Chapter 17.5 – It seems to be Interlude 4

– In a room of the adventurer’s guild in the commercial city Kukrika –

The Deputy Branch Leader Fritz waited for a certain person to arrive in this room that had been assigned to for him for his personal use.

“Excuse me” (-)

The door of the room quietly opened and after bowing the person, who just arrived, entered. The person looked at Fritz with a gentle smile while greeting.

As far as I know this person, this is certainly a rare occurrence, thought Fritz to a certain degree. On Fritz’ face there wasn’t any trace of maliciousness or hideous schemings being planned.

He wore an expression as if he completely welcomed his visitor from the bottom of his heart.

There wasn’t any person in this city at all, to whom this Deputy Branch Leader showed such an expression.

“I am delighted that you were able to visit my humble self. So, how did it go with the issue at hands?” (Fritz)

His words were completely free of sarcasm and ill will.

Fritz offered the visitor the chair, which had been prepared in the room in advance, while asking. Rona sat down on the chair that had been offered to her as she confronted Fritz.

Although she displayed a smile on her face similar to the one she wore when she came with Shion, the mood at that time couldn’t be compared to the gentle and tender mood now at all.

Without showing any signs of distrust or suspicion, Fritz waited for Rona’s response.

“Somehow I was able to reach an agreement.” (Rona)

A feeling of relief could be sensed somewhere within these words.

Fritz’ smile deepened as well.

“That is extremely splendid. Although your own responsibility should become a little bit lighter too with this, didn’t you use an considerably high-handed move?” (Fritz)

As he heard of her move beforehand, he knew that it wasn’t a proper way for a woman to conduct herself, especially one that had a social standing to such an extent. But as he was the original proposer himself, Fritz wasn’t able to put up a strong opposition to it either.

To Fritz’ words which seemed to be concerned about Rona’s body, Rona slowly shook her head.

“Since this is my mission, I didn’t think or worry about this matter.” (Rona)

She punctuated her words after pondering for a little while.

“Even so, I wish you to take these as a little comfort, too.” (Fritz)

Medicine, although Rona was laughing slightly, Fritz began to become flustered.

Even though Rona understood that his panicked state and his feeling of guiltiness came from Fritz’ heart, if Shion were to see him now, she would be wondering in surprise just what kind of magic Rona had used on him.

From Shion’s standpoint, this Deputy Branch Leader was a disgusting person, who was arrogant, without a shred of worry about others and always full of sarcasm.

However, the words spoken by Fritz were filled with an attitude of wanting to express his apology.

“There is nothing to apologize for …” (Rona)

Although Fritz tried to stand up from his chair in order to bow his head, Rona stopped him.

“This is also work on top of being my duty. Because of that I can understand it quite well.” (Rona)

“Although it is what His Excellency has ordered, by only pushing nothing but difficult matters on you …” (Fritz)

That is to say, it was about the reason for Shion’s dislike towards Fritz which was at the level of detestation. For the entire time since Shion registered as an adventurer it looked like the troublesome requests no one wanted to do were pushed on them. Also, in regards to the achievements of the requests, whenever they almost resolved something, the reward was reduced and small penalties forced upon them. It looked like he devoted himself to do nothing but harassing them.

However, those were the orders in such situations, Rona finished the sentence.

Although they both were in the same situation, it could be said that Fritz harassment was only aimed towards Shion. And that wasn’t Fritz’ intention either. The difference was that those were orders from a somewhere different place and as result he had no other option but to operate like that.

“I guess it’s painful to play the role of being loathed because it is difficult, huh?” (Rona)

In reverse Rona bowed her head which caused Fritz to wave his hands in panic.

“Please stop it. For a lowly person like me …” (Fritz)

“Originally it is unusual for the guild to assist in such matters. To yield to this cooperation and to additionally support it, I am very grateful. There is no reason for me to think of you as lowly at all.” (Rona)

“When you put it like that, I feel slightly relived by your kind words. Then… now this Lost will join your party, you said…” (Fritz)

Fritz began to ask a question like seeking directions to which Rona displayed a nod.

“Yes, although it is beyond expectation to gain a Lost as companion, he can be trusted to some extent. He is a person with abilities that can be placed at our side. Looking at the experience after one month (T/N: of adventuring), Shion-sama isn’t listening to words about quitting as an adventurer anymore either. If this is the case, there is no problem with continuing as is. That’s what I plan to report to His Excellency.” (Rona)

“Well then, the maneuvering of the guild too?” (Fritz)

“Yes, for the finale this time, it is satisfactory to return to the usual. Even if I consider to officially report it to His Excellency at a later time.” (Rona)

“That’s the best way. Then, will Rona-sama return to your previous official post?” (Fritz)

“No, I will continue with this mission after that. I fear that it’s likely that it will be like that until the end, huh?” (Rona)

As Rona said this she laughed while in contrast Fritz’ facial expression became clouded.

It was an expression showing that he didn’t believe Rona’s words to be an overly nice prospect.

“Although it is difficult for me to say as Deputy Branch Leader of the adventurer’s guild, for the Chevalier (T/N: >> Shubarie <<) household to say that the adventurer occupation will be continued, is…” (Fritz)

Those occupied as adventurers were sad existences and the occupation itself couldn’t be called honorable.

There were many fights and likewise the life was often in danger.

Although they couldn’t go ahead and announce it publicly because of the requests, there weren’t few who violated the laws.

Of course such requests which involved murder or theft weren’t accepted, but such things like deciding to breaking and trespassing into areas prohibited by the state were fairly frequent occurrences.

To the speech and standpoint of someone who could be called in charge of these, Rona could only smile bitterly.

Although having deliberately repeated his concerns in this matter, she couldn’t believe in the words of a person with such standpoint.

“If you go as far as saying these things, what do you think will be the best course for Shion? Maa, although I am more or less the eldest daughter, if I had remained within the household, I would be married off somewhere at best. I wonder if that would be preferable then.” (Rona)

“Mu … muu” (Fritz)

Raising his voice with groans, Fritz didn’t look like he would continue his speech, Rona comprehended as she was watching him.

“Besides, there is a younger sister below me. Even in the situation that my sister, who is skilled in various things, were to be married off somewhere, she would be able to handle it more proficiently than I.” (Rona)

Although Rona laughed while she said this, Fritz sank into silence as he didn’t know how to answer properly anymore.

Since the person herself said this while smiling and laughing, she would think badly of him if he were to deny her completely. On the other hand, if he ended up affirming it just like that, Fritz would end up admitting that Rona is inferior to her sister. Thus he ended up in a dead end. (T/N: regarding the argumentation or in other words lose-lose situation)

As a result Fritz was only able to groan without forming coherent words. Although Rona seemed to enjoy observing him for a little while, she didn’t have an intention to embarrass him. Thus she muttered a single thing in order rescue Fritz who was caught in his thoughts of having no way out of this situation. (E: The Japanese are very into small talk, and politely remaining quiet is not really an option for them. Thus, verbal traps like this can be laid.)

“Given the situation as it is, please confirm the formalities for Renya-san to join Shion’s party.” (Rona)

“I understand. I will see to it at once.” (Fritz)

“After sending the report to His Excellency, I shall return to Shion-sama’s side. Ah, which reminds me.” (Rona)

As if she suddenly remembered, Rona looked at Fritz and asked.

“Are there any houses attached with a workshop in this city? Please tell me” (Rona)

The adventurer guild was also a place were various different information streamed in.

Certainly the person, who became Deputy Branch Leader of such place, would have a connection to real estate information as well. Rather than Rona and Renya going to look by themselves, directly obtaining a large amount of information would be more beneficial, Rona thought as she asked this question. Fritz picked up on another meaning though.

“That is… because you want the mission base to be placed in one place? Well, then you will have to have money lent from somewhere, too…” (Fritz)

Also, she was looking for several objects close to the best district in the city aka the central district, Rona commanded Fritz.

“That won’t work. To begin with, what reason do you intend to give Shion for this?” (Rona)

“That is… as an apology for the inconveniences up till now …” (Fritz)

Since the harassment wouldn’t improve either, it was an attempt to give a large apology here. Although Fritz desired to wipe the slate clean for the incidents until now, Rona wouldn’t approve of that.

“I understand your feelings but it’s still no good. In that situation it would end up being exposed by the guild’s cooperative workers immediately, isn’t that right? Even Shion-sama isn’t such a bottomless baka. After requesting the guild’s cooperation, it would end up reaching His Excellency’s ears right away.” (Rona)

“…Truthfully, that’s quite the nasty remark, isn’t it?” (Fritz)

Fritz looked at Rona with slightly scornful eyes in response to Rona’s careless statement.

“Since it’s me, it’s fine.” (Rona)

“Haa~…” (Fritz)

“Because the money will be raised by our party, only the information on the property is required. Please be as kind to keep this placed in a corner of your mind.” (Rona)

“Understood.” (Fritz)

“Please take care to keep it a secret from Shion. And furthermore, please be careful around Renya-san as well. Since that man has fairly keen senses, I guess?” (Rona)

As Rona gave him a warning and emphasized it, Fritz nodded his head in consent to each point.

After sufficient confirmation, Rona left her seat.

“Well then, with this my business here is done. Contact me, if something should happen.” (Rona)

“I shall humbly comply. Please, take care of yourself.” (Fritz)

As she was departing, Rona replied with a beaming smile to Fritz, who anxiously spoke those words being worried about her, and left behind the room of the Deputy Branch Manager.

There is no way that his anxiety has calmed down yet, huh? although she was already fed up with this whole issue, Rona pondered about her appointment to guard Shion. Well, I have some uncertainties regarding this as well, but since excessive worry can’t be called a good thing either, there is no point in brooding over it, she thought to herself.

“Just where did I go wrong to have strayed from the right path, I wonder?” (Rona)

She looked down on her priest’s garb and felt like her body was pressed hard and tightly constricted, while she grumbled this complaint.

Even though the equipment she wore, before she had to pursue this mission, was always something light and easy to move in, now she constantly questioned just how much her current outfit fit the role of a priest while considering her own state.

All in all, paying attention to the people nearby, as result she saw herself drawing the attention of the surroundings upon herself. But she had no other option but to endure the stares.

“I, although it is hard to say so myself, but will this situation remain always like this?” (Rona)

Rona somewhat wished to be pardoned from that.

Even if I try to complain, there is no one that would return a reply here. Rona heaved a small deep sigh.


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  1. why isn’t baka translated?
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    • Not really, certain words are liked a lot by our community. Like baka or onii-chan. Translators choose words to avoid translating to give it more of the light novel feel, not just a novel.

  2. “Just where did I go wrong to have strayed from the right path, I wonder?”
    when you started plotting and deceiving people around you.
    “Even if I try to complain, there is no one that would return a reply here.”
    Lies, there is Renya whom you just hired and said he is trustworthy.

  3. ShadowMonk265

    Hold up. Are you telling me that the Guild Branch leader was just ‘pretending’ to be douchebag this whole time ?!

    • Rona pretty much implied that she hired the adventurers that attacked them and that she had the situation under control the whole time. Makes sense that the vice guild leader is in on it, I just didn’t expect him to be following her orders.

  4. Do we even have solid confirmation that Renya and her had sex? I honestly can’t see this as anything other than beating around the issue.

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