Chapter 22 – It seems to be travelling by carriage

“You did it on purpose.” (Rona)

On the rattling and shaking carriage Rona looked at Renya with scornful eyes while reaching that conclusion.

Renya stared back at Rona with a look of “What do you mean?”

Rona intently stared into his direction as she crossed her arms and legs. Not donning her usual *pattsun pattsun* priestess’ garb, she wore a priestess’s garb accurately sized in regards to her body line with having attached a chest protector and coverings for the back of the hands and wrists.

A one-handed mace was hanging at her hips.

Her fluffy hair gave off a feeling of being tightly bundled together. Although her large eyes were without any change, for some reason the helpless feeling within them had faded since the time they met. She appeared to be clad in something like fighting spirit.

“You disguised yourself…” (Renya)

As Renya said so calmly, Rona didn’t comprehend what he was talking about.

“Well it’s fine, however, what was on purpose?” (Renya)

After leaving the city, they had been jolted around on the rattling carriage for quite some time.

Even if you could describe it as a carriage in a single word, it wasn’t the typical type used by ordinary passengers to be boarded for traveling. Only a single horse was tied to the wagon which actually made it quite frugal.

All that it had was a bench installed on the load carrying tray other than the coachman’s seat. Naturally there was no roof either.

Given that there wasn’t anything like cushions spread out on the seats for comfort, it turned into the situation of sitting on a wooden plank. This resulted in an extreme burden on the buttock and hips.

Did the adventurer’s guild hear about the story at the time of the meet up from some of the participating parties? As consequence of preparing 4 carriages for the participating parties, they could feel at ease for not having to be in an awkward situation by being together with another party.

However, since the a coachman hadn’t been provided, certainly each party had to choose a coachman from within their ranks to drive the carriage.

In Renya’s party only Shion was capable of riding a horse.

Renya hadn’t any experience in riding a horse whereas Rona, who apparently had never handled a horse by herself, always rode behind Shion on Shion’s horse.

Naturally, Shion was seated in the coachman seat and Renya and Rona were seated in the form of facing each other on top of the carriage load tray.

“Your aggravating the meet up, that is.” (Rona)

Since Rona didn’t participate in the meet up herself, she didn’t know what happened although the result was that they would participate in the current request. From the looks directed at them by the other parties at the meeting place (T/N: for the carriages), she mostly understood what happened in general.

Even though she thought at first that Shion had provoked the other party by getting carried away with her questioning, Renya immediately denied this. As a result of him claiming to have done it himself, Rona started to give him a speech about said matter.

“I didn’t particularly did it on purpose…” (Renya)

“…When you though of getting it over with without a fuss, you weren’t able to do so, isn’t that right…?” (Rona)

He wasn’t able to deny it.

After seeing Renya nodding, Rona continued.

“At any rate, rather than uniting and cooperating in a bad mood, it would be more easy-going to work independently on top of a definite separation, isn’t that what you thought?” (Rona)

“As for whether that might be the truth or not… is it a topic we should talk about here?” (Renya)

“Is there any problem? It won’t be heard by the other parties, will it?” (Rona)

Although the road was poorly maintained, causing the carriage to rattle and shake, a conversation could be somehow established while facing each other. But it was a situation where it wouldn’t be possible to hear the others’ voice if they were to slightly increase their distance from each other.

Renya’s group’s carriage was placed at the end of the line. As a consequence of the four carriages traveling in single file, there was no reason to be concerned about the conversation between Rona and Renya being leaked to the other parties even if they had very excellent ears.

Though there wasn’t, Renya pointed with his gaze towards the coachman seat.

Towards Renya indicating that Shion could hear them Rona shook her head left and right.

“Because she is controlling the horse, she won’t turn her attention to listening to us.” (Rona)

“Such baka” (Renya)

“That’s how it is. So, what did you do?” (Rona)

For an instant it crossed his mind to dodge the topic.

Even though Rona said that she wouldn’t hear it, there was no more than a slight distance from the loading tray to the coachman’s seat. It was a doubtful point to say that she really couldn’t hear it.

But, even if she particularly heard it, since it wasn’t a troublesome matter either, Renya obediently answered.

“It is as you say. Looking at the faces of the other parties, I thought of doing this when I heard their rank.” (Renya)

“Can I hear the reason too?” (Rona)

“Ah, everyone there was high-ranked and there were a lot of people. I understood at once that they looked down upon us without a doubt. Such braggarts.” (Renya)

Saying this, within Renya’s mind mainly Zest’s face rose to the surface.

Because an adventurer’s rank, even more so than their real ability, was decided by taking into consideration such things as contributions towards the guild as well.

Therefore, something like being high-ranked didn’t mean they were remarkable.

But Zest came snarling at them as soon as he heard Renya’s group’s rank.

“Rather than linking up with unpleasant companions, we will certainly be at ease working independently. Besides, there is also no reason to treat ourselves to exploring the dungeon together with everyone in such numbers, don’t you agree?” (Renya)

“…Yes, that’s right, isn’t it? Usually you would split into two groups or something like that. One group remaining outside the dungeon would be the normal way of handling things.” (Rona)

Even though with something like 19 people there would be no way to move through the narrow passages of the dungeon. Everyone entering and exploring at the same time would have an exceedingly poor efficiency.

Generally the roles would be divided and it would be decided who would perform the exploration, Rona said.

In this case, although the party staying outside the dungeon would draw the short end of the stick, in the situation the exploring party didn’t come back, since a part of their duty was to go to the city to request a rescue, as for maintaining a lifeline, it was the necessary method to choose in case the amount of participants was large.

“If that’s the case, it is likewise fine to divide the exploration into four different directions.” (Renya)

“Personally I don’t recommend doing that.” (Rona)

Even though the mater spoken of wasn’t that weird or unusual, they would be exploring a dangerous area without a lifeline if they followed through with what Renya said.

I guess Rona, who wants to put safety first, will find it difficult to approve my opinion.

“But don’t you think it is likewise dangerous to act in a situation of poor cooperation with unreliable teammates?” (Renya)

“Indeed, I can agree with such a view.” (Rona)

“Anyway, I plan to move with a strategy of working reasonably without overdoing it within the regulated number of days.” (Renya)

“It is a splendid strategy, leader. I completely support it.” (Rona)

Even for Rona, who was mainly concerned about safety first, Renya’s plan should be something that should cause her to raise both hands in agreement.

How far will you go for Shion’s sake? Renya smiled wryly.

“So, will we immediately start capturing the dungeon once we arrived while jolting our way to the dungeon’s entrance?” (Renya)

“By no means, doesn’t the journey take one day? Today we will camp close to the entrance of the dungeon. The dungeon capture will start from tomorrow onwards.” (Rona)

“Camping today, huh? …I don’t expect we will be able to get a meal.” (Renya)

As Renya gloomily grumbled, Rona laughed.

Shion, who probably heard that laughter, raised her voice in complaint.

“Somehow… you two having such a fun chat has me worried.” (Shion)

“We haven’t talked about anything important. Leaving that aside, you should concentrate on the driving.” (Rona)

“I wish you could change with me once in a while…” (Shion)

She was in a situation where there wasn’t anyone she could talk with, as it was an important task to take care that the horse walked in a straight line by grasping the reins tightly. Earnestly continuing the control of the horse is something extraordinarily difficult. Renya, who couldn’t handle a horse, could likewise tell by simple imagination.

“If I were able to handle a horse, I would trade places with you anytime.” (Renya)

“If that’s the case, since I can teach with great attention to detail how to move your hips, won’t you have a go once, Renya?” (Shion)

As Shion looked over her shoulder laughing with a broad grin, Renya, who couldn’t endure it, shouted.

“It has nothing to do with how I move my hips?! Rather, where did you learn such an expression? I wonder whether you could properly teach me just even once? Also, stop that kind of laughter.” (Renya)

“Renya-san, Shion is likely bored…” (Rona)

Secretly casting down her eyes, Rona apparently pretended to not have heard Shion’s words somehow.

Even though Rona hadn’t taught Renya regarding who and where from Shion was until now, if she was originating from a noble bloodline as Rona had said, you could pretty much expect Shion to be classified as a person referred to as ohimesama (Princess).

The reality was that she was engaging in lightly dirty jokes while broadly grinning about it. And, apparently it was a fact that Rona, who was attending her, couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes due to that.

“Before it escalates any more, may I request you to keep her company…?” (Rona)

Without trying to cover for anyone, Rona’s words suggested a possibly even more outrageous situation.

As for Renya, though he didn’t particularly mind listening and talking about indecent topics, it might not be the same for Rona. Thus he got up from his seat.

“Understood. You’ve had quite a hard time of it.” (Renya)

While seeing Rona softly holding down the inner corner of her eyes (ED: Keeping a poke face), Renya safely moved on top of the swaying carriage load transom and sat down on the coachman’s seat receiving the reins from Shion.

After that, by taking Shion’s hand, he took lessons in handling a horse, for a while.

As expected there was no need to move one’s hips. Renya received from Shion the basics in how to deal with a horse with great attention. Somehow or other it came to the point where he was able to drive the carriage in a straight line.

Just taking the opportunity, Rona also changed with Renya. Shion, who sat next to her, taught her attentively. And now, although Renya didn’t fail to notice Shion extending her hands firmly around Rona’s waist, the two appeared to be messing around while making a *kyaa kyaa* noise. A considerably threatening glare came piercing from the carriage in front of them.

Maybe we are too loud? Or there isn’t enough of a feeling of tension? Or what to do you intend to do if you call monsters like that? considering various possibilities, Renya didn’t intend in the least to caution the clamoring two even though he quite clearly understood the gaze. The two began to grapple on top of the coachman’s seat, although absentmindedly, he properly gazed at them.

Renya thought.

In the first place, two beautiful girls fooling around in something like a scene of light antics, just seeing that is a healing for me. So to say, it is something that should be called a sight for sore eyes.

While it may be true that this might invite a small amount of trouble, it would be a great mistake to look at them with an accusing gaze, Renya was thinking.

If we were to travel within some dim forest, certainly it might be viewed as a problem, but currently we are traveling on a normal road. It is a place that is kept fairly secure.

Furthermore, tentatively, there are also 19 adventurers present. Since two girls making a racket is making them overly angry, I guess they don’t possess a great deal of tolerance, huh?

Renya remembered looking at each party’s member at the time of introductions.

Zest’s party only had women.

It wouldn’t be strange for an uproar coming from there either, although he thought that, Zest’s carriage was advancing as the vanguard of the four carriages. From what he had seen they were strangely peacefully advancing.

Zest himself held a small silver-haired girl within his arms.Although he was sitting in a posture of having his legs stretched out after all, Renya noticed the other party members exchanging *chira chira* gazes and then turning away.

Somehow, the little girl in Zest’s arms seemed to be his favorite. The other members restrained each other. The current situation seemed to be a standstill.

It was another girl, than the little girl held in Zest’s arms, who threw the knives at Renya yesterday.

It was easy to see that she was a magician from the fact that she wore a robe, which had a design that had been altered, and held a cane.

At a glance, although it didn’t appear to be a harem party filling any man with envy, moving to such an extent behind the scenes, you wouldn’t consider it by any measure from the visible attitude of the party.

However, Zest’s mind wasn’t in a state where he would notice that.

Was he a big-shot? Or was he a baka?

After thinking for a short while, Renya concluded that it probably had to be the latter.

Continuing, it was Hartz’ carriage, but somehow there was an atmosphere as if they were attending a funeral, wrapped in silence and with dark feelings.

All members were checking their equipment and making sure to be focused. They kept the occasionally occurring conversations to the utmost necessary minimum. There was no sign that they would continue their conversation.

For the time being, even though the female members were also associating with each other, you couldn’t catch of a hint of something like gorgeousness or youthfulness.

In return, as it felt somehow like the composed way of talking of quite influential personage. Renya stopped observing them as looking at them was somewhat suffocating.(ED: Even Editor-san doesn’t know what this means.  Pretentious? Stuffy? What?) (T/N: Imagine being in a room with influential people having a tense, gloomy mood as if on a funeral and trying to talk to them, most people would have problems catching their breath there or will quickly wear out mentally … in other words it’s suffocating [word used by author-san as well])

Incidentally, Renya didn’t cover Az’s party traveling in the third position from the beginning.

The reason for that was quite simple.

There were only four sets of armors and a gloomy magician riding on that carriage. (T/N: LOL)

But, after glancing at them there was something unexpected, apparently a fairly good rapport between Az and the four sets of armor had been established.

After all, being close as guards and with the duty of serving as shields, in its own way this was a relationship of mutual trust, or rather, it might be natural in this situation for them to become close.

While thinking about such things, Renya shook alongside the vibrations of the wagon. While earnestly being fed up with having his hips and buttock being harassed by the hard wood, the line of carriages arrived at their destination.


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