Chapter 73 – It seems to be the true identity of Bandages

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Under his feet an amount of bandages to the degree of the pile rising to his ankles has fallen.
In the current situation of him standing directly in the middle of that, Renya fixedly stared at the white arm that appeared from within the bandages.
From its appearance there was almost no doubt that it was the arm of a woman.
And in addition to that it doesn’t seem like that arm has carried out things like manual labour or fighting. It’s a supple arm that has almost no muscles on it.
Since Shion and Rona are practising swinging a long sword and mace respectively, their arms have proper muscles even while retaining a certain extent of femininity.
Although Croire has an amount of muscles that mostly can’t be seen from her outward appearance as should be expected of those called elves, she was still in a fairly trained state if one looks properly.
However, that arm, which dug its way out from within the bandages, is an arm giving an impression of a so called young lady from a good family due to its fleshiness which Renya had not once see in his whole life.
Does that mean there’s a young lady of a good pedigree hidden within those bandages? Renya thought for an instant, but immediately denied that thought as impossible.
The current location being the dwelling of a dragon with wyvrens and such buzzing about close-by is a completely dangerous place. It’s not a place where a young lady of a good pedigree takes a carefree stroll while having her body wrapped in a large amount of bandages.
Moreover, the other party is alone.
Since there’s no indication of anyone accompanying her either, there’s no way that she’s a young lady.

“Since your arm came out, will you be able to unwrap the rest by yourself?” (Renya)

In the first place, if she isn’t the owner of an ability at the level of Renya, it should have been difficult for her to even come as far as to this place.
Just how the hell did the owner of this arm get to such place? While Renya felt such a doubt, Bandages already held out her other hand towards Renya once he asked.

“What is it?” (Renya)

“I don’t want to stop in the middle of it, you know. Since I started to work on it, I wonder if you can’t unwrap them until the end for me?”

Renya stops himself from asking Are you screwing around with me?
After taking a deep breath in order to calm down himself, he took the hand which was held out towards him.

“Got it, stand still.” (Renya)

Answering like that, Renya unwraps the bandages coiled around the other arm while secretly making the neglected armour with Liaris in it float with the spell and carries it to the shade where Croire has hidden.
In case it becomes a situation where they have to escape, it will be fine if they abandon the armour, but it’s not like they can leave Liaris, who is inside, behind.
In that case, it won’t do without Liaris getting quickly out of the armour in preparation for the time when something happens.
There’s also the option of transporting it with the spell <Manipulation>, but I can’t say for sure that it will be possible in an emergency to do so.
Pretending to meet slight, unexpected difficulties while untying the bandages, Renya gains time.

“Sorry for troubling you.”

“Good grief. What’s the intention behind using such large amount of bandages…” (Renya)

“It was the medical treatment for a little bit largish technique. It was a necessary measure to preserve until it became stable, wasn’t it?”

“What kind of thing did you… there you are, it got off.” (Renya)

When Renya said that, both hands of Bandages were freed from bandages.
Her body, legs and head are still in a state of being enveloped in thick layers of bandages. After having thick poles on both sides made out of bandages, the spectacle of slender, female arms stretching out instead can only be called eerie or ridiculous. Renya doesn’t know which one though.

“Next the head, please.”

“Do it yourself…” (Renya)

“Pretty please, Renya-kun.”

Renya’s expression gets tense due to the voice that contained a smile.

“You…  know my name?” (Renya)

“Fufu… rather than that, please remove the bandages on my head, okay? The elven young lady in the back needs time to rescue the human stuck within that armour, doesn’t she?”

Due to Bandages giggling lightly, Renya clicks his tongue without even trying to hide it.
Even if it can’t be helped that Croire’s movements had been exposed, Renya didn’t expect at all for this suspicious character to know his name.

“It will be alright even if you aren’t that vigilant? If you are worried, I can put my hands together behind my back like this.”

The lump of bandages puts both her arms, which became free, behind her own back and linked the fingers of both hands.
Renya was a bit lost at this point.
Do I continue to remove the bandages just as I’ve been told or do I cut her down by drawing my sword at this point-blank range? Those are the two options.
After a small amount of hesitation, Renya started to remove the bandages on the head part.
It’s not like I can’t kill her by using a blade, he thought, but at present there’s still no reason to cut her down.
Killing because they are strange, because they are suspicious; that doesn’t depend on anything but the result of cutting until it merely results in finishing without cutting.
It’s the act of a fool to hold back power without using it, but it’s a stupid deed to use it without considering the place where it’s to be used.
Even the bandages coiled around the head are stacked in an unbelievable amount. It’s skilfully done to have this much bandages completely twining around the face without her suffocating, Renya secretly admired.
Once he removes the bandages swiftly, the hidden face becomes exposed.
Renya, who kept taking a long and hard look at that exposed face from point-blank range, was puzzled within his mind.
It was a face of a little girl he hadn’t seen since coming to this world.
Her hair is put together into a side tail and has an orchid colour. Her skin, rather than appearing as transparent, it is abnormally white.
Her ears have a very human-like shape, but her deep crimson pupils, which were filled with an impish light, feel just a little different from those of humans if one looks from nearby.
It was fairly difficult to guess the age by just her face, but going by my impression, she feels a bit younger that Shion, I guess, Renya estimated.
Be that as it may, Renya closely gazes at that face.
It seemed like the other party knew Renya’s name, but no matter how many times he searched his memory, Renya didn’t remember the face in front of him after all.
Then it means that the other party knows about Renya one-sidedly, is how it works out, but I can’t predict from whom, of those who know me, the information might have been handed down.
The little girl stares at Renya quizzical expression with a friendly grin as if seeing something amusing.

“Say? Did we meet somewhere before?” (Renya)

“That’s right. I have encountered you once.”

The reply returned towards Renya’s question confuses him even further.
Though even Renya remember someone when he meets them once, he doesn’t recall her voice and face at all.
Even though my body should be young, my brain is likely still that from my previous existence, behind Renya, who began to hold doubts towards his own memory, a small, short yell from Croire was audible.
Is there some kind of trouble? turning his head, Croire, who was looking this way while appearing only a bit from within the rock’s shade, yelled ahead of Renya’s look.

“Renya-sana! Please get away from that fellow! That fellow is a demon!” (Croire)

She is quite flustered, huh? The words she was using were in the elven language.
For a moment Renya doesn’t understand what Croire is saying. In the next moment he turns around towards the little girl while drawing the katana at his waist. And then that motion stops.
While understanding that Renya had entered a combat stance, the little girl, without even trying to defend, showed a giggle narrowing her impish eyes.

“That’s a good decision. Wouldn’t it be a bad if you can’t take even one step after drawing?”

The bandages, which were neglected on the ground, entangle around Renya’s feet.
Even without a strength to degree of constricting him, due to the bandages properly sealing his motion, Renya yelled without him turning around to his back,

“Croire! Take Liaris and run away!” (Renya)

“No, no, elf-ojousan. You are called Croire, I guess? It will be alright even if you don’t escape?”

The voice, which contained a smile, is pointed at Croire.
Croire, who showed up from within the rock’s shade, glared at the little girl while putting herself on guard and said,

“Leaving you behind, there’s no way I can simply escape like that, Renya-san!” (Croire)

“The elven language, huh… I’m slightly bad at that. I wonder if you can understand me? My words, that is.”

“Release Renya-san!” (Croire)

“That’s unreasonable, isn’t it? After all I will end up getting cut down once I release him.”

The little girl hit her head with a *tap tap* using a hand.

“It’s no good if I don’t change the colour of my hair as expected.”

“What do you mean?” (Renya)

Renya asks while holding the hilt of his katana in his hand.
The little girl showed a slightly perplexed expression due to Renya’s question.

“You know, that is because orchid hair is a trait of demons, isn’t it?”

“To be accurate, orchid hair and dark brow skin. And in addition the shape of the pupils.” (Croire)

Without taking her eyes off the little girl’s movements, Croire, who is standing ready, supplemented.

“However, except for the hair colour, you aren’t conforming to the traits of demons… what kind of person are you?” (Croire)

“A demon-like person, I guess? Well, for the time being.”

The little girl quickly drops the hand which was hitting her head.
With just that much of an action her orchid hair is dyed in a deep crimson colour.
Seeing that, Croire opened her eyes widely.

“S-Such a… something like a demon changing their hair colour…” (Croire)

Croire’s voice trembles.
What the little girl in front of Renya did was apparently an action that caused quite the shock to her for some reason.

“What’s this about?” (Renya)

“For demons their orchid hair is a proof of their pride. They believe in quite the old-fashioned sense of values, don’t they? Rather than that…”

The little demon girl looks fleetingly at Renya’s hand which is placed on the katana.
If he draws, he has the range and timing enabling him to cut her, but Renya doesn’t move.
As if completely restraining Renya, the bandages, which are entangled around his feet, have changed their pressure.

“I have an inexhaustible amount of curiosity regarding that katana as well, but for the time being, won’t you release your hand from it and take off the remaining bandages?”

The little girl’s height was around one or two points of view lower than Renya’s.
Naturally, from the little girl’s point of view she has to glance upwards as Renya is towering above her.
However, I can’t feel anything but the upturned eyes of that little girl being a calculated action.

“What was that?” (Renya)

The little demon girl didn’t loose her smile while tampering with the bandages which were covering a part of her body and said towards Renya who asked that question,

“I believe that it’s no good to give up on something, you started, midway.”

“You… who the heck are you?” (Renya)

He reflexively fills the hand, which held up the scabbard, with strength.
Once asked by Renya, who is still in a state of being able to draw in an instant if he has only one chance, the little girl kept her mouth shut after trying to answer once. After pondering for a short while, she answered while laughing extremely happily.

“I will give you an answer once you remove the bandages on my body?”

Once the little girl says that while pinching the bandages around her collar, Renya’s expression turns bitter.
Do I start an attack? Or do I follow the girl’s words?
After a while Renya released his hand from the katana while making sure to to not take his eyes off the little girl.
In Renya’s opinion, the attack speed of the bandages, which are already entangled around his feet, should be faster than his own sword-drawing speed.
He doesn’t know how strong the bandages are, but since she deliberately twined them around his feet, it might be an item that can immediately sever something at the level of Renya’s feet.
It might be a result that is plenty worth it for the inhabitants of this world if one can defeat a demon in exchange for the amputation of both their feet, but from Renya’s viewpoint it’s not like the demons are his natural enemy at all. The little girl in front of him didn’t show any indication to start an attack at present even if the truth is different.
So, if that’s the case, it will be better to answer the demand of the opponent for the time being, I guess, Renya judged.
Even the amount of bandages twined around the body of the little girl seemed to be a considerable amount if one considered the imagined body of the little girl.
This seems to be once again a task that will take some time, at the time Renya placed his hand on the bandages, the little demon girl quietly stood on tiptoes and brought her lips close to Renya’s ear.
The little demon girl whispered into the ear of Renya, who couldn’t move due to the sudden action of hers,



“I’m, you know, Emil Rajah, a researcher.” (Emil)

“… Haa!?” (Renya)

The hand of the surprised Renya is unintentionally filled with strength.
It was to such a degree that it took quite the time and labour to untangle the bandages on the head with his hand.
The bandages, which were wrapped around the little girl’s body, easily came off without delay up to the area around her waist and dropped to the ground.
In front of Renya, who stood stock still in a daze, the white skin, which depict gentle curves from the scape of her neck, lays bare. The line of the distinctly standing-out collarbone and the pair of soft hills, which kept their shape due to the girl’s youth while being moderate, were swaying with a tremble dependent on the girl’s slight movements.


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