Chapter 20 – It seems to be the acceptance of a request

“We have accepted a request!” (Shion)

As Shion was somehow strangely delighted, the first thing she said after opening her mouth was this line. Seeing Renya return to the city after two straight days of committing himself to expert training in the mountain range without saying anything beforehand, he received a severe scolding from Shion and Rona the next day in early afternoon.

Apparently when he left taking only one bentou (boxed-lunch) along, they started to worry whether something had happened to Renya’s body as there wasn’t any sign of him returning when evening came.

While consuming the food he took along little by little and inserting naps inbetween, it was a trifling task for Renya to continuously train his body outside for a period of 2 days. Talking about it now, certainly, only having enough food for just one meal, he also considered within his mind to return once but immediately rejected it as being annoying.

But as he said that he intended to take around two days from the beginning, he didn’t think there was any reason to swarm him with criticism. As Shion fervently explained how concerned they were about Renya, he decided to devote himself to earnestly apologizing as he was unable to do anything else due to not wanting to particularly make things worse by replying with an imprudent rebuttal.

It was a fact that he caused them to worry, and as he considered the situation of being in the same position of being concerned about someone, it was a somewhat fresh feeling and he continued to apologize without being bothered by doing so.

Apart from that.

Just as Renya finished eating the expectedly disgusting lunch, he received boiling hot water from the inn’s employee in order to somehow improve the circumstances in his surroundings step by step. The mouth of the bottle was wide. Taking off its lid, he poured the water into an earthenware jar. While waiting for it to fully cooldown, he started to cut down the fruits resembling apples, which he came across and bought at a nearby street stall, in properly sized pieces.

Without removing the skin, he threw bite sized pieces of them into the water that had finished cooling down completely due to the heat dissipating and shut the lid again.

He only remembered the information how to produce it. Although Renya pondered whether it was fine to leave it as it is for a few days, he knew no more than that it was necessary to do so in order to finish the base.

Even though Rona was watching with great interest as to what Renya was doing from the sidelines, he didn’t explain to her what he was up to.

He considered it to be difficult for her to comprehend even if he were to explain it.

“Eto, Renya?” (Shion)

He had asked the inn’s employee in advance to be allowed to place the jar in the inn’s kitchen at a place where it wouldn’t hinder anyone.

Renya conveyed to them that he wanted to leave it there for a few days as it is. As the inn’s employee said that it would only rot, Renya had no other choice but to ambiguously laugh.

It would be undoubtedly complicated to explain the difference between rotting and fermentation to the inhabitants of this world. It was true that rotting and fermentation could be indicated as identical phenomenon, but fermentation was something beneficial to people. Given that only rotting wasn’t something to be called beneficial, Renya personally would end up being embarrassed if there was no difference.

“Oi, Renya…” (Shion)

“I heard you. I think you said that you accepted a request?” (Renya)

As she would take offense if Renya continued to ignore her indefinitely, Renya finally returned some words to Shion as anger colored her tone.

While it may be true that there is no particular reason to reply to her since it doesn’t imply that I am not listening, I guess it will be fine to continue talking as it is information that needs to be conveyed, he ended up thinking.

“What kind of request did you accept?” (Renya)

“Leaving the southern gate, at a place around one day by carriage a new dungeon has been discovered.” (Shion)

In regards to the distance, it was a place approximately around 80 km away.

As Renya wasn’t really able to judge whether it was close by or far away, he asked himself Why did this site turn into a dungeon? And why wasn’t it discovered until just now?

He tried to confront Shion with these questions.

There were two types of the things called dungeons. First off there are remains of abandoned mines and buildings that had been constructed by humans. After abandoning them without doing something like tearing them down, for some reason monsters would settle in there.

The other type was called something like living type dungeon. At some place a dungeon core would spring forth and summon objects in its surroundings making drastic changes to the environment, producing monsters and stockpiling treasures. The purpose of these actions was to absorb the mana of the defeated adventurers who came to the dungeon. Furthermore it was something that was able to mature.

No sooner than after the creation of the dungeon core, it will start to produce monsters by whatever method, huh? This being the point, there were many mysterious parts about this and it seemed that the research in this direction hadn’t really progressed much, either.

“So this time the discovered dungeon is of the living type category. It is a subjugation request.” (Shion)

“Although it is still new, do you want to conquer the dungeon with a single party?” (Renya)

“No, several parties will link up to form a raid.” (Shion) (ED: WoW?)

Raid meant that it was a group made up of several parties.

Shion explained that since it wouldn’t be an achievement of a single party, the guild request was about how well you would be able to work together in the raid.

Although Renya thought that it was almost like a game, it obviously wasn’t actually such an optimistic situation.

If the living type dungeon was left alone, it would start to absorb the mana from its surroundings as well. So if they let it mature arbitrarily, it would reach the point of it producing great numbers of powerful monsters which would greatly increase the scale of the dungeon.

And then, eventually, the overflowing amount of created monsters would break out and cause serious damage to the surrounding areas. Thus, in case a new living type dungeon was discovered, it was prudent to gather the necessary amount of people promptly and go capture the dungeon in order to destroy its core.

“What’s the number of participating parties?” (Renya)

“With us it is 4. The total amount of participants is 19 people.” (Shion)

Since Renya’s group’s party had 3 people, there were 16 people left.

Although you could say it would be parties having 5 people each by calculation, since parties usually had 4 to 6 members working together, you could call this an average number of participants.

But, what about their combat ability? Since he hadn’t an example he could judge by, he was pondering about this. Although Renya looked at Rona seeking for something like an opinion, Rona just swung here head left and right.

“Given that there is only scarce information about a new dungeon, it is usually often unknown whether the number of people to conquer it is appropriate.” (Rona)

“After listening to the end, I don’t think it is a very appealing job, don’t you think?” (Renya)

“In case it hasn’t been long since the generation of the core, it won’t be able to release monsters on an extensive scale. As for the degree of difficulty, it is normally low. Also as you can expect things like intact raw materials, and treasures to a certain degree, it is a good job to earn income, you know.” (Rona)

“Renya, why did you ask Rona’s opinion and not mine…?” (Shion)

Facing the extreme complaining of Shion, by no means can I go ahead and foolishly give her the honest reason of me having the impression that Rona clearly has far more information and experience than her, Renya assessed.

Although I don’t really understand how it ended up that I joined their party, I know that at least Rona wouldn’t destroy her stance of being a priest’s apprentice as long as she was in front of Shion.

Even though I don’t understand the reason for that, Rona tries to maintain this stance to the bitter end. As it was something which Renya was unskilled in, it was impossible for him to completely expose Rona.

While groaning with a low “U~ tsu”, Shion directed a straight glare at him. Renya somehow or other made up a reason and told her.

“Aren’t Rona and Shion equal in regards to knowledge and experience? In that case, in this situation following the opinion of Rona, who serves God, might possibly grant us a blessing, don’t you think?” (Renya)

If I think about requesting this from the little girl working as supervisor, I guess I can’t imagine her working diligently to the degree of blessing each and every single one of the priests who call themselves her servants either way, Renya was thinking since he had only a faint belief in her. As for forcefully making up a reason, Renya praised himself for it only being slightly invalid.¹

“Mu … For some reason, now that you said that, I have such feelings too.” (Shion)

“I guess the leader is Shion? I will leave the final decision to you. Besides, you don’t have to worry since I will abide by your decision for sure.” (Renya)

“”Eh?”” (Rona & Shion)

After Renya finished saying it clearly, they returned a somehow questioning voice in harmony.

Did I say something so unexpected, Renya wondered as he looked at the two of them. Their facial expressions almost looked to him as if there was something like a question mark floating above their heads.

“I wonder, did I say something strange?” (Renya)

“I just thought that Renya would act as the leader…” (Shion)

“Eetto, I thought the same as well.” (Rona)

“Why would you think that?” (Renya)

Renya exhaled while showing a very reluctant expression.

Although it was only vaguely, he had a hunch that they would say something like that. Thus he was able to prepare his reply beforehand.

The people called leaders were people who grew into the duty of bearing responsibility for others apart from themselves. Renya didn’t have a hobby of delightfully being responsible for others.

“At least you should understand that it is a pointless decision to make a Lost, who has little to no information about this world, your leader, no?” (Renya)

Though Renya believed that he told them something obvious, somehow both of them didn’t seem to comprehend the reasoning.

“As the man is usually called the leader after all, I believe it will cause less problems with others, you know.” (Rona)

“I agree. Moreover I think that Renya will be able to make more accurate decisions than me.” (Shion)

“Where do you get this confidence from? And also, why did you accept the request then?” Although that was what he wanted to retort with, before their gazes keenly hinting at and conveying “We have already accepted it, no?” and “We can’t refuse anymore, isn’t that right?” his questions ended up disappearing too.

Dropping his shoulders while exhaling, Renya agreed, albeit feeling unwillingly.

“I understand… Shion, please consult with me briefly before you accept a request. Especially since I will be the leader.” (Renya)

“Mu, that’s also true. I am sorry for being rash.” (Shion)

As Shion meekly apologized, Renya raised his hand in order to make them listen.

“And, what’s the reward and time limit?” (Renya)

“Including the necessary expenses, it is 6 gold coins for each party. The time limit is: 2 days for traveling and 2 days for the dungeon exploration, in total 4 days. Since it is a subjugation request, we are supposed to subjugate as many monsters as possible inside. There is an additional reward of 10 gold coins for destroying the dungeon core.” (Shion)

“We travel by carriage? Or by foot?” (Renya)

“We will travel there by carriage. The guild will arrange for it. Although the departure is tomorrow morning, we should check the faces of the fellow participating parties once before that. This evening we will meet up at a bar called Silver Cupclose to the guild.” (Shion)

Although Shion was looking as if she wanted to say “How was that!”, Renya was troubled within his mind.

There isn’t much time left until we have to meet up with the other parties. The time until departure is extremely lacking as well.

Considering the time the meet up will take, the time remaining to devote for preparation is little to nothing.

I guess the request itself was posted only a short while before.

Discovering it just barely within the deadline, it seems that Shion ended up rushing to accept the request last-minute. That thinking was too naive.

Looking to his side, he saw that Rona looked sullen sharing the same opinion as him.

“Shion… don’t you think about the required follow up before you decide to accept a request?” (Renya)

“Eh? Eh?” (Shion)

Apparently Shion didn’t understand why Renya and Rona were looking sullen.

Nonetheless, she still seemed to understand that she had done something completely unwise. While alternating between viewing at both of their faces, her facial expression became very flustered.

Should I use this occasion to firmly scold her? Although he considered that too, after seeing Shion’s expression he gave up on it.

Even though Renya didn’t know how it was for the people of this world here, choosing to scold rather than praise a method for the most times caused various strains as well.

If they realized their mistake, it would work better to follow up rather than blaming them.

By no means did I end up being dumbfounded by the nature of the flustered Shion! Despite him persuading himself, when he was seen by Rona, she clapped on his shoulders with a *pon pon* showing nothing but her understanding.

“Although it can’t be helped now that we ended up accepting it… Rona, can you go ahead and purchase the necessary goods quickly?” (Renya)

“Yes, I guess it can’t be helped. Food and water for 4 days, rope, torchlights, potions and bandages. That should be it, I think?” (Rona)

“What about bedding? Although you guys got your own already, I don’t possess any…” (Renya)

“I will buy it. I will buy anything else I become aware of while I’m at it.” (Rona)

“I leave it to you. The expenses will be split between us later on. Can you pay for us in advance?” (Renya)

Bowing to Renya, Rona left the inn at a quick pace.

After seeing her off, looking at Shion’s state, it seems she has at last started to gradually realize the troubles she’d caused. It didn’t seem unlikely that she would present the armor she was wearing on herself as an apology.

“Preparations… can’t move without them…” (Shion)

“It’s fine to be careful next time. All things considered, this wasn’t the first time you accepted a request, didn’t you ever notice this aspect?” (Renya)

Without using something like an accusing voice, Renya cautiously asked her. Shion answered while her face became red due to shame.

“Because Rona was always acting before I knew it…” (Shion)

At the time when there were only the two of them in the beginning, wasn’t Rona acting like a parent in regards to Shion’s situation? Renya wondered with a deep sigh, while his eyes looked something like those of a dead fish.²

“Is that so? …Thanks for clearing this up for me. As it is like that, we will participate in that meeting together. I guess it is also fine if there aren’t all of our members present, right?” (Renya)

“Probably…” (Shion)

Shion replied without confidence.

There is already no other way but to apologize myself if something happens, Renya mentally prepared.

“For starters, let’s go to that Silver Cup. I guess I will also be able to explain if they ask anything.” (Renya)

Although it will be great if it ends with only a meeting without any trouble, as Renya thought so within his mind, for some reason he doubted it. He didn’t feel like finishing his thoughts which could be called a hunch.

And then, because of that bad kind of premonition, Renya also knew from the manifold experiences that he could say something cliché, like it never happened that he was wrong about his premonitions.


Translation Notes

¹ ED: Indeed, Loli-kami-sama wouldn’t bother handing out individual blessings, ever. Unless someone repeatedly kicked her head like it was a soccer ball.

² Literally, eyes like knotholes.


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