Chapter 44 – It seems to be the end of education

While closing the distance by walking slowly, Renya was truly puzzled over one matter.
The truth is that the students are persistently continuing to resist longer than he expected.
He operated under the estimation that their hearts would break and that they would stop opposing him once he instantly killed 2-3 students, as planned at first, but even when he displayed a degree of violence making them draw back, the students endured it, albeit just barely.
Given that I don’t want to produce  a pile of corpses, I have also pretty much been partially holding back, however there’s no doubt that a major part of the reason, for them to preserve their morale, can be likely accounted to the leader-like existences, Olan and Natalia, being still in good health, Renya realized that he made a mistake in his targeting.
I should have crushed either of them at the beginning, he slightly regrets.
The remaining number of students is eight boys and girls in total.
Breaking it down, there are three boys and five girls, but of these eight, the three boys and one girl have Renya surrounded.
Each of the remaining girls started to chant some kind of spell.

“Cover him from all four directions! There’s no need to take him down! All you have to do is to lock down his movements!”

The rear guard prepares the magic while the vanguard stalls for time.
Scrapping off the stamina of the target with magic, that is hard to evade, they will bring me down with the vanguard once my movements become dull.
It’s an orthodox group combat strategy.
Even if there was quite a difference in skill, it would take considerable time to defeat swordsmen, who were completely devoted to protection.
If they mix in feints while cooperating with each other from the four cardinal directions, the degree of difficulty will raise even more.

“It was you, who approved of group combat. We will use that without reservations.” (Olan)

Olan says while smiling as he saw Renya being at a loss how to continue making him unable to make a move, however Renya’s thoughts were actually somewhere else.
If I plan to go for it, it’s possible to beat Olan in front of me and silence the schoolgirls in the back.
However, what would one say about mercilessly slaughtering the students, who have somehow thought up a strategy and are trying to do something about the enemy in front of them, he ended up pondering.
If he’s in a battle, such way of thinking won’t occur to begin with.
It’s the common sense of combat to cut down and crush your enemies when it’s possible to do so.
However, as for Renya, he couldn’t deny that he’s feeling somewhat bored either.
They probably got cocky from defeating a teacher, but actually they have no suitable ability to keep up the bluff either.
It was a factor that I haven’t taken the possibility of Olan’s group being proper soldiers into account, but with the other side being students, they are unworthy opponents even if I acknowledge to some extent, going by Renya’s opinion. Notwithstanding that, Renya has been tossed into a situation, he can’t weather through.

“Vanguards, step aside! Fire the spells!” (Natalia)

Natalia’s commands resound.
At the same time as those, serving as vanguards, retreat from in front of Renya, three <Small Fire Ball> spells were released.
Those will probably cause quite the injury, if they hit, Renya takes a step towards one among those approaching and strikes it with the sword.
At the moment the sword clashed with the fire ball, flames spread in front of Renya.
Due to the different reaction from the time when he cut it with his own katana, Renya’s response is delayed, albeit it was only slightly.
Although he avoided a direct hit from the the following fire balls, which came flying, the fire ball, which skimmed Renya, has burnt his left shoulder lightly.
Having his reaction slowed down at the time he feels the pain, Olan closes in on Renya using that gap.
The blow, which had brute strength packed into it alongside the velocity of stepping in, was mowed down aiming at Renya’s left torso.
At once Renya switches to a backhand grip with his left from grasping the sword with his right hand and holds the wide middle part of the blade against his own torso.
It was in time as defence against the blow exercised at that spot, however with the impact being transmitted to his body as is, Renya grimaces a bit.
Originally the power, which was set free, has been enough to make one fly into the impact’s direction, but Renya pushes back Olan’s sword by stepping forward with his body.
Even if it’s somewhat forcefully, not changing the flow will gradually make the situation worse and worse and I will be whittled down by the number of attacks, Renya judged, however this resulted in an unexpected outcome.

“Follow up on the magic! Shoot without minding Olan!” (Natalia)

“Oy! You bitch!?” (Olan)

If they attack Renya, who’s close to Olan, with magic, Olan might get hit.
That’s why they are probably hesitating to use magic, Renya thought, but Natalia’s order to shoot it, including Olan in the attack, was something heartless.
As for the decision, I can’t say it’s wrong.
If they hit Renya, even if Olan takes the brunt as well, Renya’s fighting strength will decrease even further.
On top of there still being three vanguards alive, the rearguard is completely unhurt. Thus it should trigger a remarkable chance of success.
Though, that’s only if the shooting side and the shot side promptly follow according to the order.
Unintentionally the four vanguards ended up looking in Natalia’s direction.
That’s because they realized the possibility of them being chosen alongside Olan as targets of the spells together with Renya, if necessary.
The three rearguards ended up hesitating.
They don’t know the result from attacking Olan, who is the legitimate child of General Schmeizer’s family, or of the act of attacking their allies, but there’s no doubt that they simply ended up being late with the timing of releasing the prepared spells either way.
And, Natalia was surprised by the kind of looks, similar to being condemned by all her friends, concentrating onto her.
Finally Renya noticed it.
In the current situation the gazes of everyone had stopped being cautious towards him.
The act of taking one’s eyes off the opponent during combat, even if only for a moment, is directly connected to instant death, but currently that’s inevitable, even if you try to blame them.
Releasing a single, small sigh, Renya presses his right hand against Olan’s body and pushes it in order to thrust him away.
Renya, who got away by the recoil from Olan, whose stance fell part, rushes towards one of the boys while the eyes of everyone returns to follow Renya at last. He grabs the studnent’s belt with his right hand and lifts him up with all his strength.
Renya rotated him around two times by using the essentials of hammer throwing and flung him at the girls of the rear guard making full use of the centrifugal force.
The one flying screams and the ones, he is aimed at, scream as well.
Renya is utterly amazed by the vanguards, who have faithfully turned their sights in that direction once again for some reason.
Maybe they don’t understand the meaning of being in battle, I wonder?
If this were students, who had properly taken their lessons, one would conclude that the method of teaching is bad and it would be a point to lecture the teacher about, however Liaris, who was made fun of by the students, wasn’t in a situation to hold a proper lesson.
Seizing another male student, Renya lips warp as he says “A narrow escape from death” while throwing the boy at the rear guard in the same manner.

“A-Az-kun!? Just now some terrible chill travelled down my back!?” (Liaris)

“Please calm down, Liaris-sensei. Surely that’s just some hallucination.” (Az)

They should have accepted her teaching, even if only for the danger perception skill, Renya smiled even more as he heard the exchange audible in the bleachers.
The remaining vanguards are only Olan and a single girl.
The girls in the rear guard, having been flattened by the two boys, who came flying, are in the middle of trying to get out from below the boys’ bodies. They are in a situation of being completely unable to support with magic.

“Has noble-sama become tired gradually? I admire you for barking “Oh, how dare you” with you being unable to defeat a single F-rank adventurer.” (Renya)

“B-Bastard. You won’t simply be sorry for doing such thing…” (Olan)

“Did you decide to wield your social position? You became too retarded to even serve as opponent.” (Renya)

“Guuh, this…!” (Olan)

“To begin with, can you look down on the D-rank Liaris-sensei, if you aren’t even able to defeat the F-ranked me? So you lot understand the reason for her being rank D and me being rank F? In spite not even grasping such fact, it clung to your mind to only care about having defeated her once? One cannot help but think that it’s a joke.” (Renya)

“Don’t talk rubbish!” (Olan)

Did he succumb into fury? Olan assaulted with the sword while raising a roar, but in Renya’s eyes each of his attacks was far too monotone.
The blows, which are unleashed by one blessed with power and physique, might become a threat, if I try to block them, but without the intention to go along with that, there’s no great difference to a gigantic electric fan revolving around, if you have the skill to simple dodge the attacks.
As Renya had even lost the motivation to expressly wait for a downward-swing, he severely hit Olan’s wrist with a blow from his sword while stepping in,
Olan once again drops the sword due to the pain.
With even the mood of warning him already gone, Renya lightly kicks Olan’s nether region.
Renya deliberately raised his sword overhead slowly, as if showing off, at the place Olan slouched down and groaned.

“W-Wait! Please wait!” (Olan)

“My ears don’t properly listen to one pleading for their life.” (Renya)

The downwards blow crushes Olan’s shoulder, but Renya has absolutely no intention to finish it with that blow.
Without any moderation and mercy Renya unleashes a barrage of continuous sword strikes at the place, where Olan squatted down while holding his shoulder.
As long as the barrier doesn’t judge it as lethal level of damage, the victim won’t be ejected outside the barrier.
And, no matter how dull the blade might be, if it’s used for showering the target with blows at full power, the skin will tear and blood will scatter about.
Basking in the spurts of blood, Renya doesn’t stop doing it while unconsciously raising a giggling laughter.
The faces of the students being at that place became ghastly pale due to that abnormal spectacle. Not a single of them was able to move.
After a while only the sound of steel hitting flesh and bones reverberates in the arena. Eventually the sound ceases once Olan’s figure disappeared at last.
The schoolgirl, who remained by herself as vanguard, ends up sitting down on the floor, as if her knees gave away, with Renya, who was dyed red and had his longsword lowered loosely, only looking her way with a face soaked in blood.

“Hel… p…”

Separating her hand from the sword, the girl appeals while putting both hands together in front of her chest as if praying.
Without answering, Renya slowly approached her.

“Please… I will do anything… Since I’m apologizing, please…”

There’s no reply from Renya.
Renya halts once he walked up in front of the girl and leisurely brandishes his sword all the same.

“Please… don’t want… such… such a…”

The blood-red-coloured blade comes to a stop all of a sudden.
Renya looked down on the girl and said in a voice lacking any emotion,

“Die.” (Renya)


The blade is brought down as if to sever the girl’s screaming.
As it passed by the girl, who had sunk down to the floor, it crashed into the ground and caused a high-pitched sound.
The girl looks at the blade, which hit the ground in front of her, as if looking at something unbelievable. As soon as she lifted her sight towards Renya’s face, her eyes rolled back and she collapsed backwards.
Renya averts his eyes from the stain gradually spreading between her legs and turns around to the girls of the rearguard, who at this point in time finally slipped out from below the male student’s body.

“Four people left, huh? I wonder, how should I punish you?” (Renya)


Unable to even meet Renya’s gaze, Natalia and the three female students turn around and start running towards the exit of the arena.
Since Renya’s conduct at least follows by him knowing that they won’t die as long as they are within the barrier, they jumped onto the idea that they will be saved if they simply escape outside, but naturally there’s no way that the exit’s door is open.
It was something unbeknownst to the people being inside, however Frau set up a barricade outside with all her might so that the door won’t open.

“Open up! Open this door! Let us out of here!”

“No! I don’t want to such stare on me!”

“Sensei~! Sensei! Please save us, sensei!”

Dragging the swords point along the ground on purpose, Renya walks leisurely while causing a scratching sound.
The sound and his action agitates the dread of the students even more and they continue to strike the door with their hands at full power.

“I don’t believe it’s something this scary though?” (Renya)

Renya’s voice is somehow strangely happy and annoyed.

“Even if you don’t worry, you won’t die in this barrier, right? It might be more agonizing than dying and as painful as death, but…” (Renya)

Renya brandishes the sword in a big way for flaunting while smiling brightly.

“Oh well, since you won’t die, it doesn’t matter, I guess?” (Renya)

“Please wait!” (Liaris)

The one stopping Renya’s behaviour is Liaris’ voice from the stands.

“It’s already… enough. Please stop doing any more. Please…” (Liaris)

“You aren’t my client though…” (Renya)

Renya looks at Az, who is standing besides Liaris, and tilts his head to the side.

“What shall I do?” (Renya)

“It’s enough. Those guys probably have learned their lesson as well.” (Az)

“Is that so? Because my employer has said so, I will end it with this.” (Renya)

In front of the female students, including Natalia, whose complexion has gone way past blue and became white, Reyna says with a serious look after casually tossing away the used longsword,


“The next time you pick a fight with me, I will make you suffer so that you realize that today was just child’s play.” (Renya)

The students tried to cling to the exit’s door, but they vehemently nod, at a level close to dislocating their necks, at Renya’s words.
Was it too much of a threat? Renya wondered, however in front of his eyes the students, hanging onto the door, were blown off together with the door alongside a thunderous explosion.
In addition to the students, some wreckage from above the dome and the remains of the door, are sent flying depicting a parabola. While hearing the sound of those crushing onto the ground from behind, ahead of Renya’s look, blankly staring at the exit which ended up having lost its door, Frau is raising both hands with a smile all over her face for some reason.

“Master! Good work!” (Frau)

“Frau… was that you just now?” (Renya)

“Since it was troublesome to remove the barricade, I tried to blow it all away including the barricade! That did the job quickly!” (Frau)

“Eh, ah, yea? Well, I guess so?” (Renya)

Looking back, he can’t see the figures of Natalia’s group, which was buried below the remains of the barricade and door.
They shouldn’t have died, as they probably were in range of the barrier’s effect, but sure enough I wonder, which was less objectionable, the current state or being beat up by me? Renya was troubled within his mind.
However, given that it has turned out this way, it can’t be helped now.

“Let’s go home, Frau?” (Renya)

“Yes, master! You must also change your dirty clothes.” (Frau)

“Oy, Renya. What will you do about the broken door?” (Az)

“Make it the doctor’s fee for those students. You will charge them greatly anyway, right? I leave the clean up to you.” (Renya)

“Az-kun, we have to talk a bit about this time’s affair…” (Liaris)

The face of Az, whose robe was seized by Liaris, had a slight cramp.
Renya didn’t know whether Liaris’ talk would be a talk of gratitude or a scolding for overdoing it, however this was nothing Renya should participate in.

“Do your best, Az~” (Renya)

“Renya… be prepared as I have to talk with you afterwards.” (Az)

“I will listen, if I feel like it. You are able to properly pay the request’s fee? If not, I will rampage again.” (Renya)

“Master~, let’s go!” (Frau)

The interest of Renya, who saw off Az getting dragged off by Liaris and whose sleeve was pulled by Frau, changed its focus on whether he has to return to the house by walking in this state of being sullied with blood.


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