Chapter 34 – It seems to be sequel 1

Leaving the kitchen of the inn, he recovers the received earthenware jar.

He was very anxious whether it has grown properly, but once he opens the lid he can see bubbling and foam rising. Blended with an aroma of fruits, a slight smell of alcohol drifts upwards.

Renya smiled cheerfully when he saw the major success.

This drifting scent, similar to a stinking impact, indicates that the contents of the jar had been completely broken down by the saprophytic bacteria. Though it could have become a failure, after he sniffed the scent, he was certain that it hadn’t turned out like this.

He had a feeling that it was just a little bit wasteful, but decided to dispose of the fruits after they had finished their duty. If he filters the remaining liquid with a clean cloth, the yeast liquid, Renya aimed for, will become complete.

After mixing this with wheat flour at room temperature, he will let it ferment at a cool, dark place. If he repeats the process of mixing it with wheat flour three times, he will have finished a splendid bread material.

If he mixes this with the ingredients of bread, the ingredients will have a slight aroma of fruits and it will rise to a soft and fluffy bread. That’s the plan. (T/N: In other words, he is making yeast)

No matter how long you keep it, it stays usable. With the costs of production being cheap as well, Renya already wanted to excuse himself from chewing that hard bread ever again.

After all, for bread to be slightly delicious, it can’t do without softness, he judges.

The ingredients are completed now too. I have been waiting for the task of securing a place to bake bread, but this depends on the money to be paid either way, he is thinking.

At any rate, Renya thinks back about 2 or 3 days ago being pointlessly worn-out at this place.

“For now, I will take this.” (Renya)

In the midst of moving to the two people, Az and Rona, who were in a state of being slapped into the wall of the dungeon, Emil handed Renya a red, transparent gem with a size similar to a chicken’s egg. He performed the medical treatment, with a few potions and spells while the patients made terrible sounds similar to something you mustn’t listen to, afterwards.

Although Az and Rona had a somewhat ashen complexion bleeding all over and sleeping on the floor at that time, their complexions recovered after the treatment and their breathing also returned to be calm.

Renya was doubting whether he shouldn’t do something due to unimaginable calmness after that falling sound, but Emil denied this with all his power.

Shion hasn’t yet regained her consciousness either. She was sleeping together with Az’ group in a shape of . With the extent of her injuries, after some brief medical examination of checking her internals for abnormalities, she is sleeping in a state of being soaked in potion liquid with which she has been completely showered spilling it all over her.

Renya was worried whether she would catch a cold even if she was healed from her wounds, but since Emil, knowledgeable in healing arts, took responsibility for it to be fine, he decided to leave her alone as she would receive a cold at worst.

“What’s this?” (Renya)

“A magic gem, it’s big, right? You can’t say this was a dungeon core, if it isn’t at least this big, right?” (Emil)

While saying so, Emil pokes the magic gem, resting on his plan, with a slight movement of his finger.

With only that action the magic gem broke right in half from the place he poked at.

“Okay, with this the dungeon core dummy is finished.” (Emil)

“Won’t it be exposed in an examination?” (Renya)

Renya receives the magic gem that was held out with a “Here you go.” while staring at it closely.

Being split into two, you can still say it’s a big magic gem.

Although he doesn’t doubt that it can be sold for quite a sum of money, Renya doesn’t know about the difference between a magic gem and a dungeon core. He will be troubled if someone examines it and blames him for it not being a dungeon core.

“No, no, that won’t be exposed. In the first place the human race doesn’t even know how to examine it.” (Emil)

“Is that how it is?” (Renya)

“That’s how it is, I guess. After all, if we are talking about the human race, they don’t even know that a dungeon core is a <thing with some intelligence>.” (Emil)

“Hmm?” (Renya)

As it is a word he hadn’t heard yet, it will turn into him relying on the help function once again, but he postpones this since that’s currently out of the question.

“Because it looks like it will become a long story, let’s leave it for another time. Don’t you want to carry the four over there and the three over here outside? We will finish it quickly as I will help you.” (Emil)

Most of the armour of the four, who had been attacked by the RustMonster, has ended up being destroyed due to the rust. Furthermore, as quite an amount of blood had been sucked out of them, though it wasn’t an amount to endanger their lives, they were in a state of having fainted and thus requiring assistance.

Had their bodies been crushed all over due to the lumps of meat swallowing them occasionally? It even has resulted in partial loss of flesh and bone fractures. Emil applied medical treatment for the bone fractures, but he gave up on the loss of flesh as he didn’t know what to do about it.

“Though it is my fault… Seeing this, did your intention to turn a blind eye toward me disappear?” (Emil)

“No, you have kept your promise since you saved their lives.” (Renya)

“The risk of something like loosing a part of the body is something adventurers naturally take into consideration, I think”, Renya says.

“It’s fine if you are okay with it~” Emil suddenly lifts up two people with both hands.

The arm strength to lift an adult person with one arm, it was a spectacle that gave Renya an actual feeling of demons having different abilities after all.

“As I will carry the men, please handle the two women~” (Emil)

“A woman-hater, huh?” (Renya)

“That’s because women of the human race are troublesome~ Besides…” (Emil)

Emil says while broadly grinning and laughing.

“Can’t you touch them as much as you like if it’s now?” (Emil)

“Won’t they be no different of a doll as their bodies will show no reactions?” (Renya)

As Renya displays astonishment wondering what Emil is talking about, Emil laughs while smirking after seeing Renya’s puzzled face.

“Though it will be fine to enjoy it a bit seeing that they are such beautiful girls, no?” (Emil)

“If you have the time to talk about worthless things, then carry them quickly.” (Renya)

Since Renya had a hunch that Emil would say something outrageous if they continued to chatter any longer, he urged him to work by kicking the butt of Emil who seemed as if he wanted to say something else.

Although the reason wasn’t that he was offered to do it, Renya transported the two, Shion and Rona, in what commonly is referred as princess carry up to the carriage.

Because Emil thoroughly made fun of Az and his four guards by quickly tossing them onto the carriage, he also received an upper roundhouse kick without caring about the health of his head due to this act, but it was as if he completely didn’t resist it.

“For the time being~ I wish to express my gratitude towards you. You are those guys lifesaver, I guess. I don’t have any confidence whether my wording is right or wrong though as I am no writer or novelist.” (Emil)

Since it would be too many people for one carriage to transport, if all members were to be put on the load-carrying tray of one carriage, they connected a second load-carrying tray. Renya affixed the harness to the wagon in order for the two horses to even be able to pull this. Setting free the horses Zest and Hertz brought along, and after incinerating the luggage, which lost its use, in the end, Emil spoke to Renya with a serious face.

“Based on the demon’s common sense it would be normal to seriously compete until one of us dies~ Therefore, I, who made a blunder, is lucky to survive. I won’t forget the favour of being overlooked.” (Emil)

Renya didn’t plan for his opponent to one-sidedly feel indebted towards him since the overlooking was the bargaining point, but he thought it would be fine if Emil wanted to consider it like this.

Incidentally, though he thought it would be pointless, he decided to try saying something that wouldn’t happen if he didn’t say it.

“Since you might forget it, refrain from such things as experimenting on living people.” (Renya)

“That is impossible.” (Emil)

Since the answer was returned without delay, Renya sighed and remained silent as he knew the answer from the start.

“Well, then adjust it a bit.” (Renya)

“That’s also impossible. However, I will give you this.” (Emil)

Emil held out one small, metal stick.

To Renya’s eyes it looks like a ball-point pen. The tip is only a little sharp, but it’s not sharp to the point of piercing. A slight roundness has been applied on the tip.

Renya activated his <Appraisal> skill as he didn’t know about the material by just looking and touching.

<Information: Marking pen>

“… What’s this?” (Renya)

“Why don’t you try to write some symbol you know on your palm with this?” (Emil)

Following the advice as is, Renya tries to write the character 「蓮」 from his original world on his left palm. (T/N: 蓮弥 is Renya’s name. means Sacred Lotus whereas means increasingly/all the more. In Romaji it is Hasuya, read as Renya)

Although he watches himself writing, there was nothing written out on the palm.

Was there somet trick to it? As Renya glares at Emil, Emil touches Renya’s palm with a facial expression of this being totally unexpected.

Just at that moment Renya’s palm with the character of 「蓮」 on it cast a violet light and the character became visible.

“This is the effect of the magic tool <Marking pen>. If you write this character on some easily readable body part, they will see it if it’s people authorized by you. Have them vow to not turn against you, as authorized parties.” (Emil)

“Then, if I recklessly write it all over…” (Renya)

“The writing is for up to the first four people. It would be best to choose the writing well.” (Emil)

Renya’s expression became sullen due to Emil, who predicted that Renya would say this.

“It isn’t because I am mean-spirited. It isn’t my fault that the magic tool has such specifications.” (Emil)

“Let’s pretend that it’s like this… I will accept it.” (Renya)

At least I have saved three people today, considering it like that meant that I gained more than nothing, I guess? Renya puts away the pen, he received, into his void storage.

Since he had a vague feeling that he would forget it in the end, he immediately wrote Rona, Shion and Az.

It was just the right time as the three haven’t regained the consciousness yet.

“Well then, I suppose I will return to my dearly missed birthplace, the demon continent. It would be nice if we could meet again, Renya-kun~” (Emil)

“I’d like to refuse that. Even if we fight once again next time, I don’t feel like I will be able to win. Can you remove the dungeon by burying it before you go back?” (Renya)

This time I won against Emil. But if Emil attacked at full throttle from the beginning with the abilities of his body, then I wouldn’t have overcome him, Renya is thinking.

The cause of Emil’s defeat is him taking inferior measures to observe us little by little and to test and assess us.

For example, if he only released simultaneous hits aiming at the vital spots with attacks like the one Renya received on his left shoulder from those tentacles, he wouldn’t likely be able to avoid them in the state of his eyes not being accustomed to the darkness. I should have been finished, Renya judged.

As someone innocently following their profession, fighting in that situation might be called the impediment of a researcher.

“Though that might be, I won’t fight with you anymore. You are quite interesting. You are fascinating because you are a Lost.” (Emil)

“How annoying…” (Renya)

“Is that so~? If you get along with me, it will have various advantages, Renya-kun.” (Emil)

After that, bidding farewell from Emil, Renya trudgingly drove the carriage by himself transporting the seven people who didn’t regain their consciousness.

It was good that I was taught by Shion how to handle a carriage so I can move it to some extent, Renya thought from the bottom of his heart.

In the end the seven didn’t regain their consciousness until they arrived at the city. Just as they reached the city, one after the other regained their consciousness.

Renya is harbouring something close to conviction that its definitely the result of something prepared by Emil, but he is also believing to the same degree that there won’t be any further strange behaviours from the seven.

Just having no more than regained their consciousness, their endurance had declined due to such things as getting injured and having lost blood. At that time they haven’t yet fully recovered. With Renya at the front of everyone returning to the city, he was questioned by the guards of the gate. Shortly thereafter they were forced to get hospitalized by a skilled and famous doctor.

As everyone’s part of legal formalities was finished, they headed to the guild at once in order to report the annihilation of Zest’ and Hartz’ parties and the destruction of the dungeon core.

After reporting, he was seized and dragged into a separate room by Fritz.

“Can you tell me what happened? Of course you can report about it, right?” (Fritz)

“It was a shallow dungeon, but there was a demon there. That guy just decided to massacre the two parties.” (Renya)

“If that’s really the truth, it’s a grave situation. Although I could force the confirmation with the magic <Deliberation>, would you please cooperate?” (Fritz)

“Give me some money? I don’t have any obligation to work for free.” (Renya)

A priest, able to use the spell <Deliberation> was called right away and they began the questioning of Renya.

“Is it true that there was a demon in a dungeon this close to the city?” (Fritz)

“That’s right.” (Renya)

“Did that demon kill Hartz and Zest?” (Fritz)

“That’s what you’ve been told.” (Renya)

“What happened with that demon?” (Fritz)

“Though we fought, I couldn’t kill him. The demon ran away.” (Renya)

The spell <Deliberation> analysing all of Renya’s words upon their truth, it caused a tumult within the guild.

Although Renya didn’t understand why it caused such clamour, he caught one of the running around guild staff members. Because somehow a demon appeared close to human habitation, it was a serious matter as one or two cities could end up being annihilated if one is unlucky.

While looking at the guild, which began to noisily put up a request of rescheduling the city’s defence organization and to assemble a new investigation team, with a sidelong glance, the released Renya is feeling that the skill to be able to use the spell <Deliberation> has no meaning at all.

For Zest and Hartz it was terrible to be alive at the time they were captured by Emil.

Most likely those two had been actually killed by someone amongst the four of Renya’s group fighting those temporary human types.

Even though he also somehow had a feeling that they were amongst the seven people he killed himself, there is no way for him to remember forever such a things as the opponents he killed.

Having being asked here whether it was the demon who killed Hartz and Zest, <Deliberation> should judge this as lie if he answered with a confirmation.

However, Renya’s answer was That’s what you’ve been toldand <Deliberation> determined this as the truth.

Renya hasn’t lied.

Just, with the words being insufficient, he would have answered That’s what I’ve told you, if he were to complement it accurately.

If it had been this, I wonder how it would have turned out actually? Since only correct to be saying that Renya did in the demon, there isn’t any lie within.

Also regarding the demon afterwards, if he were to complement it accurately, it would be correct to say Though we fought, since I turned a blind eye towards the demon due to a deal, I couldn’t kill him. The demon ran away. But with likewise insufficient words here, it isn’t a lie either.

As a matter of fact, Renya intended to insist on not talking as it would be a matter of life and death if he were to be exposed to be lying. But he conversely had a somewhat difficult feeling due to being released easily to the extent of it being a disappointment.

At the same time, had it been Rona using the spell <Deliberation>, he firmly pledges within his mind to be careful about the questions.

Probably the impact of the information that a demon appeared is overblown, although Renya had the leeway to pay attention to the details of his testimony, it probably ended up completely blowing away the guild’s staff from the beginning.

The guild was heightened by a degree of accelerated chaos. While completely viewing it as somebody else’s problem, Renya reported the completion of the request and submitted the evidence of the destroyed dungeon core. The reward for completing the request was 24 gold coins for all 4 parties. The reward for destroying the dungeon core was 10 gold coins. Furthermore the sale of the dungeon core yielded 60 gold coins. And with the reward of 6 gold coins for cooperating with the guild, he received 100 gold coins in total and left the guild.


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