Chapter 32 – It seems to be something a bad boy would do

I want to rest.

Renya looks at the situation of Shion’s group as he holds down that compelling feeling of such thoughts with willpower.

Somehow or other Shion had slain two human types. Of the remaining two, Az had burned one of them and the other one had its head pulverized by a full swing of Rona’s mace.

Finding that the extermination has finished, Renya is relieved.

Since they were basically good-for-nothing dolls only trying to seize their opponents, it would have also been troublesome if the fight had been too close.

“Renya, it looks like you are finished over there… but, once again you have used a weird sword technique.” (Shion)

Shion, who seems to have seen the way Renya fought from midway, displays a façade of curiosity while approaching him.

It’s about the technique of using the scabbard to deliver a blow and the purposely display of his back to the enemy in the middle of battling.

It can be seen as mere gap, but even this was the groundwork for the sake of producing a centrifugal force.

Fighting in such way is something Shion’s group doesn’t know.

“Although there is a part of me who wants to teach you, this isn’t the time for that.” (Renya)

“Yea?” (Shion)

“Did you forget? Az’s party members are being attacked in the previous room. If we don’t promptly open the exit of this room, we won’t be able to help…” (Renya)

“Ah, there was that.” (Shion)

As soon as she is too engrossed in fighting, Shion seems to forget about the things happened before entering combat. While slightly blushing, she approaches the closed exit of the room in a hurry.

Even after defeating the demon, the exit door didn’t open.

Shion, who ran up to it, tries to knock on it with her fists, but only a solid sound is returned.

“If that’s the case.” She now tried to slash at it with the longsword she held, but it only caused a high-pitched sound due to its toughness. Shion looked teary-eyed in the direction of Renya.

“What happened?” (Renya)

“My hands became numb…” (Shion)

Since she hit something hard with all her strength, her hands apparently ended up becoming numb.

Even from the state of the sword you can clearly understand it, because its pointed end has chipped. It has ended up becoming something useless.

“I will have a go. Move out of the way.” (Az)

Az has Shion step back and casts a spell.

“Congregate, my strength, magic bullet, pierce it!” (Az)

Using it up to the point of parallel magic formula, Az fired two mana bullets, but as the shots clashed with the closed door, they fruitlessly scattered on the surface of the door and vanished.

Due to that scene, Az glared at the door drawing his eyebrows close together.

“This door had a spell cast on it. And it’s even still active.” (Az)

“It is still active, you say?” (Renya)

Renya points at the head of the demon he had previously pierced with the katana as he asks, but Az denies it.

“There is no way for it to be active in this situation.” (Az)

“If that’s the case, who the heck is casting the spell?” (Renya)

“I don’t know… However, it is as it is!” (Az)

As if hitting in irritation, Az kicks the door.

Az’s companions are getting attacked in the previous room as well. I guess he sensed that the compatibility with the assaulting monsters is bad for them.

And as he is sensing this, he ends up becoming impatient. But as Shion wasn’t able to cause damage to the door with her slashing attack, it is unthinkable for the kick of a magician to cause any either.

“Renya, can’t you cut this with your slashing attack?” (Az)

While being weighted down by impatience, Az points at the door. Renya is troubled as he can’t say anything in reply.

That is because I can’t analyse the material of the door by looking.

Naturally there is a difference in the method of cutting and attitude if you cut a person or if you cut a tree.

Without understanding what you might be cutting, it’s possible to cut something by wielding a blade, but at most it’s limited to something trivial.

And in the case of this door, made out of metal, there is no way to simply cut it since it should be fairly thick.

If Renya clearly understood the special characteristic of the katana he possesses, he would realize its ability of cutting anything even if the door were made out of steel. But currently Renya doesn’t know about this and there is no one to tell him about it either.

“Umm… Renya-san?” (Rona)

During the time Renya’s group was spending all their time and energy on the door, Rona, who was standing as if guarding their rear, called out to Renya.

“What is it, Rona? We are currently quite at our wit’s end here.” (Renya)

“There is a reasonable state of emergency over here as well.” (Rona)

Renya turns around as he sensed something within Rona’s tone of voice.

“What’s up?” (Renya)

“The corpses… vanished.” (Rona)

Now that she said this, there should be 11 corpses since Renya and Shion’s group defeated them.

Furthermore, at the place where the corpse of the demon, who was chopped up by Renya, should be, not a single trace remains. It looked as if the corpses had vanished.

Incidentally, looking at the point of the katana, the head of the demon, which had been stabbed, was still there.

If that’s the case, it’s not as if Renya dreamed of defeating the demon.

“What the hell is this? … What’s this about?” (Shion)

“All of you, be cautious! Something is strange!” (Renya)

Without checking what’s going on, everyone abided by his order. Renya is examining the surroundings in order to not miss even a single tiny disparity with his eyes.

Although they had been cut up and scorched, doubtlessly, the remains of the corpses of Zest’s and Hartz’ parties should be scattered on the ground.

Also, the body of the demon, chopped up by Renya, should be divided into several parts and laying on the ground.

Now that these are missing, it means that someone or something had cleaned up those corpses, but being in the same room, how the hell could the corpses vanish without Renya as well as the others noticing anything?

There is no change on the floor visible.

The ebony desk as well. Though it lost its owner, it’s still there.

The wall as been strengthened by some kind of coating. It is a cold mud wall.

“… Mud wall?” (Renya)

Why can a mud wall be seen? Renya realizes the abnormality.

The color of the wall, at the time they entered the room, was supposed to be white.

And currently the room is exposing a mud wall similar to the one they had seen before they entered this room.

“How did you call the wall… ?” (Az)

Without being able to finish his question, Az is blown away from in front of the door and is thrown into the ebony desk in the center of the room. While destroying it, he tumbled up to the wall on the opposite side.

Although Shion was taken aback watching this, she tries to dodge something that tries to once again blow her away crashing into the wall.

As the blade of the long sword defends against the force of something before she gets blown away, it snaps from the middle and drops to the ground. Even the hilt fell to the floor parting from her hands due to the power.

“Shion?!” (Rona)

Rona tried to rush over. Renya tried to hold her back but isn’t in time.

Something like a whip twines itself around the feet of Rona, who tried to start running. Dragging her body, which has been knocked down, it swings the body and throws it at the wall.

At the time the body was thrown, a sound of bones breaking from her seized feet could be heard. With a speed as if it wouldn’t even permit something like taking a defensive stance, Rona crashed into the wall with her back.

In a flash the three people were rendered helpless.

In the meanwhile, although Renya wasn’t able to move, he sees a shadow of a person standing in front of the room’s exit door and scrutinizes his eyes.

“You… Didn’t I kill you?” (Renya)

“That’s right. Certainly you might have killed me.” (Demon)

Joining his hand together behind his back, he, who threw the three against the wall moments ago, beams with a friendly smile. He showed himself by answering Renya’s question in a non-serious manner.

Dark brown skin and light purple hair.

Slightly pointed ears and almond-shaped pupils.

Casually wearing a white robe, it was without any doubt the male demon, who should have been cut down by Renya.

While capturing his appearance with his eyes, Renya looks at his katana’s point with a glance.

The demon’s head, pierced by the blade, was still there, but it transformed into a white color from within before his eyes and similar to melted butter it drooped to the ground. It smoothly flowed towards the male demons feet and clinging to his toes, it was absorbed. It ended up vanishing into being a part of the man.

“You are a slime, huh… ?” (Renya)

Renya tries to say the name of the monster that popped up in his mind seeing this spectacle, but the man showed a single sigh.

“Why do you have to view me as identical to an inferior viscous liquid creature?” (Demon)

“I guess you feel similar to it.” (Renya)

“Hmm, there might be such viewpoint as well.” (Demon)

While he saw Renya preparing the katana which lost its weight, the demon laughed apparently enjoying it very much.

Despite being cautious of the laughing demon, Renya probes into the state of the three, who were slammed against the wall, but the three weren’t even moving with a twitch.

It would be nice, if they only fainted, Renya prays.

“By no means I considered the white stuff clinging to the wall to be your main body.” (Renya)

“Although, to be correct, it was also clinging to the ceiling. Only a part of me kept you company. That’s how it is.” (Demon)

If those words were right, this demon would apparently be responsible for the lighting of the room as well.

Having his offshoot working, his main body puts the environment of the room in order. You can call this a very efficient method of operating, Renya ends up harboring such out-of-place thoughts.

“We were in your belly from the beginning, huh? It feels bad… Do all of those called demons feel like this?” (Renya)

While continuing the conversation, Renya is pondering what he should do.

I cut no more than a part of him before. I’m sure that the main body will be far more powerful.

In reality Renya didn’t see the attack which assaulted Az and Shion at all.

In addition, since the demon has also seen his technique used as clever scheme, it’s unthinkable for it to work a second time.

He can’t discover a clue how to win.

“If all demons were like this, I don’t think there would another races exist on this continent by now.” (Demon)

“Well, then what are you?” (Renya)

“Emil=Rajah. A demonic researcher. Though I think it will become a short-lived association, please treat me favorably.” (Emil)

With the demon introducing himself, Renya is able to confirm two facts.

First, demons also have names. This can be called quite obvious.

Second, it appears that this demon doesn’t really intend to allow anyone to stay alive and let them return from this place.

“My subject of study is called biotechnology. By combining something one way or the other, I create resilient life-forms. That’s the thing I am researching.” (Emil)

Never did Renya expect for biotechnology to exist in this world, but he guessed that it was likely a research branch of such things as alchemy or sorcery.

But, it is just an assumption that it is some kind of research branch.

“There are fellows who looked down on my subject of study being life as blasphemy.” (Emil)

Emil spoke of this, doubtlessly, without concerning himself over something like the intentions of his targets. It is a technology of completely changing an existence into something totally different by tampering with it.

It doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to his previous world.

“Isn’t this point just a discrepancy of opinions? As for me, I think it’s a valuable research that pushes up life to a higher stage, but…” (Emil)

“If you think like that, you should first become research material yourself.” (Renya)

“Just what are you talking about?” (Emil)

Emil asked obviously not comprehending the words Renya spit out.

Renya’s complexion slightly changed as he judged the question in itself as answer.

He clearly became pale.

“Isn’t such thing like yourself becoming a research material only natural?” (Emil)

If the researchers of this world heard this, all of them would deny the contents of those words. Emil talked about this without even any kind of enthusiasm.

He only has an expression of genuine marvel why Renya expressly said such obvious thing.

“My body is built by many flexible cells which allow for a range of form changes. This is one result of my research.” (Emil)

“… I did think the contents of your head might not be straight, but…” (Renya)

“Research, it is research. If it’s necessary for that reason, a researcher will use only the necessary, be it himself or others, don’t you agree?” (Emil)

While asking, Emil’s both hands reach to the ground picking up something like a thin, long, extending whip.

It’s the true identity of what tossed Rona’s body and threw Az and Shion against the wall. Both of Emil’s hands seemed to change their shape into something like tentacles.

“Didn’t you say some time ago that you used this dungeon as fish pond?” (Renya)

If the talking finishes, the combat will begin.

If it turns into combat, Renya will be at an overwhelming disadvantage as he hasn’t figured out a method to win yet. While thinking about ways to prolong the talks, he is observing Emil.

“In other words, there isn’t a core in this dungeon, right?” (Renya)

“If forced to say, I am the core, I guess?” (Emil)

Emil arbitrarily swung his right arm lightly.

At the same time the flexible pointed end of the whip vanishes from Renya’s vision. Renya ends up staggering sensing an impact on his left shoulder.

As the stricken left shoulder ended up having its clothes torn, welts became apparent on his skin, but there wasn’t any abnormality in his bones and flesh yet.

“Were you unable to see it? You didn’t see it, right?” (Emil)

Emil laughed completely delightfully.

“Then, I wonder if you have a good resolution? You are an opponent who killed my offshoot one time. After teasing you plentifully, all of you will get along as research materials.” (Emil)

The way the man strikes with the whip isn’t probably something enjoyable to look at, while thinking this, he doesn’t even have the leeway to crack such jokes in the current state. Renya set up his katana.


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