Chapter 114 – It seems to be the Battle against the Hero

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“Hey, armor!” (Renya)

For some reason when Renya addressed the armor it got startled and shivers ran all over its body.
It interrupts the job of cheerfully stuffing the soldiers’ corpses, who had been burned by Renya’s all-direction-attack, into itself, and turns towards him. Renya thrusts his index finger at the armor and says,

“Handle the surrounding soldiers somehow! Don’t let any one of them interrupt my one-to-one fight!” (Renya)

The commanded armor crisply salutes on the spot while pure white arms wriggle out of its still open torso part.
What next appeared out of the the armor’s torso, as if it were the exit for something, is a doll with a tough-looking body that is dyed in pure white.
Upon closer inspection, its body’s composition is made out of bone-like objects that had been pulverized into tiny bits. It’s obvious that the bone fragments and iron scraps, which had been spit out earlier by the armor as means for attacking, had assembled themselves.
Something similar to a black fog was thinly clinging all over the doll’s body. Its height was slightly lower than that of the armor, but it has a solid body build. It was tightly gripping battledore-like weapons, which consisted of a simple, rectangle iron plate and a grip, in its hands.
Upon closer inspection, it’s clear that those are items simply formed by smashing things such as plate armors and broken longswords flat.
Crawling out of the torso, it drops onto the ground head first and then slowly stands up. Brandishing the weapons in its hands, it swoops down onto the enemy soldiers, who were fiercely trying to get close.
However, the number of things that crawled out isn’t limited to one either.
The appearances of the dolls, who drag their bodies out by placing their hands on the edge of the armor one after the other, are extremely eerie.
Moreover, just as those dolls get out, they immediately attack with crudely-made, boorish weapons in hand. For the enemy soldiers such beings are out of the world.
The iron plate-like weapons they hold in their hands break weapons if they receive them and crush shields if they hit them. If they hit a body, the enemy soldier gets easily blown away.
With the suddenly bursting out screams and jeers in his back, Renya slashes at the hero with his katana in one hand.
As long as there’s nothing obstructing him, something like a bit of a combat distance is equal to nothing for Renya.
The hero swings his holy sword at Renya who charges straight at him with a single move.
It still wasn’t a distance where his sword would reach, but in an instant a flash occurs and a light attack surges towards Renya.
That one blow was released with the intent to pierce Renya, but for Renya it was well within his expectations.
He has already activated the compiled sorcery code without chanting, making a pillar of lightning pour down from the sky.
Once that attack impacts right in the midst of the large army, the aftermath after scattering causes enormous damage.
The light attack, which flies in a messed-up direction due to being broken apart, stabs countless soldiers and kills them. The scattered lightning burns the living and the dead all together.
Brandishing the katana while the power of the aftermath is still lingering, Renya dashes forward.

“Herooooooo!!!” (Renya)



At the moment he saw Hero Yuuki in his shining armor trying to meet his attack by preparing his holy sword that was clad in a pale light, there was a sound as if the gears in Renya’s head got disconnected in some way.
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“Don’t mooooove from thereeee!” (Renya)

The face of Yuuki, who tried to stop the downwards-swung blow, cramped up.
Muttering something in a hurry, Yuuki vanishes from sight.
At almost the same time, Renya’s swing, which vertically severed the space where the hero had been moments ago, vertically cuts apart all the soldiers who were in the attack’s direct line of damage without producing a single sound.
Sending a sword slash flying; such a concept doesn’t exist in Renya’s mind.
But, by firmly cladding that blow, which was swung down loaded with all his fury, with mana, he managed to make that slash fly.
The sharp slash, which was amply charged with Renya’s bloodthirst, not to mention his already high magic power, had such strength that it was unclear just how far it would fly, but there’s no doubt that at some point even the last line of the allied forces will be torn apart.
If there was someone present there with a normal train of thought, they would likely open their mouth to the extent of dislocating their jaw. However, Renya turns around without even looking at the result from his attack.
The hero’s short-distance teleportation is certainly an annoying ability, but it’s not like he can leap into a distance where he can’t be seen anymore.
In front of Renya’s gaze, after having turned around, was Hero Yuuki who was on the verge of brandishing his holy sword with both hands.
The slash, which is swung down with all of his body’s strength behind it by using the hero’s power at full throttle, possessed a destructive power output and speed that doesn’t dishonor the hero’s title, but Renya, who lost all his mental bindings, laughs without even showing any intention of trying to stop it.
That blow, which was swung towards the laughing Renya’s head in order to smash it into pieces, is stopped a good distance away from Renya’s body as if it had hit an invisible wall without having allowed the blade to reach Renya’s head.
Yuuki’s expression was dyed in shock.

“W-What the hell!?” (Yuuki)

The hero tries to overcome the resistance somehow by once again putting his strength into the static sword, but the blade shows almost no indication of advancing from its fixed spot in space.

“Dear me, hero-kun! … Aren’t you a gentle one to stop it?” (Renya)

Squinting his eyes while exposing his head right under the naked sword, which was slightly trembling, Renya laughs.
Due to Renya’s complacent smile, Yuuki pulls his arms back while having a stiff expression. He once again unleashes a slash, but even that one is stopped before reaching Renya’s body.
If he was capable of seeing mana, he would likely doubt his own eyes due to the view unfolding before him.
The mana in the environment, which should originally cause a phenomenon by first passing through a skill, a process also dubbed as sorcery, is inducing an effect similar to that of defensive barrier sorcery due to its thickness after reacting to Renya’s intention of protecting himself.
If it were a barrier created through sorcery, the holy sword’s slash would have very likely cut through the spell’s composition and reached Renya’s body.
However, what Renya is doing right now is the feat of actually stopping the holy sword with a layer of plain mana without relying on a sorcery code. As there is no sorcery composition that can be broken, the attacks won’t reach Renya unless they can cut through the thick and rich mana itself.
It goes without saying, but such an achievement wouldn’t be the work of a human.

“While we are on the topic of kindness, it would be a big help if you could hurry up and die, hero-kun. I said I would get rid of you without going easy, so I don’t have any time to spend on you, you know?” (Renya)

“You monster!!” (Yuuki)

Giving up on attacking with the holy sword, the hero jumps back.
However, faster than his body leaps back, Renya shortens the combat distance and slips his own body right in front of the hero.

“It’s regrettable, but I don’t want to play around either.” (Renya)

He whispers as he slashes his blade in an upward fashion, as if scooping something up.
Yuuki tries to dodge it by frantically twisting his body.
The churned-up blade makes a soundless, full swing. The combat distance between the two widens and at the instant Yuuki’s feet touch the ground, his left arm falls to the ground after easily being cut off from its root as if it was some kind of joke.

“Gii!!” (Yuuki)

“… So I failed to kill him.” (Renya)

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?” (Yuuki)

Collapsing as if he had lost to the force of the blood gushing out, while pinning down the open wound one instant after his arm had fallen off, the hero writhes on the ground in front of Renya who was venting his frustration.
The blood, which vigorously spurts out even as the hero restrains the wound with his remaining right, isn’t something that can be held back.
Spilling on the ground through the gaps between the fingers, the blood dyes the surroundings red in a very short time.

“My arm!? Where’s my arm!?” (Yuuki)

“Even though I intended to cut him down with a upward slash… my edge has deteriorated… did I grow dull?” (Renya)

“Uwaaaaaaaaah! My aaaaarm!” (Yuuki)

“Oh well, whatever. I don’t know what the archduchess will do, if I don’t wrap it up swiftly and get back.” (Renya)

Renya groaned in dissatisfaction while tilting his head to the side in doubt, but seemingly remembering that he doesn’t have overly much time, he walks towards the hero who is writhing and squirming on the ground.
Did he sense Renya’s presence approaching? The hero, who squirmed due to the pain of losing his arm, kicks the ground trying to somehow gain some distance while looking up to Renya with a pale face.
Even while slipping on the ground that was muddy due to his own blood spewing out, the hero retreats little-by-little.
Is he looking pale because of blood loss? Or is it because of the fear as he perceived that he will be eradicated? Renya doesn’t know.

“Goddess-sama! Please save me! Goddess-samaaaa!” (Yuuki)

Letting go of his holy sword and staining his shining armor with dirt, the hero shouts towards the empty sky.

“Am I not a hero!? Am I not the most amazing human on this world!? What a fraud!” (Yuuki)
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Of course there’s no answer towards the hero’s screams.
Renya only slightly hoped that the supervisor would respond to the hero’s call by chance, but he breathes out slightly guessing that it’s only natural for that not to happen.
If the supervisor showed up here in front of the hero, Renya thought that he might try to fight them a bit if he releases the sword slash, which he used for the first time in this time’s battle, with all his power, but it seems that the supervisor is also aware that it’s dangerous to appear in any kind of shape in front of Renya and the others.

“Well, it’s not like I can’t understand the hero’s feelings to a certain degree.” (Renya)

Renya can sympathize with the ecstatic feeling after having been sent into a game-like world while getting praised as a messiah for no obvious reason.
Moreover, it’s natural for him to have various misunderstandings once he possesses powers he wouldn’t even be able to imagine in his former world.
Even Renya can conquer the human continent by force as long as he feels like it and it’s not like he can’t lead a life focused on gathering beauties from all over the world and engross himself in depraved games.
If he’s asked why he didn’t do so, it’s because he had the insight to understand that otherwise it would definitely cause a distortion somewhere that would likely trigger a calamity which would befall him in the end.

“It turned into a Game Over due to a wrong choice; I guess that’s how you have to think of it. You like games, don’t you?” (Renya)

“I don’t wanna! I’m a hero! I will defeat the demon king, save this world and beautiful princesses will…” (Yuuki)

Anymore of that is just too unsightly, Renya judges.
It’s a far too pathetic a line to be spoken by the hero in a place where a great number of soldiers are watching, even though they are forced into servitude.
In that case, it’s probably merciful to shut him up quickly. Renya brandishes the katana in his hand aiming at the hero’s neck.
The moment at which one can’t tell whether that blade has reached or not reached the hero’s neck, the hero mumbled something.

“Teleporting again, huh!?” (Renya)

There’s no feedback from the swung katana and the hero’s body, who was lying on the ground, is nowhere to be seen either.
Even if he succeeded at teleporting, that doesn’t mean he can leap into a distance that allows him to escape the range of Renya’s sight.
Even though it’s a pointless action that only extends his life by a few seconds, as the hero, he was probably forced to use it.
However, if some kind of miracle happens, it might save his life in those few seconds.
Renya appears to understand that as well. At the same time as he loses sight of the hero, he swiftly lets his gaze wander across the vicinity.
If I manage to discover the teleportation destination, I will be able to kill the hero before he leaps next time.
Renya searches the surroundings while thinking that, but even after trying to let his gaze wander once around in a circle, he can’t find the hero anywhere.
Maybe this isn’t his usual short-distance teleportation, but a long-distance teleportation he kept in reserve?
That thought causes Renya to get flustered.

“W-What this!? Just what the hell is this!?” (Yuuki)

The hero’s scream.
Once he turns around in the direction of the voice while readying his katana, he sees the armor scratching its head, or rather the top of its helmet with its steel glove while letting out an aura as if it was very troubled.
There was the hero, whose lower half has been completely stuck in the jet-black something that peeked out of the opened torso armor.


“Eh?” (Renya)

Neither Renya nor the hero comprehended what had happened.
However the reality was that the activation of the hero’s short-distance teleportation skill succeeded, but that there was a mistake in the teleportation’s destination coordinates.
Neither Renya nor the hero understood the reason why it happened, namely that it’s a phenomenon caused by the <supervisor’s curse=””> that got attached to the hero in the midst of his exchange with the goddess whom he met before being summoned.</supervisor’s>
Only the human supervisor, who knows of those conditions, was taken aback and greatly perplexed after ascertaining the full details from an unknown location.

“I… It hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurtsssssss!?” (Yuuki)

At the same time as unspeakable sounds of biting or crunching can be heard coming from the parts that have completely sunk into the black mass, the hero screams and writhes while trying to pull his body out from there by thrusting his hand into the armor’s abyss and struggling with his upper body half.
But, no matter how much he pulls or wriggles, his lower body, which is tightly stuck, doesn’t bulge.
And not only that. It’s little-by-little, but the exposed upper body half started to get swallowed as well.
Countless arms appear from within the black mass and crawl onto the surface of the hero’s struggling body.
In the end Renya wasn’t able to completely understand what the shining armor was capable of. It was torn off and swallowed down foremost. Then, the remaining upper half of the hero’s body was seized all over by the extended arms .

“Gyaaaaaaaaaah!!” (Yuuki)

The countless arms holding onto the hero’s body gouge out his skin, cleave open his flesh and break his bones with their fingers.
The more he struggles, the more his wounds widen, but the hero shows no indication of stopping his squirming.

“Let me go! Let me go, let me go, let me go, let me go, let me go, let me go, let me goooooo!!” (Yuuki)

Both eyes of the hero are covered by black hands as if being blindfolded.
Black hands also rush into his screaming mouth. Several fingers latch onto his upper and lower jaw.
Fingers are also stabbed into his throat. Red blood gushed out of the part where a hand ripped out the collarbone.

“Hya… Hya, fuheehe…” (Yuuki)

Somehow guessing what is going to happen in the next instant, Renya turns his face away.
Two sounds are produced, one similar to a tree’s branch breaking and one similar to a wet dust cloth being torn apart both of which reach Renya’s ears at the same time.


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