Chapter 55 – It seems we’re being guided around by an elf

The elven cities are generally built within forests.
Even the city Renya’s group visited after leaving the transfer gate was no exception to that as it was within a forest.
Because the elves called themselves “the people of the forest”, they love trees more than sand and rocks. They are a race that desires to live close to trees.
Thus, the buildings in elven cities naturally make use of trees, and there are many things which use them as support. In Renya’s opinion, there are many buildings where he doesn’t comprehend how the heck the buildings themselves are built with such a haphazard design.
The room where they emerged after coming out of the transfer gate was one of the rooms of the adventurer training school, which is located in the elven city Grankain (T/N: >> Gurankain <<).
Kurowaal, who called herself their guide, is one of the students of the school there.

“Once again, why is it a student?” (Renya)

Renya believed that a guide was unnecessary, but even if they would prepare a guide for argument’s sake, it should be someone assigned from the teacher’s side since it is a school. It was slightly difficult for him to imagine a student being nominated for that role.
Kurowaal, who acts as guide and departs first on the path towards outside the school from the room with the transfer gate, readily replies while looking over her shoulder,

“Is that not because I am excellent?” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal answered while lightly throwing her chest out in pride, but even if something that’s not there is pushed out, it’s not like the fact that there’s nothing will change.

“I have a feeling that they are making a mistake in their usage of excellent personnel though?” (Renya)

“It shan’t work well with someone incompetent if you consider it to be the duty of preventing trouble.” (Kurowaal)

Renya said so in order to provoke her a little bit, but he understands that it didn’t have any effect since she makes her statement coldly.
Come to think of it, Renya should have lived for more than 94 years all together in his previous life, however the elf in front of him might have easily spent more time than him being alive.
If looked at it that way, it will become Renya’s first encounter with a being that’s older than him since coming to this world.

“Do elves possess longevity?” (Renya)

“I feel that the conversation took a far too sudden turn, but that is correct.” (Kurowaal)

“How old are you, Kurowaal? I can’t grasp it by your appearance at all.” (Renya)

“I will turn 70 this year.” (Kurowaal)

“… 70?” (Renya)

No way, she is younger.
Renya, who previously heard Rona saying that elves become adults at around 200 years of age, wonders whether it’s fine if he considers the age of elves to be about 10 times that of humans. Even if Kurowaal’s age doesn’t amount to 200 years by her appearance, isn’t she at least 140 ~ 150 years old? Renya anticipated, but it seems that his guess has been proven wrong.
Having pondered about it this far, Renya once again looks at the back of Kurowaal who is going in front of him.
Just a moment ago I thought my idea of elves having an age being 10 times that of humans is a mistake, but maybe that idea is correct. Isn’t it also possible that the elf in front of me has an age of around 7 years going by human terms? He considered.

“Something wrong?” (Kurowaal)

Did she notice the stare of Renya? Kurowaal asks while looking at Renya over her shoulder.
Will she be alright walking without looking in front of herself? Renya got slightly worried.

“Don’t worry. I won’t bump against the wall even if I don’t look ahead.” (Kurowaal)

“That’s also quite efficient… The age I heard just now; how much is it amongst elves?” (Renya)

Kurowaal shows an expression of “I wonder what you are talking about?” at Renya who asked.

“Given that master is a Lost, his information about this world here is slightly poor ~no.” (Frau)

Frau, who walked next to Renya while grasping his hand, explains his circumstances to Kurowaal.
Renya thought that it would be only himself who has assistance from his skill, and Rona who can use the elven language within his party, but Frau was also very fluent in talking elvish.
Now that it has come to this, only Shion can’t join their chat. Shion has abandoned conversing with the elf while donning an expression of having partly given up.
“Why can Frau fluently speak in the elven language?” Due to that question Frau replied, “It’s because elves and fairies are similar existences.”
Going by Frau’s words, elves seem to be beings similar to half fairies.

“Lost… you say? That’s also quite rare.” (Kurowaal)

“I would appreciate it if you stop treating me like some rare animal.” (Renya)

Renya responded to Kurowaal, who seemed to be slightly astonished, with a dejected expression.

“I can understand it, if you are a Lost. If you were a regular member of the human race, I would draw the conclusion that you are an imbecile without any knowledge.” (Kurowaal)

Each and every word is filled with spite.
Renya ends up thinking, she hates the human race very much.

“Elves take about 40 years after their birth for their outward appearance to become that of an adult. Those 40 years are called the growth period. The period of about 160 years until they reach about 200 years is called adolescence. Only after passing this age an elf is regarded as adult.” (Kurowaal)

“Hee, that means you are in the middle of adolescence, right, Kurowaal?” (Renya)

“Yes, indeed. We gather knowledge and experience in this period of adolescence. I will be treated as a 14~15 year old, going by the age of humans. By the way, although there are some disparities in the life spans, I will live for around 1000 years.” (Kurowaal)

“It’s a famous fact that the outer appearance of elves mostly doesn’t change either.” (Rona)

Rona, who walked behind Renya, interjects.
From Renya’s point of view, is Rona talking in the human language or is she using the elven language? I can’t make a distinction, but going by the fact that Kurowaal doesn’t show any reaction, she seems to be talking in the human language.
In this regard, although Renya tried to experiment by asking Rona, who understands the human language as well as the elven language, about various things, it seems that his words will become audible as elvish if he thinks about talking in the elven language and as human tongue if he thinks about talking in the human language.
Since it’s also similar in cases where I write characters, it’s an extremely user-friendly skill, Renya admires.

“Elves who have matured into adults will keep their outward appearance until their death. Given that they have a young outer appearance for a very long time, on top of elders not existing, they were believed to be an immortal race in the days of old.” (Rona)

“Actually, they do grow old properly. It’s only that even after childhood, their appearance won’t become wrinkled.. However they still age normally”, Rona says.

“Renya… I don’t comprehend what that fat meat is talking about. I can’t praise you for holding a secret talk amongst fellow humans.” (Kurowaal)

“If it’s that frustrating, how about learning to understand the words of humans?” (Rona)

Kurowaal changes her expression a bit due to the provocation of Rona.
Seeing her reaction, Renya realizes that Rona is apparently stirring her up by deliberately switching to the elvish language.

“By the way…” (Rona)

Rona’s look has a tinge of sharpness.

“Somehow I’m sensing gazes directed at me from all over.” (Rona)

Renya had also vaguely perceived something in line with that.
This has been happening the whole time while they were in the middle of walking within the school building after leaving the room guided by Kurowaal. There were several presences continuing to send unreserved looks from the windows and shadows, although they likely thought that they were doing it stealthily.
Because their stares were not focussing on Renya, Frau or Shion, but were only glued to Rona, Renya didn’t mind it overly much, however it seems that Rona has also noticed their stares.
Women seem to be extremely sensitive towards being watched, Renya assesses.
Their presences were so small that one wouldn’t notice them, if that wasn’t the case.

“There is no way that it’s humans who are showering me with such looks in the elven country. These are elven stares, aren’t they? … They are treating me as chubby again and are ridiculing me… Very well, I will exterminate all of them. Let me offer them education so that they won’t be able to say anything but ‘A big chest is proof of abundant maternity and a big bottom is a symbol of easy childbirth.'” (Rona)

Renya drops his shoulders.
Because his uneasiness called Won’t it develop into a big problem between the races if someone becomes aware of there being elves who were educated in such a manner?, Renya quickly hurls an order at Shion who was behind Rona.

“Shion, stop her.” (Renya)

“Got it, Renya.” (Shion)

Shion confirms with a nod to stop Rona who dragged out her quite unrefined mace from within her baggage while letting loose a dark, low laughter.
While looking at Shion binding the hands of Rona, who was kicking up a fuss by saying “Let-me-go!”, behind her back, Renya asked Kurowaal in a whisper,

“Are the owners of those looks the outcome of the reformation of aesthetic sense?” (Renya)

“… Even though it’s quite disgraceful…” (Kurowaal)

She tries to not let it show on her face as much as possible, but Kurowaal nods while slowly hanging her head in shame.
It seems that there are elves among those in the school who appreciate the charm of flesh. They appear to be continuing to send passionate stares at Rona’s appearance while lurking in the shadows.
From their point of view, we are humans they usually won’t be able to see. Moreover Rona possesses outstanding proportions even among humans.
It’s not really difficult to imagine that they are using this rare opportunity to have a feast for their eyes.
That might be great for those looking, but because it exposes the one being watched to rude stares, it becomes a very troublesome matter.

“The probability of an attack is?” (Renya)

Renya asks about the probability of the elves starting a suicide attack by succumbing to their urges.

“I can’t completely deny it, but… in such a case it won’t be handled as a crime, no matter what kind of counter attack we enact upon them.” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal states expressionlessly.
‘It won’t even be a problem if they end up getting killed in the worst case, if I take this at face value’, is also an interpretation.

“No, rather, I recommend killing them instead. If you can do us the courtesy of eradicating them, it’s possible that you will receive gratitude from the other elves.” (Kurowaal)

“Are they a minority? The elves who say “Big breasts are great too”, that is.” (Renya)

“I don’t want to talk about it, however… currently they are a minority, but they are experiencing rapid growth.” (Kurowaal)

Renya shrugged his shoulders while Kurowaal was making grinding sounds with her teeth.
Renya glances at Rona who is still trying to rampage around.

“Are you saying that it’s also fine to exterminate them by releasing that?” (Renya)

“It’s no problem, but…” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal says while her gaze returns to Renya’s face after turning it towards Rona.

“Is that person fairly strong? At the level of being able to fight elves within a forest?” (Kurowaal)

“I wonder? I myself didn’t fight against elves, thus it’s nothing I can judge.” (Renya)

“Since I cannot deny the possibility of that proportion* being taken somewhere after becoming powerless in case she has nothing but half-assed ability, she should depart with that kind of conviction.” (Kurowaal) (T/N: *refers to Rona here)

“As for me, elves had an image of being an indifferent race that possesses longevity, but… somehow, after having heard this much, I’m starting to regard you as race where men are strangely aggressive for sex, but…” (Renya)

Let’s not do something like releasing Rona, no matter what happens, Renya judged.
I will be troubled if Rona is made into a plaything by the radical elven faction, once they noticed her.
In that case I would reduce them, including the forest, to ashes though, Renya waits for Kurowaal’s reply while concealing his dangerous thoughts.

“It would be a blessing for me if you could comprehend it as “It’s a way of thinking that is in the process of gradually changing with young elves in its centre.”” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal says it in a flat tone with the words obviously having no feelings packed into them, but without hearing any of her true feelings in those words, Renya continues to ask,

“And your true opinion is?” (Renya)

“I won’t accept the fact that the number of elves who are getting tainted by the humans’ way of thinking separately with their brains and with their lower half have increased.”” (Kurowaal)

“For the time being I have to object on behalf of the human races’ honour; there aren’t only such guys? It’s a fact that there are many of such fellows, but…” (Renya)

“Well, it probably doesn’t really matter for the races overall as long as they leave behind offspring, be it with the human race or with their own race.” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal expresses her resignation while sighing.

“Won’t that just increase the number of halfs?” (Renya)

Doesn’t she care about the blood getting mixed up? Renya cocked his head in puzzlement.

“Halfs?” (Kurowaal)

“Master, children born between elves and humans are set to be the race of the man’s side ~no.” (Frau)

Kurowaal holds in her desire to state her opinion of “I don’t understand what you are talking about”.
Frau explains to Renya who wracked his brain whether he had said something weird.

“Therefore, if Rona-ane-sama were to be abducted by elves, all of the produced children would be elves ~nano.” (Frau)

While believing it to be a cruel example, Renya tries to ask about a different pattern.

“What if it was a child from Kurowaal and me?” (Renya)

“It will be a human ~no.” (Frau)

“What are you saying!?” (Kurowaal)

Kurowaal raised her voice in protest while her cheeks became red.

“No, well, an example, it’s just an example.” (Renya)

“That’s obvious. Why should I with a human…” (Kurowaal)

The end of the complaining Kurowaal’s remark was muttered and couldn’t be understood.
The topic has fallen to quite a dirty level, Renya smiles wryly.
What kind of meaning did she attach to that wry smile? Kurowaal turned her face away in a huff and began to give her undivided attention to walking forwards again.
While walking to chase after her back, Renya felt a sense of regret wondering whether he should leave them behind as he looks at the appearances of Rona, who is still raising a ruckus in the back, and Shion, who is trying to somehow calm and pacify Rona.


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