Chapter 30 – It seems to be the start of the battle

Changed Devil -> Demon

“Run away!” (Renya)

It was Renya who reacted the fastest.

Without turning his head to look back, his yell resounded sharply. While the plate mail of the four rearguards clattered, they tried to escape in a hurry but before long, a shriek was raised from there.

As he directs his view to look over his shoulder, the sole entrance of the room on this side moves and closes itself as if the wall itself was completely alive. Immediately after that the wall blinks in a suspicious red light. From that wall, violet decaying meat that looked like a muddy syrup, oozed out and scattered.

The leaked decaying flesh gathers on the ground and advances as a pile towards the four rearguards albeit slowly.

The four prepared their shields in a defending stance in panic, but soon a second scream resounded.

“The shield is… The shield is rotting!?” (Rearguard)

As a part of the decaying flesh crawls up to them with a slithering sound, something resembling tentacles approaches the four from all sides. The parts of the defending shields, touched by these, changed into a light brown color and crumbled from being worn-out.

“What are these things?! I have never heard of such monsters!” (Rearguard)

If they don’t understand its nature, there is no way that they will be able to deal with it.

Renya hurriedly activating the skill <Appraisal>, looked at the message.

<Information: Appraisal Skill – The target’s name is a subspecies of RustMonster>

<Information: Help function – Originally RustMonsters are rat-like monsters that consume rust as a staple food. If it is rust generated from metal, it will have an ability to use the rust regardless of the type. On the other hand, it isn’t able to affect wooden and pelt products. If you can identify it’s true nature, it will be relatively easy to subjugate it. Since it is a monster that absolutely shows no interest in flesh and blood and hasn’t any usable smaller raw materials and magic core on top of it, adventurers stay away it from it as it is a merely harassing monster.>

As the help function gave him a kind and courteous explanation, Renya inserted a tsukkomi by shouting within his mind What about this is a rat? and guessed that describing it as subspecies summarized it all in one word. He appreciates the irresponsible attitude only partly.

“Isn’t it lovely? Originally it is a small rat-like monster, but with a little bit of tinkering it has become such fantastic demon. Although it prefers iron rust, it seems that likewise tasting blood is fine as well~” (Demon)

“That is already a totally different monster!” (Renya)

As the male demon explains about that monster delightfully, Renya tsukkomi‘d in a loud voice, but the situation for Renya’s group just keeps deteriorating.

The number of the things emerging from within the wall is just like the preceding two parties’ number of people, 11.

Although their movement is dull, they reliably encircle Renya’s group shrinking the circle gradually.

They were things that were emitting an unbearable rotten stench from their bodies but even more than that, their strangeness stopped Renya’s group in their tracks.

If you were to make a comparison, they would be quite close to a certain anatomical model of the human body found in a science room at school, but as they are dragging along the partly melted and deteriorated contents of their intestines, it is stimulating, whether you like it or not, a feeling of dread and unpleasantry due to something white and solid appearing and disappearing from within their interior.

Moreover Renya was surprised by the streaming message at the time he paid attention to them.

<Information: Appraisal Skill – The target’s name is Human race.>

They are alive?! he ends up yelling within his mind in unpleasant reminiscence.

Despite not being able to see them as anything but zombies no matter how you look at it, the result of the appraisal still labels them as humans.

Although they are some type of human walking monster, exposing colors such as red, white, yellow and some usually unseen colors on their exterior, Renya didn’t want to believe that they were still alive.

But if you look at the vicinity of the mouths of the human types approaching them, you had no choice but to realise that they are still living even if you don’t believe it.

Even though those mouths have begun to change into white bones caused by the melting, you certainly can hear them mutteringPlease save me!.

“Those guys were in the middle of becoming raw materials, but… as you have guessed, they are still alive.” (Demon)

A short gasping sound was audible from Shion due to the words of the male demon.

“But you know, their breath is already mixed with paralysing poison. Their body fluids are nothing more but a resemblance what they once were as well. Even if you want to cling to such things, you guys will soon stop moving too.” (Demon)

“Don’t listen to his impertinent talks! Withdraw and link up!” (Renya)

Renya urges his companions, who have ended up petrified, to retreat by calling out to them.

Rather than keeping the strangely shaped humans, albeit still alive, company, Renya considered that it would be easier to support the the eight people in the back in order to do something about the lumps of meat. But as Shion’s group wants to abide to the instruction given from the front, the room’s entrance door closed with a heavy sound.

“You think I will let you get away? The back is the back, here is here. Let’s have some fun, ok?” (Demon)

“Activate 8 parallel magic formulae, according to my power, fire ball, shoot!” (Renya)

The moment he realised that they had been split up, Renya altered his plan.

With the appearance of eight large fire balls around his fist, he swung his hand down in order to mow down the male demon and released the fire balls at him.

“Congregate my power, shield, repel.” (Demon)

As the demon casts his spell, powerful mana is forms around him.

Stopping the flying fire balls, they are repelled and scattered.

After the other side’s magic shield vanishes from stopping the eight fire balls, the male demon, while having fun, said,

“Your resolution is quite nice. Furthermore you can activate eight balls simultaneously and use them in parallel. Going by your appearance I thought you were a swordsman, but are you by chance a magician?” (Demon)

Renya doesn’t even respond to the question.

“Let’s defeat that fellow and link up with those in the rear! Their compatibility with the blood-thirsting monster is too bad!” (Renya)

The four, who were in charge of being rearguards, decided to make their primary objective suppressing their opponents with the force of their defending plate mail.

In front of the monster, which completely breaks apart the armor by rusting it as it is metallic, there is no point in depending on the strength of the defense.

Furthermore, the small sword they possess can’t be considered to be effective against those lumps of meat. Moreover this weapon will also end up rusting as well.

If they lose their armor and weapon, there won’t be any other option but to get slowly entangled and preyed upon.

As long as they link up, Az and Renya will be able to reduce those lumps of meat to ashes with spells.

If they can do something about the completely closed pathway, it might also give them a way to escape.

“Un un, you are holding on. If you persevere as long as possible in this way, it will be easier to grasp all of your abilities.” (Demon)

Except defending against Renya’s spell, the male demon didn’t particularly show any kind of movements.

If he attacked him, Renya had the confidence that he would be able to slay him but he would be surely hindered by the 11 things en route.

“Renya, how can we do something about this… ?” (Shion)

Shion asks in a voice as if seeking help.

The human types, albeit slowly, were definitely advancing. They already approached to the extent that their extended hands were in front of their eyes.

Have we entered the effective range of their poisonous breaths? Understanding that they don’t really have any time left as he feels the stimulus of having his skin stabbed with a tingling sensation, Renya shouts without hesitation,

“Cut them down! There is no method to save them! Rona, you are able to detoxify, right?!” (Renya)

“Y-Yes. If it’s at the level of elementary <Detoxification>…” (Rona)

“Az, provide support with spells! Rona, attach importance to detoxifying and healing! Shion, don’t allow the enemies to approach those two!” (Renya)

Shion’s pupils, filled with feelings of panic, has a glimmer of resolve after those instructions.

Although her hands were trembling, she fixed her grip on the long sword’s handle. While adjusting by moving back by half a step, she swung down the overhead-raised longsword obviously bearing the afore-mentioned and very deeply gouged out the collar of the human type that was in front of her.

If the opponent was a person, it should have caused a fatal wound. But it seemed to be insufficient to reap the life of the grotesque human types. Although, is there still some sense of pain remaining? The human type faltered slightly.

Even though it is originally an injury where it won’t be strange if blood gushes out as well, blood can’t be seen and a thick, black liquid oozes out. While remembering her unpleasant feelings, Shion extracts the wedged blade and delivers a kick into the abdomen of the human type.

Az drove fire ball magic into the face of the human type that had retreated a few steps backward due to the impact.

The human type is in agony as it holds its burning face down.

No matter what strange appearance it has, if it is living, the necessity to breathe is obvious.

However, in addition to not being able to inhale air due to the completely burning head, there is absolutely nothing except suffering due to the heated up air in the lungs and trachea.

When the head of that human type received Shion’s blow, the head was severed into two finishing its agony. In the state of being devoured by the flames, it fell down.

Cutting apart the decaying flesh, as she felt the sensation of the kick, Shion screamed while also having a warped face.

“That’s the first!” (Shion)

Rona begins to prepare some kind of magic just to make sure. Az determines the next target while trying to start the spell casting. Meanwhile Renya judges it to be fine if he leaves it to them for a while.

If there was no necessity to watch over the safety of his companions, there was only a single thing to do.

It’s nothing but slaying that male demon, whose name he doesn’t even know, even if it is a second earlier.

Taking a single step forward, it appears as if it is the act of advancing one step into the attack range.

That is to say, he can get out from the attack range by the one step portion from before. The matter of entering within the attack range of the target has significance.

Then, just what kind of significance does it have to enter or not enter the attack range?

The answer is awfully simple.

Just that he can cut the target down.

Bringing down the mouth of the sheath with in his left hand, he brings up his right hand to the handle of the katana and carries out the action of drawing it without even realising it himself.

The drawn katana surges out from its scabbard. Just by passing through the airspace within the filthied air waffed with a rotten stench, the katana leaves nothing but a fierce atmosphere behind.

In the interval of one breath three flashes advance in a line.

Moreover, Renya advances by one step.

Without even allowing the flesh to reject the passing blade, the severing heads is only accompanied by the sound of its cutting. The number of severed heads is the same numbers as flashes, three.

“This is, once again, amazing.” (Demon)

The demon raises his voice in admiration due to the spectacle in front of his eyes.

No matter what grotesque things they had become, there is no way for them to remain living if they lose their head, especially since their base is human.

Without even sparing the corpses, which are collapsing while falling to their knees, a glance, Renya’s facial expression isn’t moving at all. His eyes doesn’t stray from the demon.

He advances a step once again.

The sword blade isn’t returned into the scabbard. The blade rises sharply from the low position it had returned to.

The sharply-rising sword blade jumps to an overhead position and then the blade was once again returned to the low position.

After a while, one long red line that runs from the nether region to the top of the head and from the top of the head to the nether region was developing on two human types.

While spilling their contents and discharging a liquid, where you don’t even know whether it’s blood or not, the halves of the human types drop to the floor. Renya goes forward without slowing down his pace.

“This is once again, you might be an unexpected find.” (Demon)

Even though the entire body of a human type was cut in a flash, the demon’s face is full of delight as if coming across something rare.

“Creating a work, using you as base, it will become something very magnificent, it seems.” (Demon)

“Isn’t this impossible, I wonder?” (Renya)

The hand of the replying Renya still doesn’t return the held katana into the scabbard.

The naked blade of the katana exist for the sake of killing.

Visibly embodying those words, the drawn blade is swung in a horizontal flash. Once more two human types’ bodies are cut up into two parts, this time top and bottom.

The top half, dropped to the floor, squirmed for a while, but treading on the heads, Renya crushed all kind of movement underfoot in one go.

“In total seven. I will leave the other four to them… you don’t have anything protecting you any more?” (Renya)

While saying this, Renya also remembered some kind of connection in a corner of his mind.

Putting aside the the abnormal appearance of the human type, they don’t even have any particular ability. There were simple puppets.

Trying to grab hold, their actions are nothing but mere demands for help.

Although paralysing poison is mixed within their breath, it wasn’t something that could display its effect so long as they don’t get close. Renya doesn’t notice any abnormalities within his body.

Furthermore, with their nature of being partly decomposed, they don’t have something to defend themselves with either as all of them are nude. With even their movements being sluggish, they are subjects of something to be cut in front of the katana. They weren’t any more than a straw post for training sword strikes with their small movements.

Either way there is still some doubt remaining, but there is no way left except defeating the demon in front of him.

Without a warning Renya closes the distance now that the things obstructing the space have vanished.

“Congregate my power,… ” (Demon)

In correspondence to Renya’s approach, the demon began to cast.

What magic will he use? Although Renya can’t guess the spell, if it is one or possibly two or three strikes, he will dodge them or endure them charging with the readiness to cut.

“Wind blades, pry!” (Demon)

The wind blades gushing out from the held up palm of the demon exceeded 20 in total number.

Renya was surprised over the number which surpassed his expectations, but there wasn’t already any time to evade them.

Renya, who has almost no knowledge about magic, didn’t understand what degree of power the spell, sent towards him, would have, but if he had no chance of dodging them, there was only one measure to take.

“Activate 20 parallel magic formulae! <Small Fire Bullet>!” (Renya)

Without dropping his charging speed, he strikes the approaching wind blades by activating the <Small Fire Bullet> spell chantlessly and aiming those at the wind blades.

Fire and wind clash in the front.

The number was almost the same, but was it a difference in ability or weren’t the numbers sufficient? The wind is pushing back the fire slightly.

Renya attacks that wind with the katana.

“How foolish! To intercept a wind spell with a katana is…” (Demon)

Originally it is something that isn’t possible.

With something like a thick shield you can somehow or other use it in a way as if defending against being cut through. But the act of repelling with a weapon almost never stops spells.

But, that demon didn’t know.

The special characteristic of the katana Renya possesses, the attribute of being indestructible.

If it is something that can be destroyed, it will end up being destroyed one-sidedly. It is an attribute that didn’t originally exist in this world.

This isn’t just limited to the physical aspect, it also applies to spells.

Although the wind blades don’t get extinguished by the fire spell, just as Renya touched them with his swung blade, the spells composition was destroyed and shattered.

The demon’s words vanished halfway due to the scene unfolding before him. For the first time the joyful look disappeared from his facial expression.

“Na?” (Demon)

Without even understanding the reason, he sees how the spell vanished.

During the time between the demon, who was surprised over the impossible spectacle, and Renya, an instant of opportunity was born.

As Renya wields a katana, it is unthinkable for him to miss this instant.

The blade, that had mowed down the wind blades, retaliated with a single blow seizing the demon’s body.

Swinging the katana as is, before Renya’s eyes, as the demon extended his right hand for the sake of emitting a spell, a glassy section visible in the air revolved.



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