Chapter 39 – It seems to be the continuation of the night at the deserted house

Shion’s body has quite the height. Moreover it was muscular as might be expected of someone being trained fairly well, but even carrying her under his left arm, was no more than to the extent of her being luggage, which doesn’t bother him.
He wasn’t able to perceive whether it might also be connected to her having no weapons except the long sword, however for Renya it was truly convenient that she hasn’t put on any kind of armour.
Meaning, she touches his own body at various places all over at the times of him brandishing the katana, at the times of him charging and at the times of suddenly braking.
To say it completely bluntly, he is able to freely enjoy various sensations of her breasts, belly and hips touching him or separating from him and grazing him lightly or pressing onto him.
Renya considers Rona not being here as good from the bottom of his heart.
As it’s fine to not worry about people’s gazes, he simply enjoys it to his heart’s content.
Fortunately the place of the battle is the garden, which is big in it’s own way. The space is extending to a degree that it’s alright for him to not mind his surroundings too much, even if he jumps, runs or circles around.
Renya runs around within that space.
The appearing blueish-white shadows of people, some of them are cut in a manner of slashing the katana diagonally from the shoulder in passing, others are impaled, sliced in three pieces, chopped up, without concentrating on any technique and disorderly, all of them scatter and vanish.
If those were the souls of the women, who were murdered in this place, they are probably bound to this location as departed spirits and they likely cursed having shown up here tonight.
If they were mere shadows of the former merchant’s self, they likely wanted to question whether they committed such a big crime to deserve this.
Without taking any notice of either option, Renya chops up the shadows.

“Aah… this won’t do…” (Renya)

Manipulating Shion within his left arm, he hides her from getting cut by a lucky hit.
Looking up at the sky, Renya laughs.

“It’s no problem in any way.”

He has a hunch that the muscles of his entire body are screaming and making sounds of creaking with a *gichi gichi*
It’s not a voice of protest regarding him having overused them.
It’s the sound of his own physique.
It’s a feeling similar to a structure, which was soaking in a lukewarm dullness, being rewritten into a cold, firm structure.

“I’m able to wield the katana to my heart’s content though.” (Renya)

Without him realizing, his hanging mouth’s corners rise.
Losing the colours in his view, a more vivid image pops up with a part of unnecessary information having vanished.
There are still much more targets.
He gets excited as soon as he cut.

“It’s unbearably enjoyable…” (Renya)

Renya suddenly comes to his senses partway through releasing the the violent emotions within him.
There were two reasons for that.
One is because Shion, whom he is carrying in his left arm, was apparently raising painful groans, albeit only slightly.
It seems he unintentionally exerted too much pressure.
The breathing of Shion, whom he has been holding tightly with a strength close to killing her by strangling, got rough.
Second, small screams could be heard from within the building.
As far Renya knows, there’s no one but Shion and himself able to speak within these grounds.
If it was mixed among the departed spirit-like things, which are swaying with a *yura yura* in front of his eyes, it wouldn’t have that extent, but the scream, which Renya’s ears caught, were certainly those of a little girl.

“Renyaa…” (Shion)

Roughly breathing within his arm, Shion called out to him.
Renya fears that the strangling has gotten too tight at last.
But, her next words stop Renya’s thinking.

“More…” (Shion) (T/N: Lol, M discovered!)

Unsatisfied with just loosening his arm reflexively, he ended up throwing her on the ground, albeit gently.
That likely doesn’t mean that it changed into an opportunity, but the blueish-white shadows of people, surrounding the two, immediately after having largely swayed with a single shaking, vanished as if the flame of a candle was blown out.
He surveyed the interior of the grounds, which regained its silence, by rotating around. Once Renya confirmed that there was nothing that looked like it might become a threat, Shion, who was messily* thrown on the ground, raised a voice of protest. (T/N: べちゃ is a sfx and can mean soaked, drenched, gooey, messy in this situation, chose messy)

“Renya, looking at my cloudy eyes here, won’t it turn into a shocking or a dizzying scene?” (Shion)

“Ah, sorry. I received an instant chill wondering whether you were a masochist.” (Renya)

“Don’t you consider a masochistic woman as charming?” (Shion)

“Shut up and be silent! First somehow deal with your attribute of being disappointing.” (Renya)

Once he casually brushes away Shion, who came clinging to him all of a sudden, she once again falls messily* down to the ground.

“Muuh… well enough of that.” (Shion)

Standing up abruptly, Shion faces in the direction of the building while shaking off the dirt, attached to her body, with a *pon pon* (T/N: tapping)

“Was there someone in there?” (Shion)

“Did you hear that?” (Renya)

Shion answers while turning around and putting her hands against her hips due to Renya making a face saying “That’s completely unexpected.”
By her look she realized Renya’s low evaluation of her and got slowly displeased.

“Even I heard that. It was a scream like that of a small girl, but wasn’t she just scared of you, Renya?” (Shion)

“No, well, certainly I believe that the stimulus of the view of me wielding my katana is powerful for a child, but… There wasn’t anyone besides us in the building, was there?” (Renya)

“Isn’t it possible that a lost child might have gone astray?” (Shion)

“There won’t be no end, if we debated possibilities. Shouldn’t we try to investigate the interior once again…?” (Renya)

From behind of Renya, who sheathed the katana in its scabbard and tried to walk towards the entrance of the building, Shion called him to halt.
Once he turns around wondering what it might be, Shion, with an expression as if she was somehow in a pinch, is trying to reach out her hands towards Renya.

“What’s up?” (Renya)

“I feel dizzy from being swung around too much and can’t walk…” (Shion)

Once he is told that and lowers his sight below, he surely grasps that the area around Shion’s knees is trembling with a *puru puru* (T/N: slightly trembling, jiggle)
Although she has kept up a calm-looking expression, it looked like she is somehow unable to fix her sight’s focus.
I might have gone too far, Renya feels sorry for a short while.
When he heard that she can’t walk at the beginning, Renya considered whether to go there by himself, but, as expected, on top of him being the cause for that, he felt guilty about leaving her alone in a state of being unable to move in a garden, which is infested with ghosts Shion is weak against.

“Do you want me to drag you along?” (Renya)

*Kakun* Shion dropped her shoulders. (T/N: sfx for losing strength)
He considered that the way of him carrying a woman might be too violent.
After resisting her trembling knees and somehow reorganizing her posture, Shion points at Renya with a finger,

“I want a princess carry!” (Shion)

“Alright, follow me once you reached the point of being able to move, okay?” (Renya)

“Sorry, it’s a lie! Don’t abandon me~! Don’t leave me alone~! However, at least carry me on your back or carry me like a baby in your arms, at worst carry me under your arm like just now~!” (Shion)

“Isn’t a princess carry or such the dream of every woman!?” Due to complaining about it with teary eyes, Renya lowered his hips a bit and turned his back towards her after shrugging his shoulders once.

“Here, get on!” (Renya)

“Ah, yea. Thanks…” (Shion)

Nervously putting her arms around Renya’s neck, she slowly entrusts her weight to him.
Giving a single “Alley oop”, Renya, who was carrying Shion on his back, slowly walked towards the building.

“Do you know from where the voice came?” (Shion)

“Probably in the vicinity of the workshop. The window there, that faced towards the garden, was open.” (Renya)

She saw it well for being swung around this much, Renya raises his evaluation of Shion, though only a bit.
It might be a result of coincidence, but it was also true that it wouldn’t change my feeling that she will sooner or later sink to a level, where you would loose sight of her after she broke through the deepest bottom, if I don’t raise her evaluation once in a while.
Passing the entrance hall, they enter the room from the workshop’s entrance.
With Renya’s cast magic light shining inside, Renya, who lowered Shion from his back making sure to lean her against the wall, notices the figure of a person having collapsed lying with her face on the ground.

“What’s this?” (Renya)

Having cut and evened up her flaxen hair around the shoulders and wearing a two-toned, black and white, coloured dress on her body, it was a little girl in a maid dress, if you describe her in a few words.
However, what caused Renya to raise his voice in surprise was that he at first considered the possibility of her having lost her way, if that little girl is a normal girl, but the little girl’s height is far smaller than Renya’s and Shion’s. Measuring it with the eyes, it was less than 1 m.
She had the shape of a child too, however the hands, feet and such composing the little girl are quite small and thin, even more so than those of children. And yet, it’s visible that her head and body don’t seem to have a great difference to those of adult women.
How to do I say it? It’s impossible to describe her as anything but an adult woman in maid clothes, who is more than two times as small.
Furthermore, the shape of her ears had a characteristic different to humans.
The girl’s ears are thin and pointed. They had quite the length, if compared with humans.
The word elf crosses one’s mind, but if this is one of the elves in this world, I can’t imagine anything but them living in a place similar to a country of fairly small midgets.

“Hey, Shion. Are those called elves midgets?” (Renya)

“Don’t you know about elves, Renya? Their chests are strangely small with them having around the same height as us.” (Shion)

Just to be sure, Renya tries to turn over the thing lying on its face.
The girl didn’t wake up even as he is touching her body.
She even somehow looked as if she’s having a nightmare, but she is unable to respond to the examination hereafter. Once he looks at the turned-over girl, even if the area around her breast is tiny, there is a bulge at the level unable to be described as small.

“It’s not small.” (Renya)

“I believe you should give up on contours of an elf, but… Isn’t that a silky, I wonder?” (Shion)

<Information: Help function – Silkies are fairies, or beings, who haunt houses and are considered to be a kind of ghost. They have various appearances but mostly they will take the form of a little girls. They will help with things like housework and are generally blessed with a beautiful appearance. It’s necessary to be cautious since they also take actions to expulse the residents by magic such as illusionary and manipulative spells, in case they aren’t pleased with the residents of the house. They have a nature of trying to maintain the condition of the house to their best ability.>

“I see? Aren’t you quite knowledgeable about such things.” (Renya)

Once Renya mentions it while scanning over the message of the popped-up help-function, Shion answered while being slightly bashful,

“I remembered it from them emerging in a book or such, I got to read during my childhood. Although they will protect the house, as fairies skilful at housework, if they are pleased with the residents, they will leave the rooms in a mess, destroy things or cause harassment, if they are displeased.” (Shion)

“Fairy? Isn’t she a ghost?” (Renya)

“She is a fairy. You can’t touch ghosts, can you?” (Shion)

Certainly, I just touched her body to turn her over moments ago.
Renya was slowly getting puzzled by the classification of her being a fairy, if you can touch her, and a ghost, if you can’t, but he decides to accept that this is likely the way it works for the inhabitants of the world over here.

“However, why has a fairy fallen over and fainted at this place?” (Renya)

“To begin with, it’s the first time I heard about something like a fairy fainting, but… the place isn’t that strange, don’t you agree? This is the interior of the house after all.” (Shion)

No mater how skilled they might be at housework or how much of a beauty they are, there’s probably no meaning in haunting a deserted house, where there’s no people either, Renya thinks.
Putting such impression aside for now, the remaining issue is whether it’s possible to understand each other, but we won’t be able to hear the circumstances of the other party anyway unless she wakes up.
Placing his hand softly on her body, which looks like it would break, if touched, he tries to shake her as gently as possible.
Shion, who leaned against the wall, unintentionally leaked a laugh due to Renya’s manner of using his hand somehow timidly.

“…” (Renya)

Once he has shaken her several times, the little girl’s eyes slowly open.
The colour of her pupils is a transparent jade green. Once she became aware of Renya’s figure, right after opening her eyelids weakly, her consciousness might have swiftly returned as she opened her eyes widely and got up halfway.
Just like that she tries to get away from Renya in a panic, however maybe her body won’t do as told or it’s only because she has no strength in her arms to stand up, but she crawls on the floor to take distance from Renya.
Having a hunch that there’s something extremely wrong going by her state, Renya sat down cross-legged on the floor and tossed the removed sword belt to Shion.
After confirming that Shion has caught it, Renya calls out to the little girl, who is still trying to get away.

“Look, I don’t have anything dangerous on me anymore. It’s alright even without becoming so frightened. We have no intention to harm you.” (Renya)

“… Leave this place!”

Did she end up getting tired from taking distance with only her arm’s power? Ceasing to crawl, she turned towards Renya and raised her voice.
Renya, who verified that it’s possible to understand each other with words, talks slowly in order to not provoke the other party.

“It depends on the reason. If you have an agreeable reason, we will leave this place.” (Renya)

“This place is my house ~damono!” (T/N: might infer protest or indicate reason … or it might mean “trash” ^^)

“Shion, just to make sure, is the ownership of plots, houses or such deemed acceptable for fairies?” (Renya)

“Fairies, you say, Renya? There’s probably no way that it will be recognised.” (Shion)

“This place is my house! After all, I was born here ~damono!”

Due to Shion speaking as if being fed up, the little girl speaks as if snapping at her.

“It’s fine without you making a fuss. While it may be true that you can’t be recognised, we won’t particularly do something like forcibly removing you. We won’t make you work for us either. Can you please explain from the beginning because my perceptiveness is poor? Umm… talking will become easier, if you tell us your name as well, though.” (Renya)

Renya, who decided that he should likely behave modestly here, tried to ask the little girl for her name as well as an explanation.

“When asking for someone’s name…”

“Ah, start by naming yourself, it is. Renya Kunugi and over there is Shion. The two of us are adventurers. Please take care of us.” (Renya)

“… name, none…”

Turning down her face quietly, the little girl muttered in a small voice at a level that it was still possible to understand it somehow.


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