Chapter 11.5 – It seems to be Interlude 3

“What is such a peerless state called?” (Giliel)

While watching the battle scenery on a displayed translucent window suspended in midair, Giliel (T/N: >> Girieru <<) murmured in admiration.

Displayed was the scene where Renya was fighting the goblins at the pioneer’s village.

Right in the midst of the gathered goblins, Renya’s expression was bloodcurdling as he brandished his roughly formed axe. Or rather his lips could be seen to be curled into a thin smile as he was wielding his weapon.

Grasping the weapon with both hands and brandishing it in intervals, such things as the goblin’s heads, arms and other things were pathetically whirled into the air due to the strength of the impacts together with the spraying of blood.

In the right upper corner of the displayed terminal screen there was the word 「REC」 visible. Even if it was a recording, it wasn’t clear who was the one doing the recording for Giliel either.

“This degree can’t be really called peerless, now can it?”

was answered in cold words.

The one answering and looking at the same terminal screen was the little girl kami-sama. Giliel inclined her head to the side in doubt to the contents of the her remark.

“Such a degree?” (Giliel)

“Regarding the results of this battle, Renya has slain one Goblin Leader and 87 goblins, right? Such a result is an easy feat for intermediate-ranked people in this world.” (Chibi)

If the little girl was right about this, it came down to Renya cleaning up 80% of the goblin horde attacking the pioneer’s village by himself from the start.

Assuming that this was the truth after careful examination, it can be said with certainty that the little girl isn’t telling a lie. That’s a considerable battle result for a single person, Giliel thought.

Rather, won’t it be quite a conspicuous performance for an inhabitant of this world trying to achieve the same result so easily, even while possessing the ability of an intermediate rank?

Of course, if Giliel were in the same situation, she had the confidence to end it in an instant even if the amount of enemies would increase by a some hundreds. But then again it would be a mistake in itself to compare this with such a precondition.

“He didn’t use any magic and neither did he manage to master the skill I gave him. In the first place, that weapon goes beyond poor quality. Firstly, considering the combat ability Renya displayed in his previous world, it had a more stylish and agile disposition. In the end the erasure of his memory apparently led to a certain extent of a blank state in regards to his battle experience. I guess, I went slightly too far there.” (chibi)

The little girl was harshly rebuking him with her words.

Isn’t it your fault that he lost those two, memories and weapons, in the first place? Giliel felt deeply like saying this to her but managed to endure keeping silent.

As a matter of fact, reflecting on the data Giliel possessed about Renya, just the skill allowed him to possibly overcome the resistance of about 100 goblin opponents with only brute force without using any of his other abilities.

The skill <Super Recovery> allowed a person to recover from a received injury and lost stamina several tens of times faster than usual. It was a more or less ordinary Invoked type of skill. It was a skill that had to consciously be activated to display its original performance.

Renya wasn’t very good at usingthis skill by intuition. You could say that he was using it at its minimal effect of invocation as it wasn’t actually accompanied by a real feeling of the skill.

“Related to the weapon, Giliel, I thought I had entrusted this matter to you, hadn’t I?” (chibi)

Being pointedly stared at, Giliel suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. In order to not show her startled facial expression, she quietly bowed her head.

“The timing wasn’t right yet. I am very sorry.” (Giliel)

She swallowed the words, that she couldn’t imagine a good timing for that in the first place either.

“Oh well, it’s fine. Please hurry as much as possible. I wouldn’t be able to stand watching Renya-san die because his weapon was insufficient.” (chibi)

“Yes, I will take the necessary measures immediately. All things considered…” (Giliel)

While the image displayed on the translucent window changed from the battle scene to the gate of some city, Giliel searched for the right words to change the topic.

Although she didn’t intent to slack on her assigned job in the least, being repeatedly called an amateur by the person in charge wasn’t amusing at all.

“The situation seems to be advancing smoothly enough.” (Giliel)

“In this world ‘Lost’ themselves are not at a level of being called a rare existence either, but rather it’s a reasonable degree of recognizing them as unusual, you know. However, that’s the problem here.” (chibi)

At the gate of the city, Renya caused some trouble with the provincial guards. As the women accompanying him managed to quell the situation so he could pass, the little girl watching this scene leaked a sigh.

Certainly, judging by the reactions of his surroundings, he was at best perceived as a somehow rare occurrence, despite him being a person of another world. The extent of rarity was far from astonishment and even further from confusion.

“Is there a problem?” (Giliel)

“It’s a problem, for example that.” (chibi)

The little girl pointed at the window.

The shown scene stopped.

“This scene is, the scene where a Lost tries to enter the city. In this case the reason for not letting him into the city is the lack of him possessing the identification papers representing his social status. However, the Lost is let into the city without even understanding the issue with the identification papers. There is even the exemption of him not having to pay the toll even though he is someone not holding the proper identification papers, and yet he succeeds in entering.” (chibi)

Usually a person not holding any identification papers is taken to the guards office as a consequence in order to be interrogated. After the truth of their claim is judged, they will be issued temporary identification papers. Furthermore they have to pay a commission fee, the little girl supplemented.

Even in the case of a Lost, if there is a guarantor for their identity, they are supposed to loan the commission fee to the Lost.

“So what’s the problem?” (Giliel)

“As for this, Lost don’t know about these issues upon entering the city and are generally penniless to begin with. The inhabitants of this world are aware of this fact for sure since it’s a kind of usual historical custom.” (chibi)

‘Do you understand?’ the little girl asked with her gestures. Giliel was puzzled as she didn’t comprehend what the heck was the significance of this matter.

In front of the difficult pupil who failed to understand the significance of her words, the little girl acting like a sensei heaved a single sigh and continued.

“The Lost caused something like a dispute at the entrance gate to the city as he doesn’t possess the common sense of this world’s inhabitants. In the first place, only a few days have passed since he came to to this world in this case. Do you think that people in this situation, unlike Renya-san and without calling out for anyone else to help them out, have the currency of this world at hand?” (chibi)

“That is… very likely they don’t.” (Giliel)

From the start Lost were people summoned from another world. You could say with certainty that they were people who dropped unexpectedly into a dimensional vortex ending up in this world as a result.

Naturally, the only luggage they brought along would be from their previous world, if at all. For them to originally have the currency of this world in possession had a possibility of about nil.

“Although one might ask the penniless to pay, it is plainly impossible for them to do so. Thus they are exempted from paying out of pity. That is the widely spread way of thinking in regards to this matter. The inhabitants of this world have many chances to get in contact with people from other worlds and that’s the reason why it is a problem.” (chibi)

“Um, that is…?” (Giliel)

Giliel repeated this basic question once more as she didn’t grasp what the problem was.

If it is strictly regulated how to deal with Lost, then there won’t be any pointless confusion and problems either. For the side sending in the Lost, in other words us, isn’t that something beneficial?

“You still don’t understand, huh? …If supervisor was inexperienced then it probably can’t really be helped. In other words, the frequent amount of people falling into the dimensional vortexes and ending up in this world serves as proof of the fragile instability of this world.” (chibi)

The image displayed in the window was erased with a swing of her arm. While using that hand scratching her head roughly, the little girl said while quite annoyed.

“What was the <method of dealing with a person from another world> in Renya-san’s previous world then? Wasn’t there any? Maybe this could be used to fix the problem of stability in this world as an example?” (Giliel)

“Certainly.” (chibi)

“The Supervisors1 of that world should notice this issue as well. Although they have to be aware of it, they don’t seem to have a method of dealing with it either. Or maybe this problem is so insignificant to them that they don’t even realize it exists? That would be a big problem for sure.” (Giliel)

“Can’t you stop the leakage of resources?” (Giliel)

Because this was outside of Giliel’s jurisdiction, she was not fully aware of the details of this matter.

Concerned whether she should or should not inquire further, she was slightly hesitant to ask. The little girl showed no signs of trying to hide it and readily nodded in agreement.

“Since the amount of souls flowing out keeps decreasing, there is a trend of reduction. Still, as the leak hasn’t been completely stopped, the resources will be exhausted in the end.” (chibi)

“That’s a serious problem.” (Giliel)

As Giliel wasn’t able to actually feel it happening based on her own observations, the matter of dispatching Renya to a world that would be destroyed in the end anyway didn’t really relate to her in any way. The only exception was that she wouldn’t be caught actually uttering words like that. The little girl ceased to scratch her head and folded her arms.

“It’s serious indeed. Though it might be something that is not really of any consequence to someone here.” (chibi)

The little girl threw her a bitter glance. Giliel was afraid that she was able to read her mind. Of course, this doubt didn’t show on Giliel’s face even for a moment.

Even if the time he spent living was equal to about zero in comparison to the little girl’s lifetime, she was still an angel who had seen quite a few months and years pass by. She had mastered that skill to remain blank in such a situation better by far than any human.

Watching the unmoving Giliel with a raised brow, the little girl wondered how long Giliel would endure being glared at. Then she snorted as she got bored of it.

“Completely uncute…” (chibi)

“As the number of my years passed has entered the thousands, there is no reason for any cuteness to be left in me.” (Giliel)

As she returned an indifferent expression and abstained from openly showing any kind of emotions, the little girl clicked her tongue lightly and averted her gaze from Giliel.

“Anyway, Renya-san is scattering resources right now. There is no other choice but to stand back and observe how much the world will be able to recover.” (chibi)

“What’s the likelihood of recovery?” (Giliel)

“Although it’s not zero, it’s at the most a slim chance. Even if we assume it to advance favorably, it still would require about several decades of keeping up this pace. In the worst case the world will break down before Renya-san uses up his life span.” (chibi)

“In such a case, do I have your permission to rescue only Renya-san?” (Giliel)

Even though she considered it to be an ill-natured question, Giliel couldn’t resist but to confirm it by asking this question with a serious expression.

For the Overseer of Everything, the little girl, it wouldn’t do to give preferential treatment to a single individual.

Even if you counted in the fact that it was the little girl who sent Renya to this world.

‘Renya, when this world perishes, you will perish alongside it.’  No matter how much of a god you are yourself, that is not something you should ever say, she had concluded.

Even considering that, it would be a far too shameless and self-interested order to give, saving only one person in an entire world.

That’s the sort of decision one agonizes over, right? She only thought.

“Yes, you have permission.” (chibi)

Although the answer was short, it was immediate.

The contents were satisfactory to Giliel causing her to unintentionally lift the corners of her lips into a smile.

In order for the little girl to not realize this, Giliel courteously bent at the waist and bowed towards the little girl.

“As you wish. Everything shall happen as the honorable you has intended.” (Giliel)

Giliel’s shape slowly started to fade and, before long, vanished.

The little girl saw her off waiting for Giliel’s presence to completely disappear. After ample time had passed, she abruptly muttered while looking at the sky,

“The die has been cast2… I wonder if I failed to give her a proper name… undoubtedly a bud of free will has begun to sprout in that serious girl… I wish that it would hurry up.” (chibi)

The angels of the world generally had no name.

Although it could be said that it came from negligence of having to name each of the hundreds of millions of angels, in reality, giving a name was an important component of defining the personality above all else. There was such a reason as well.

Therefore, in order for some of the duties to be fulfilled a respective name was given to them. In order to abide by the command of protecting Renya, that angel was named as Giliel and it seems the foundations of her personality have begun to be laid. That’s something that caused the little girl to worry as well.

“Is this good luck or rather bad luck? …Really, who suggested that kami-sama was omnipotent? I want them to slightly reconsider this after seeing my current state in this place. Good grief…” (chibi)

Throwing her head back while being at her wits’ end, the little girl spit out those words filled with negative emotions. The sound of those words were lost to silence without having reached anyone’s heart, including the little girl’s.


Translation Notes

1 Chibi-kami-sama is not speaking about mid level bureaucratic supervisors here, who would be giving instructions to the guards, or processing paperwork, or even educating angelic subordinates. She is talking about the Supervisors of the planet that were suppose to be keeping things running smoothly. This entire process is a complaining comment on her part that the semi-deities she put in charge of the world don’t understand just how crappy a job they are doing.

2 Literally, “the nail has been stuck in.” Basically, “What’s been done cannot be undone,” which is not something an all powerful kami-sama should be saying!


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