Chapter 45 – It seems to be a re-training of magic and post-settlement ★

“Eh? Did you two already make a child?” (Khalil)

“Do I look like a woman, who gave birth?” (Shion)

Renya looks at Shion, who yells with a bright red face, while wondering why she might be this bashful about it.
Given that Frau is firmly clinging to his waist, it certainly doesn’t look as anything but parents leading their child around either.
The place is once again Khalil’s shop.
On the other side of the table Khalil is sitting in a pose of resting her back into the chair and stretching out her legs, just in the same way as the last when they saw her.
It was Shion, who proposed that he should once again take lessons in magic at Khalil’s store.
Since he was told that he has hopelessly little mana, Renya has continued his training to increase the amount of mana, he possesses, whenever he had free time. Most recently it had moreover reached the point that he was actively supplying mana to Frau, who is a fairy.
Frau’s staple food is the mana released by people normally, but how did it turn into a situation of her actively receiving mana from Renya then? If asked about that point, her answer was “the meal will become very happy ~no.” That’s because it’s a way to efficiently use the mana rather than pointlessly dispersing it. Frau has only been eating what she’s able to eat.
At the same time as this became a link to Renya’s training, it also gave birth to an unexpected side effect.
Usually, the numerous magic tools, which move by using magic gems as fuel, can’t work by using people’s mana as power source.
However, Frau, who seems to be linked and connected to all of the devices within the house, was able to operate the magic tools within with the mana supplied by Renya, on top of changing it into her own mana.
As a matter of fact, after buying the house, in various places, which they examined together with Az, who’s also an expert, they found quite many parts in the house, where mechanisms using magic gems were installed, like the fireplaces, lamps, the water supply from the ceiling fan installed in the ceiling, kitchen and toilet.
Did the merchant, who was the previous owner, obtain quite a profit or did he procure funds in another way? I don’t know, but anyway, without the resolve to invest considerable expenses into just maintaining it, was the aspect he thought about, but since we don’t use them much anyway, Renya has been making sure to have Frau absorb his mana to the point of him being on the verge of collapse.
Aren’t fairies beings centred around filling their stomachs? With Frau only accepting what she’s able to accept, we didn’t attempt to make her eat more than she can.
Upon inquiry, Rona found that point more mysterious than expected.

“It looks like Frau compresses the received mana for saving ~nano.” (Frau)

“There’s an upper limit, right?” (Rona)

“Of course ~nano. But, with master doing his best with all his power, he manages 20% of the whole ~nano. Since there’s the share used to maintain the house, Frau can still eat much more ~no.” (Frau)

Having somehow a hunch that Frau regarded her at the same time with the discerning eyes of a carnivore having found its prey, Rona’s sole action was to run away in a hurry.
Putting that aside, even with Renya transferring his mana to Frau to degree of being close to running dry, he began to comprehend his immediate recovery thanks to the Super Regeneration skill. Because of that he has been transferring mana to Frau continuously at a rate that balances the transferring portion and the recovering portion.
With the method of directly touching being more efficient for the mana transfer, according to Frau’s words, it reached the point that she was clinging to Renya whenever she found time to do so.
By the way, as her favourite spot was to ride on Renya’s back, it has turned into a situation of Renya’s figure with a Loli maid riding on top of his shoulders could be seen all over the city and the number of reports to the city’s guards apparently increased as well, but this is yet another story.

“There are two monsters…” (Khalil)

Without taking notice of Shion, who is glaring at her with a bright red face, Khalil turns her sight towards Renya and took a single breath with a “Haa.”

“Are you really the person from the other day? I can’t see you as the same person though.” (Khalil)

“Though I’m the very same person… what do you mean by that?” (Renya)

Renya tilts his head to the side.
Frau, who is clinging to his waist, tilted her head to the side alongside him.
In the first place, I don’t understand whom she means by saying that there are two monsters.
Since there’s only Renya, Frau, Shion and Khalil in this place, it can’t point to anyone but Frau and Renya, if you exclude Shion.

“There’s a huge difference in your mana’s power to the time when I looked at you the other day. The one clinging to your waist is… a fairy? Even that fairy-ojou-chan has an absurd amount of mana, if compared to me.” (Khalil)

“It’s fine because Frau is a fairy. But you aren’t allowed to call master a monster ~no.” (Frau)

Khalil bitterly smiled at Frau, who’s raising a low groan of “Uuh” while clinging to Renya’s waist.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s nothing more than an allegory. Don’t glare at me this much since I will apologize, if you took offence.” (Khalil)

“I don’t particularly mind, but… right, it would be helpful if you could stop it after all.” (Renya)

Feeling that the the force of Frau’s hand’s grabbing his clothes was getting gradually stronger, Renya said while gently brushing Frau’s head.
While apologizing with a “Excuse me, excuse me”, Khalil fixes her sitting posture on the chair and bends herself forward on the table.

“So, today’s business is?” (Khalil)

“Because I think that I increased my mana somewhat, I want to get taught new magic.” (Renya)

“I can’t hear somewhat as anything but sarcasm, though? Sorry, but even if I gather 100 people, I don’t believe they will even reach the feet of this fairy-ojou-chan, to say nothing about you.” (Khalil)

“Even if you say that, it doesn’t feel real.” (Renya)
While it may be true that I gained in quantity of mana I possess, it doesn’t particularly mean that the change, which happened, is easy to understand for me by being told that I’m filled with power, which somehow has no meaning, or that a halo is floating above my head.
Since I can only use the spells <Small Fire Ball> and <Light>, I felt like she should at least pass me something more convenient.

“I removed the utilization limit of the void attribute, but after all, I want to use spells of the wind attribute, I have good compatibility with.” (Renya)

“Even though you talk about about the limit release as if it’s something simple, won’t it become a doom for my business, if you did such a thing, though I don’t know how you did it?” (Khalil)

“It can’t be helped since I was able to do it, right? Since I don’t know the spell chants, I can’t use anything but Light.” (Renya)

Due to Renya declaring that carelessly, Khalil fetches one scrap of paper and two books from the shelves while dripping complains along the lines of “this is the norm for Lost from somewhere” with sounds of snapping.

“Those are the key notes of the chants and on how to use the spells of the void and wind attributes and this is a talisman to release the limit of elementary wind spells. They cost 10 gold coins in total.” (Khalil)

“I totally don’t have enough money on hand for those.” (Renya)

“If that’s the case, let me pay for it.” (Shion)

The cash, owned by Renya, didn’t reach the amount of money requested by Khalil at all.
To begin with, he didn’t expect anything else but learning several simple spells for around one gold coin, but before Renya can say anything, Shion piles up the gold coins on top of the table.

“Thank you for your continued patronage~” (Khalil)

“Oi, Shion.” (Renya)

“It’s fine. I will probably be able to recover it in no time. It’s also similar to an advance payment.” (Shion)

“You know, you are in quite the high spirits, Shion.” (Khalil)

Due to Khalil’s remark and her grinning broadly while collecting the gold coins on top of the table, Shion’s cheeks became red, albeit only a bit.
While he watched that with a somewhat lukewarm gaze, Khalil said towards Renya,

“Are you such a good man? I wonder if it would be a good idea for me to take a little bite as well?” (Khalil)

“Don’t know. Don’t ask me about such thing.” (Renya)

Once Renya replies that being astonished, Khalil, who laughed with a “Tee-hee”, places back half of the gold coins, she had just collected, on top of the table.

“I will invest in you as well. Maybe something good might come out of it.” (Khalil)

“I won’t take any responsibility, even if I’m unable to return it.” (Renya)

Although Renya said that as warning, Khalil’s smile didn’t vanish.
If there are people, who give a good assessment like Khalil, there will also be people, who will pass a bad assessment.
The incident, as if pointing that out, occurred in the evening of the very same day.
Having the dinner made by Renya, it’s a period of time when each of them has been somewhat at leisure with a filled stomach.
The ones being in charge of making the meals are always Renya or Frau.
Although it didn’t mean that Rona wasn’t able to cook, she can’t make anything but sketchy food that somehow lacks taste. As for Shion, she might make something you could barely call food. Having no choice with them possessing such degree of skill, Renya, who wants to always eat delicious food, volunteered to cook by himself, since that was the case.
Because Frau, apart from being expected of a domestic servant fairy, possessed the skills to flawlessly handle everything from housework, cleaning, washing to cooking, she occasionally alternates with Renya.
When those two were cleaning the used tableware in the kitchen, Frau suddenly looked up to the ceiling and grumbled something in a small voice.

“What happened, Frau?” (Renya)

Renya, who noticed Frau’s behaviour, asks while putting away the tableware on the shelves after drying them.

“The grounds have been surrounded ~no.” (Frau)

While rinsing the tableware with water without stopping her hands, Frau mentioned such disturbing situation.
Renya stops his hands in surprise.

“Since there are many people around here, won’t it be strange if they don’t notice it either ~no? Those people are quite adept at erasing the presences ~nano.” (Frau)

“Assassins, eh? Their numbers?” (Renya)

“15 people ~nano. 5 of them are women. Quite pitiful ~nano.” (Frau)

Hearing their number, Renya who tried to grab his katana, which was leaning against the wall close-by, and leave the kitchen, stops his feet.
Feeling as if he had heard some word that usually won’t be attached at the end of the sentence, Renya turned towards Frau.
Given that it is difficult for her to do her work as she is short, the look of Frau, who is washing the dishes while standing on top of a placed stool, is still directed up to the ceiling.
In front of Renya, who is wondering whether she might be able to see something there, Frau finally returned her sight from the ceiling to the washing of the plates in her hands.

“All of them are owning daggers with a completely dark appearance ~no. Since their faces have been hidden by masks… probably, they are people, about whom no one will worry even if they disappear ~nano.” (Frau)

“I see?” (Renya)

“Master, please finish tidying up here ~no. Frau is going somewhere else for a bit ~no.” (Frau)

“Oi, Frau!?” (Renya)

“It’s alright, I will return right away ~no.” (Frau)

Jumping off the stool with a *pyon*, Frau hands a just washed plate to Renya and leaves the kitchen with her feet making sounds of pitter-patter.
Renya, who came to his senses with the sound of the door closing with a bang, pursued her, but ended up stopping at the point of putting his hand on the door.
No matter how much he tried to open that door, it didn’t bulge at all.
Because it’s the door of the dining room, it doesn’t have anything where you can use a key.
If that’s the case, no one else but Frau made sure that I can’t open the door.
He comprehended that it was something related to magic, but Renya didn’t have the means to cancel it.

“Huh? What happened, Frau?”

Shion, who enjoyed her after-meal black tea while relaxing in the parlour, asked noticing Frau standing in the entrance.

“Shion-ane-sama. I will close the door for a bit ~no. I want you to relax there since I will be done right away ~no.” (Frau)

“Yea?” (Shion)

“Best regards ~nano.” (Frau)

Shion was puzzled as the door was closed with a click, but thinking it’s probably nothing major, she brought the cup, filled with black tea, to her lips.
Locking up Shion in the parlour, Frau searches for Rona’s whereabouts.
It seems that she’s in the middle of taking a bath, Frau, who sensed that, leaves Rona alone with a “that side is fine as it is.”
Renya, who is fond of bathing, heats the bath by using hot water almost every day.
If one intends to compare it to the common sense of this world, such a thing is done by extremely rich people, nobles or people at the level of being royalty, however Renya absolutely doesn’t yield on taking a bath every day since “I’m able to make it happen with magic anyway.”
Until then Shion and Rona didn’t have a habit of taking a bath every day, but since they arrived at the conclusion “It will be our loss since it’s getting heated up no matter what”, they have changed their habits to taking a daily bath, just like Renya.
Since Rona-ane-sama is absolutely gorgeous and erotic after taking a bath, it won’t do to not have her get a completely flushed skin by warming up slowly, confirming the temperature of the bath once, Frau opened the door of the entry hall after judging that there’s no problem.
The slightly chilly evening air flows into the hall from the left-open door.
It’s wrong for the house’s inside to cool down, Frau closed the door right away, once she left the entry hall.
And then she snaps her fingers once.
With only that gesture all of the curtains of the house’s windows closed without a sound.
With this no one will be able to grasp the state outside from within the house.
She felt like she heard the sound of the surprised Shion, who sat on the sofa, topple over due to the abrupt closing of the curtains, but since it’s unimportant, she pays no attention to it and ignores it.

“Guest-sama’s, can you hear me? I’m called Frau and I’m serving as maid in this house.” (Frau)


Opposite to her calm tone, her voice holds no emotions.
Frau continues in a flat voice, that would likely make Renya’s group open their eyes widely, if they heard it, as it is completely different from the usual her.

“As I’m the person taking care of the house’s security, I can’t really welcome visitors, who don’t use the main gate. Please, I ask you kindly to leave the premises.” (Frau)

Instead of a reply, the the evening light was cut by a silver light, which pierced Frau’s chest.
Without raising her voice, Frau looks down at her own chest.
There she found a dagger wholly, down to its root, sticking into her chest.

“Is it alright to take this as your answer?” (Frau)

Without changing her expression, Frau takes the dagger, which was stabbed into her chest.
After she pulled it out, there are no traces that the blade was stuck in her chest left behind.
Frau stares at the extracted blade.
That blade, although only slightly, was coated with something slimy and black.

“Poison? You use something boorish.” (Frau)

Her voice doesn’t seem to be in disorder due to pain of being stabbed and having been poisoned.

“Almost all of you are people arranged by the parents of some of the school’s students, master defeated, but all of you are people, who are despised in some way.” (Frau)

Frau shakes her head with a “Good grief.”
Frau, who can hear small voices and groans from within the shadows of the walls, thickets and grove of trees, observes all over the garden in front of her with a cold look.

“Are you stupid? You are idiots, right!? Do you really believe that this me will let even one of you, who came entering here aiming for the lives of master and ane-sama’s, get away?” (Frau)

Her subdued laughter transforms into a loud laughter before long.
No matter how you listened to it, this wasn’t the laughter raised by a being that donned the shape of a little girl. It was something that made the blood of all those hearing it freeze.

“I won’t miss a single one of you! You shitty bugs, who don’t even deserve to breath! You are the same as trash, not even allowed to exist! Your corrupted gazes! Those filthy blades! It’s eternally impossible for you to reach my master and ane-sama’s!” (Frau)

An ordinary grove of trees, the thickets, the shadows of the wall and the garden’s ground.
Stretching out their hands, scratching with their nails and baring their fangs.
What resounded in the garden was cut-off screams of pain, swallowed groans or crunching death agony?
In the twilight of the very soon approaching night, the plain, common garden changes into an otherworldly, ominous place and Frau’s mouth forms the shape of a crescent moon.
To the humans, who should be quite trained, in a place, where they are one-sidedly preyed upon without being permitted even the least resistance, Frau’s voice reverberates.

“Die! Like the trash you are! Worthlessly! Meaninglessly! It’s fine for you to disappear without leaving even one behind! If you want to bear a grudge, it’s best for you to resent the stupidity of your employers and your own foolishness!” (Frau)

After a moment of silence, the screams and groans ceased.
Before long the voice of Frau, who started to talk again, was awfully gentle.

“However, it’s fine for you to feel relieved. Kneading those useless bodies, I will bury them within the garden. My children are good children, therefore beautiful flowers will bloom using you as nourishment without a single piece remaining.” (Frau)

Throwing away the dagger, she held in her hand, at a suitable place around there, Frau grips her right hand lightly.
Looking at the light leaking out from within the gaps of her grasped fist, Frau releases a single sigh of joy with a “Hoo.”
On top of her palm, which she opened slowly, a single crystal, similar to a transparent gem, was finished.

“Even these meaningless lives can be offered to be efficiently used for the sake of master. Even the life of trash will turn into a bit of money, if I do this.” (Frau)

The finished crystal.
It is a magic gem, which was created by gathering the lives of the humans, who were slaughtered moments ago. Softly tucking it away in the pocket of her skirt, Frau clapped her hands together with a single *pan*

“… This won’t do ~no. I lost my self-control a bit too much ~no.” (Frau)

While beating herself and her head with a *pon pon*, Frau mutters as if reflecting.
In the end Frau surveyed all of the garden, where no one was left, confirmed that there was nothing strange and returned inside the house with her feet once again making a sound of pitter-patter.
Renya is still locked up in the dining room. Undoubtedly Shion should have grandly spilled the black tea at the moment she toppled over.
If I don’t clean the black tea’s stains quickly, it will leave spots behind.
It’s absolutely necessary to prepare a change of clothes and a bath towel for Rona’s leaving of the bath.
Since she will likely be thirsty as well, I have to arrange for something to drink as well.

“Being a maid-san is a tough job ~nano!” (Frau)

Frau smiled sweetly and quickly hurried back to Renya’s side in order to first unlock the door of the dining room.


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