Chapter 18 – It seems to be the beginning of training

For a while we won’t take on any work.” (Renya)

Those were Renya’s words and although Rona and Shion were somewhat surprised they didn’t raise their voices in opposition either.

After being taught about magic in Khalil’s shop, Rona reunited with Renya and Shion at the inn. She immediately started to talk with Shion about taking up some work and thus he told them bluntly like this.

In order to earn their income they had to work and yet why did he say such a thing like not doing any work, although Rona asked this of Renya, he clearly answered her in this way:

“I am not quite able to grasp the extend of my own abilities yet.” (Renya)

What he can do and what he can’t do, as well as to what degree he was able to do certain things was the fundamental information he had to obtain for understanding his abilities, Renya explained.

What was the difference in understanding one’s own state, Shion wondered.

Although you certainly could ask that, Renya stated as preface, while unsure how far he should tell them.

“To tell you the truth, at the time when I came to this world, almost all of my memories of my previous life ended up vanishing. Therefore, the memories of what I did and how I lived in my previous life, I am not clear about those circumstances.” (Renya)

“You have lost your memories? However, considering that, you don’t look like someone being overly thrown into confusion by that state either. Didn’t you call yourself a Lost right after we met each other?” (Shion)

As a matter of fact I met god and was requested to transfer here, that was something Renya naturally simply couldn’t tell them.

Although he didn’t really mind telling them either, he just didn’t think that they would believe him. It wouldn’t be too bad if they would only make fun of him, but if they concluded it to be a mental illness it would become bothersome.

“That’s something I don’t understand well either. At any rate, I likewise haven’t experienced such a thing like crossing over to another world. In regards to my self-introduction, I just have a slight sense of doing something like that in that situation. However, where I learned of it, I can’t really recall at all.” (Renya)

Since there was no method to verify the authenticity of his words, if he insisted on not being able to remember the knowledge, it would be accepted as truth.

Also, the one being capable of proving his words as lies and possibly being called upon to stand witness was none other than that little girl, who was somewhere far away underneath the sky.

“Furthermore, apart from all this, although I accepted already that there is nothing that can be done about this situation, won’t it be troublesome in a crisis, if I don’t understand how far my own abilities go and what I am able to do?” (Renya)

“Well, that’s certainly true.” (Shion)

Although holding a sword in his hands, there was no baka who would wield it without understanding how to use a blade. (ED: You called?)

Wasn’t this an argument Shion could understand very clearly? She nodded deeply towards Renya’s words.

“Therefore, for a little while, I want to confirm it by training myself some. That’s simply it.” (Renya)

“Indeed, I understand. Since we have received the reward for our previous request, we should be fine for a while, no, Ro?” (Shion)

“Yea, but how much time do you need?” (Rona)

“I think I will be able to manage with 2 days. Though I’d like to continue training for longer. That would be the compromise.” (Renya)

Now then, how should I bring up this matter? Renya pondered.

“I wonder, is there any suitable place close to the city where I can go on a rampage without causing any problems?” (Renya)

Although he tried to think about it, but since he wasn’t able to reach a conclusion, Renya followed the conversation flow as is and tried asking Shion.

Shion, who didn’t really seem like she would have any kind of useful information at all in relation to such matters or rather related to everything in general, returned readily an answer to him.

“If that’s the case, the plain area once you leave the northern gate would be good.” (Shion)

According to Shion, the outskirts of this city, although no matter through which gate you exited, it was all plains. But the plain outside the northern gate was called the least dangerous area.

In addition, the monsters appearing there could be called nothing but weak. Walking on foot for a few hours you would reach the group of mountains harboring the Tomb of the Recluse. In other words, the area past the gate apparently was empty.

Past the gates except the northern one, there was a reasonable amount of monsters. Apart from that, it was used as agricultural land. Given that there were always monsters or people there, it might become a nuisance to someone if he went on a rampage there.

As for the area past the northern gate, because the soil there wasn’t good, it wasn’t used as agricultural land either. Although there were quite a few swordsmen and magicians endeavoring in destructive activities in the name of training, there hadn’t been any complaints delivered about it even now.

“Although it is the place I had been taken care of with difficulty too, there really is nothing there at all. Even though it might be mere pretense, Khalil said she went there and blasted it full of holes at the time she wanted to vent her stress.” (Shion)

“If there is no fallout if I go that far, then that place sounds good.” (Renya)

Having decided this, early next morning, Renya, who always woke up earlier than Shion’s group, left his room and grabbed the bentou he had ordered from the inn’s staff the day before. After gulping down the breakfast, he couldn’t think of as appetizing after all, he left the inn.

Given that all of his luggage was stored in the [Inventory], he was satisfyingly in the condition of being empty-handed. The received bentou was stowed away into the [Inventory] as well. And thus he headed straight for the northern gate.

Renya began to run and grasped his fist tightly. Quite strong light leaked out between his fingers.

That was the magic he started to practice last night. (ED: Flashback to last night, go!)

As soon as he returned to his own room in the inn, although he tried to use it, because he had a hopelessly small amount of magic power as even attested by a specialist, he became dizzy after using a single light source spell.

Even though it calmed down almost immediately, this dizziness is owed to running low on magic power for sure, Renya conjectured.

Since this wasn’t something like a game, there was no hint of a numerical reading of his remaining magic power.

Let’s use it carefully, huh? After using it once, pause for a while, then use it again and rest afterwards. While doing that, Renya understood what kind of magic [Light] was.

At first he couldn’t adjust the brightness.

Reciting the spell to cause light, at least I understand so far, huh? Well the condition I don’t understand is how to change the strength of the light, I guess? Although Is it a problem with the mental image? he thought too. Imagining the light resembling a flash of burning magnesium while reciting the spell, Renya felt he was able to cause no more than a light source emitting the luminescence of an average flashlight in the surroundings.

What’s the best thing to do? I don’t know. Somehow there should be a help function in a situation like this to provide assistance, don’t you agree? He thought while looking at the light. Then a message appeared in the lower area of his field of vision.

<Information : Help Function – Regarding the strength of magic – The strength of a magic spell is determined by the first part of the chant. Although there are variations like [According to my power] < [Congregate, my power] < [Change into the source of my power] < [My power shall be devoted], In the case of bestowing power, any chanting part above [Congregate, my power] becomes impossible to be used. Further methods resemble the classification of strength. The proportional application of the quantity of magic power isn’t possible here, the same as in the case of bestowing power.>

“The method to remove the limit of power?” (Renya)

Certainly a convenient function, he thought while trying to state his question.

<Information : Help Function – The method to release the restriction on the application of magic: It is necessary to transcribe the corresponding symbol of each magic spell into memory. Do you request for a limit release for the currently available [Light]?>

So it is possible, he thought while the limit release was executed. After experiencing a light pain in the area of his forehead, a single figure appeared within Renya’s mind.

How to call it …? Although it was a difficult to describe character resembling the shape of something like a drawing, apparently it was the symbol necessary for releasing the limit.

<Information: Concerning the execution of limit release for the non-attribute magic spell – Applied symbol: Master key of non-attribute.>

“…So it isn’t only for [Light]…?” (Renya)

Originally, the corresponding symbol of each magic spell had to be earnestly memorized. As this was the key to release the limit on the different magic spells, it became possible at this point to do such things as adjusting the magic spell by using magic power while chanting. This help function burned all of the magic spells related to the non-attribute magic with the corresponding symbol into Renya’s mind. It obviously omitted the operation to execute all of them one at a time in the end.

Since I received various abilities, isn’t this type of function too much of a cheat? Renya wondered. But since he couldn’t change it now anyway and it wasn’t like it had any particularly negative effect on him, he decided to not mind it.

The second issue is that the produced light source can’t be moved.

Certainly, it can be said that if I designate this magic spell in space (T/N: by using spatial coordinates … is what I’d use here), it will be impossible to move the light source away from that space.

As for this, after having the limit removed previously, trying to suddenly chant [Congregate, my power] will fail due to insufficient magic power for consumption, won’t it? The magic spell won’t be executed and my consciousness will become exhausted, something like going through the terrible experience of having a blackout, he realized the state of affairs.

So until then, he practiced one magic spell at a time and then took a rest until its effect stopped working. Though he wanted to do it again in the same manner, since after seeing through 10 repeats there didn’t appear any dizziness at this point. Thus he decided to increase the amount of magic power slightly. He tried to continue chanting two times, but after he felt a light dizziness again, he took a break. As he saw the two lights floating somewhere in the middle of his room, he realized that it was not possible to move them.

The fire itself emitted no heat either. Although it was merely shining palely, it seemed like once the position was designated after finishing the spell execution, it continued to exist in that place until its effect wore off.

Since that was the case, once he reached the point where he could release several of them, the interior of his room ended up being full of light sources. Even if there was no real harm, being the result of various trials and errors it somehow ended up bothering him. Did you really have to invoke all of them to appear in designated locations in the first place? Renya noticed that if you conjured an object with magic and moved this very object, it would shine while in movement.

After understanding that much, only practicing remained.

Apart from the occurring dizziness as an interfering factor, it was a completely mechanical action for Renya to use the magic spell.

He repeated this for a period of three hours. Even though he was able to increase the amount of simultaneous light sources to 8 without suffering dizziness, it could be called tedious work to repeat the same spell time and time again.

Isn’t there some better method? Renya pondered. For some reason he hit upon a possible method and decided to try it as he had nothing to lose anyway.

“Using [Chantless], [Light] shall be implemented now. Activate 8 units at the same time by using [Activate Parallel Magic Formation].” (Renya)

Immediately after saying this, the character [Acknowledged] could be seen. Atop of Renya’s head 8 light sources appeared in something like an interval.

I think half of my joy is due to it going well and the other half is due to realizing that I haven’t even specified the position in space, Renya chuckled to himself.

With this I have verified that I can combine the skills I received in a similar fashion as assembling a macro.

However, if I assume that those have to be declared one by one too, it is quite a hassle no matter how you look at it. (T/N: He means that he has to declare each spell/skill chant sequentially in contrary to having one single chant/declaration for all of them)

After pondering about it for a little while, Renya revised the previous declaration slightly.

“Using [Chantless], [Light] shall be implemented now. Activate 8 units at the same time by using [Activate Parallel Magic Formation]. Repeat the action until the remaining quantity of my magic power decreases to 50%. Re-execute after magic power has recovered completely. Repeat the cycle until interruption. Specify the position by my right hand’s palm.” (Renya)

In reality, although it may be possible to repeat the cycle until his magic power was completely exhausted, but since he wasn’t clear on what kind of change would happen to his body in case his magic power was emptied, he decided to include a safety margin of 50%.

If it was only to the degree of feeling faint, it would be fine to do this as he was in his own room. Even so he felt that it would be difficult on his body, if he became faint each and every time.

He lifted his palm indicating the position where the magic should be executed. Though he didn’t know how to extinguish the state of this magic spell, the executed light source vanished after roughly 10 minutes passed. By tightly grasping the shining object on top of his palm, he was able to conceal it for the time being.

The execution of this macro worked just as he had planned it. Thus Renya obtained a safe method of starting the laborious activity to earnestly continue using magic.

Renya misunderstood something here without particularly realizing it.

Normally, while in the state of dizziness caused by the decreased remaining magic power, even though this was assumed to occur at a remaining magic power quantity of 10% by magicians, the common sense dictated in such situation that it was necessary to rest up for almost a half day until the magic power was restored after having been exhausted this far.

However, Renya possessed the skill [Superb Recovery] , therefore right after a decrease, it would recover at an unconventional rate successively. It became an absurd state where he could repeat cycles, which would usually require half day intervals, at intervals of a dozen seconds.

Furthermore, the time for magic practice could be multiplied by 8. Thanks to the activated parallel magic formation in addition to the high-speed replenishment, he had practically no cast time or cool down time and thus could execute the spells consecutively.

It was labeled as skill called [Breakthrough the Growth Limit].

At the time Renya received this, he was only growing by disciplining and training. In other words, although he understood that he received the beneficial skill of breaking through the growth limitation, Renya believe this had another ability which resulted in exceeding the usual growth speed limitation.

Basically, although Renya’s unconventional amount of training, his unconventional training speed, and his unconventional growth speed indicated the ability to release his growth limit which developed him into having his current state, the person himself completely wasn’t aware of this at all.

On the contrary, the hopeless verdict of Khalil in regards to his small amount of magic power spurred Renya on to intensify his training even more.

The inhabitants of this world undoubtedly have been in contact with magic since their childhood, there’s no mistake that I should use it (T/N: magic) to increase my own level until I am able to reach their proficiency.

Therefore, I, who who falls into the category of late-starters, have to thoroughly develop this ability, even if I won’t be able to hold my own in comparison to the inhabitants of this world. Renya reflected.

Since he had no other choice but to use the magic spell [Light], every time he implemented the macro the length extended and the contents of Renya’s macro changed.

Currently the used macro was as follows:

“Using [Chantless], [Light] shall be implemented now at maximum power. Activate 16 units at the same time by using [Activate Parallel Magic Formation]. Repeat the action until the remaining quantity of my magic power decreases to 20%. Re-execute after magic power has recovered completely. Repeat the cycle until interruption. Specify the position by my right hand’s palm.” (Renya)

When this matter reached the ears of Khalil she opened her eyes wide, astonished after hearing the contents. But Renya himself thinking that it was still far too insufficient caused the surrounding people to be overcome by dreadful awe.

Thus, as there was no one to stop this situation, he started to raise his cheat ability by freely using his cheat skills.


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