Chapter 33 – It seems to be something that can’t be told to anyone

“Well then… let’s start?” (Emil)

Squinting as if aiming, just as Emil declared this in a whisper, the light in the room went out.

Without even showing any behaviour of panic towards having his vision abruptly stolen, Renya gave off a single loud sound of *thunk* with his tongue.

Within a darkness where he can’t even see anything in front of his nose, Renya brandishes the katana.

He felt a slight feedback in the hand grasping the hilt.

Holding the time of the sensation dear, he draws the katana close to himself and then immediately leaves from the spot there.

Merely an instant later a sound of a whip striking the ground resounds.

If he excludes the vicinity where the sound spread, he feels that the point of his katana seized something to a slight degree.

“I never expected it, but do you see it?” (Emil)

Renya releases a thrust towards the direction the voice came from, but he finishes the strike in vain without even any kind of feedback.

While changing the position at which he stands bit by bit, Renya answered into the darkness.

“There is no way for me to see the situation with no light as I have human eyes.” (Renya)

“That’s unexpected.” (Emil)

He realizes something has passed by trying to graze him as he lightly bends back his upper body.

Rather than quickly restoring his stance, he swung his katana as if scooping something up and felt a quick and proper feedback returning to his hand this time.

A small voice of pain is raised.

I guess it’s damage to the extent of having shaved off a small quantity of the pinky’s end? Renya judges with a bitter feeling.

“The attacks and counter-attacks are awfully precise.” (Emil)

“That’s because it’s fine to act as usual. On the other hand, your habitual behaviour is apparently extremely evil.” (Renya)

Is he thinking that it is easy no matter whether I see him or not? His attacks are extremely monotone and simple.

He shouldn’t be able to see. Renya stamps his feet and sometimes clicks his tongue slightly while evading.

“The sounds, huh?” (Emil)

Renya ends up unintentionally clicking his tongue with a different sound of *tsk* towards the words murmured by Emil after many exchanges of offence and defence.

Although he nimbly steps and cuts into the direction the voice came from, there is no response.

Renya was aware that he once again finished his attack in vain, but while quickly turning around, the ceiling recovered its soft light and his vision returned.

Emil is standing before the turning around Renya with an expression filled with extreme fascination.

His body is covered with several light and small wounds all over.

“Is it a technique of probing the surroundings with the echo of the clicking-tongue-sounds and stepping-into-sounds? You are possessing an interesting skill there.” (Emil)

“Nothing less from a researcher, I guess. You have exposed my ability rather quickly.” (Renya)

Although Renya said this in a loathsome manner, he assumed in advance that it would be exposed what he is doing.

But, the time to expose it has been far shorter than he assumed.

“If you are able to react to such a degree within darkness, there won’t be any meaning in stealing your visibility.” (Emil)

“That’s why you turned on the light?” (Renya)

“I have decided it would be good to brighten up the place if I’m to observe you.” (Emil)

Emil’s tentacles, which have changed into two hands, were in the middle of splitting into two again.

The tentacles, which became four in total, are wriggling. Emil laughs as if he is very happy.

“Next is an experiment of reaction speed. How far will you be able to follow, I wonder?” (Emil)

A white whip comes flying.

It’s different from a whip used by humans. There isn’t any part of preliminary movement before brandishing it. It feels abnormally fast. Renya repels it with the katana.

The act of striking this with a blade is as if it’s part of living flesh. If I had to say, the way Emil uses his tentacles for striking will result in producing numerous wounds, but there’s no hint of the number of attacks declining.

While finding himself in a state of only defending due to the consecutive, interweaving attacks of the four tentacle whips, Renya reduces the distance to Emil little by little.

If he moves forward towards his destination, the ferocity of the attacks will only increase, but it is out of the question to not get close until he is in slashing range since the attacks will increase anyway.

Is Emil realizing this as well? At the same time Renya moves forward, Emil withdraws to the back.

Although Renya grinds his teeth due to the situation of being unable to shorten the distance, he is well aware that it will be a painful experience if he chases after him in haste.

“Wonderful~, once you were able to secure your field of vision, you can handle such amount of attacks well by using your blade~.” (Emil)

Despite having been hit just now, Emil laughs.

“This much pointless chattering, let me kill you quickly.” (Renya)

Renya was warning himself to not rush and to not get impatient, but he ends up feeling in a hurry no matter how much he tries to persuade himself.

Even more than the matter of the four fighting hand-to-hand against those lumps of meat in the neighbouring room, he can’t help it but be worried about the condition of the three in this room, who ended up rendered helpless all of a sudden.

Especially the way Az was blown away was horrible. The bones of Rona’s feet, who was tossed away while having her feet seized, are definitely broken.

Even if Shion managed to successfully defend herself to some degree, she has received an attack of the degree of breaking the sword she used as shield.

Renya wanted a doctor to take a look as soon as possible, but, for argument’s sake, even if they left from here right away, it would still take a day by carriage to the city where you can find doctors.

I don’t have much time, comprehending the situation, Renya’s impatience is spurred on even more.

While continuing to deal with the approaching whip strikes and telling himself to calm down, Renya tells himself to hold his temper.

If he fails to handle it well despite having got used to follow the whips with his eyes, the situation will change into himself being helpless as well.

And if he is rendered helpless, it will mean their total annihilation.

If they were to be completely defeated, there wouldn’t be an helping hands coming either.

There would be no other choice but to pray that their deaths would at least be swift in regards to their future.

“I don’t even have anything to criticize about your stamina. You haven amazing endurance to keep maintaining to handle it so well at this speed.” (Emil)

Without even having the leeway to answer, the silent Renya directed a dark smile at Emil as if having thought up something interesting.

“But, you know. There is a difference in this situation.” (Emil)

“…” (Renya)

“I wonder what will happen if I were to steal your vision once again?” (Emil)

Though Renya dispersed the striking tentacles until now, Emil attacks Renya with all four at once.

And with this timing Emil erased the light source a second time.

“Eh?” (Emil)

Renya slips through the four attacking tentacles and steps into range.

Emil dumbfoundedly stared at the sharp downward swing of the brandished katana aiming for his head.

And yet, be it his survival instinct starting to work or be it him doing it unconsciously, he is taking action to evade with his body.

He sidestepped the blade though only slightly. Biting into Emil’s left shoulder and severing the left arm from its root at the body, the returning blade tore the abdomen on Emil’s left flank to pieces.

Is he blocking the pain? Emil didn’t raise his voice, but in order to avoid further attacks he swings his right tentacles while making sure to separate from Renya by rolling over.

Renya decided to pursuit him, but because he has to dodge the wielded tentacles, he had no choice but to jump back.

“This is…” (Emil)

From the root of the left arm dark red blood is flowing while Emil looks up at the ceiling.

The light source that should have been erased continued to brighten the room without disappearing.

This sight has stolen a small amount of Emil’s time which resulted in receiving Renya full power hit.

“I thought I caused the light to disappear once again seeing a good chance to do so.” (Emil)

Renya kicks the tentacles, which are wriggling on the ground with a *biku biku* similar to the cut off tail of a lizard, flying and scorches them with a number of chantless as if saying “With this it’s done, huh?” while looking at his right side where Emil places his hand on the ground in order to stand up.

“I overwrote it. It’s a convenient skill, this chantless casting.” (Renya)

Although Emil’s face was completely devoted to smiling, it now warped in shock.

Renya didn’t understand the reason for that, but before he could start to think about it, Emil asked a question with a trembling voice.

“What are you? What the heck?” (Emil)

“Renya=Kunugi. A normal adventurer and a Lost. Although I think it will be a short association, well, please treat me favourably.” (Renya)

As if extracting his revenge, Renya assaults him with such words. Now Emil is cornered into a defensive fight.

Emil didn’t look as if he was feeling pain from losing his left arm, but his breath definitely started to become disordered.

“I can’t believe it. Why am I, a honourable demon, out of breath?” (Emil)

“Well, aren’t you the researcher here? Reflect on it yourself.” (Renya)

With the tentacles movements beginning to become dull, they aren’t capable of defending against Renya’s attacks.

The tentacles’ tips are loped off and drop to the ground. In these gaps Emil’s real body begins to suffer numerous wounds due to the slipped through attacks. Before long the remaining right arm is cut off from the shoulder and sent flying as well. As expected, Emil, having lost all strength, ends up sitting on the ground crumbling down from his waist.

Emil began to talk with a serious look as Renya brandished his katana about to finish him off.

“Let’s make a deal.” (Emil)

Without responding, Renya swings down his katana, but stops his hands spontaneously as he hears Emil’s next words.

“The three people are your companions, but won’t one or two of them die at this rate?!” (Emil)

“What was that?” (Renya)

“Even if I’m a demon like this, I’m someone whose research is centred on life as I did also tell you before. I have knowledge about healing arts too. I do understand at least what degree of damage I have caused.” (Emil)

Renya urged him on to continue in silence.

Emil, who lost both hands, sat cross-legged at the spot and continued his words making sure to look up at Renya.

“There is no problem with that dumb swordswoman. The problems are with that gloomy magician and Eroi-sleep-chan, but…” (Emil) (T/N: eroi = erotic/pornographic, in other words big-boobed Rona)

“Shouldn’t you be careful with your words?” (Renya)

While I have given him a warning for the time being, why is he describing it so distinctly? I wonder if it is something that easy to understand? Renya ends up pondering about it slightly.

At the same time, he ended up feeling a bit of pity for Rona who has been called pornographic even by the demon.

“Although I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, the magician and sleep-chan are in danger. If they aren’t brought to a doctor immediately, it will become a matter of life and death or they will have critical after-effects remaining.” (Emil)

“And?” (Renya)

“There is a doctor here.” (Emil)

Although he wasn’t able to point at himself since he had no arms, going by his words, it looks like he is talking about himself.

Renya laughed scornfully at those words.

“For argument’s sake, even if you are a doctor, what can you do without your arms?” (Renya)

“If you allow me to wait for a bit, I will be able to regrow them. I will treat those two if you turn a blind eye towards me.” (Emil)

The act of turning a blind eye on a demon, Renya doesn’t know what kind of meaning it holds in this world.

Perhaps it might be equivalent to an act of overlooking a so-called criminal in my original world.

But, without thinking about the ethical part, it was certainly and attractive proposition because he would be able to get medical treatment for the two heavily injured.

“I’m unable to trust you.” (Renya)

Even if it was an attractive proposition, it’s unthinkable to be able to trust the words of an opponent who tried to take his life until moments ago.

Renya told him directly as he thrust out his katana, but his mind was wavering quite a bit.

Despite Renya not having knowledge in healing arts or such, he was able to agree with the words that Az, who received the attack directly, and Rona, who was thrown without even taking up a defensive stance, were in a perilous condition.

He was also worried about Shion’s condition, but since she already has enough of defence to some degree, he knows that her life isn’t at risk.

Assuming I travelled such distance in one day with all my might taking the two of them along on the carriage in such dangerous state, would I be able to save the two in the end? That’s the problem.

Renya doesn’t have a clear answer regarding this on hand.

“This is a deal, I told you. I don’t know about other demons. As me being a researcher comes first, I’m sincere to some degree with other things falling in line with this. While we are at it, I will also immediately free the four people scuffling in the other room.” (Emil)

“Since I won’t be able to continue his research if I end up dying”, Emil laughs.

“Are they alive?” (Renya)

There isn’t any meaning in accepting their return if the four have already died.

Emil nodded towards Renya, who wanted to have confirmation.

“Yes, I guarantee it.” (Emil)

“… But, you took the lives of the other 11…” (Renya)

“Were those lives important to you?” (Emil)

The reluctance of those words reached Renya’s ears.

After inserting a mere short while of silence, Renya talks.

“I don’t see any necessity to answer.” (Renya)

“Is that so? So, what will you do?” (Emil)

Emil’s severed arms grew from the shoulder sections speedily and without delay.

Emil shows a waving of his hands with a flapping sound towards Renya, who strengthens his vigilance.

“Those are normal hands. There is more time necessary to regrow hands for the sake of attacking.” (Emil)

“… What’s the probability of saving the two?” (Renya)

“If you let me undertake the treatment right now, it will be 100%. Shall I show you how I heal them completely without even any after-effects?” (Emil)

“What will be your answer?” Emil asked him with the katana thrust in front of his eyes. Renya quietly withdrew it and slowly stored it in the scabbard.

Seeing this motion, Emil stands up with a “heave-ho.”

Renya couldn’t hold him back.

“I think it’s fine to see this as having a deal, right?” (Emil)

“Though I will regret this in a distant future. Get lost from this plot of land right after you finished the treatment. I plan to excuse it with the fact that I almost lost my companions.” (Renya)

“You won’t regret this. I have a fairly strong sense of duty.” (Emil)

Once again a smile is pasted on his face. Emil displays it as he hits his chest with a single *pon*.

Something like the honour of a demon, I wonder to what extent it goes? Renya looked up to sky by himself leaking a sigh.


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