Chapter 25 – It seems to be stealing a march

“They got us.” (Hartz)

Hartz said in absolute disgust.

The campsite put up by Zest’s group was completely removed last night. They did it without leaving any trace at all.

In contrast to Hartz, Az’s facial expression was similar to the time when they met him at the “Silver Cup.” Without apparently showing almost anything in his expression, on the surface it was extremely calm.

Speaking of Renya, he somehow had ~ you could call it a difficult facial expression. Scratching the vicinity of his left cheek with his index finger there were huge finger prints.

That cheek had become red without being able to distinguish whether it was due to stretching it or striking it.

Although Hartz was quite bothered about what had happened, as Renya’s party member Shion was at a place slightly apart from him with a bright red face and her body clad in armor while you could see her sitting in seiza, he somehow sensed that it was something he shouldn’t ask about.

After one way or another resisting that intense sleepiness.

Even though Renya had desperately trying to wake Shion and Rona up, was it due to the strength of the magic put in effect? Or was it due to both’s difficulty in waking up? No matter the degree of shaking and struggling, there was absolutely no indication of them waking.

The measure he chose was Renya’s final measure. Changing position he attacked the side of beneath the arm of Shion who was in a state of embracing. He tickled Shion’s body or rather he was groping it.

Although Renya had a feeling that the place he touched was her arm right next to her breast, in reality, Shion eerily asked where he was rubbing.

At any rate, he somehow sensed rubbing something soft.

As he touched that improper place, Shion, who was still half asleep, woke up while grumbling and confirmed the situation raising her head.

When she came to in that body posture, somehow her body was apparently groped by something. Her face began to dye red as her consciousness became clear.

At the time she tightly grasped her fist, Renya thought, it can be said that this incident is my fault.

As he didn’t expect it to be hateful, he understood that he had to likewise resign himself to fate and receive the necessary one punch in this situation.

While thinking it was fine unless he had his bones or teeth broken, Renya watched the brandished fist. In the instant that fist was swung downward, he was pulled tightly by the side of Rona who was embracing him. Next he felt a light impact on his cheek and he ended up rolling until the end of the tent with a *goro goro* while Rona was clinging to him without change.

Due to the blow missing the course of impact on the body, he was able to escape from most of the damage.

Noticing Shion’s attack, Rona pulled Renya to herself by a hair’s breadth apparently doing so in order to lower the damage received by Renya.

If she was aware of the situation to such an extent, it would have been nice if she had stopped Shion. Even so he wasn’t able to consider it like that and it was indispensable for him to be thankful that it ended with him not directly receiving Shion’s attack.

Rather, thanks to rolling over while embracing him, since he felt various things touching him here and there with a *munyu munyu*, Renya decided to thank her from the bottom of his heart afterwards.

Apart from this.

At last crawling out from the sleeping bag and after putting his outfit in order, he left the tent and saw that the other parties had suffered the magic attack as well. Some people were lying spread-eagled on the ground while sleeping and some were leaning against the tents while loudly snoring. Was there any sleepiness still remaining? Amongst those visible coming out from within their tents while shaking their heads, only Zest’s group’s tent had completely vanished.

“He stole a march on us?” (Renya)

“That’s likely.” (Hartz)

Towards Renya’s short question, Hartz gave a short reply.

“It is a young dungeon having a likewise shallow stratum and it isn’t very big either. Usually the appearing monsters are weak as well. Even so, you have to pay attention and generally the capture is done by several parties …” (Hartz)

“So they’re thinking that it will be enough if only they went, huh?” (Renya)

“Probably that’s it. Since I think there are no great treasures prepared by the dungeon yet either, their goal here should just be the dungeon core. As I guess that the guarding monsters are weak as well, I think they considered ensnaring the other parties as it is first come, first served.” (Hartz)

“Humph” (Renya)

As Renya replied half-heartedly, Hartz face became ‘at least talk to me.’

Even though they beat them to the punch, there wasn’t any kind of impatience visible on Renya’s face either.

Worried about that, Hartz decided to try asking.

“You are quite composed. Although it also depends on the size of the dungeon core, you can still expect it to have the value of a few dozen gold coins since this is a young dungeon. I wonder whether you don’t think that it is regrettable?” (Hartz)

“Not particularly.” (Renya)

Renya’s answer was something that came out quite easily.

That plainness became the proof that Renya really thought like that.

“If we let only those guys capture the dungeon, it will turn out to be a conversation about helping them when they get into trouble. Although it is certainly regrettable about the large sum of money by selling the core off, we will still obtain the reward for completing the request even if we do nothing at all.” (Renya)

“I agree.” (Az)

It was Az who indicated his approval of Renya’s words.

Hartz looked into his direction with a face full of surprise. ‘I wonder what you are surprised about to make such strange face’ Az looked back at Hartz with such an expression.

“We receive money without having to work for it. It is almost enough that it would also be fine to write up a few lines of gratitude to that brown-dyed hair.” (Renya)

“That’s a good idea. I will write up something until they come out, I think.” (Az)

“You guys …” (Hartz)

Hartz was astonished by the carefree conversation between Renya and Az.

No matter how much you say that they are youngsters, where the capturing of a dungeon is concerned, that party will gain a lot of prestige. It would become a reward that is many-fold more worthwhile than the retaining fee of the dungeon core.

Despite them snatching this from in front of their eyes, those two didn’t care about it at all. Hartz was wondering whether his own thinking had become outdated and was partly seriously worried about that.

But since being worried about it on top of being impatient wouldn’t give him an answer either way, Hartz said following in order to change the mood,

“What will you do if those guys fail?” (Hartz)

“”It would be fine to just redo the capturing, don’t you think so?”” (Renya & Az)

They returned a harmonized reply.

Is that how it is? thought Hartz, but he was surprised by Renya’s continuation.

“Even if they fail, since there are just small fry close to the outriders to finish off, the only reason for those guys to fail will be themselves. Thus they will be fine as long as they pay attention.” (Renya)

“I see. That is a very efficient opinion. Renya, was it? I think I can only approve of your rational way of thinking as magnificent.” (Az)

“No no, you two! Won’t you save them in such a case?” (Hartz)

Renya and Az had a mutual understanding in ridiculous ways. As Hartz interjected in a hurry, both stayed silent at the same time and made a face as if saying “What is this guy talking about?”

Hartz reflected whether he said anything incorrect himself. In a disgusted voice Renya said,

“Arbitrarily advancing by themselves and arbitrarily failing by themselves, can you excuse me from wiping those guy’s asses?” (Renya)

Towards Renya’s negative answer, Az was nodding with a “Yes. Yes.”

“Good grief. Since they went ahead on their own accord, I think they should bravely get themselves annihilated instead of doing something like behaving as if they want to at least run home.” (Az)

“It would be best if they could shine by putting in a few sword strikes before they use up all their energy.” (Renya)

“That’s true, if they manage at least this much, it will be even fine to place a single flower in front of their graves as well.” (Az)

“In front of their grave… do you plan to recover their corpses? I don’t want to do such troublesome thing!” (Renya)

“I guess that’s right as well… There won’t be any problem if they vanish together with the dungeon at the time it disappears.” (Az) (ED: My frustrations at Renya’s inaction last chapter have been absolved. This is golden.)

“You twooo …” (Hartz)

In response to the more and more excessive remarks, Hartz went beyond being shocked and nothing more than a sigh came out.

Az and Renya without showing any sign to pay attention to this returned to each others party and started to give instructions to prepare breakfast since there was no need to rush.

“Is that alright?” (Rona)

Because Shion was still sitting in seiza and blushing, Rona asked Renya in a whisper.

Renya calmly nodded to her question.

“It can be said that this dungeon isn’t overly vast. We will wait until just past noon. Won’t we somehow know the result of whether they succeeded or failed by then?” (Renya)

Rather than such a matter, it was breakfast time. Renya skilfully cracked the firewood into small pieces. After igniting it, he took out a cookware resembling a fry pan from within his [Inventory] and placed it atop the fire.

Putting in a small quantity of oil, he spread out two pieces of bacon which were thickly cut.

After waiting for it to give off a good fragrance from roasting it, he cracked an egg, although he was certain it was an egg he didn’t know what has given birth to it, and spilled the contents on top of the pseudo-fry pan.

Renya believed that a bacon was delicious when it was roasted until it became crispy. He transferred the bacon and egg onto a plate after properly heating them up.

Renya was part of the sunny-side-up fried eggs with soy sauce faction. He still hadn’t discovered something corresponding to it (T/N: soy sauce) from his former world in this world though.

To make up for it, as there was no soy sauce, since he found fish sauce made out of fish being pickled in salt, he quickly gambled on using that and the dish was finished.

Accompanying this with salad and bread, he judged this to be adequate as breakfast. Unfortunately the bread commonly circulated in this world was difficult to eat as it was far too hard.

Since it couldn’t be avoided, as he happened upon a small quantity of a high-class item in this world, he heated up salted milk, which he had received from the inn, and stirred the small amount as soup. Then he put in what appeared to be small pieces of broken bread in there. He unraveled a grain vegetable looking like corn, crushed it and put it into the soup.

As it looked like he made pseudo-corn soup garnished with croutons by intuition, after sampling it and judging it to be a palatable meal with a “Maa maa” (T/N: So so), the dish was finished.

Serving that on a plate, the breakfast was complete after adding vegetable salad to it.

He used salt, pepper and vinegar to make a simple dressing for the salad.

“The breakfast is also extravagant.” (Shion)

Having finally returned to reality, Shion leaked out her impressions while gazing at the top of the dining table.

Although you shouldn’t go to the extent of calling something like this extravagant, were Renya’s thoughts.

If I completed it more skilfully with the things I managed to acquire at the inn, it would have become an even more stylish meal, he thought, although that was an issue that couldn’t be settled with only this much time.

“I guess it is something good if the meal is something delicious? Come on now, before it gets cold…” (Renya)

Starting to say that it was fine to eat, immediately next to Renya, he noticed Az’s party somehow staring this way as they once again held jerky and bread as meal without a change for the better since last night.

Continuing from yesterday’s dinner, they looked at his morning breakfast in envy. They were looking at Renya’s group’s dining table forgetting about the meal they held.

“Is it fine to serve it to our neighbors as well?” (Renya)

“If Renya is fine with that, I think it’s alright to do so, no?” (Shion)

“That’s right, I won’t oppose it.” (Rona)

After gaining the acknowledgement of both, Renya called out to Az.

“Don’t look this way with such wistful eyes. If you want it, we will split it with you. What will you do?” (Renya)

“N… is that so? Given that it has a nice odor, it seems to be delicious. Although I would be glad if I could receive a share of it, will it be fine for all of us here to get some?” (Az)

“No one will be left out. I think it would be pitiful to not let those guys join in. Even if it’s that ossan party… eh? Where did the ossan party go?” (Renya)

Surveying the surroundings, Hartz’ party couldn’t be found anywhere.

“If it’s about Hartz’ group, they entered the dungeon to chase after Zest.” (Az)

Is it because he is very caring? Or because he is greedy about money?

Although he hesitated to discuss the conclusion, apparently it could be taken as a choice by Hartz’ group to look into accompanying Zest’s party.

“That guy is being quite diligent once again. Ah, can you return the borrowed tableware? Also, divide the soup and please kill the jerk who made the bread you are holding. There is no plan for a second serving.” (Renya)

“We are already grateful for just being able to eat the soup.” (Az)

He made a somewhat larger quantity of soup thinking it might be possible to get a second serving, but since it wasn’t a sufficient quantity by any means after splitting it with 5 adults, he increased the quantity by topping it off with ingredients.

Because he ended up exhausting the soup he had received from the inn, he couldn’t deny feeling that he had become immature in the end. After Az’s party members put in their crumbled bread and shredded jerky, Renya’s soup received a mostly favorable evaluation.

Even if it is somewhat simple after all, what is there to disregard about a tasty, warm meal if you put priority on suitability, Renya reconfirmed.

“For lunch I will boil some pasta. It will be perfect as we have tomato-like vegetables, cheese, pepper, meat and vegetables in stock.” (Renya)

Of course he had finished sampling all ingredients.

Although they met at the “Silver Cup”, given that the meet up was finished a lot faster than he planned, you could certainly say that these were the fruits of going around the market in the available time he had.

After Rona came back with supplies of jerky and bread generally used for 4 days, he complained with a staggering force and as a result he even accompanied her.

“Tell me, from where will you procure water for this?” (Az)

It wasn’t possible to do something like boiling pasta with a meager amount of water.

Thus, a regular adventurer would never carry such amount of water in the midst of working just for the sake of cooking.

“I possess a void storage. If it’s water, I put in heaps of barrels in there.” (Renya)

Incidentally, he even had a pot with a deep bottom for boiling the pasta. Renya had bought it precisely for that and brought it along.

“…I want to make a deal. I want you to join the negotiation.” (Az)

Relatively serious, Az began to talk with a quite pressing facial expression. Renya laughed while smiling.

“I guess that’s fine. I am a relatively fair man if it comes to something like making a deal. Well then, what are you offering?” (Renya)


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