Chapter 35 – It seems to be sequel 2

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“And, what will Az’ group do?” (Renya)

Renya asks the magician, reading a book nearby, as he covers the lid of the earthenware jar where the produced yeast had been put in.

The place is the inn where Renya is staying at.

With the time being early afternoon, there are few customers and the inn’s interior is deserted with the vacant seats standing out.

At the same table as Renya, there were Shion and Rona alongside the figure of Az.

Deeply sitting on the chair, the figure of Az is painful to look at as he entrusts his feeble back to the chair.

He has bought a new grey robe, but as for the skin peeking out from the odds and ends, he is shrouded to a considerable extent with white bandages wrapping around him.

As for the close-by Renya, he ends up being disgusted by the drifting smell of medicine coming from those bandages, but he doesn’t complain about it and endures it as the other party is an injured person.

In contrast to this, Rona is in her usual priestess’ garb, however she also has bandages peeking out from her visible skin. The smell of medicine is only vague though.

But, with a face as if extremely worn-out, she is currently also stretching out her limp body on top of the table slovenly.

If it’s this painful, it will be fine go sleep, though Renya thinks like that, it seems to be something she won’t yield to.

The state of the two’s injuries didn’t actually have much of a differences. That’s what the doctor in charge said after they returned to the city.

Although Renya didn’t have an idea either which of the two had the more terrible injuries, he considered both their conditions to be mostly identical.

However, wondering whether it would be fine as that demonic researcher had done the treatment so they wouldn’t die, Renya guessed that he stopped the recovery at roughly the same place with a degree of intention.

After regaining their consciousness, Rona healed her wounds with her own healing magic whereas Az chose to cure them using the medical ointments prescribed by the doctor.

You can say this is the difference in their present condition.

As for magic, the generally used healing magic holds an effect of healing the wounds of the target in exchange for consuming their stamina.

Therefore, Rona, who applied healing in one go, expended plenty of stamina as a result and that’s what causes her to be tormented by a heavy, tired feeling.

“What we will do, it is?” (Az)

Az asks back raising his view from the page of the book he read.

Az, who has absolutely no confidence in his stamina, politely refused the offer to be treated with healing magic by Rona. Since he chose to slowly recover, his appearance is pitiful, but he hasn’t an exhausted facial expression like Rona.

Even the type of pain, since the medical ointment has a paralysing effect to some degree, he felt discomfortable. It seems to be less painful than I thought.

“Your party members will retire from being adventurers, I guess?” (Renya)

Their lives aren’t in a serious condition, but on top of loosing with parts of their bodies, they experienced being crushed and swallowed by those huge lumps of flesh. It gave Az’ party members a considerable trauma with the difference in the degree of being greater or lesser.

Even if only their lives were saved, there are some earnings. The four guards of Az took this time’s reward and suggested to return to the countryside quitting their lives as adventurers.

All of them, before they became adventurers, apparently originate from a certain farmer’s village. It seems they will return to that village and help with the occupation of their families.

At the time they thanked Az for being indebted to him until now, we left almost everything of our own share to the four.

It wasn’t a great amount of money when divided by the number of people, but even so Az laughed that it would become at least money to cover the costs of preparing to do agriculture in the countryside.

“That’s right. My party has dissolved.” (Az)

Although Az said this as if not really minding it, the faces of the three became gloomy hearing this.

There is no way that the matter of his party, which was active until now, breaking up isn’t on Az’ mind.

Even so, without changing his expression, it isn’t clear whether he came to a clear decision of not changing it while worrying about the situation or whether he is conversely paying attention to not fuss about it too much to Renya’s group.

“Though it’s a plain question, but do you want to come with us?” (Renya)

Renya asks with the intention to persuade Shion and Rona at once, if he receives a favourable answer.

“Thank you for the proposal, but.” (Az)

Changing his smile to a bitter smile, Az shook his head.

“Is there already a particular party you have been invited to?” (Renya)

“In fact there is a place I want to work at. I don’t plan on quitting to be an adventurer, but I intend to rely on them for some time.” (Az)

“Hee. Where is it?” (Renya)

“It’s a school.” (Az)

As Az says, there seems to be a school for nurturing adventurers in Kukrika. For a long time there had been talks about him becoming a temporary teacher there.

Since he was devoting himself towards his job as adventurer, he declined it, but because he was even told it would be fine once he had some free time, he intends to work there for some time at this long-awaited opportunity.

In fact he has experience. It can also be said that he is a magician possessing a reasonable competency. Given that he has never been in quite the position of something like being a school teacher, the school’s side has kept inviting him aiming for breaks in his usual life.

“A school for training adventurers~… Will you teach them such things as the manners of adventuring?” (Renya)

Renya says as the situation is that the school was also training somehow worthless people.

“That’s not it. Even if you are born in a noble household, the third, fourth, fifth sons etc. can’t succeed the household as they aren’t even material for marriage. Won’t those become adventurers?” (Az)

The eldest son succeeds the house. The second son assists him or in case of the eldest son’s premature death the second son remains as substitute in the household.

However there are many cases of strife over inheritance if the third son and further down remain in the family. They will become a hindrance if they do that as there are the eldest and second sons. Usually they are driven out of the house as soon as they reach a certain age. Or they voluntarily leave the house by themselves, Az explains.

At this point, the, to a certain degree, highly excellent people become something like government officials by themselves. If they aren’t deemed acceptable for this or aren’t even able to do this due to their abilities even if they want to, they have no other choice but to stay afloat as adventurers.

In the case of them being a woman, they will become material to be married into another family. But if they have a character which has no admirer, or if they are someone with a problematic shape of face, or if they are someone who ran away because they couldn’t bear the idea of being married for their parent’s convenience, they will easily become adventurers.

“Well, there are also situations where the eldest and second sons enrol and train at the school itself until they succeed the house.” (Az)

Az said they also teach general education since it isn’t a good thing if you end up making something foolish as adventurer.

“This sort of the noble’s aspects, huh? … It feels depressing~” (Renya)

Renya says this while looking at Rona with a glance. Rona noticed that gaze towards her own direction, but after she pondered for a moment what the heck he might mean with that, she shook her head as it was troublesome to think about it.

Although he tried to turn his view somehow downwards towards the adventurers, who are female nobles hating to marry, it seems they want to tell him that they are different for some reason.

If he tries to name it, Shion is an extraordinarily beautiful girl, that is only if she stays silent.

As he opens his mouth like a military man, he ended up being frank at a dumb spot. Even if you deduct, for argument’s sake, that they are noble daughters, it defintely doesn’t mean that it is popular to be introduced into marriage, I guess.

Even if they ran away to free themselves from that, it would be easy to imagine that there would be as many pursuers as there are stars in the night.

“The job of nurturing talented people is very important. Though I think it is immense work, please do your best.” (Shion)

Shion said this.

Renya vaguely guessed that Emil’s medical treatment of Shion was perfunctory, but her injuries themselves mostly vanished. She was told as first that it is alright to return to the city by the doctor.

As far as Rona tried to secretly examine her, there wasn’t even any necessity for healing magic. She also didn’t catch a cold which Renya was worried about.

Although, as a result, he was troubled over his judgement whether he should acknowledge her to be an amazing swordswoman as she didn’t receive that much of damage from Emil’s blow or whether this was due to her being pointlessly sturdy. As for Shion, she seemed to be disappointed about not being able to do anything against a demon as opponent. Every day after returning to the city she goes to the training school within the guild’s facilities devoting herself to swing the sword until she gets tired.

“If you need some help, feel free to contact me. I will help out if it’s something I am capable of.” (Renya)

“Thank you for this offer. I will rely on you at that time. Now that I think about it, I haven’t earned any money from the job this time, but it’s a great harvest to have a relation with you.” (Az)

Closing the book he began to read, Az put it on the table while laughing. With a face that won’t lower his evaluation as very tricky magician, he made sure to entice Renya into laughing as well albeit only a little.

“With this it’s enough about me. I guess, Renya’s group will continue the adventurer occupation without a change?” (Az)

“That’s right. For the time being our first goal is to earn money for the sake of obtaining a base.” (Renya)

“This time’s… reward was reasonable, but… it’s still not… enough…” (Rona)

Rona is in a state of gasping.

With her voice as if squeezing out the words, the other three harbour the fear Isn’t she in a barely alive condition?

“Base… something like a house? That is certainly something even an adventurer desires.” (Az)

“It is the outcome of our discussions, but since all members are planning to live there, it is indispensable for it to be fairly large.” (Renya)

“Is that so? It also is a honourable social status to live together with two women underneath a single roof.” (Az)

“At best it will be only hardships”, as Az ridiculed him, Renya stopped him by facing him with a dejected facial expression.

At any rate, this time it was a dangerous job, Renya looked up at the ceiling while thinking about it.

If they made a single mistake, they would have been turned into Emil’s experimental materials. It was a situation where you couldn’t exclude such possibility. If they had encountered a warrior instead of a whimsical researcher, they would have died after all. It was such a job.

Beyond earning money, even if it unavoidable to have some risk, we should get requests with a little lower degree of difficulty, he ends up assessing earnestly.

After all is said and done, this time was the first time for Renya to officially receive work from the guild.

With this being his first job, half of his companions died. No matter how you even think about it, it was too unlucky to end up running into a demon.

“Only a fool relies on good luck. But calling forth bad luck is foolish as well. As for me, it is more suitable to keep it moderate and appropriate. If I am to live to protect the promise with that little girl, this much will be fine, but… I wonder if it isn’t possible to lead a more comfortable life?” (Renya)

He questions in a small mutter that can’t be heard by anyone. Without anyone listening to it after all, it dissolved in the air and vanished.



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