Chapter 50 – It seems that I’m stupid as well

“I will ask more or less just to be sure though.” (Renya)

The tone of Renya, who opened his mouth, was calm.
Being somewhat scared by that on the contrary, Shion’s body cowers.
For some reason Shion’s gaze spontaneously fell on the katana at Renya’s hips.
Noticing that gaze, Renya exhales slightly.

“We haven’t associated with each other that long. But you do understand my way of thinking and my character, don’t you?” (Renya)

There are no emotions in his voice.
Shion nodded due to Renya’s tone, which was as if he was simply affirming it indifferently.

“Yea, I believe that I have grasped them.” (Shion)

“Despite that… you don’t have any intention to withdraw your previous statement, do you?” (Renya)

Although it was only by a small degree, Renya’s gaze daunted Shion.
His eyes were only slight narrowed down. It is just that, but Shion falls into a sensation similar to being drenched in cold water from the top of her head down to the tips of her feet.
Shion frantically restrained the words “As expected, sorry, it was a lie, forget about it” which welled up in her throat.

“No, I have no intention to retract it. I want you to cooperate with me, Renya.” (Shion)

I didn’t believe that there would be a day when my own voice would sound this lifeless, Shion thinks.
Even though we are in the midst of our escape, and even more so because those are the words of a hypocrite, Renya’s and Rona’s feet have stopped thanks to me.
How dangerous that was in the current situation, even for Shion the excuse that she doesn’t understand didn’t exist.
Even so, there’s a reason why she can’t pull back.
Although it wasn’t like she was unable to speak about that reason, Shion couldn’t reach a decision whether it was fine to tell Renya or not.
Once Shion glances in Rona’s direction, she sees Rona sinking into silence with a serious expression.
Rona couldn’t avoid being on Shion’s side with half of her heart due to her position, but once she rationally considers with the other half of her heart that this proposal will expose Shion’s body to danger, Rona concludes that she doesn’t want to join her on that. Shion understands that somehow as well.
Rona is feeling that she wants this proposal to be discarded and cut in one single stroke by Renya.
In that situation Shion likely won’t have any other choice but to follow Renya is what she is supposed to be thinking.
Although Shion has realized Rona train of thought, Shion is frustrated because the words to disprove that won’t appear.
Of course, even if she revealed her own standing, the chances that Renya will get on with Shion’s proposal are almost non-existent. Shion comprehends that too.
Nevertheless, in the present state, where I can’t say that I want to do it like this because of that, it’s inevitable for the words, I have said, to be considered the nonsense of an idiot by someone, who simply doesn’t understand my position.
Though I don’t know whether that’s frustrating or vexing, Shion rebuked herself, who’s close to weeping, to not screw around.
Since I will be just an idiot, if I cry here, my rank will fall even lower to that of a stupid girl, who appeals to a man by relying on her tears.
I want him to at least understand that I have spoken seriously.
Hoping for only that, Shion fixes her eyes on Renya.
In contrast to that, Renya was pondering about something totally different from what Shion has imagined.
Voicing it out clearly, the Shion, seen by Renya, is no more than a naive ojou-san, who throws tantrums with her flower-field-like way of thinking within her head.
She isn’t even able to assess the situation. For some reason she shows resistance to completely abandon other people.
It’s not particularly a problem of hypocrisy.
There is the saying that “Being a hypocrite is better than not being virtuous” since the old days. That will pretty much change with the conduct though. Even if she’s only trying to move by herself, I have a far better impression of her than of the bunch, who gets cocky by just ordering “You do it” from an elevated position, Renya considers
Certainly, that little girl, who sent me to this world, shouldn’t even reach the worth of being dirt under Shion’s nails.
And so the current situation was an event within Renya’s range of prediction.
That’s why Renya is considering it like this.
Was it noticed?
I planned to escape by hopping onto the momentum of the situation before Shion realizes the necessity of investigation and the possibility of rescue, but that didn’t go too well, Renya clicks his tongue lightly.
Now that she realized it, there were two choices, Renya could make.
One, to refuse it curtly and discard it.
Even if Rona sided with Shion, they wouldn’t be able to investigate and help with only the two of them.
At best it will only become a second and third repetition of the killed female adventurer, who was bitten and torn from inside by the something from before.
Two, to agree with Shion’s proposal.
Renya didn’t happen to have even the slightest attitude of considering himself to be amazing, but even so, if he accompanied those two, he had the confidence that they at least would be able to walk around without dying.
However, somehow that’s not like me at all, is the sentiment Renya has.
In the first place, there’s no reason that I must do it, even if I’m able to, in the current situation.
I’m really not cut out for such setting‘, he leaks a sigh.
If I were a protagonist in a fairy-tale, it would be a setting, where I pick up my sword in high spirits due to the request by a beautiful maiden, but it’s not like I can do something this ridiculous, Renya ended up judging and felt just a bit lonely.
Even if I judge it like that, since I’m simply not able to do something I’m not able to, a behaviour like that, similar to a cool protagonist, should be left to people, who are able to do it. I have to ponder how I should act and proceed from here on, Renya decides.
In fact the choice of refusing Shion’s request had been eliminated by Renya from the very beginning.
If you look for reasons, there are many, however the biggest reason is that in the same way as Shion is relying on Renya, there are also parts, where Renya relies on Shion. That means that Renya has acknowledged that point by himself.
Renya has no relation with anyone from anywhere in this world.
That’s an extremely miserable story, Renya always thought.
It might be seen as cool, if you write it off as another world transfer, but the position, Renya has been placed in, is ultimately nothing more than being a plain loner.
Although his body has the age of 18 years, it’s not like he passed those 18 years living in this world. There isn’t a single person, who has a blood relationship to him, either.
His insides are those of a 94 years old, but the memories and relationships of those 94 years were from the environment of his previous life.
In other words, no matter how you look at it, the existence called Kunugi Renya is nothing more than a foreign body in regards to this world.
He was saved from that concept to some degree by the two beings called Rona and Shion.
In addition to that, he began to form bonds to a maid-san and friends here and there, too, but the ones, who extended a helping hand towards Renya, unbeknownst whether they could become comrades, were those two.
Of course, their self-interest in the act of lending a helping hand can’t be helped since humans are calculative like that.
The ones who demand something with no compensation from a stranger are called greedy.
Besides, Renya thinks while reflecting upon his slightly shameful desires.
if I ended up laughing at Shion’s matter as the utter foolishness of a teenager although it’s only the naivety of thinking, as it’s not accompanied by true strength, what will become of me, I wonder?
At any rate, being moved by the words of that little girl “If you don’t go, many people will die due to the collapsing world”, I’m an extremely foolish guy, who ended up crossing the boundary for the sake of protecting those lives and the world, I have absolutely no relation with.
There are also the viewpoints that I was lured by delicious food or that I would just die like that, if I hadn’t accepted the deal, but in the end it’s only that I was unable to forsake the words “Please help.”
Although I, who became a Lost for such reason, can’t give a motive, there’s no way that I’m able to refuse this matter by laughing at Shion, who has appealed that we cannot afford to run away while overlooking things like this.

“Renya…” (Shion)

Shion mutters while trying to take a peek at the face of Renya, who ended up brooding.
Immersing himself within his thoughts, Renya noticed her look, breathed out once as if troubled and looked up the sky with his arms folded.
Somehow I want to really smoke a cigarette, Renya thought.
I don’t know whether I smoked in my previous life. I also don’t know whether it might be fine to smoke a cigarette in the world over here with the age of this body. In the first place, I don’t even know whether there is something called tobacco in this world, however it is after all better to release cigarette smoke than breathing a sigh, is what he felt like.
It has been often enough said that it’s doing no good and a lot of harm, but since tobacco has an effect of stabilizing the mind, it has at least one advantage, I guess, Renya believes.
And currently Renya strongly desired that effect of stabilizing the mind.

“As for me cooperating…” (Renya)

Renya says while still looking up to the sky.
He absolutely didn’t feel like he could talk in his usual tone, if he looked at the faces of Shion and Rona.
Without even seeing, Renya could imagine what kind of face Shion and Rona are making.
Surely Rona has an expression as if she has encountered a ghost on a street in the night. Shion is probably making a face as if she is swinging her tail, if she had one, with all power while doing her best as puppy, who received her feed.

“I want you to act in accordance to my opinion. Any objections?” (Renya)

“Renya… that is…” (Shion)

Shion raises her voice making a complete turn towards dissatisfaction.
She doesn’t understand my feelings either.
Probably, by not adopting all of Shion’s opinion, she is likely presuming that Renya is talking as if dropping it at halfway.
However, this aspect is a part that can’t be conceded, even for Renya.
He is unable to expose acquaintances to danger for the sake of strangers.

“I’m unable to pick the method of searching within the forest from now on. It would be a different story if Rona and Shion excelled in combat and mobilization during night equal to me, but to be frank, it’s impossible since both of you are only nuisances. Since this is concerning our lives, I have told you my evaluation in this area in a harsh way.” (Renya)

“Uuh…” (Shion)

Renya argues vehemently with Shion, who is unable to object, only at the critical moments.
At any rate, Renya had the notion that it will be no good to give Shion the time to object or to think about it.

“Even though we are wielding weapons, that’s difficult within the forest. Our movements will be inhibited as well. As the other party seems to be able to move around freely even within the forest, we are at an overwhelming disadvantage in regards to the terrain. Fighting in an unfavourable terrain is equal to suicide.” (Renya)

“Yea…” (Shion)

“Even without that, you are weak, Shion. I thought you would be capable as you are fairly swordsman-like, if going by your dignified appearance, but in the end there’s no other way but to call you weak. If you are weak in regards to combat and as your intellect is disappointing too, I don’t even know what place would be good to praise. Since you don’t reach Rona in sex appeal by far and as Frau has established a hopeless lead in regards to cuteness, it means that you can’t even become the party’s mascot.” (Renya)

“Yea?” (Shion)

“In addition, on top of having insufficient assessment of your own situation, you don’t possess the ability to plan either. To begin with, although you talked about investigation in that direction, it’s a truth, even a child would understand, that there’s no way we can do that as there is nothing but amateurs here. Even regarding the rescue activity, there’s no way that we will be able to lead the move of humans and injured people to safety with only the three of us. Since you don’t even have the brain to grasp such a thing, I believe that you should silently head right without complaining or objecting, if I tell you to go right.” (Renya)

“U-Umm… Renya…?” (Shion)

“So, for those reasons be quiet and do as you are told. Listen to what I tell you before making the situation any more complicated than it is.” (Renya)

“Ah, yes…” (Shion)


Once Renya declare so and brings his face close without hesitation, Shion, who lost to his intensity, nods unintentionally.
“I took this as promise”, while making a triumphant pose within his mind, Renya issues instructions before Shion can say anything unnecessary.

“If that’s the case, let’s leave the forest right away. The story starts from there.” (Renya)

Once Shion nods, Renya, who claps the back of Rona, who intently watched the situation, begins to move once again aiming for the outside of the forest.

“Renya! Once we leave the forest, what do you plan to do after that?” (Shion)

Shion asks while running.
While wondering whether she still had leeway to ponder over such things, Renya answered,

“Moving just like this, the two of you will run to the city. Rushing into the guild, attached to the city, you will explain the state of affairs being that all of a sudden unknown monsters appeared and that quite a number of the parties, who went into the forest after having received the subjugation request, have died. Then you will tell them to organize a subjugation unit and an investigation unit.” (Renya)

“Will they listen to us?” (Shion)

Shion says anxiously.
Such concern certainly existed.
Even if Shion and Rona, who are nothing but mere members, suddenly tried requesting the formation of something like a subjugation unit, it would be very difficult to imagine the top brass of the guild to immediately move to deal with that.
However, that’s only the case if Shion and Rona are truly simple adventurers. Renya doesn’t know the details about Shion’s side, but he has experienced that at least Rona should have a method to force her opinion through since she is a knight.

“Rona, do something about it.” (Renya)

“Understood.” (Rona)

As expected by Renya, Rona simply nodded.

“Renya, just now you said the two of us? What will you do, Renya?” (Shion)

“You are quick-witted only at pointless places”, Renya curses taking care that it’s not audible.

“If even I travelled to the city, that’s no different of us three escaping, right?” (Renya)

“Eh? No way…” (Shion)

He cannot afford exposing people, he became acquainted with, to danger for the sake of strangers.
By his own judgement, the one, who is fine to be exposed to danger for the sake of strangers, is only the one who made that call.

“I will guard the vicinity of the forest’s entrance. I think that it will probably be alright, but if by any chance those monsters leave the forest and head towards the city, it will likely be my role to hold them back.” (Renya)

“Renya! Such a…” (Shion)

The surprised Shion tried to stop that due to Renya’s statement, but Renya interrupted her words in the middle.

“Shion, remember. If you try to somehow forcibly do something beyond your powers, you will unreasonably harm someone else than yourself or in the worst case it will result in you killing that person. I don’t understand why you persisted on saving other people, however if you continue to make such decisions from now on as well, the same troubles will be repeated over and over again.” (Renya)

“Renya… I’m…” (Shion)

“You don’t need to particularly explain your circumstances to me. At the time I told you to listen to what I say, you affirmed that. As that’s the case, shut up and do as you were told.” (Renya)

Shion, who attempted to say something, held back. Renya smiled at Shion, who is looking at Renya while running in front.

“Oh well, this time I will be able to manage somehow. If you are worried, please return to the city quickly and bring along reinforcements.” (Renya)

It will be great if Shion’s way of thinking changes a bit with this, while hoping that, Renya cracked a joke wondering whether he is too pathetic for being intimidated as well.


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