Chapter 76 – It seems to be the return of the dragoons

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That day was a totally common and ordinary day.
That was until the soldier, who was on duty in the watch tower, discovered a small black object as dot in the distant sky.
Being the first discoverer, the soldier at first thought that it was just a bird or something like that.
That was until that discovered object exposed its peculiar silhouette of possessing a long neck on a large trunk.
It’s something that’s almost never witnessed in the city of Kukrika.
They knew that their dwelling was located two days away by foot from the city, but it almost never happened that they left from there.
The notification of a dragon’s approach was relayed between the soldiers in a flash.
Having set up many large ballistae right away, the travellers and merchants, who were waiting for the city’s entry examination, are hurriedly evacuated inside.
The stationed soldiers of the army and guards of the city are immediately gathered. Beginning to suddenly circle at a place that was close in distance, if seen from the dragon’s view, it started to revolve around the same location.
Once it did that, it became possible to confirm the colour of the dragon which has approached. Because of its vivid red scales they realized that the dragon was a red dragon which is one of the superior kinds and moreover a fire dragon that is endowed with the fire attribute.
Due to the fact that it was a superior kind and furthermore a fire dragon, which have a wild temperament even at the best of times, the soldiers were enveloped by nervousness.
If they make a single mistake in dealing with it, it’s an opponent, that won’t just cause losses among the soldiers but also is quite capable of turning a single city into ashes. The commissioned officers, who took charge of the forces, couldn’t hide their misgivings and anxieties.
“Why suddenly a dragon?” was a question shared by those who happened to be present at that situation.
And at the same time they cursed the fact of them being present at the location today.
It’s still better if it’s a limited airspace like a cave, but a dragon, which is able to freely soar through the sky, can’t be reached by humans’ hands most of the times.
Even just hitting it with an attack will require next-to-impossible skill.
Even if they hit it with a lucky shot from a large ballista and only in case of a quite definite hit, they would be able to pierce the tough scales of the dragon. An attack, that missed its centre or just grazed it, will be repelled without even causing any pain and will be of little significance to a dragon.
Even though attacks from the ground mostly won’t hit, the dragon will be able to ceaselessly hit them with its lethal breath attack from the sky as it pleases.
A red dragon’s breath is fire in accordance to its attribute. It’s said that it can melt metal if it hits directly.
Of course it will be death by burning for humans, if they are bathed in it.
Even without a direct hit, there’s danger to one’s life by just inhaling the searing air in the aftermath.
There were sorcerers among the guards and stationed soldiers, but it was an extremely questionable matter whether they would be able to defend against a dragon’s breath with their sorcery.
There is no time to have the city’s inhabitants take shelter either.
At the time the soldiers began to harden their heroic determination of wanting to keep it to the least damage to the city by driving it away even in exchange for their lives, new information came in.
It was unforeseen and unbelievable information for the soldiers.

“Although it seems we somehow contacted them, their performance is surprisingly good.” (Renya)

The soldiers have stopped preparing their weapons on the ground at a far distance. Watching them moving on with the removal of the installed large ballistae, Renya felt relieved.
Renya thought that it likely wouldn’t be a problem if they slowly approached the city after landing at a slightly separated location, just as planned first, but when they were flying at quite the distance, he observed the city’s side starting to set up their interception system and realized that his prediction was far too naïve.
Even if you say it’s just one dragon, it seems that the existence called dragon was seen that much as a threat by humans.
While taking hold of the reins-like bandages which were coiled around the dragon’s neck, Renya ponders Well, what to do next then? while feeling the body temperature of Croire who is clinging to his back.
By the way, Liaris has been fixed in a state of being completely packaged by bandages at a part of the dragon’s back. Emil was laughing greatly while sitting towards the opposite direction of the movement’s direction at the base of the tail.


“Renya-san, at this- rate it will- turn into- a battle- with the soldiers- on- ground.” (Croire)

“That’s right, isn’t it? If that happens, there will likely be casualties.” (Renya)

Renya wants to avoid that, but there’s no means for communicating with the surface.
At last after brooding about it, Renya orders the dragon to circle at the bare distance where attacks from the ground won’t hit and attempted to set up a telepathic communication with Frau as a test since he has nothing to lose anyway.
Renya was worried about the distance, but after somehow connecting to Frau, Renya quickly explained the situation and asked Frau to relay that to the soldiers by having either Shion or Rona acting as bridge. Frau immediately explains that to Rona, who was just then at home, and asks her to tell this to the soldiers.
Once Rona met with the commanders of the guards by making free use of her authority as Knight which seemed to still be intact more or less, she persuaded them, who didn’t want to believe the information she brought at all, and the organization of an interception was cancelled.
In this situation the commanders, who didn’t want to believe Rona’s story at all, probably can’t be blamed.
If they immediately believed being told that a dragon, who has come flying, is harmless, those people would be either utterly foolish and incapable commanders, who have a field of flowers in their head, or otherwise quite the bigwigs.
Renya himself, who requested them to explain the circumstances to the soldiers, didn’t think at all that they would be able to make the soldiers believe in that.
However, since he thought It will be just fine if they don’t come attacking us pointlessly, I guess, he slightly doubted his eyes when they began to withdraw the ballistae.
Afterwards Renya tried to ask Rona what kind of method she used, but her reply was the brief comment 「It’s a secret」.
Renya, who realized that she apparently used quite a bit of national authority by guessing from her expression, decides to avoid pursuing it any further.
Putting that aside, once Renya, who understood that the worry of being intercepted apparently vanished, tells the dragon to be cautious after hitting its neck, he points at a place at quite the distance from the city of Kukrika and orders it to go down there.
Originally that’s the task of Liaris who is the slave master, but since Liaris is restrained by bandages in order for her to cling to the back of the dragon, she isn’t able to look at the state of affairs in the vicinity or to give out any orders.
She wasn’t capable of skilfully keeping balance on top of the dragon’s back by herself like Renya and Emil.
I don’t know whether she might be able to handle the dragon once a proper saddle is eventually attached to it, but in the current situation it’s not possible to do that either.
Croire had no problems with keeping balance, but although she couldn’t endure the wind pressure during the flight because of the elven lightness of body weight, she has escaped being packaged by clinging to Renya.

“At least protect Liaris from the wind pressure at the times she gets on, won’t you?” (Renya)

Given that they flew slowly to some extent, it wasn’t a wind pressure that was unbearable for Renya, but if the dragon flew at full speed, wouldn’t it turn into a situation where it would be likely difficult to breath? Renya wonders.
It would be fine if she completely wrapped up herself in a defensive barrier to oppose this, but as Liaris is a warrior, one might say that she is utterly inept at sorcery.
Since that’s the case, it will result in the dragon not being able to release all of its power in case Liaris is riding it, but since the dragon itself is capable of manipulating sorcery, it can protect its rider.
The dragon answered Renya, who emphasizes that the dragon has to properly do that,

<Got it, Renya-sama.>

“Don’t add a -sama to my name. Your master is Liaris after all.” (Renya)

<Understood, Renya-san.>

Renya wrecks his brain whether it would be really necessary to form a contract with the aim of enslaving that fellow, if he reacts that obediently, however as this dragon’s response towards Renya is abnormal, there’s usually no such obedient dragon.
It’s a digression, but his name has been officially decided to be 「Dra-kun」.
Seeing that it was decided by Liaris who’s his master, there was no objection from anyone.
It simply didn’t matter at all for the three people besides Liaris though.
The dragon Dra-kun slowly descends at the site designated by Renya.
Dra-kun, who got close to the ground before long and successfully displayed a landing with a delicacy unsuitable for his large build where one almost couldn’t sense the impact, probably because there were people on his back, looked back at Renya and the others with a somewhat proud and the so-called self-satisfied look.

<We arrived, Renya-san.> (Dra-kun)

“I’m telling you just for caution’s sake, but your master is Liaris, okay? If said specifically, your owner is that thing which has been tied to your back over there, got it?” (Renya)

Renya has become somewhat worried.
From then on it became a very tiring period for Renya.
On top of releasing Liaris from the dragon’s back and having Liaris hold the chain which is still hanging down from the dragon’s neck, Liaris was apparently leading the dragon but in reality the dragon approached the city at a slow pace matching the speed of Liaris, but probably because they instinctively felt fear due to the approach of a large dragon, even though they were told that it’s harmless in advance, the soldiers succumbed to a light panic.
Since the commanders, who tried to suppress that somehow, requested from Renya that they’d like him to have the dragon not approach the city until the situation has calmed down, the Liaris + dragon pair was left alone at place away from the city.
Although Renya, Emil and Croire tried to enter the city quickly by themselves, they were dragged away in a partially forced way to one of the military facilities and then asked for a detailed explanation of the circumstances.
Renya would usually struggle against that, but this time he went along obediently probably because he felt guilty to some extent for having caused even the dispatch of the army and for the inhabitants of the city being frightened due to them.
At that facility he explained the details of the recent events, but this took extremely much time.
As for Renya he wanted to say that the explanation was without even a single lie, but as the uproar about the dragon wouldn’t even matter if he talked about the true identity of Emil, he tried to explain after deciding to talk about them expecting a contract from the dragon and how they were able to enslave it, however not a single of the military authorities consented to his explanation.
Of course that can only be called natural.
In regards to the crushing of the sub-dragons, they were quickly able to believe in it with him showing the dismantled raw materials after having taken them out from his void storage.
“Of course, the one who defeated all of them is Liaris”, Renya explains.
The problem was about them having brought along a dragon.
The dragons, which cause such an uproar with just one of them having appeared, not only escaped from Renya’s group recognising them as dangerous existences but even made an offer to form a contract with one neglected dragon for the sake of protecting themselves. There’s no way that anyone would believe such story.
As expected Renya lost his temper after being doubted that much, but he, who just barely desisted as such behaviour could only be called natural if one thinks calmly about it, told the commanding officers that he would even comply with a verdict of authenticity by Judgement.
The commanding officers, who were told that, hesitated as one would expect.
They weren’t able to simply agree with the situation being as it is, but the adventurer, who came to give a report, has even declared that he is willing to accept an investigation by Judgement.
Moreover, regardless whether they believe in that report or not, it’s a fact that the dragon is listening to what he is told by a person and is calmly crouching outside the city. On top of that, the woman, who had her clothes dyed in bright red blood, is sitting there with a somewhat sulky expression.
What has made Liaris sulky is her having been left behind outside the city by herself and in addition to that being surrounded by soldiers which watch her with greatest caution.
Adding to that was also the fact that she was ordered to wait there until Renya’s group’s investigation finishes.
If they keep the person, who has enslaved that dragon, waiting any longer, it’s unknown when her displeasure might explode.
Do they carry out an investigation with Judgement while being scared of incurring the displeasure of those who subdued the dragon?
Or do they ignore the progress how it has reached this point as facts are facts anyway?
Since they lost their way due to their doubts, they decided to choose the latter in the end.
Rather than spoiling the mood of the person, who has enslaved the dragon, in this place by just doubting their suspicions, they judged that it would likely be a lot more profitable for them being able to rely on that person when something happened and thus had her triumphantly return to the city in a good mood.
Of course the commanding officers immediately dispatched a messenger holding the report 「An adventurer, who subdued a dragon, appeared in the city of Kukrika」 to the capital city of Trident Principality.
That signified the arrival of an extinct, real dragoon as told in old stories.
This information spread throughout the entire human continent in the twinkling of an eye and Liaris’ name became well-known overnight as hero, who is known by anyone, alongside her nickname 「Bloody Dragoon」.
Thanks to this achievement, Liaris was officially appointed as Viscount by the Archduke of Trident Principality and was granted the family name Granatrot (T/N: >> Gurana~toloto <<). (T/N: A shade of red in German, word play on her being the bloody dragoon, I guess)
This was treated as being limited to her life time and furthermore was an honorary position that held no territory, but it resulted in Liaris formally joining the ranks of nobles from here on out.
It’s one rank below an Earl household, but due to being supported by the military power of a dragon, Liaris won fame as noble of established reputation.

“I… became a noble before I realized… moreover, I ended up being a Viscount, Az-kun.” (Liaris)

After the chain of events passed like a storm, Az can’t hide his shock from Liaris, who mutters that in a daze.

“Ummm… isn’t that far over the top, Renya?” (Az)

“Don’t say that. Be happy since the unromantic meddlers are gone with this, Az.” (Renya)

“That’s right, Az-kun! With this it finally reached the point that I can answer your words from the other day while having confidence!” (Liaris)

“… Liaris…” (Az)

“Ah…” (Liaris)

After their looks matched for a moment, Az and Liaris averted their sight from each other looking embarrassed while blushing.
While that scene has a feeling as if spitting out tons of sugar from one’s mouth, they have become happy on their own accord*, Renya turned his look towards the day after tomorrow with a somewhat sulky mood. (T/N: There is a marker in Japanese signifying it as hateful remark, but not like I can phrase that out in English properly)


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