Chapter 21 – It seems to be a meet up

At the bar called ‘Silver Cup’

As it was in close proximity to the adventurer’s guild building, it was open both day and night. If you looked at it, you wouldn’t get the feeling that it was flourishing though.

There was a reason for that.

There wasn’t anything like a cute waitress. Although it wasn’t clear by what proportion the poor courtesy of the master was made up with his reticence, the main reason, apart from that, was due to the bar being affiliated with the adventurer’s guild.

Accordingly to its affiliation with the adventurer’s guild it was used by the guild’s members.

Speaking of adventurers, even though there were all sorts of them, from the best to the worst, generally they were not a very well-mannered bunch.

Since such poor-mannered guests gathered in there, normal guests didn’t approach the bar.

Even if they were members of the guild and there were likewise other establishments, given that there were many young men amongst them, they often went to establishments where there were many cute employees or beautiful onee-san’s.

Therefore, though this bar didn’t prosper, the adventurers gathered here if they had something to discuss or in case they had to decide upon something. This establishment was mostly used for those occasions.

Since there weren’t many guests, it was easy to talk about matters that weren’t supposed to be heard by other people. Understanding its nature, the guild likewise didn’t part with this bar, which wasn’t profitable, as it was helpful to the needs of adventurers.

Nevertheless, the costs for the bar were quite considerable, the guild itself employed a lovely waitress and a fairly skilled chef. Even though the guild attempted to improve the situation, since it was apparently a fatal fact that adventurers gathered there, the number of guests visiting there didn’t increase. The hired waitress likewise ended up quitting the job before long.

The above mentioned information was something Renya had heard from Rona.

Renya admired her quite profound investigation.

Pushing open the double door, they entered the dim bar interior. On the other side of the counter there was indeed a taciturn, unsociable middle-aged man with little thin hair on his head. As he turned his gaze towards them, it was as if he was asking “What do you want here?”

I guess you shouldn’t look at guests like that, although Renya thought that. But assuming he pointed it out to him, he wouldn’t reconsider to improve his attitude anyway. Renya also began to ask himself if the man had no courtesy at all.

“We came for the guild’s request. To meet up with those capturing the dungeon in the south. Are they here?” (Renya)

Apparently accepting the story, the middle-aged man, the master of the bar, pointed his chin to a corner.

Several tables could be seen to be occupied there. Although he could see a group freely chattering there as soon as he looked that way, Shion wasn’t able to.

The master displaying such behaviour by jerking his chin, Shion noticed the blue veins popping up on Renya’s forehead even though they were small.

“Re-Renya. Causing a commotion here…” (Shion)

“I know. Even though I understand it, this is a different story.” (Renya)

Due to Shion’s intervention, as Renya decided to head towards the indicated corner of the bar, he was detained by the voice of the bar’s master.

“Wait, whatever-you-are-called-chan” (Master)

“…What?” (Renya)

“It is a rule here to order a drink as venue fee.” (Master)

“Water” (Renya)

“Are you kidding me? As this is a bar, you should order alcohol, don’t you think so? Or are you some brat that can’t drink alcohol putting on airs being an adventurer?” (Master)

Towards the immediate reply, there were blue veins popping up on the forehead of the bar’s master now.

Seeing Renya entering the bar accompanied by a woman and assuming Renya to be a brat not having lived for many years, not only did he glare in their direction with some displeasure, he also reprimanded Renya for ordering water at a bar.

Are you jesting or are you making fun of me? Either way, there is only a single way of educating him here, huh? Renya just judged.

The master of bar had to learn by heart the chill similar to to having ice stuffed into his spine and guts with all one’s might to shut him up in the end.

The man in front of him just looked in his direction.

Although this wasn’t anything different from just now, the quality of his gaze was different.

At first it was a look that judged a person’s character.

After opening his mouth, the bar master’s eyes looked like they were looking at a person he hated.

But soon after.

There wasn’t a trace of a judgmental person’s character anymore.

“A-Ah… Water is fine…?” (Master)

“Yes. Water is fine. Will you give us water?” (Renya)

Even though his voice was quiet, there was no feeling in it at all.

While suffering from the feeling of talking with someone as cold as ice, the master poured water into a glass, which was used to dilute alcohol usually, and rushed to place two of them on top of the counter. (ED: Bastard waters down the drinks! No wonder his bar is failing!)

“Water is fine with you, Shion?” (Renya)

“Eh? Ah, that’s right. This place doesn’t have the atmosphere to drink alcohol nor is it the time for that.” (Shion)

“I see. How much is it?” (Renya)

“He?” (Master) (T/N: it’s a sound not the English “he”)

The master of the bar who didn’t seem to comprehend what the question meant was asked by Renya indifferently.

“The price for water. It isn’t free of charge, now is it?” (Renya)

“A-Ah. It is 1 copper coin each.” (Master)

Leaving the mentioned amount of money on top of the counter, Renya turned his back on the master of the bar and handed one of the two glasses he was holding to Shion.

Although he did no more than that, this caused something like a sense of security as if the bar’s master was returning from the demonic boundary¹ to return to the world of humans, making him take a deep breath without realizing it himself.

While looking at the two walking to the spot where the group he himself had indicated were, the master etched Renya’s face firmly into his memory.

This fellow is definitely dangerous.

Guessing that something like that was going on within the mind of the master, without saying anything about this matter, Renya easily forgot about the existence of the master himself. Yet his facial expression didn’t clear up.

Even though there were many participants in the group they were heading towards, they were looking at them approaching while broadly grinning and laughing.

Without having any method of evaluating them, is it due to me not being able to calm down? Or because I feel some kind of discomfort? Though Renya clearly felt that he wanted to go home already, since turning back here could potentially mean them failing the request without actually being able to attempt to accomplish it in the end, he just endured it and sat down at the table.

As it seemed that it was arranged a single party per table, Shion immediately sat down on the seat next to Renya.

“It appears that somehow all members have assembled.” (Man)

A man giving off the feeling of being halfway through his thirties by looking at him, opened his mouth.

Sneaking a look on his body through the gaps in his armor reinforced with leather and metal plates, it was considerably tightened. He had short cut blonde hair and was surveying his surroundings vigilantly with his sharp blue eyes.

Two well-made long swords were hanging on his waist.

You could perceive by their appearance that both of them were used for quite a long time.

“He is the leader of the Party < Bearers of the Flaming Red >, called Hartz = Raisen (T/N: >> harutsu = raisen <<). He is a B-ranked adventurer skilled at using dual-wielding (T/N: Nitouryuu).” (Shion)

Renya was taught by Shion secretly as she whispered into his ear.

It looked like she expressly sat next to Renya for that reason.

For some reason Shion’s knowledge about adventurers was quite detailed.

Inquiring the reason from Shion, Renya received the answer that they had done various detailed investigations like a schema as powerful adventurers = existences to yearn for, not so much for it being necessary to approach them.

I guess it is something like chasing after an idol, Renya considered.

At the table where Hartz was sitting there were furthermore 5 men and 2 women.

Shion murmured in a whisper that all of the men were warriors whereas the women were a magician and a thief.

Except for Hartz, everyone’s rank was C.

“Are those all of the members?” (Another man)

Stretching out both feets on top of the table slovenly and reclining on the back of his chair, a brown-haired young man raised his voice.

“He is the leader of the party called < Sharp Fang >, Zest = Fatality (T/N: Lol no, I am not kidding you, >> zesuto = fatariti <<). He uses a rapier. Although his adventurer rank is C… and his behavior is ill-natured, his ability is apparently B-ranked.” (Shion)

Except for Zest, all 5 members of that party were women.

Zest was a warrior, the remaining were 2 thieves, 2 priestesses and 1 magician.

The magician was rank B whereas the thieves and priestesses were rank D.

Asking why the magician wasn’t acting as leader, the reply returned stated that she was an absent-minded woman.

For the sake of talking in a small voice, Shion brought her body quite close while Renya listened to her explanations. He admired and was likewise astonished by the skillful investigations having gone to such an extent.

“That, to whom are you pointing that out?”

Using a subdued voice, it was a man with ruffled up red hair holding a twisted cane and wearing an ashen robe.

“That is… the leader of < Pursuers >, Az = Hound (T/N: >> Azu = Haundo <<). He is famous since it is unusual for a magician to be the party leader. His rank is D.” (Shion)

The party was composed of 4 men in solid plate armor.

Az being the magician, the 4 men labored during the time he exercised his magic. Shion said that Az prided himself in a strategy of brute force with the firepower of a magician.

The group of men’s role was that of a shield. Given that they really gave their undivided attention to shielding, Their rank wasn’t high as it was F.

Although Shion was great to have investigated this far, Renya began to get worried whether it was alright for the adventurers to leak this much information about themselves. An angry voice was raised.

“Oi, you chatting bastards.” (Zest)

“…?” (Renya)

No matter how hard he tried, the previous words seemed to be addressed towards them, perceiving this, Renya tilted his head in puzzlement looking at the owner of the voice.

The owner of the voice was Zest.

Without changing the same posture of lying on his back with his legs outstretched in a state similar to being served by his female party members on both sides, he turned a stern gaze towards Renya.

“Is it fine for there to be only the two of you~ ? How do you plan to survive?” (Zest)

“No there is a priestess. She is absent as she has to take care of the preparations. I am sorry if you feel offended by that.” (Renya)

They will find fault with it after all, huh? Renya had such thoughts.

Although it was within his expectations, as he strongly thought it would involve troubles, he ended up showing this on his facial expression, causing the other party to get even more aggressive.

Since it was a fact that their numbers were really too few, he had anticipated to apologize here. Renya stood up from his chair and bowed in apology towards Zest.

“Keh. This isn’t a game. Well, even if you guys die, the reward will only be equally split between those of us surviving, therefore I am fine with it.” (Zest)

“Stop it, Zest. As they are companions who accepted the same request, there is no gain in arguing before doing the job.” (Hartz)

As Hartz reined in Zest by rebuking him, Zest turned his line of sight from Renya to glare even more atrociously at Hartz.

“Do you have any problem with how I handle things?” (Zest)

“That’s not what I said. But, I don’t think there is any meaning in disputing either, is there?” (Hartz)

“I am sorry for causing a troublesome situation like this. However, we will properly do our job. It would be fine if you could just believe me on this.” (Renya)

“Though it is splendid for you to say such a thing, I don’t believe you bastard one bit. Who are you assholes anyway?” (Zest)

As he was about to give their name, he noticed that they hadn’t decided on a party name as of yet.

“The party name hasn’t been set yet. I am called Renya = Kurugi, someone who just became an adventurer not long ago.” (Renya)

“Haa ?!” (Zest)

Zest raised his voice loudly.

The voice was as if blatantly making fun of them. Did I say anything strange? Renya considered, but he couldn’t come up with anything being weird there.

“Is anything wrong?” (Renya)

“Nameless, just having become an adventurer recently?! I suppose that means that you bastards rank is F ?!” (Zest)

“Exactly, but what about it?” (Renya)

“Are you fooling me? Or are you trying to leech off us? Rank F party? And furthermore also only 3 people? Tell me, what will you bastards be able to do there?!” (Zest)

Your haughty opinion is reasonable, Renya could just think as he smiled wryly.

This had rubbed Zest the wrong way. His gaze was almost filled with a thirst for blood that was close to being drowned in wrath.

“T-The request i-is supposed to have no rank r-restriction. As there isn’t a restriction set on the number of people either, there is no particular problem with taking up the request…” (Shion)

“Shut up and get back!” (Zest)

As expected, Shion wasn’t able to endure it any longer and raised her voice.

Zest drowned that Shion with harsh words and threw his glass filled with alcohol, which he was holding in his hand, at Shion.

The glass came flying with a force where it was impossible to not get injured if you were hit by it. Although Shion put herself on guard reflexively, Renya caught the the flying glass in mid-air and softly put it on top of the table.

Not having hesitated in his movements, although about half of the contents ended up being spilled during the glass flew through the air, Renya placed the glass on top of the table without making any noise at that time and without the remaining half of the contents spilling over either it remained within the glass.

“Son of a bitch…!” (Zest)

This had increased Zest’s irritation even more.

As he signaled the Thief girl with his eyes, she threw knives aiming at Renya without any warning.

The number of them were four.

I guess I have to give them a slight lesson while not overdoing it, huh? Renya assessed. Since we are the cause of the disturbance it can’t be helped to a certain degree.

While quietly breathing a sigh, he caught the flying knives with both hands, holding two on each hand.

Making sure he stopped them, he held the cutting edge besides himself and thrust the four knives on top of the table surrounding the glass he had placed there before.

He wasn’t quite confident whether he would be able to throw the knives. While the knife-throwing girl’s eyes were colored in surprise looking at the situation wearing a facial expression of disbelief, Renya didn’t say anything at all.

“Though I heard that this would only be a meet up, I certainly can’t believe this to be true in such an atmosphere at all.” (Renya)

“Who do you think is the cause of that?” (Zest)

Due to the spectacle shown in front of their eyes, anyone could tell the high level of Renya’s skill.

Nevertheless, Zest’s voice was filled with disagreement. Renya nodded in agreement.

“It is our fault. Therefore we will take our leave. Although we will do our job… there is no need for cooperation.” (Renya)

“Renya-san?!” (Shion)

Shion held back her will to try protesting towards Renya’s words.

“We will move our way. You will move your way. This will be for the best, don’t you agree?” (Renya)

“Probably” (Hartz)

Hartz approved of Renya’s words.

“We also have decided to act independently. We won’t be able to devote ourselves to the job with such noisy clattering either.” (Hartz)

“If that’s the case, isn’t it fine to end the meeting with this?” (Renya)

“Ah, the course of events is something we will decide on-site.” (Hartz)

Towards Renya’s question of confirmation, Hartz nodded while grinning broadly and laughing.

“We likewise don’t need any cooperation… rather it will be a nuisance.” (Az)

Az said in a whisper. Hartz clapped his hands together with a *pon*.

“This is the opinion of 3 of the 4 parties. Thus it’s settled.” (Hartz)

“Don’t decide all by yourselves. After all, after looking at you bastards, you will essentially become a burden.” (Zest)

“In this case, we are done.” (Renya)

As he gave her a little nod, Shion’s back tensed as she seemed to want to say something. Renya decided to leave the place.

From the place in his rear Zest called out to him quite hatefully.

“Oi, rookie. Do your best to watch your back!” (Zest)

“Same to you.” (Renya)

Without turning around either, Renya replied. The feeling of anger in his back further increased in intensity.

After that, even though there were noises of things falling and crashing on the ground, Renya didn’t concern himself with it and left the bar without delay.

At any rate, they have prevented Zest from affecting the surroundings by losing his temper, huh? I guess it is a situation of him dropping and breaking things to vent his anger. I can somehow understand the situation without even looking.

“Renya… I am…” (Shion)

“Okay, stop there. The breakdown of the meet up was mainly my fault.” (Renya)

As he was about to return to the inn, at Renya’s back Shion started to speak about something in a murmur. Hearing that, Renya stopped Shion from continuing her words.

Even though her facial expression became surprised, given that she nevertheless tried to resume he words, Renya turned in the direction of Shion and grabbed hold of her forehead using a light iron claw on her.

“Ah, ouch… ouuuuucchhh… Renya !? It’s creaking ! My skull is being pressed in!?” (Shion)

“If I tell you to not mind it, then don’t worry about it. If Rona says anything, it is fine to tell her that I started to flip out again. Do you understand? If you understand, then answer me. In case you don’t give me an answer, I will assume you didn’t understand and will continue.” (Renya)

“Continue!? B-but. They made fun of us. In the first place I was… wa wa wa wa wa wa was!?” (Shion)

“There is no answer~ …I shall continue. By the way, Shion will you believe me that I crushed the head of a goblin with one hand?” (Renya)

“There is no way to be able to do such stupid thing… or is it possible?” (Shion)

“I tested it out while disposing the corpses at that pioneer’s village. To my surprise, I managed to do so.” (Renya)

“I-I have understood! Since I understand, release me~ !?” (Shion)

Releasing his hand, Shion grabbed her head with both hands while becoming teary-eyed looking at Renya.

It was still visible within her eyes that she wanted to add something. Renya only raised his mouth’s edges floating a smile while his fingers made wriggling movements. Giving this kind of display sealed off any further objections from Shion.

“Maa, I thought that it would result in troubles from the very beginning.” (Renya)

My premonition wasn’t off after all, huh? Once again I couldn’t help to be caught by it. Renya complained while just watching the back of the escaping Shion.



Translation Notes

¹ 魔境 or ‘makyou’ – Literally “haunts of wicked men”, but I didn’t really think that fits well. The 2 Kanji mean witches/demons/evil spirit – boundary/region/border/some more. So I chose a more fitting expression.


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