Chapter 74 – It seems that’s how it somehow turns out to be

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He has even forgotten Croire’s warning that the other party is a demon.
He also forgot about the situation being such that he could get attacked at any time with his feet being entangled by bandages.
He has completely forgotten about the dragon right next to them who is watching them attentively while having changed into a stance of curling up.
Incidentally, the existences of Croire, who’s on guard in his back, and Liaris, who is still stuck within the armour, have slipped from his mind.
Renya ended up staring at the upper half of the little girl’s body which he had unwrapped himself.
On that occasion, after letting the bandages, he had grasped in his hands, fall, he casually grabs the pair of hills, which have become exposed without hiding anything, with both his hands.

“Renya-san!?” (Croire)

“Ah, are these real?” (Renya)

Renya checks their touch by groping them.
While listening to Croire raising her voice in criticism, which resembled a yell, from behind him, he confirms their sensation to his heart’s content. After he checked the expression of the little girl while pinching them several times and stretching them in the end, Renya took off his hands at last and released the little girl’s breasts.

“Renya-kun, you know…” (Emil)


Emil, whose face became red, then pale and lastly frowned due to the pain of being pinched, says while not hurrying to conceal her breasts, which were released finally, placing her right hand on her hips and curbing her forehead with the left hand to calm her anger.
Renya is calm.

“Previously you were a man, but since you appeared in the shape of a woman, I have to make sure, don’t I?” (Renya)

“Y-You could say that. But, all of a sudden groping, stretching and pinching them, what do you think a girl’s breasts are?” (Emil)

Emil made something like a protest, but Renya’s reply was simple and prompt.

“Mostly, fat.” (Renya) (T/N: Lol)

“I won’t find a rebuttal to that as it passes as a just sound argument…” (Emil)

“He’s hopeless, this one”, Emil sighs.
For some reason Croire shows an expression of feeling emotionally drained while holding her forehead behind Renya.

“So, what’s your esteemed impression?” (Emil)

“It was the feeling of fat? They aren’t particularly filled with dreams or romance, they are those of a demon.” (Renya)

“Ah, yea… well, whatever, but… so, can you please continue unwrapping the lower part, I wonder?” (Emil)

“Yea, unders…” (Renya)

“I won’t allow that!” (Croire)

Renya, who was about to nod, has his neck strangled by Croire, who jumped at him from behind, causing him to interrupt his words in the middle.

“What’s with your nonchalant intention of stripping her even at the lower parts, Renya-san!?” (Croire)

“No… that is, because stopping halfway… how to say it?” (Renya)

“The other party is a demon, a demon! Do you understand!?” (Croire)

“Before dealing with the demon… it seems I will be strangled to death by you though…” (Renya)

Croire’s arm accurately blocked Renya’s respiratory tract.
Croire also feels as if her physical strength had become strangely powerful after burning the demon.
Her slender arm, which constricts his throat, hadn’t a level of strength he wouldn’t be able to undo if he tries to tear it off forcibly with the intention of breaking her bones, from Renya’s standpoint, but he has no intention to go that far with Croire as his opponent.
While suppressing Croire’s arm with a strength at the level of preventing her to strangle him even more with his left hand somehow or another, Renya conveys his wish to give up by tapping Croire’s arm with his right hand, but there’s no way that tapping means giving up in this world.

“Croire… if that guy had the intention to attack us now… I think it will be dangerous for both of us, but…” (Renya)

“… Ah.” (Croire)

Did she finally realize after being told? Croire loosens the strength of strangling Renya and looks in the direction of the demon.
Emil is still in a state of not covering her upper body. Watching the situation between Renya and Croire, she was at the point of stifling her laughter.

“Mmh? Ah, I have no intention to attack you. If you can promise me that you, Renya-kun, won’t come slashing at me either, I will also release and remove the bandages at your feet, oki?” (Emil)

“Got it, I got it. Please take these off since I won’t draw my katana. Also, cover your upper body.” (Renya)

“Isn’t it fine like that? Even for you, Renya-kun, it’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?” (Emil)

“I don’t have the hobby of being delighted by seeing the chest of a male transvestite.” (Renya)

Emil looks dumbfounded due to Renya’s clear declaration.
A sound of Croire bursting into laughter with all her heart can be heard from behind Renya.

“W-Who are you calling a male transvestite, I wonder?” (Emil)

“It’s you, you male transvestite demon. Weren’t you a man the last time we met?” (Renya)

“That is that! This is this! This body is unmistakably that of a girl, you know!?” (Emil)

“You are lying. Would you endure the change of gender that willingly? I guess it’s a reconstruction or such outcome anyway, right?” (Renya)

Due to Renya spitting out “there’s silicon even in this world”, a vein popped up on Emil’s forehead.
Her face is still smiling, but even Croire, who’s behind Renya, at least understands that it’s apparently something considerably enraging to Emil.

“I changed my mind a bit, Renya-kun. We won’t get finished with this like that, right?” (Emil)

“Are you finally up to it, transvestite?” (Renya)

“W-Who is…” (Emil)

The pressure of the bandages, which are constricting Renya’s feet, rose.
Thrusting away Croire, who’s behind him, Renya tries to unsheathe his katana before he receives fatal damage to his feet and then his stance of acting stiffens as it is.
All of the bandages, which covered below Emil’s hips, fell off with a thump in front of his eyes.

“Hey! So, who is a transvestite!? Won’t you check it yourself properly!?” (Emil)

“Ha!?” (Renya)

As if it was completely natural, Emil exposed her nude lower body half.
Due to the way of exposing her stark nakedness far too suddenly, even the hands of Renya, who stopped moving, are wrapped by bandages.
At the time he thought damn it! both his arms and legs are in a state of being restrained and Renya’s body gets pulled into the direction of Emil.

“What do you intend to do?” (Renya)

“Haven’t we decided that you will confirm it yourself?” (Emil)

“Confirm it myself means…” (Renya)

Once Renya was pulled to a certain extent of close proximity, a large amount of bandages roll up from below Emil’s feet.
They began to create something like a cocoon in order to cover the two of them.

“Well, we have decided on a task that can’t be shown to the pure-hearted elf-ojousan, haven’t we?” (Emil)

“Wa, idiot! Don’t get close, it feels disgusting! I don’t have a hobby like that!” (Renya)

“You are still saying that, huh… Renya-kun, won’t you check properly for yourself? This body, that is…” (Emil)

“Don’t approach, moron! Don’t cling to me! Stop rubbing my waist! Don’t blow your breath into my ear!” (Renya)

“This is the mouth which is spouting such things, eh…hey, check it properly with your fingers… are you still going to say that I’m a transvestite with this?” (Emil)

“There’s something lukewarm and soft there!?” (Renya)

<U-Umm… if you can soon let me go, I’d be thankful or such I’m thinking.>

Emil’s and Renya’s voices leak from within the cocoon made out of bandages.
Croire wasn’t swallowed by those bandages due to being thrust away, but with the voices leaking out from within, she had the knowledge at hand, no matter how much she’s an elf, to be able to somewhat guess what’s happening inside as she’s been already alive for 70 years.
The dragon, who was completely neglected, timidly addressed Croire with a telepathic message, but immediately sank into silence due to the thirst for blood dwelling in the eyes of Croire who looked down at him thunderously.

“What stupid stuff are you saying? There’s no way that you can escape, right?” (Croire)

<T-That’s right, isn’t it~…>

“By the way, lizard-san, can’t you burn this cocoon down to nothing with your breath?” (Croire)

<Eh, umm… I’m a dragon…>

“Lizard-san, if you don’t answer my question right away…” (Croire)

Croire gently places her head on the head of the dragon who was about to protest.
Sensing an evil existence that can be depicted as something pitch black behind her smile, the dragon answers in panic,

<Y-Yes! Lizard will be fine! I don’t possess a breath with the strength to penetrate an item filled with the power of a demon!>

“… Tsk… you are an useless lizard.” (Croire)

Croire’s fingers held a scale of the dragon and casually tore it off with a *snap*.
While the dragon somehow endures the pain of tearing off the scale from the skin, it senses that the elf in front of him possesses a higher ability than the common elves albeit the person herself not being aware of it.
If that wasn’t the case, there’s no way for an unarmed elf to tear off the scale of a dragon.
Ah, that fellow’s a monster as well, he though as if having given up while grasping Croire in his sight, which is blurry due to tears.

“If it goes on like this, Renya will be by the demon… just that, I can’t absolutely allow…” (Croire)

Croire muttered while recalling several lethal spell she knew herself, but her anxiety ended in being needless fear.
The blade of Renya’s katana stuck out from within the cocoon of bandages which swallowed Renya and Emil.
That blade slowly cuts the cocoon of bandages while making a tearing sound. Once he was able to make a certain degree of gap, Renya crawled out from within with a terribly worn-out expression.
His clothes aren’t dishevelled overly much, but the buttons of his shirt are undone and his chest is widely open.

“Renya-san!? Are you alright?” (Croire)

“Aah… somehow I protected the final line.” (Renya)

Ahead of the sight of line of Croire who is wondering what kind of final line is he talking about, the cocoon of bandages coils up towards the ground losing its shape in small bits.
Emil, who appeared from within, isn’t nude but wears a blue tube-top bra and hot-pants in the same colour.
She put on a long leather coat reaching from around her ankles up to her collar which showed her privates. That’s her eccentric attire.

“Did I get you to understand that I’m a girl? What I showed you the other day is a decoy, lure, artificial body! These bandages are a charm obi to take hold of the soul, which was inside the artificial body, and to return it to the body over here! Okay?” (Emil)

“… Got it. Since I won’t call you transvestite, don’t come any closer…” (Renya)

Emil turns a displeased expression towards Renya, who says that with a feeling of gasping.
However, feeling like his face has become somewhat glossy, Croire glared at Emil.

“What’s a demon doing at such place? Are you conspiring something again?” (Renya)

Once Renya asks while returning the unsheathed katana to its scabbard, Emil’s expression changed into being slightly troubled.

“Well, as a matter of fact, the demon country is a bit turbulent in various ways. Currently it’s a situation where it’s very difficult for me to stay.” (Emil)

“What are they scheming?” (Renya)

“You won’t hear that from my mouth. I’m a demon after all.” (Emil)

“So?” (Renya)

“I thought I would stay away from the country until the residual heat dies down a bit. It’s not like there’s any place I’m going to either. I remembered about you when I was troubled, Renya-kun.” (Emil)

Being told that, I’m extremely annoyed, is what Renya intends to conveys to Emil with his expression, but Emil shows no indication of minding that.

“How did you get here? Or rather, why do you know about my location?” (Renya)

“I have transferred in the northern direction? If demons acquire a certain degree of skill, they are able to transfer even if it’s only themselves. Of course the precise coordinates of the destination become necessary, but as for the location, isn’t there the spot where we bid our farewells previously?” (Emil)

“… The pen, huh?” (Renya)

That pen, which can write a mark that will vanish and which I was given by Emil, has notified Emil about my location, huh? Renya thought, but Emil crossed both his arms in front of her chest creating a x-mark.

“That’s a miss. Correct would be the mark you wrote on your palm.” (Emil)

Renya perceived that he literally marked himself as it seems.
Something like a mark that let’s a demon know his whereabouts is only troublesome even if he has it, but he doesn’t know the way to erase it.
“I guess I there’s no other option but getting the information out of Emil are Renya’s thoughts, I suppose”, Emil says.

“So that’s why it’s only me who knows your location, okay?” (Emil)

“That’s plenty bothersome already.” (Renya)

“Don’t say such a cold thing. I’d like you to look after me for a bit, oki? Of course I will hide me being a demon as much as possible and I will try to help you with various things, so can I request that of you?” (Emil)

“There’s no way that it’s possible, is it!?” (Croire)

Before Renya can answer Croire thrusts her finger at Emil and refuses.
Has she completely omitted the fact that her opponent is a demon? She declares towards Emil while stepping in front of Renya from behind.

“There’s a limit to being impudent as well!” (Croire)

It seems like a fair argument, but… since she has circumstances resembling yours, Croire…” (Renya)

Croire is drenched in cold sweat while being retorted by Renya from behind.
Emil, who stared at Croire, suddenly releases a long breath.

“Is that so? It’s no good, eh? It can’t be helped, I have to build a nest in the vicinity once again…” (Emil)

“Wait a bit, the demon over there… no, Emil.” (Renya)

Pushing Croire to the side gently, Renya, who came in front of Emil, placed both his hands on Emil’s shoulders with a *pon* and stared intently at Emil directly from the front.

“I guess it’s fine, I will look after you. The conditions are for you to hide your true identity without talking about it, to abide as much as possible to what I, who is the landlord, tells you and to willingly help out with work. That much will be fine if you don’t cause any problems. Is that fine?” (Renya)

“Renya-san!?” (Croire)

Croire raises her voice in surprise due to Renya readily acknowledging to look after Emil.
From Croire’s viewpoint she couldn’t think of any benefits for Renya to look after Emil and considered it to only be a minus for Renya.
However, from Renya’s viewpoint, there was a distinct reason that he had to look after Emil.

“Croire, rather than leaving that fellow at large, it’s doubtlessly safer to keep her in a place where our eyes can reach even if we ignore a bit of troubles… In case we let her to her own devices, it realistically, and not metaphorically, possible for her to destroy a single country.” (Renya)

“Uuh, that is…” (Croire)

“I don’t have any obligation to burden myself with such trouble, but… if asked whether there’s anyone except me who can take responsibility for her, you won’t be able to say anything but it’s impossible for anyone else.” (Renya)

“That’s a truly accurate analysis.” (Emil)

Renya shows an exhausted expression due to the smiling Emil.

“Do you promise? I’m asking you to not cause uncontrollable troubles for me, okay?” (Renya)

“Okay, master. I will promise it.” (Emil)

Gently grasping the hands which were place on her shoulders, answered like that with a smile that contained no evilness.


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