Chapter 43 – It seems to be the start of education

Author Notes:
Why is that?
Although it’s my impression before I wrote this chapter, I had nothing but a wish for extermination… 

The figure of the student, who fainted and collapsed on the ground having a sword thrown at him in the first attack, has vanished.
He was apparently ejected outside by the barrier’s safeguard.
The meaning, this points to, is that the student was given damage at the level of an instant death by Renya’s attack.
Regardless of how dull the blade of the sword is, it can only be called a natural result, if one is hit into the temporal region with a lump of iron, thrown with all strength, without having prepared for it in any way.
From the view of the person, who threw it, he handled it with an attitude of “Ah, was he somehow killed in one go?”, but it has changed the mood of the students in the surroundings into something dangerous.
Since it’s as if he suddenly appeared and suddenly killed one of them, it’s something inevitable if you say it can’t be helped, however Renya doesn’t appear to be worried about that at all.

“Show me proof, eh? Those aren’t agreeable words to be said by a lowly adventurer, and moreover one of lower rank.” (Olan)

Unsheathing his sword, Olan, who has quite the stature for being 15 years old, confronts Renya. With his solidly built body he really has the scent of a warrior, putting emphasis on power, hanging in the air.
Even as he opposes Renya, who has a supposed setting of being 18 years for the time being, he isn’t inferior at all.

“Even if you retract your statement and apologize, I won’t accept it either, adventurer.” (Olan)

Although Olan is saying something, his words aren’t entering Renya’s ears.
It’s likely some pointless prattling anyway, Renya continued to observe his opponent.
After secretly looking at his own arms as Olan’s arms have quite the thickness to them, he smiles wryly comprehending that he is losing out if it’s only about the amount of muscles.
Moreover, once he shifts his sight in Liaris’ direction for a glance, Liaris herself has a slender and supple figure that you can’t call frail either. If we are talking about types, she’s likely the light warrior type, putting emphasis on speed.
With only those information Renya understands the reason for Liaris losing to Olan.

“Matching your way of fighting to your opponent, I wonder what meaning that would have, even if you were able to win?” (Renya)

“What was that?” (Olan)

“Ah, I was speaking to myself. Even if you heard it, don’t worry about it.” (Renya)

Flapping his hand looking as if it is troublesome, Renya looks towards the other problem child.
Did that problem child hear Renya’s voice? As expected she came walking their way up until next to Olan, while taking her followers along, and said, while stemming her hands into her hips,

“It’s inexcusable to call it a chance victory. I also won’t overlook this insult, even if you beg by prostrating yourself on the ground, but what are you going to do?” (Natalia)

The one spitting out those lines while looking down on him from a very elevated place is the blonde ringlet, Natalia.
Throwing out her chest lightly, she is looking at Renya with a gaze full of contempt, however Renya’s impression is that her impact falls short even compared to a cat’s intimidation.
On the occasion, her pushed-out chest is extremely small to the degree of it being saddening.
Although Liaris has a smallness typical for her body built too, you at least know that’s it’s properly there.
Renya smiled about her having suffered an overwhelming defeat in regards to volume, but Natalia has a puzzled face not understanding the meaning of his smile.
Even so, Renya tilts his head to the side.
Different from Olan, who stresses on power, Natalia should be the same speed type as Liaris.
Saying that she was able to win with that, this person pretty much must have a substantive skill to rival Liaris or something that exceeds that, I guess?
The answer of that question was provided by Frau, who is at a separate place.

『Master, can you hear me?』 (Frau)

“Yeah?” (Renya)

Renya reflexively leaked a voice, but he heard Frau’s voice in his head rather than close to his ear.

『It will be alright, even if you don’t use your voice. This is telepathic communication. Frau is in a state of possessing master, thus it’s possible to converse by minds.』 (Frau)

『As expected of a fairy. You are high-spec.』 (Renya)

『It’s fine for you to praise me more. Going by what Az-san says, the blonde ringlets-san apparently fought a series of battles with Liaris-san after macho-san. Az-san has asked me to tell you this since master is probably wondering about this.』 (Frau)

『Is that so? I see, thanks.』 (Renya)

『It’s no problem.』 (Frau)

Renya thinks that the barrier for the sake of security has a flaw.
It’s something that will reduce the damage so that one won’t die from it, in case one received a fatal wound.
Turning that around, you can likewise say that the damage will remain afterwards, if it isn’t a fatal wound.
Usually they are probably performing treatment with healing magic after the combat training, but if it was a series of battles, it would mean that Liaris fought with Natalia in the state of being just after the battle with Olan.
In other words, this means she dragged the damage, she received in the fight with Olan, into her battle with Natalia.
Although it’s damage given by muscle-brained warrior, who doesn’t know how to hold back, it’s not hard to anticipate that the damage likely killed Liaris’ agility.

“Ah I see, In the end she’s only a considerable idiot, who began a handicapped fight, and a fool, who went easy on her opponent.” (Renya)

Hitting his hand on his forehead wondering whether he won’t be seen as an idiot for being cautious, even if it was just a bit, Renya sighs while shaking his head.
Did they regard his behaviour as him making fun of them? Drawing her sword from her waist as well, Natalia glared at Renya while shouting,

“Scum! If you have no inclination to change your attitude, I shall teach you the social standing of this Natalia Fatal!” (Natalia)

“By all means, I wish for you to teach me.” (Renya)

Still shouldering the sword, Renya gave an immediate reply without even looking worked up.

“I already have enough of your introductions and boasting. Hurry up and attack. If we go by your guys’ theory, you are distinguished albeit not grasping a bit about the means of winning, right?” (Renya)

While looking as if he has seen something tedious, Renya once again beckoned Olan and Natalia, who are gnawing their teeth with a grinding sound.

“I won’t ask you something shabby as going one on one. Come at me all at once together with your followers.” (Renya)

“You will regret your big talk.” (Olan)

“I shall send you off to the medical treatment facility!” (Natalia)

As expected of a different world.
It’s not sending off to the hospital, but it’s sending off to medical treatment facility since you can receive treatment with magic, Renya, who was rushed by Olan, Natalia and their followers aiming at him while brandishing each of their weapons, admired a weird aspect.
Watching more than half of the class beginning to attack all at once, Liaris raised her voice to restrain them, but as Az and Frau immediately have detained her body, they are urging her to wait and watch the situation.
The one who delivered the first attack at Renya, who doesn’t move from the spot, is the speed type Natalia after all.
Renya, who dodged the thrust, she released aiming at his chest while charging, by simply twisting the right half of his body, pushes away Natalia’s shoulder with his left hand as she is passing him by and thrust her away into his back.
Next he evades the slash of Olan, which was swung downwards from a stance of holding the sword above his head, with the left side. Lightly hitting him around the area of the waist with the sword, he had shouldered, he likewise sends him into his back.
Only at this point Renya takes a step forward.
Going ahead by slipping through the attacks, unleashed by the followers, without even exchanging blows with his sword, Renya quickly made his way through the attacks, reaching a two-digit number, in the blink of an eye and appeared at the place, where several male and female students are casting spells, causing them to stare at him in surprise.

“It’s a common tactic to kill the magicians first.” (Renya)

The mowing-down blow seizes the waist of a female student and blows her away.
Having the returning blade driven onto the top of his shoulders, a male student collapsed as if being slapped onto the ground.
After rolling around on the floor to her heart’s contents like a barrel, the female student, who was blown away, vanished at the same time her rotations ceased.
The knocked-down male student tries to get up while seizing his shoulder, but his face, which sees the shoe sole approaching in front of his eyes, stiffens.


The male student attempted to say something, however Renya steps on him without a single care.
Although various pleasant sensations are transmitted from the sole of his foot, he disregards it and continues to tread on the student.
He steps on the arms, which tried to somehow protect the body.
Stepping  on the back which tried to escape, he steps on him even more after kicking the back of his head.
He steps on him thoroughly.
Finally, after confirming that the figure of male student, who ceased moving, disappeared, Renya turned around relaxedly.
Ahead of his line of view there are Olan and Natalia, who are looking at Renya dumbfoundedly, and the followers, who are unable to move, due to the tragedy that unfolded suddenly in front of their eyes.

『Frau. Leave dealing with Liaris-sensei to Az. Can you please block the way out of the arena?』 (Renya)

『Leave it to me ♪』 (Frau)

For some reason she returned cheerful thoughts.
While thinking isn’t it too early for her to get corrupted?, he casually brushes the sword, which was swung downward alongside a shout somehow similar to a scream, away.
It’s a female student, who came attacking.
Driving his knee into the pit of her stomach as he body is swaying due to having the sword brushed off, he drops his elbow into the back of her head in pursuit of the place, where her body bent while she was throwing up gastric juices. After stepping once more at the spot, where she fell, he plunges the tip of his shoe into her flank with a kick.
The vomited gastric juices got blended with something red, but the girl’s body hasn’t vanished.
Renya, who laughs as it apparently wasn’t lethal enough damage, once again strikes down his heel into the back of her head delivering an accurate blow and the girl disappears.

“Az-kun!? Isn’t that person brimming with the intention to kill from the outset!?” (Liaris)

“No, Liaris-sensei. It’s because he knows that they won’t die.” (Az)

He heard something resembling a shriek and a voice soothing that, but he pretends to not hear it and ignores it.
With three people getting erased in a flash, the students have ended up backing away.
Seeing that, Renya snorted at them indifferently.
If it’s only this much, it has been more effective to fight with the goblins, who came raiding the pioneer’s village.
Grabbing the nape of the neck of a male student, who is only looking at him with frightened eyes, Renya pulls him towards himself.
Before he can say anything, he gives him several head-butts to the middle forehead. Given that the student’s knees gave away once Renya released his hands, once he kicked him into the nether region, the student writhed in pain while foam was coming out off his mouth.
Isn’t it better for this one to not vanish? Neglecting the student, Renya turns a smile towards Olan and Natalia, who haven’t tried to move yet.

“Oy, the two monkey bosses over there! Won’t your friends disappear, if you are blankly standing around at such place?” (Renya)

Renya tried to provoke the two, who won’t come slashing at him, however as Natalia’s face turned pale, her hand, holding the sword, is trembling and she is in no condition to resist at all.
Olan set up the sword with both arms as he clicked his tongue once and came assaulting Renya with the sword while raising his fighting spirit with a yell.
Renya met the blow, which was a downward swing once again as if that was somehow the only thing Olan learned, with a slash, similar to scooping up from below, while gripping the longsword with only his right hand.
The outcome of the sword clash is obvious as to which side will win with it being one-handed against two-handed and scooping up against swinging downward. The referee’s fan rises for Renya.
Olan, who ended up letting go of the sword from his hands, succumbing to the impact, stared at Renya with a grim look. Renya hit Olan’s forehead with the pommel of the sword he was currently raising overhead.

“Guaah!?” (Olan)

Renya pierces a frontal kick into the abdomen of Olan, who is bent backwards and holding his forehead due to the pain.
The angry voice of Renya was hurled at Olan, who fell on his backside unable to endure.

“For a swordsman to drop their sword in the middle of a fight; are you fucking around with me!? Pick it up! Just like a dog!” (Renya)

Being shouted at, Olan staggeringly stood up and is just like that sent flying by Renya’s merciless kick.

“Do dogs walk on two feet!? Move on all fours!” (Renya)

Relentlessly kicking Olan, who still tried to get up, he looks over his shoulder and glares at the male student, who approached from behind, while seeing off Olan, who finally headed off to pick up the tossed-away sword saying “Hii hii” on all fours.
The manner of the male student, who ceased moving with only that look, accelerated Renya’s rage once again.

“It’s at a level that you were noticed.” (Renya)

He swings the sword in the act of turning around with a blow, having simply packed plenty of strength into it without any technique.

“Don’t stop, idiot!” (Renya)

Mowing down his arm and torso all together, the body of that male student was knocked down without him being even able to scream.
The next second, the male student rolls around screaming while making sure to hold his broken arm with the other arm.
If the torso was directly mowed down, it might have been judged as deadly damage, but because the arm acted as cushion in-between, it seems to have finished with only completely breaking the arm.
Slowly returning the hand with the swung sword, Renya surveys his surroundings with a glance.
As if being crushed by his gaze, the students lower their eyes to the ground.

“I-It’s still not over!” (Natalia)

The one raising her voice in that situation is Natalia.
Her hands are still trembling, like the followers around her, but she rebukes her surroundings with a loud voice while glaring at Renya.

“There’s only one opponent! It’s not like the chances for our side have already vanished!” (Natalia)

It’s a fact that they are still outnumbering him.
Additionally, the matter of Natalia not having lost her fighting spirit somehow holds the broken minds of her followers together.
Furthermore, albeit having headed off to recover his weapon in a pathetic state, even Olan hasn’t yet fallen into a state of being unable to fight.

“You still want to go at it, eh…? I see~ I see~” (Renya)

Looking at the students setting up their swords and beginning to move in order to surround him this time, Renya laughed very happily.

“Well, it’s a battlefield, where you can feel at ease due to not dying. It’s likely a good thing if you try to accumulate experience, anyhow… they probably haven’t been able to experience something like being on the receiving end yet.” (Renya)

While thinking putting aside physical casualties, it will be fine, if no casualties on the emotional side appear, Renya took a step forward looking for his next prey.


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