such an inefficient method, the little girl looked at Giliel in a state of being even more astonished at her.

“Hey, you. For the supervisor of a world, the appearance with the feeling of “Oh hero…” in front of the person who was summoned, isn’t that a momentarily dreamy and beautiful event if they are supervisors?” (God)

“For real? To what extent have their brains been corrupted?” (Giliel)

“I don’t know, but isn’t it inevitable as it’s a fact?” (God)

“Master, did you actually want to talk about such feelings?” (Giliel)

“Don’t lump me together with them!”

The little girl drew closer to Giliel with a terribly unpleasant face and responded by yelling.


Somewhere not here.
Sometime not now.
In a space with no time and place.
He woke up in that spot which can’t be described as anything but ambiguous.
What he sees when he looks at his body is a single woman which had a simple white cloth wrapped around her body and naturally flowing, long, green hair.

“You are…? This place is…?”

The green-haired woman interrupted his questioning voice and closed his eyelids with her graceful, white hand.
The perfume and warmth, he feels from the palm placed on his eyelids, calm down his emotions.

“Ooh… hero. I’d like to give you my thanks for answering the call of the weak.”

The green-haired woman tells him solemnly.
With his eyelids being closed, he couldn’t see what kind of expression the woman had as she spoke those words, but she’s certainly wearing a kind expression with such voice that is filled with affection he believed.
And she, believing that he is certainly thinking just that, lifted the edges of her mouth just a bit.


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