Chapter 75 – It seems to be Liaris and the dragon

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“For now there’s a method to use that dragon lying down over there.” (Emil)

Stepping up to the dragon, Emil places her hand on its head with a *pon*
Did it already give up? The dragon shows no reaction even with Emil putting her hand on it.

“What are you planning to do, with this?” (Emil)

“At first I thought it would be fine to defeat and storage it.” (Renya)

Renya’s sight faces towards the direction of the lying armour.
Since Croire has stopped the removal of the armour midway, Liaris is still inside it.
While thinking she isn’t very unwilling to be in there though, Renya walked up to the armour and opened it after quickly unfastening its clasps.
Just as expected by Renya, the blood of the crushed wyvrens and rock dragons has entered into the armour and its insides appear to be covered in a bright red gooey mass.
Speaking of a saving grace, their blood doesn’t appear to smell as much as I thought, huh?
Because the armour’s inside is that muddled, Liaris, who was inside it, has naturally become muddled to the same extent.
Liaris, who suddenly got up with half her body from within the finally opened armour, fixedly looked up at Renya with her bloodstained face.

“What’s wrong?” (Renya)

“… I wanted… to be rescued a lot earlier.” (Liaris)

Liaris says in a somewhat hollow and spiteful manner.
Renya doesn’t comprehend her feelings of wanting to make even a single complaint such as “on top of being neglected in a state of not knowing what might have happened outside the armour, a woman of marriageable age is muddled with blood and other stuff.”
Liaris crawls out from within the armour while having the appearance of being sullied by bloody dirt and stands up.

“It couldn’t be helped. The priority for that was low.” (Renya)

Renya, who quickly cut down Liaris’s protest-like words, asks Emil while pointing at Liaris,

“That dragon. Is it possible for that one to enslave it?” (Renya)

Ignoring the startled Liaris and Croire for the time being, Renya asked Emil and Emil, after pondering for a short while scratching her head, said,

“It’s possible, but… isn’t that too wasteful?” (Emil)

“I don’t particularly need a dragon or such.” (Renya)

“If you present it to the country, a big-shot or such, they will remember you auspiciously though?” (Emil)

Renya jeers at Emil’s remark by laughing scornfully.

“How foolish. Why would I have to give them such a present to curry favour with them?” (Renya)

“Isn’t it a good thing to side with powerful or influential people?” (Emil)

Emil mentions something resembling a sound argument, but it was fully understandable from her tone of voice that she doesn’t believe that.
It’s because she’s a demon, or rather it’s probably owed to her own character, but it doesn’t seem like she’s regarding the word “powerful or influential person” (T/N: it’s one word in Japanese after all 😉 ) as a waste of paper either.

“Please make it possible to enslave the dragon to this one since I don’t care about such stuff.” (Renya)

“Umm… Renya-san? Just what the heck…” (Liaris)

“Ah, Liaris. for the sake of swiftly obtaining strength and achievements, I will have you become a dragoon by enslaving this dragon to you.” (Renya)

“… Ha?” (Liaris)

Due to Renya’s far too excessive statement, Liaris’ comprehensive faculty apparently wasn’t able to catch up.
But, from Renya’s point of view, he considered it to be a truly good idea.
In addition to the achievement of having captured a dragon, it means that Liaris will at least obtain the war potential of a dragon by enslaving it.
However, if we had only subjugated it, there would likely people come forth doubting us with “didn’t she rely on Renya?”, but if, on top of seeing the dragon in front of their eyes, it listens to the order from Liaris, such back-biting people should disappear, he assessed.
“Even if they appeared for argument’s sake, it would all be resolved with a single order of Liaris to burn them to ashes if they become too troublesome.”

“I won’t do that!?” (Liaris)

“Oh, did that just leak out from my mouth? However, don’t you think that it’s an ingenious idea?” (Renya)

“Well, that’s… certainly true. But, am I able to raise something like a dragon?” (Liaris)

It’s a dragon called the weakest among the dragons of this area, according to its own evaluation.
Above it definitely not being an existence that can be kept within the city, something like a building that can serve as stable where she can store the dragon, albeit its frame isn’t very oversized either, doesn’t exist in Kukrika.
However, while that may be true, it’s not a being that can be left at large in the city’s outskirts.

“Emil, do something about it.” (Renya)

“Aren’t you handling your own workers a bit too roughly?” (Emil)

Although the figure of Emil, who was completely entrusted with the problem, complaints with a grumble,

“That dragon and the young lady… you are called Liaris or such, right? Since they will be linked within their thoughts, isn’t it fine if we let it live in this place usually so that it can come once called? As it’s a distance that will take just two days if treated by human feet, won’t it be right away there if it’s a dragon that can fly?” (Emil)

<I feel anxious due to the words “linked within our thoughts” for some reason, but… aaahhh!?>

The hand of Emil which was placed on the head of the dragon who mentioned its worries, thoroughly sinks into the dragon’s head.
Screaming through its thoughts, it opens its mouth gapingly and the body of the dragon, who fainted, begins to convulse with a start each time Emil performs some operation. Renya and Croire, who saw that, felt cold sweat streaming down their cheeks.

“Differing from wyvrens and such, there’s always a magic gem within the head of a dragon, right? Apart from the magic core, this is called the dragon gem Carbuncle.” (Emil)

Emil pulls out her hand from the dragon’s head with a short *slurp*
As if she didn’t do anything at all, there are no traces of Emil’s hand having been thrust into the dragon’s head until moments ago after she withdrew her hand.
Between the extracted fingers of Emil there’s a small red and transparent gem.
After Emil turned that, which can be actually seen as cultivated currant on the first glance, lightly around between her fingers, she heads in the direction of Liaris.

“Liaris-san, say ‘aah'” (Emil)

“Haa… say, who is this person? Well it’s fine I guess… aah.” (Liaris)

Emil flicked the red gem with her index finger into the mouth of Liaris who opened it as told.
Due to the foreign substance that suddenly entered inside, the surprised Liaris closes her mouth and ends up gulping it down on the spur of the moment.

“Ueeh!? What did you make me swallow there!?” (Liaris)

“The dragon gem. I had you swallow a small scrape of it.” (Emil)

“Why!?” (Liaris)

“I told you, didn’t I? It’s for linking your minds. Thanks to the dragon gem you swallowed being absorbed, your and the dragon’s thoughts will be linked. As this is a private path between the two of you, you will be connected even if you are quite a distance away from each other.” (Emil)

“I don’t believe the dragon will do what I tell it just because our thoughts are linked, though?” (Liaris)

Emil returned a smile towards Liaris’ reasonable doubt.

“It’s alright. I placed a little trick on the dragon gem remaining within its head. Well, there’s the way of it being cancelled in case of its contractor dying, thus won’t you resign yourself for around 100 years, unlucky dragon-kun?” (Emil)

<Ue? Aah? Haa? Ah, yes… I will endure if it’s around that much.>

The dragon, who returned to reality from its state of having fainted and raised not only its thoughts but also a somewhat strange voice, nodded in answer to Emil’s words.
Liaris apparently wasn’t yet able to believe in the words spoken by Emil, but she approached the dragon with a feeling that could be called timid.
She tries to get close and the existence crouching over there is certainly a tall dragon that’s also hailed as roughly the strongest among all existing monsters.
From Liaris’ point of view, it’s usually a being that will settle her death at the moment she encountered it, but its figure of cowering on the ground with its chin completely like a crushed pet dog is strange far beyond her scope of imagination.
Is it my imagination? Its gaze, which feels frail, is intently fixed on Liaris who came approaching.

“It’s sufficient to use common language for the orders. The reply will come via telepathic communication.” (Emil)

Being told by Emil, Liaris took a single breath and clearly told the dragon after calming down herself,

“Dra-kun, hand!” (Liaris)

“Dra… kun, huh…? It can’t be called something human, but you don’t have any sense.” (Renya)

“Renya-kun, you think so as well? The one who felt slightly dizzy just now is…” (Emil)

Renya curbs his eyebrows and in front of Emil, who says that while floating a powerless smile, the dragon, who was named as Dra-kun, has a very reluctant expression, but his own front toe gently touched the hand held out by Liaris.
The toe, which had a dragon’s claw attached to it, would have likely torn Liaris’ slender arm to shreds without any kind of resistance if it touched her with the usual strength of a dragon, but seeing it touch Liaris’ hand gently in order to not scratch it, Liaris was finally able to understand that the dragon will really listen to her commands.

“Well then, enough about that… Croire?” (Renya)

“I know even if you don’t tell me. Treat Emil-san like a human, is what it’s about, right?” (Croire)

“I feel extremely sorry, but can I ask that of you?” (Renya)

This will be difficult to ask of Croire whose brethren were just recently killed by a demon in great numbers, huh? Renya wonders.
Even if you try considering it from the reality that the thinking “demons are bad” will normally be overlooked, it’s quite the unreasonable demand to have Croire ignore the matter of Emil entering the city, Renya understands that as well.
Luckily, Liaris has ended up accepting being indebted while not having the leeway to think over the real identity of Emil because she was within the armour or because the enslavement of the dragon was decided in a rush at parts that have no relation to the person’s own intentions.
Giving up on some less objectionable parts rather than neglecting Emil, Croire should agree with as well even if she puts out some bargaining point, Renya thought, but Croire’s answer was something truly quick and simple.

“Got it.” (Croire)

“… That’s fine? Even though the one who is asking you is me, but…” (Renya)

“Isn’t it difficult to disagree as free-loader?” (Croire)

Croire smiles wryly.

“Besides, if I act as good woman who has the perception to read the air here… it seems like I will be able to obtain a favour.” (Croire)

“It’s fine even if I owe you one, but… it’s not impossible on an emotional level?” (Renya)

“That is, a bit. That is after being asked what I’m thinking once I heard about the people who died in the fortress. However, since it’s a mood similar to running away from such unpleasant friction, I wonder what to think about one of the same race as the demon who came attacking, is what I also believe.” (Croire)

“You are a capable woman…” (Emil)

Even if thinking with your head, there are many cases where one can’t find a clear solution within their heart.
Renya, who feels like he would say even more troublesome things if he were placed in the same situation, nodded in admiration towards Croire’s words.
Croire smiles cheerfully while looking at Renya.

“It’s fine if you fall in love with me, you know?” (Croire)

“No, I will have to fully follow that emperor if I fall in love with you, right? That’s a bit detestable.” (Renya)

“Muuh… there’s a third wheel at an unexpected place…” (Croire)

“I feel sorry as it seems I’m a nuisance at a point of you having a nice relationship going, but.” (Emil)

Croire brooded while showing a difficult expression.
Choosing the timing when to interrupt the conversation between Renya and Croire, Emil called out to them.

“Won’t we withdraw since the matter is settled, I wonder? I’m feeling bad for them as we are continuing to occupy the dragons’ dwelling as long as we like.” (Emil)

“What insincere words…” (Renya)

Emil swings his index finger with a “ts ts” due to Renya’s disgusted voice.

“Your thinking is shallow, Renya-kun. It’s a gap moe in such a world…” (Emil)

“Shut up, hentai.” (Renya)

Discarding her in a single stroke, Renya began to give swift orders after a backward glance towards the speechless Emil.

“Croire will guard the surroundings. Liaris, please standby obediently with the dragon. I will cut the chain during that time.” (Renya)

“You can cut this? This is a chain binding a dragon, isn’t it?” (Liaris)

Liaris asks while gently caressing the dragon’s snout.
If you consider it normally, there’s no way to cut a chain, which has the strength to restrain a dragon, that easily.
There’s no way that it can be cut, but Renya unsheathes the katana at his waist, places the base of its blade gently on the chain and pulls it only once like that.
With only that action, the chain was cut apart too quickly and fell to the ground.

“Well, with such a feeling.” (Renya)

“Haa… well, it’s Renya-san…” (Liaris)

Liaris, who agreed in a strange way, points at the note and collar still attached to the dragon’s neck.

“Won’t you remove those?” (Liaris)

“There’s no particular problem even if they are left as is, is there?” (Renya)

The dragon, who still had the note with “Gift” written on dangling from its neck, has a terribly sad expression upon hearing Renya’s words, but Renya, who knew that it’s an article that won’t cause any problems no matter what the dragon does or how it acts, takes no notice of the dragon’s look.

“Well then, let’s return while riding that guy, huh?” (Renya)

“Eh? You want to fly until Kukrika while riding on a dragon, Renya-san!? It will cause a panic in the city!” (Croire)

“It will be fine if we walk while taking the dragon along after landing at a spot slightly away from the city, right? At any rate…” (Renya)

Renya looks at the dragon.
Doing a complete change from its previous sad expression, the dragon’s feelings told him that it was already too late to say anything.

“Can 4 people ride on it?” (Renya)

“Umm…” (Liaris)

Liaris matches her eyes with the dragon and stares at it for a little while.
Removing her look from it before long, Liaris turns around to Renya.

“It looks like it will probably be alright.” (Liaris)

“I see. Well, it will have to work out somehow with will-power even if it’s a bit unreasonable, huh? I’m worried about our security since there’s no saddle though.” (Renya)

“If that’s the case, leave it to me.” (Emil)

Emil takes out a bundle of bandages from within her coat.
Emil took out an amount to the degree that one would wreck their brain wondering just where the heck she stored such amount of bandages.

“Let me package you with these so that you don’t fall off.” (Emil)

“Do it normally? Don use a strange method of binding us? Absolutely, okay?” (Renya)

“You don’t trust me. It’s alright. Leave it to me.” (Emil)

Renya wasn’t able to erase his uneasy thoughts and feelings after all due to Emil promising it readily without due consideration.


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