Chapter 115 – It seems to be a Story from some Unknown Place

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In some unknown and barren place.
A woman with emerald hair, wearing a simple, white clothing had her body fixed into the odd position known as doing the bridge, all while at her wits’ end.
After keeping up that posture for a while, she suddenly lowers her back to the ground, and makes a head stand after assuming the windmill position. After demonstrating a series of moves with an increasing oddity, namely an arrow stand after a headspin, she finally stands up with a “Alley oop.”
Her appearance is quite scandalous, but what’s she’s wearing is a large piece of cloth with a hole in the middle for the head, therefore she exposed various things that shouldn’t be exposed in the midst of her previous series of acrobatic moves. After that spectacle, even her serious expression has come to nothing.

“For me, of all people… to make such a big blunder.”

In no way did the human supervisor expect the curse, she had ended up accidentally attaching to the hero when he was summoned, to bring about such a disaster at this point in time.
However, I guess it was mostly a done deal that the hero’s side would be completely defeated by Renya, even without that curse, the supervisor judges.
The supervisor whined for a while that she ended up drawing a really bad lot when summoning the hero, personality and ability wise, but soon she breathes out once as if getting over it and lifts her face.

“It will probably be alright if I learn from this failure for the next time. It’s not like I have lost either.”

The supervisor tightly grasps her fists and tries to consider her next move after renewing her determination.
Suddenly there was a voice that interrupted her thinking.

“You really believe that there will be a next time?”

Due to the sudden words, the supervisor faces the voice’s direction with a startled expression.
The space where she’s currently at belongs to her alone. There shouldn’t be any existence except for herself that can enter this space without permission.
However, the voice is no mishearing. It has clearly reached the supervisor’s ears.
What was in front of the supervisor’s gaze, who thinks That shouldn’t happen, is a single, armed, girl.
With her black hair shaped in pigtails, she reveals a smile that looks more like a smirk on her face.
She’s wearing ominously designed gloves that reach up to her elbows on both of her arms.
A jet black tube top and spats peek out through the gaps of her breastplate and waist guard which both have a lot of of exposure, making one doubt whether either of them can accomplish their functions as armor.

“Who are you!?”

A very calm voice answered the questioning supervisor.

“I’m the one who will judge you. I came here upon master’s order. I’m called Archangel Giliel.” (Giliel)

Erasing her smile, Giliel performs a bow in a courteous manner, but while her voice has a calm tone, it’s deeply filled with contempt.
The gaze she turns towards the supervisor is terribly cold. It was not a look one would use on someone who’s the same kind of being as oneself.

“You guys got too carried away. Master has been very disappointed. You didn’t try to understand the fact that master is racking her brain on how to keep this world alive to the degree of even bowing her head to a human child.” (Giliel)

Giliel weaves her words dispassionately.

“Is this about the resource shortage master talked about? How ridiculous. I have never heard about something like that happening in any of the other worlds until now!”

“Yes, I suppose so.” (Giliel)

Giliel frankly acknowledged the supervisor’s words who raised her voice.

“In other words, it means that the phenomenon in this world is the first case among the countless worlds managed by master.” (Giliel)

“That’s absurd!”

“It’s something I couldn’t believe either.” (Giliel)

Holding her head with the boorish gloves, she exhaled a deep sigh. Giliel begins to explain while looking at the supervisor, who had stopped moving seemingly out of shock, as if watching something pitiful.

“It’s not like the shortage of resources doesn’t occur in other worlds. However, normally the supervisors of the worlds, where it happens, follow master’s advice or have their resources replenished by requesting master’s help. In other words, they accept master’s intervention. But you guys not only declined master’s intervention obstinately, but also went against master to the extent of using the world itself as shield. … What a foolish thing to do.” (Giliel)

“Something… like that…”

It was a fact that the supervisors disregarded their master’s intervention, using the fact that the world itself might get destroyed if their master intervenes without their permission, as a pretext.
Although the supervisor wanted to complain “But I never intended to go as far as to defy master,” Giliel interrupts the supervisors reply in the middle.

“Well, to me it doesn’t matter at all since it’s already a finished affair.” (Giliel)

She lightly knocked both fists together in front of her chest, causing a high-pitched, metallic sound. Giliel suddenly showed a cheerful expression as if she had renewed her good mood.
Giliel thrust her finger straight at the supervisor, who falters due to the speed of Giliel’s mood swing, and declares,

“For that reason I will punish you as a criminal. Please resolve yourself since you won’t even be given the right to call a lawyer, refuse, stay silent, make an initial or a final appeal to the court in regards to this case!” (Giliel)

The supervisor’s emotions welled up in anger due to the condescending attitude in Giliel’s statement.
Although there’s a difference to the degree of comparing heaven and earth in the strength between a supervisor, who has been entrusted with a world, and an angel, even if they are subordinates of the same master, Giliel’s way of talking is as if she’s in a far higher position than a supervisor.
That was something the supervisor couldn’t stomach at all.

“Hah! The likes of an angel shouldn’t blurt out such big words!”

Once the supervisor swings her arm, the simple clothing she wore until then transforms in an instant into a dress-like armor that covers her entire body.
While its material is completely unknown, it was uniformly dyed in green. It released an intense radiance with the armor’s sturdiness probably apparent to anyone that looked at it.

“To me, who was entrusted with the management of the world by master and was given powers befitting such a task! The judgement by the likes of an angel, you say!? Know your place!”

“The one who should know her place is you.” (Giliel)

“What can a bitch like you do in my world!?”

The supervisor’s right arm was swung horizontally as if mowing something down.
As if in concert with her action, the floor swells up grandly, a part of it tears apart, as if it were a pair of jaws, and a closely packed row of fangs assails Giliel.
Without any indication of trying to avoid the nearing jaws, Giliel confronts the jaws, which look as if they could bite off something like Giliel’s slender waist with a single bite, directly by lowering her hips slightly.

“Ready, set, go!” (Giliel)

An explosion resounds near the part that might be seen as the chin of the monster created by the supervisor.
What Giliel threw at it was a powerful uppercut that had a twist of her waist added to it.
However, the supervisor’s eyes couldn’t follow anything but the beginning of the motion and the end of the punch.
She couldn’t see the motions between those two points because of the excessive speed.
The fist, which was swung with that much speed, doesn’t even allow the the monster to throw its head backwards, but instead it scatters the monster’s entire body in all directions with just that one blow.

“No way…”

“You are the idiot* here, right? There’s no way for me, who was sent here by master, to have abilities that are inferior to yours, is there?” (Giliel) (T/N: The previous line uses “baka,” too, but in a different way)

“T-To begin with, how is it possible for master to interfere!?”

“It’s not like it actually became possible for master to interfere though.” (Giliel)

Next the supervisor releases countless light arrows with the intention of restraining Giliel, who was about to shorten the fighting distance.
Giliel intercepted and extinguished them, which were pouring down just like a heavy rain, with a continuous series of jabs at such a speed that the parts of her arms past the elbow become blurry.

“By supporting the hero, you shifted the power distribution in the world to one side, didn’t you?” (Giliel)

The divine arts’ weakening for the priests on Trident Principality’s side was owed to the human supervisor abating the power she distributes to them.
This was a cause for concern in this time’s battle, but it wasn’t as if they became totally unable to use divine arts and thanks to the medicine Emil continued to produce frantically, it somehow ended without the lack of support developing into a fatal problem.

“What the hell do you want to tell me with that?”

“Well, you know, if you had saturated the human domain with your power, even master wouldn’t have been able to interfere. But, because you conveniently created a blank area, you gave master a tiny bit of room allowing her to intervene.” (Giliel)

Even while talking, Giliel connects a left and right attack combination while ducking.
The supervisor barely evades those, but the parts of her armor that were grazed by Giliel’s fists split apart easily giving out to Giliel’s power.
Giliel continued speaking without unreasonably pursuing the supervisor who took some distance while the broken armor parts regenerate in an instant.

“In other words, it was you who created an opportunity for master to interfere.” (Giliel)

“Such a…”

The measures I took to bring the game pieces under my control, not only didn’t improve the situation at all, but also strangled my own neck, being forced to realize that, the supervisor turns pale.
As if pleased by the supervisor’s reaction, Giliel’s smile became more profound.

“Well, you saved me trouble. Considering the effects that would happen on the world if I were to come here under normal circumstances, even I would be forced to lower my power output quite a bit before entering this space. But with the current situation, I’m allowed to wield my strength at full throttle.” (Giliel)

“Bah, that still doesn’t mean that I have lost!”

A deeply crimson flame swirls around the supervisor’s fingertip and flies out.
Once Giliel unleashes a full-powered straight against the center of the approaching flame vortex, the shockwave generated from her fist scatters the flame vortex and converts it into a plethora of smaller flames.
Giliel dashes through those scattered flames.

“As long as I defeat you and restore the power distribution, things will come to an end!”

A great number of thin, sharp needles protrude out of the ground all of a sudden in order to block Giliel’s path.
Evading the tips of those needles by twisting and smashing them with her fists, Giliel shortened her distance to the supervisor.

“You think I can be defeated by you?” (Giliel)


“Such words definitely shouldn’t come out of your mouth, if you were able to grasp your current situation.” (Giliel)

The right body blow, which was thrown after having stepped in, clashes into the supervisor’s solar plexus.
Even if they have adopted a human form, neither of them is actually human.
For that reason a blow towards the solar plexus doesn’t have the same effect of stopping the target’s breathing, as it would if the one receiving the attack were a human.
However, the damage caused by that blow shook the core of the supervisor’s existence.
Without even waiting for the armor, which protected that part, to fall apart, Giliel steps in even further and drills her left fist into the supervisor’s right abdomen.
If the opponent were a human, their breath would have certainly been halted. The supervisor’s movements stopped due to the two-hit combo.

“I told you at the beginning, didn’t I? That I’m the one who will judge you. Isn’t it only logical that I would possess a reasonable amount of strength after claiming to do just that?” (Giliel)

“Ah… ah, gah…”

There was no reply to Giliel’s remark.
That’s because the two impacts that penetrated her body almost robbed the supervisor of her consciousness.
In front of the supervisor, who was blankly staring at her, Giliel knocks her fists together.
The clashing fists give off sparks mixed with yet another high-pitched, metallic sound.

“Well then… Cry and beg, if you wish to be forgiven.” (Giliel)

Giliel slowly adopts a forward-bent posture with her fists still knocked together.
She begins to weave left and right in that state while gradually increasing the speed of said motion.
The supervisor thinks that she has got to get away, but due to the previous two blows, the supervisor’s consciousness and body ended up separated from each other.

“Resolve yourself to an unceasing downpour of fist strikes until you cry and beg for forgiveness.” (Giliel)

“H… Hel…”

The first blow is driven into the supervisor’s left cheek alongside a thunderous roar as if to stop whatever she was trying to say.
While the thunderous boom still hadn’t stopped, another blow hit her right cheek without giving the supervisor any time to rest.
Yet another blow to her left cheek, not even allowing the supervisor to collapse.
The fists, which aren’t aimed anymore at this point since every blow hits anyway, assail the supervisor’s entire body.
Each and every hit is driven into her with a strength and speed as if making use of an angel’s entire physical ability, who possesses abilities far beyond those of a human. The way the supervisor was swaying her head left and right while her body keeps standing upright, unable to even defend herself, was just like the motion of a Rock n’ Flower with a completely broken power output, if observed from the side. (T/N:


<Giliel. Giiliieel. How is it going over there?>

“Oh, master? I finished the job, perfectly.” (Giliel)

Giliel replied to her master’s telepathic communication with a fresh smile, as if she had completely let out all the piled-up stress.
In the end she never heard the words “I beg for forgiveness” from the human race’s supervisor after she had started her attack.
Although Giliel told her that she wouldn’t stop until she said those words, she did stop hitting her since she got tired of whacking her, as one might expect.
With her heavy armor thrown off, she had a slovenly appearance that she couldn’t really show others as she’s only wearing her spats and tube top right now.
The object at her feet, which was in a state that made it impossible to identify what happened to it due to the excessive beating, had been abandoned without it being able to even twitch.
Giliel neatly wraps that into a bamboo mat, forcing it into a condition where it couldn’t do anything at all even if it recovered to some extent.

<Can’t you grasp hold of the human domain quickly then?>

“As you wish, master.” (Giliel)

<You have also taken over the supervisor’s authority, right? For the time being I will leave the acting as proxy to you.>

“I’m not overly thrilled, but… understood, master.” (Giliel)

Now that she had invaded the human supervisor’s domain and disabled the supervisor herself, it was child’s play for Giliel to deprive the supervisor of the authorities she owned.
Moreover, by temporarily granting those authorities to herself, Giliel could take over as the human supervisor.
After completing that process, Giliel immediately returned the power distribution in the human domain to its normal state.

“With this we have taken back 20% of this world’s management authority, haven’t we?” (Giliel)

<Attempt invading the other supervisors’ domains with that domain as a base>

“By myself? Please send some helpers over, maaaster.” (Giliel)

<Gnah… I will dispatch several assistants after picking up the defeated supervisor for starters.>

Master likely fears that the number of angels performing her work will decrease the more angels she sends over to my place, Giliel judges.
Even so, if she doesn’t send a set number of angels, Giliel herself won’t be able to meddle with the other supervisors on top of her regular duties as the human supervisor.
I’d like you to at least spare me from that, Giliel wished.

“But, going to the other supervisors’ domains from now on… I’m sure the future looks dim.” (Giliel)

The other supervisors will probably notice right away that the human supervisor had been replaced, Giliel predicts.
I think they will immediately take up countermeasures once they realize it.
She believed that it would probably be impossible to invade the opponents’ domains from the front unless the supervisors made some kind of huge blunder like the human supervisor who’s currently lying at her feet.

“Anyway, I guess I will go for it since it’s an order.” (Giliel)

I’d like to be pardoned from the work of a supervisor by all means, Giliel thinks, but it might make it a bit easier for master and Renya if I take the job.
In the bitter end this was nothing more than an assumption, but to ignore it, even if the possibility wasn’t zero, would be slightly regrettable.
Therefore, Giliel took up the task of eliminating the human supervisor, even while considering it as bothersome.

“Well then, I suppose I will do my best.” (Giliel)

While trampling on the human supervisor lying at her feet, Giliel thought I will start to steadily work on the things I can do by myself until the angel assistants arrive, after getting all worked up by herself.


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