Chapter 72 – It seems something came

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Renya gathers his thoughts.
Assuming that the several rock dragons won’t count towards the current military gains as we didn’t fetch the subjugation proofs, there is still the result of 15 subjugated wyvrens remaining.
Given that I have collected the magic cores, those will easily serve as evidence.
Even if we try to report all of it as Liaris’ military gains, as they likely won’t be able to believe and accept the entire story, Liaris will be able to at least claim about 7 wyvrens as her own half of it, Renya predicts, but it’s unclear how much the subjugation of 7 wyvrens will be worth as achievement.
From Renya’s standpoint, he doesn’t feel it as considerable degree of difficulty to have subjugated those wyvrens because he recognizes it as the wyvren having crashed after being hit by a heavy armour.
I don’t think it will become an achievement no matter how many of them were defeated seeing that it’s possible to defeat them this easily, he just thinks.
In reality wyvrens and rock dragons are monsters with a power level that can probably brought down one way or the other by a party of C-rank adventurers. They aren’t monsters you can earn money with through numbers.
However, Liaris, who is the only person who can point out such matter in this place, is still stuck within the heavy armour. It’s not like Croire, who tried to get her out of it with her utmost effort, possesses that much knowledge about the ability of adventurers either. It was a situation where there was no one able to point out that Renya’s thinking was wrong.
Renya looks down at the dragon which is cowering at the side.
There’s no doubt that we probably will have to subjugate a dragon.
No matter what kind of fairy-tale it is, those, who subjugated a dragon, will be awarded with the most prestige.
That’s likely not any different in this world either, Renya believes.
But, if he is asked whether he is able to subjugate this dragon, who is frantically begging for its life while shrinking down his large build as much as possible, without any compassion, Renya won’t be able to answer anything but no.
If it was an opponent that faced him properly, he had the confidence of being able to crush them underfoot while laughing at them even if it’s such a frail being, but Renya wants to avoid turning his fists against an opponent who pleads to be spared.
Not to mention that this dragon hasn’t caused any kind of harm to Renya and the others to begin with.
He ends up hesitating to kill the dragon, who harbours no hostility although one can’t say that it’s harmless either, with his own hands, even if it’s for the sake of his friend’s lover.
For example it was even a dragon who frankly admitted he wants to make out with a female.
For example it was even a dragon who frankly admitted he wants to make out with a female.
For example it…

“I have a feeling that it will be fine if we hunt something suitable.” (Renya)

Renya, who started to believe that there’s no meaning in an existence like a dragon that became flirty, says that in a flat voice and the dragon, who is still in a posture of prostrating itself, hits the ground with his tail with a *flop flop* in order to protest against this.

<Don’t~! Please save me, I will do anything!>

“Hmm, anything, eh…?” (Renya)

That means it pretty much made a pledge, Renya thinks.
The magic core will be necessary by all means as proof of a dragon subjugation.
Since the magic core is located above the dragon’s heart or within its head, there’s no other option but to try opening the chest or head in order to take it out.
And, even though Renya has means to open those, he doesn’t happen to have the skill to restore those back to their original state at hand.
If you leave the opened chest or head of most living creatures alone, they will die.
Well, how annoying, Renya folded his arms.
Looking up to the sky wondering what he should do, Renya discovered that when he returned his sight to the dragon once again.
From Renya’s view it’s in a place facing towards the dragon on its other side.
It suddenly stood there without any chain of reasoning.

“Yaa, hello.”


That, which abruptly raised its right hand and greeted them, had an appearance similar to a badly made stuffed toy that was wrapped in bandages, if one has to describe it.
Has it been wrapped in considerably thick bandages? Or is there a person inside? At any rate, the lump of bandages had more or less the shape of a person, but it’s showing a smooth body that ended up painting over all the information like revealing its gender and race.
Even the area around the head doesn’t expose its eyes and mouth. I wonder if it can see like this? And why isn’t its voice muffled? Those question are popping up one after the other.
The voice was pretty much that of a woman with its high pitch.

“Huh? Won’t you reply to my greetings?”

“Just where… the heck did you appear from?” (Renya)

Given that there are precedents of him not having felt a presence, he isn’t surprised to such an extent.
However, the fact that it suddenly appeared without even Croire, who possesses quite the sharp sense of hearing, noticing it, was plenty to even give Renya a surprise.
Renya asks somewhat absent-mindedly without being able to recover from that shock, but he naturally places his hand on the katana at his waist.
Due to his action, which has changed into a partially conditioned reflex for Renya, the lump of bandages pushed out both its hands in front of it in a hurry.

“Wait, wait. I’m not a particularly suspicious person. I’m just a passing-by Bandages-san.”

While thinking that there’s likely no way for Bandages to simply pass by, Renya glares at it.

“Aren’t there shady parts with such a self-introduction?” (Renya)

While standing ready with the intention to cut it down alongside the dragon, which is between them, if necessary, Renya turns a fleeting glance in Croire’s direction.
Croire had frantically worked at removing the armour with Liaris in it until the bandages appeared, but did she quickly sense Renya’s reaction? It appeared that she has hidden in the shade of a rock and is secretly looking over here.
Of course the armour has been left alone as is.
It could be said to be only natural since Croire wouldn’t be even able to drag it along with her arm strength. And it can also be said that for Liaris being inside the armour is the safest place anyway.

“You seem to be troubled, eh? Don’t you feel like trying to consult with this kind, passing-by Bandages-san here?”

Renya laughed scornfully at the words of the lump of bandages which asked while leaning its upper body forward.

“A fellow, who asks for a consultation with this type of invitation, is a fool.” (Renya)

“Is that so? I think that there are many people who will get excited and jump at that good luck though.”

The Bandages hit the dragon’s body with a hand, that was pushed out, with a *pon pon*
The dragon shows no indication of moving while looking at the lump of bandages with the same gaze as it faced Renya.

“Let me guess your problem? Don’t you want to use this dragon here one way or the other?”

Renya doesn’t answer.
How did the bandages take his silence? It continues in an unchanged tone.

“Since it will probably easy if you simply kill it, there’s also a reason why you don’t want to kill it, I guess?”

“You…” (Renya)

“Though it’s somehow possible for me. What will you do?”

Due to the signs of Renya strengthening his vigilance, the Bandages spins around while spreading both its hands without caring at all.
Doesn’t it think anything at all about its behaviour being full of gaps? Or does it believe that there’s no necessity for it to mind about someone like Renya who can slash it at any time?

“What do you plan to do?” (Renya)

Renya asked while keeping an alert eye on the actions of Bandages.
Bandages stops to turn around and hits the dragon’s body with a *pon pon* again.

“It depends on what you want to do, doesn’t it? For example, if you just want to take out the magic core…”

The lump of bandages tucks up both its hands.
Seeing variously shaped blades showing up, accompanied by metallic sounds, from the gaps in between the bandages, Renya moved his body back a bit.
Hasn’t it caught sight of Renya’s state? Bandages loudly declares,

“If it’s me, I’m capable of dismantling this dragon without it dying.”

The dragon temporarily shook its large body due to the thoughtlessly dangerous statement.
Renya tries to ask one thing while sighing lightly at the dragon’s state.

“Have you prepared anaesthesia and such?” (Renya)


Once Renya asks the question to Bandages which immediately retracts the blades it took out just a minute ago, it replies in a somewhat idiotic voice,

“Anaesthesia, anaesthesia you say. Is something like dismantling impossible without anaesthesia?”

“Ah, it will be alright. It won’t die though it will be a pain to the degree of dying.” (Renya)

The dragon’s face becomes stiff due to the words of Bandages which were stated quite indifferently.
Renya shook his head while thinking that he’s probably watching something exceedingly strange now.

“No matter how you put it, that’s far too cruel.” (Renya)

Due to Renya saying “something like performing an open surgery on the chest without anaesthesia in a state of being conscious is likely unendurable if done just like that”, Bandages groans while doing something like folding its arms.
Although he realizes that it wants to fold its arms which are a lump of bandages as well, they don’t come together at all.

“Then… ah, that’s right. If the dragon acknowledges it, I can also do it so that it will get enslaved.”

Due to the word “enslavement”, Renya’s face moves with a twitch.
It meant that the magic core, gouged out from that monster, would be necessary to show it as proof that it was subjugated, but in that case it would become necessary to kill the dragon in front of him no matter what.
Otherwise it would be necessary to forever watch the agony of the dragon which had its magic core taken out without anaesthesia.
However, there shouldn’t be anything more convincing, without the necessity of troublesome processing either, if they show the actual article with “it was captured at great difficulty though.”
But, no matter what, Renya is worried about the lack of suspiciousness because of the stuffed toy in front of him.
It would still be fine if there was just a bit of hostility, but it’s strangely friendly to a great extent.
Renya has no stuffed toy or bandage acquaintances.
In other words, even though he doesn’t remember having a friendly interaction with those, this lump of bandages is talking to him intimately without minding Renya putting his hand on a weapon.

“Just who the heck are you?” (Renya)

“Well, isn’t it fine after we finish various things?”

Bandages tries to shelve the question, but Renya has no intention to let that pass.
Once he unsheathes the katana in a smooth motion, he thrusts its point at the place where the face of Bandages is likely situated.

“Does anyone depend on a party they don’t know?” (Renya)

Renya intended to apply a light pressure, but it apparently didn’t get through to Bandages at all.

“Eh? Ah, Are you telling me that you want to see my face? W-Wait a moment, okay? Well, I didn’t predict that… for them to getting attached this much after the medical treatment, thus… will it be alright if I don’t something unreasonable, I wonder? If I do it too fiercely, it will become a strain, but… I think it’s possible to correct them though.”

“What are you mumbling about…?” (Renya)

Without showing an interest in the thrust-out point of the katana at all, the lump of bandages began to mumble something while flapping both its arms.
In front of the astonished Renya, the lump of bandages which was like that for a little while, gives a single nod with an “alright” before long.

“Okaay. I will remove the bandages.”

Saying that, it started to tamper with its own body while using both arms which had been changed into bandage-shrouded tubes.
The lump of bandages, which struggled for a while ahead of Renya, who is staring at it with a doubtful look while wondering whether the bandages will come off, stopped moving soon and after pondering for a bit, it came walking in front of Renya circling around the intervening body of the dragon.
Due to that overly defenceless act, Renya sheathes the thrust-out katana in its scabbard reflexively.

“What?” (Renya)

“It looks like I can’t get them off by myself. Won’t you please remove them for me?”

The lump of bandages holds out both hands while requesting that.
So, how did you coil those bandages around, Renya wanted to ask, but he feels like it would dodge answering if he said that or give a strange answer.
While harbouring somewhat dissatisfied thoughts, Renya started to unravel the bandages of a held-out hand, as prompted.
However, this unexpectedly became a very troublesome task as Renya had foreseen.
At any rate, it’s bandages that have been coiled around until they have become quite dense.
It’s a state where one doesn’t know at all just how thick the layers are and what’s inside. It’s not a half-hearted amount of bandages.
In other words, even as he unwraps and unwraps, bandages appear one after the other.
Even though the unwrapped bandages begin to form a mountain underfoot, there’s no indication that whatever’s inside will become visible.
Isn’t it in fact bandages down to the core without anyone being inside? Even as he thinks that, the amount of bandages is piling up under Renya’s feet.

“Yaa, sorry for troubling you this much. But, it was necessary to use that many bandages.”

The patient Bandages raised its voice as if smiling bitterly while the bandages are getting removed by Renya.
Which reminds me, just where the heck did the blades, which came out from in-between the gaps in the bandages earlier, go?
At the time Renya began to harbour such question, a slender white arm showed up from within the bandages which were removed at last.


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