Chapter 51 – It seems to be trying to practise magic

Standing stock still as he is teased by the wind, he fixedly stares at the forest.
In an environment, where there are no other sounds, the rustling of the trees leaves in his ears stirs a strange feeling.
The screams, audible once in a while, are likely from the adventurers, who are still left behind in the forest, but although it’s evidence that something is happening in there one way or the other, Renya tries to not think of their fates.
The wind changes.
The wind, which has been blowing from the forest’s direction and is blended with the fragrance of the forest’s trees, had the stench of something rotten and of iron rust mixed in.
It’s a stench that worsens one’s mood, Renya frowns.
Since it’s mixed in with the fragrance of forest trees, which is said to have the effect of soothing the mind, he ends up experiencing the disgusting stench as strong and prominent.
It’s only a disgusting stench because I don’t want to smell it, while thinking that he is deceiving himself somehow, Renya comes to a complete standstill.
Once the non-attribute magic spell <Ventilation>, which he activated and was amplifying with all his strength, blows from behind Renya in order to oppose the wind streaming from within the forest, the stench as well as the wind are washed away in one lump and get pushed back into the forest.
If it’s like this, I won’t be assaulted by that repulsive smell, Renya takes a breath.
Actually, his intention is another one.
Shion didn’t realize it until the end, but even if Renya monitored a single part of the forest, it’s not like he would also be able to restrain monsters, which leave from another place.
Usually it’s something she would notice, however was it because she was tormented by feelings of guilt for leaving Renya behind by himself? Shion didn’t show any behaviour that she had realized that at all.
As for Rona, Renya didn’t properly know.
Didn’t she mention it after noticing it? Or was it something that didn’t matter to Rona? Is it both or neither?
Given that he won’t reach a conclusion even if he tries to ponder about it, Renya stopped that train of thought.
At any rate, it’s not like I can cover the extent of a wide area by myself.
That is the real problem.
Since that’s the case, what shall I do so that the strange monsters, which are currently in this forest, won’t leave from here and will it be fine with me making sure that they don’t get close to the vicinity of the city?
The answers to those questions weren’t that simple for Renya.
He couldn’t say it with certainty, but even so there’s a method to guide the monsters, who might decide to leave the forest, towards his own location.
Letting the wind carry his scent into the forest, it will be fine, if that tells the monsters that a lone human is in this place.
The monsters, they encountered in the forest, borrowed the belly of a person, pursued escaping humans and actively assaulted them.
If those are monsters, which have the trait of attacking people, they will almost certainly go for humans, which are in fairly close vicinity, next, after they ran out of adventurers to hunt within the forest.
I’m going to deliberately transmit into the forest that those humans are here.
This can also be regarded as a kind of provocation.

“Really… I’m an idiot too after all.” (Renya)

He mutters in self-mockery.
Shion and Rona will definitely return to the city as soon as possible, probably by running or walking without rest, Renya believed.
As the luggage, they brought with them, would only be a nuisance, they have left everything but their weapons behind.
Renya, for whom that was too wasteful, stored everything in his own inventory after their two’s figures became distant.
He hasn’t looked at the contents though.
That’s because certainly there should be things inside, which aren’t meant for his eyes.
Accordingly, as they are moving in that condition, they will probably arrive at the city in a bit more than hour, if they are fast, and in a bit less than two hours, if they are slow, is Renya’s expectation.
From then on, they will rush into the guild, wake up the staff and give a report to the top brass. Even if they get a late start, since it won’t do, if they don’t pick people, who are quite skilled, for the investigation team, they will head this way alongside the adventurers, who will be gathered for the subjugation and who are able to fight reasonably well.
Now that I think about, just how many hours will that take? Renya felt like getting depressed.
As long as the guild’s top brass isn’t filled with big idiots, they will probably dispatch an advance party for now and need about 3~4 hours for gathering people and materials until their departure.
If they are properly told that they must hurry, they will likely use horses or coaches for the move and would arrive here in around one hour after departing from the city.
If I give them a bit flexibility time-wise considering that there are various other things to handle one way or the other, won’t I be relieved from my post, if I keep monitoring for around 8 hours? That’s Renya’s wishful thinking.
That doesn’t mean that everything is always progressing in a smooth manner.
Having a futile discord and strife over responsibility, the thick-headed top brass might not listen to Shion’s and Rona’s points.
It’s not difficult to anticipate that it will likely create problems such as being unable to gather people or being unable to obtain materials, since it’s still night and dawn isn’t breaking yet.
In the first place, as a fairly high number of adventurers is suffering monster injuries in this forest, there’s also the concern whether there are still enough people remaining in the city to form a subjugation unit.

“Although it’s vague… I have a feeling that the formation of a subjugation unit is too early.” (Renya)

He looks up to the sky murmuring this in a whisper.
To begin with, ‘if you hunt indiscriminately monsters by going into the forest, you will be paid money in proportion to what you hunted’, such a request is just strange, Renya assessed.
If it’s a normal request it will be ‘Thin out the goblins because they have increased too much in number’ or ‘A large number of women were abducted by orcs in the vicinity of a village, rescue the women and slay the orcs.’
‘Just go hunting whatever’, that style of a request is clearly odd.
It wasn’t like there wasn’t any possibility for relief measures towards beginners, since it’s not a forest, where overly strong monsters appear, or because they have been in a dire situation regarding the magic gem stock, but Renya hasn’t heard of such talks or rumours.
If you look at in a very shrewd way, isn’t this a large-scale lure to bait careless adventurers, who haven’t realized the request to be kind of weird? He has such suspicion.
Of course it was a viewpoint that won’t leave the stage of being a conjecture. Being simply preoccupied with the forest octopuses, Renya, who noticed that possibility, is undoubtedly too late now since it’s after they were attacked by unidentified monsters in the forest.
If that viewpoint is correct, there’s also a likelihood that the formation of a subjugation unit and a investigation unit has been already completed.
Incidentally, in that case the report might reach the guild faster than Shion and Rona, too.
If there’s bait to angle, there should naturally be a string and a hook attached to the bait.

“The hook’s task is only to be an indication that things like the bait were bitten off. What ki…” (Renya)

Blending in with the adventurers, whose role is to be bait, there might be a party, whose role is to be the true hook.
However, the sounds, audible from within the forest, are getting less with the passage of time. Before long they can’t be heard at all anymore and the figures of another party, which leaves the forest besides Renya’s group, can’t be seen either.

“If I’m right with this conjecture, they are annoyed to willingly abide by the scheme of the planner.” (Renya)

Within Renya wells up a feeling that he wants to achieve a conclusion, like knocking the opponent out of their wits, with a single blow just like that.
It’s probably what one would call feeling mischievous.
However, he can’t come up with a good idea what should be done and how it should be done to induce such outcome.
If I possessed fire and ice spells, I could focus all of my mana, that seems to be more than enough, into turning the forest into ashes or freeze it over. However, with wind magic, which has good affinity with me, I can at best blow away the trees. Although I have a feeling that even that would be fine, it somehow lacks flashiness, Renya, who thought that, suddenly has an idea while looking up to the sky. (T/N: And Renya’s ideas are never any decent…)
This world is in a state similar to being a miniature garden placed on a tray. I heard that from that little girl before I came to this world.
Below the tray there’s nothing, emptiness.
Seen from another angle, how about above the tray?
In this world there should one or two mountains of the several-thousand-meter class.
If there are mountains, there’s a layer of air as well. It should have a considerable thickness.
Moreover, I have no memory of a hot bath becoming hot quickly in a strange way after coming to this world either.
In other words, the atmospheric pressure is the same as in my former world. Isn’t in conceivable that it has the same air layers, too?
And, isn’t it likely set up that the air will get gradually thinner the higher the altitude, just like in my former world?

“Congregate, my power, rise to the atmosphere…” (Renya)

If it’s wind-attribute magic, he has already bought notes covering all of the known spells from Khalil. Renya has finished looking through all of them.
Even in regards to the utilization restraint, right after releasing the restriction on the elementary magic he released non-attribute magic to be limitless with the same method.
The cast spell is an advanced spell of the wind system.
However, originally you arrange the image to have an effect of blowing things upwards from below, Renya has modified it to be the reverse, or in other words it slaps something downwards from above.
Incidentally, given that it won’t be amusing for him to suffer damage from the aftermath of his own spell, he erects a wind wall around himself.
Predicting the phenomenon, that will occur from here on out, he repeatedly deployed walls in a shape similar to a firm, vast cocoon by overlapping several parallel magic formulae activations.
After waiting for the deployment of the walls, Renya holds up his right hand towards the sky and continues all chants while clenching his fist as if completely grasping the air.

“Wind, rage in a whirl, strike the ground according to my desire!” (Renya)

The original incantation is 「Pierce the sky according to my desire」, but he has re-arranged the chant as well since it’s into the reverse direction.
As he will recover almost all of his mana right away, except the one used to maintain the defence walls, he pours as much as possible into the spell.
Creating a circuit of words, the spell is completed by pouring mana into that circuit.
At that moment Renya’s surroundings were swallowed up by smoke and thunderous roars.
In a far away place.
If you looked at it from a far higher point of view than Renya, you could probably see the enormous funnel.
Originally the natural phenomenon called tornado is a phenomenon of sucking up things from the ground and hurling those into the sky, but this inverse tornado sucks up everything from the sky and slaps it onto the ground.
Rather than describing it as tornado, it was more correct to call it a a huge whirling tide, which strikes the things, which are located in the sea, onto the bottom of the ocean by dragging them into the vortex.
The huge whirling tide, which reaches an overall height of 20 km, grabs a cluster of cold air from a distant height, swallows up the humidity of clouds en route and roaringly pours down on the forest in front of Renya’s eyes, who brings it all together.

“It’s a failure~ this…” (Renya)


While absent-mindedly gazing at a huge amount of white smoke, ice and unknown things streaming with a roaring sound outside of the defence walls, which are wrapping him up, Renya grumbled.
Without considering anything but to scrape off and attract the cold water, which is likely there, from a high altitude in the sky, he didn’t think about a method to deal with the cold air, which was dragged along and discharged, at all.
In reality it’s a circulation of creating ascending air currents with external descending air currents. The effective range of the spell might have been limited, but because an external air current wasn’t created, the cold air, which was slapped onto the ground, started to freeze the vicinity while spreading out.
Let’s cancel the spell right away? Renya wondered, but he immediately changed his thinking to I have already done it now anyway and slowly drove the wind funnel towards the centre of the forest.
In accordance with the departure of the funnel, the force of the wind, flowing in the surroundings, has become weaker.
Even so, Renya doesn’t dissolve the defence walls.
Renya didn’t know how far the temperature of the cold air, which fell from the sky, would follow his knowledge from his former world, but if it’s according to his calculations, it should be roughly -70°C.
Even if there was some loss due to the fall and dragging along, there is no doubt that such temperature will almost certainly lead to death, if there are humans without any kind of equipment there.
Renya was safe as he constructed several layers of air as wind defence walls, which were earnestly deployed multiple times. Because he was within that cocoon he was able to anticipate that he would likely freeze to death at once, if he released the walls.

“The people of this world probably don’t know something like a down-burst. Oh well, I think that even my former world didn’t have something like a down-burst, which causes such large-scale and big damage, but…” (Renya)

The forest, which is occasionally visible through breaks in the white smoke, was transformed into a brilliant white world.
Freezing trees and weeds all the same and likely all the monsters and animals, which were in there, as well, everything and anything was plunged into a homogeneous white world.

“Let’s say it was caused by a natural disaster. Yea, let’s just do that.” (Renya)

Even if I honestly reported that it was me who did it, there won’t be anyone, who believes me, anyway, I guess.
Since that’s the case, it would be more credible even if I said that it was a natural disaster caused on a whim of god, Renya decided to push the entire matter onto the gods of this world, whose faces he didn’t even see yet.
They aren’t managing this world decently anyway. They have been engrossed in playing the jindori game.
From Renya’s point of view, since I have been made to cross over into this world thanks to your negligence, you can take the blame a bit.

“At any rate…” (Renya)

Once he cancelled the spell, the huge funnel was released into the atmosphere with the same speed, as when it arrived, and vanished.
The cold air and humidity, which were contained within the released atmosphere, were purged and all around snow began to fall.
While watching the large snow flakes heavily falling and piling up, Renya complains, without talking to anyone in particular,

“After all, I have no talent for magic, boo~…” (Renya)

Even an average magician, if used normally, has no purpose if it becomes a great disaster once they use their full power.
As far as the eye can see it’s a white-dyed world. While wondering Well, when will it be alright to release the wind defence, Renya made a big, deep sigh due to creating a situation at the same level of a large-scale disaster.


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