Chapter 41 – It seems to be Az-san, once again

“I came to look since I heard you bought a house. You obviously went all out, too.” (Az)

Is what Az, who entrusted his back restfully to the upper half of the parlour’s sofa, said while looking around the room’s interior.
Atop the table an assorted basket, which Az brought as present, of fruits has been placed.
Saying it just in case, but is it because of his nature matches well with that of a teacher? Previously he wore a grey robe, but this time it’s a finely tailored black robe with silver accessories attached all over. It was a dress you could indeed call that of a magician.
What Az brought is an assorted basked mainly filled with citrus and mandarin types of fruits. Those are pesticide-free fruits, which can be eaten completely even including the skin, which wasn’t recommended overly much to be eaten in Renya’s former world due to agricultural chemicals and such.
After he got tired of eating them completely down to the skin, Renya instructs Frau to put them into the foodstuff preservation cellar in the kitchen.
The foodstuff preservation cellar, managed by the silky, was under the complete control of Frau’s magic up to the frightening level of regulating the temperature by moisture.
In other words, be it refrigeration or freezing, either way can be dealt with. Moreover, in order to mature meat, be it by dry ageing or wet ageing, it’s in an anything-goes state.
At the time he was told that fact by Frau, Renya praised himself with “It’s really great I bought it.”

“Though, as it is, there are still debts left. Oh well, I think it’s necessary granted that you want to do something about a base of activity.” (Renya)

“That’s true. You have to start from somewhere. It’s important to have a place you can call home. … However, be that as it may…” (Az)

Az vocalizes his amazement while watching the girl in maid dress, who prepares the tea, while freely using a stool to stand on due to her insufficient height, behind Renya, who is sitting on the other side of the sofa, and then passes the arranged tea across the sofa.

“They increased by one more again. Moreover, a fairy, huh? … Do you actually plan to create a harem?” (Az)

As expected of a magician, are they experts at those types of beings? Az guessed Frau’s identity correctly with just a single glance.
There was a period, when Renya hesitated a bit whether he should reveal Frau in front of people, but as a result of consulting with Rona, he was given the answer that it’s impossible for him to say anything as the existence of fairies itself isn’t something as unusual in proportion to the rarity of the Lost.
It appears to be possible to raise the price of a house because of a silky possessing it, if it’s before the purchase, however it’s impossible to do so once the official contract has been exchanged no matter what the reason might be after the purchase.

“Don’t say something scandalous! In the first place, if I made a move on that child, that will be a crime, right?” (Renya)

Although Renya was frowning, he ended up frowning even more hearing Az’ following answer.

“For nobles and such it isn’t unusual to even do something like marriage, once they are past 10 years in age, no? If it’s only the engagement, that will be decided from the time they are born. Besides, something like a middle-aged noble, who exceeded 30 years, marrying a 12 years old daughter of a lower noble and making children with her is commonplace.” (Az)

“Being able to get well used to such thinking… that’s a point I can only admire.” (Renya)

“There’s also the aspect of it being partially a duty, but won’t it also become a great way to earn some money? The sale of that kind of medicine, that is.” (Az)

“Medicines to make the arousal more potent, medicines to lengthen the ability to continue or something like that are very popular”, Az laughs.
There’s also high demand for this sort of medicines. It seems to be a business with good revenue.

“Is that legal?” (Renya)

“Of course? Aren’t they even properly submitting requests to the guild for the gathering of ingredients?” (Az)

Due to Az telling him “try taking it, if you are troubled with money”, Renya judged he absolutely wouldn’t take such request.
At least it’s not a request where I can take Shion and Rona along.
Frau, who is waiting on us in the back, should be called a fairy after all, huh? Her face’s colour doesn’t even change the slightest hearing this kind of talks.

“Speaking of money, you bought such house. Won’t the number of necessary things increase in accordance to that?” (Az)

“Guess so. There are also the costs of maintenance. As it is necessary to return the debts, too, there isn’t enough money, no matter how much we earn.” (Renya)

“Though I think it’s quite a lax contract. Something like paying the loan instalments whenever you happen to have money without any pressuring, that is.” (Az)

Az partially talks as if to say that it’s even fine to shirk the payments of the contract.
Certainly, because it’s not pressing, it’s a contract where we can feel at ease not paying forever, if we end up declaring that we are still unable to pay eternally.
However, Renya didn’t want to do something profitable as that.
Even if it’s not necessary to hurry with the repayment, he has decided to repay it without letting too much time pass.
If I consider myself to be in the shoes of the merchant, I would lose profit, the longer the payment is postponed.
That will end up annoying the merchant.

“In fact I came here today to congratulate you for buying the house, but, apart from that, there’s also a single matter I want to borrow your strength for. Of course, you will get money for it.” (Az)

“A mediation of work? I’m thankful for that, however what kind of work is it?” (Renya)

There’s a different sense of security getting a type of request from Az, whom he knows, rather than a request from some stranger.
Though there’s nothing to say, if the pay is good as well, I don’t expect too much out of it. If it isn’t an overly cruel story and since he isn’t an unknown broker, I think it might be fine to accept, Renya is thinking.

“I think you are aware that I’m working as a teacher at the school to train adventurers.” (Az)

“Well, it’s something you told me about at the time we separated.” (Renya)

“Yea, that’s it. The class, I was in charge off, was a class with many noble sons and daughters, but… a small problem has cropped up.” (Az)

“Is it a problem of the other party being noble…?” (Renya)

Renya’s expression turns bitter.
To begin with, Renya has no good impression related to the word noble.
Repeatedly taking into account that it’s a prejudice, Renya is holding an image of them being a gathering of cowards, being underhanded with money and authority, looking down on commoners and having a discomforting manner of talking and acting.
Of course there’s likely nobles, to whom this doesn’t apply too, but Renya’s point is that those are a rare species.

“The problem, I’m talking about, is that the teachers in charge for each curriculum at school change, but the teacher, who was in charge of the combat training, lost to a student…” (Az)

Because it’s a teacher related to actual fighting, it’s extremely difficult to gather good people on top of there being too few candidates.
I don’t believe that the knights in active duty and adventurers want to become something like teachers, where they won’t earn as much money. Given that the act of raising the next generation will only increase the number of competitors struggling to earn some money for the adventurers and since it hasn’t any kind of appeal for knights, there hardly exist any people expressly pursuing that occupation.
Naturally those becoming teachers at the school are people, whose party ended up getting destroyed like Az, or those, who gave up quickly as it was extremely unlikely for them to become successful as adventurers or knights; mostly it’s those who are second-rate or third-rate, if you want to phrase it badly.
And yet, as for the level in technique of those attending the school, though they rarely fall behind and it’s even a lot rarer for a teacher to appear, who loses to a student.
It’s true that there are those among the sons and daughters of nobles, who have already acquired a higher level of skill at the time of enrolling at school due to being trained by their father or mother, who are soldiers, before going to the school.
Moreover, in the particular case of such people they have a family lineage of being military personnel continuing for many generations or they have a family, where a great number of court magicians appeared one after the other. The ability of those students towers above the rest.
Given such situation, a third-rate adventurer won’t be able to pull through with their experience, which might exists or not, and it will result in them being exposed to the mess of having tragically lost to a student.

“That is quite embarrassing and a teacher won’t be able to stand that.” (Renya)

“Just because there’s a difference in combat strength, they don’t have to declare that they don’t want to be taught by the teacher, right? The teacher might be third-rate, but they should still be able to learn things from someone, who lived their life as adventurer.” (Az)

Renya couldn’t imagine the topics, which were taught, but as there might actually be something since Az is stressing it to this level, he isn’t going to pursue the matter too deeply.
Maybe it’s about 「the way to accept a request skilfully」 or 「the method to build good relations with your party members」. It might be such grandma’s wisdom-like things.

“However, since it’s an opponent, they were defeated by once, people have appeared, who don’t feel like attending the class as there’s nothing to learn or such. It’s troublesome.” (Az)

“That doesn’t particularly mean they are skipping your class though, right Az?” (Renya)

“You aren’t especially troubled yourself, are you, Az?” When Renya mentioned that, Az scratched his head as if being slightly stumped.

“Surely, it’s not me who is troubled, but…” (Az)

With a mood drifting about as if it is hard for him to tell the reason, he roughly scratches his head.
I think it might be better to not pursue this too much either, judging that, Renya decided to change the topic.

“Well, this much is fine with me. What do you want me to do and what are the conditions for the job?” (Renya)

“Mm? Ah, that is, you know, I want you to crush the arrogant attitude of the class’ students. In a combat training in the style of an actual fight.” (Az)

According to Az’ explanation a special barrier is set up in the field, which is used for the school combat training. It seems that no matter what kind of terrible injury is caused, it won’t go past being one step short of death.
In other words, for the sake of thoroughly smashing the pride of the noble sons and daughters, who became disobedient, he wants me to viciously beat them to the degree, that they won’t ever again think of belittling a teacher, in that combat practice field as request.

“Is that a proper request you should ask for as a teacher…?” (Renya)

“The other party doesn’t listen to what they are told. Once you carve into their bodies and minds that there’s always someone above them, it will be the teacher’s responsibility, I guess.” (Az)

“And if it’s you, who does it, Az?” (Renya)

“It will also be fine if I do it, but I’m not very good at close combat. Therefore I was protected during our jobs. For me there would be nothing else but striking them with fatal magic on the first attack, if such me wanted to do something about those guys. Even with this I have a feeling that I would be able to handle it one way or the other, but if, in worst case, they brought it into close combat, I would have no chance at winning.” (Az)

Different from warrior types, who can fight as long as they are able to brandish their weapons, magicians, who have a necessity to cast, take a long time until they can attack in any way.
Moreover, because there are many magicians, who don’t forge their bodies overly much, it’s not a rare occurrence for them to suffer an embarrassing defeat, even by lower-ranked close combat classes, if the opponent approaches too close in distance during their casting time.

“That’s the point. While you are an able swordsman, you can also deal with magic, Renya. Even in the worst case, it won’t result in you falling behind the levels of the school’s students, no?” (Az)

“Yea, well, probably.” (Renya)

Even if he ends up changing the weapon to a practise sword or such, Renya had absolutely no intention to be defeated by bratty opponents, who are still at the level of attending a school.
In truth, given that it’s not like there’s a big difference in age between the current Renya and them, the students, whom he called brats, would be likely offended if they heard that.

“Though you might have a reluctant feeling about it, can I somehow request that of you, Renya?” (Az)

Az suddenly bends himself forward and bows his head.
It wasn’t a request that he was overly eager to do and somehow it could be even called bullying the weak, but if it’s a request to the degree of making Az even bow his head, Renya isn’t able to show an attitude of refusing it off-handedly.
Nevertheless, as he is also certain that he won’t be able to find any meaning in something like a sham battle, where there’s no doubt that he will be able to win in the first place, he has absolutely no motivation to do it.

“If you accept this request, you will also be able to use the facilities of the school.” (Az)

“I think there’s nothing I want to use among the facilities of the school, but…” (Renya)

“What are you saying, Renya? That school, which trains adventurers, has the <Transfer Gate>, don’t you know?” (Az)

“What’s that?” (Renya)

“Man, you don’t know the <Transfer Gate>?” (Az)

Az seems like he wants to say ‘Why don’t you know something like that?’
Which reminds me, I still haven’t told Az about me being a Lost, Renya remembers.

“I’m actually a Lost.” (Renya)

“Ho? That’s how it was, eh? In that case it’s only natural for you to not know about the <Transfer Gate>.” (Az)

He didn’t look like was overly astonished either.
Seeing the face of Renya, which looked somehow disappointed, Az said,

“Certainly, they are a rare existence, but so far all of them had been identified. Even if they came from a different world, it’s nothing to be surprised about since they are basically the same humans like us, right?” (Az)

“That’s just like you… So, what’s the thing called the school’s <Transfer Gate>?” (Renya)

“The <Transfer Gate> is a magical object, which took the shape of a gate. It’s something superior allowing you to move to the other gate, which acts as pair, by crossing through space to a distant place, no matter how far it might be. On top of being unable to move anywhere else but to the gate interacting with it as pair, it’s something, that mostly hasn’t been popularized as it takes quite the amount of magic gems for transferring even a single person with a single transfer. But, for the sake of the adventurer school to keep in touch with its fellow schools smoothly and comfortably, they have formed a transfer network by using transfer gates.” (Az)

“Hmm?” (Renya)

“If you are granted a license for this, you will be able to move to almost the entire continent of the human race with transfer gates and on top of that there is also a transfer gate connecting to the western continent of the elves, which let’s you skip the Forest of Miasma and the area of the demons, you know?” (Az)

“Whoa, that’s amazing.” (Renya)

Even if it has the limitation of transferring only one person, it’s a transportation network that let’s you even leap to the continent of the elves on top of allowing one to expect an exceptionally raised speed of travelling on the continent of the human race.
If I can get my hands on this ticket, even a job, I don’t feel like doing, changes into a justifiable job with plenty of return.

“The time is limited to only a half day of a teaching day. The reward is a permit to use the transfer gate, I told you about just now, and one gold coin, which I will provide from my pocket. I’m sorry, but since I have tried to ask so that I will be given a discount, please pay the transfer gate’s renting fee yourself, Renya.” (Az)

“It’s a lavish hospitality.” (Renya)

Besides Az’ desire for Renya to definitely accept the request even going as far as raising the rewards this much, it can be said that failure isn’t permitted for this case. I fear that it’s likely that the reason for that is what he evaded to explain, Renya estimated.
However, since those are circumstances on Az’ side, it doesn’t have anything to do with Renya for now.

“How is it? Can you accept?” (Az)

“It doesn’t seem to be a bad deal. It looks like I will go by myself for the job itself. Okay, I will take you up on it.” (Renya)

Once Renya told him his intention to accept, Az showed an expression of relief.

“I’m thankful. With this I will have a weight removed from my mind. Since we have to adjust the schedule on our side, I will contact you later. Is that fine?” (Az)

“Got it. I’d like to ask you to arrange for it as quickly as possible since I’m currently free.” (Renya)

Since he accepted it as job, it’s will be impossible for him to take on other jobs.
If it takes too much time to adjust the schedule, Renya will be troubled as it will lengthen the time he can’t take other work either.

“We will adjust it soon. Well then, given that I have to return to the school, please wait for my contact.” (Az)

Once he got Renya’s agreement, Az left such words and returned to the school at full speed.

“Something like coming to bow his head to master on behalf of others, he seems to be quite the nice person.” (Frau)

Frau says while clearing up the tea, which Az left unfinished.

“Undoubtedly I believe that the troubled person is someone important to Az-san. That’s why he went back in such hurry, I guess.” (Frau)

I see, if that’s the case, I can somehow understand why he evaded explaining, too, Renya clapped his knee.
Since I will likely meet to face with them at the time I’m undertaking the request, I will demand Az to explain it to me thoroughly then, while holding the tea, which more or less ended up becoming cool, Renya expressed a very happy smile.


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