Chapter 105.5 – It seems to be Interlude 11

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“I propose the occupation of the Trident Principality by an allied army of each nation on the assumption that the Trident Principality is siding with the demons.”

The audience hall that was destroyed by the giant has become unusable. As such, a new audience hall was built in another room that had remained unscathed.
The hero’s voice that echoed there made even the king, who governs the Holy Kingdom, and of course the nobles, who are sitting in a row, freeze in place due to its loudness and content.
Forcing several nobles, who reflexively were about to press him for answers with an expression as if asking “Just what the hell are you saying?”, to stay silent with just his gaze, Yuuki glared at the king sitting on his throne from the centre of the audience hall.
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“Put some pressure on all the nations located on the human continent as the king of the Holy Kingdom. I want you to lend 50,000 soldiers of the Holy Kingdom to me, the hero.” (Yuuki)

50,000 soldiers is a large army.
It’s a number reaching roughly a quarter of the total count of soldiers possessed by the Holy Kingdom.
And it’s a number that can’t be moved at a moment’s notice.
However, the hero demands it as if it’s something trivial.

“W-Wait, hero-dono.”

Is it because of what the hero said? Or is it because of the fear originating from being glared at? The king of the Holy Kingdom tries to stop the hero’s words while his body trembles.
However, Yuuki ignored the king’s conduct and intention, and bluntly stated,

“King, I was given the qualifications of a hero by the goddess. Do you harbor doubts towards my words?” (Yuuki)

Once he said harbor, it wouldn’t be odd even if the king were to be recognized as having heretical ideas towards the goddess by the church just like that.
Even if it’s the ruler of a nation, it would immediately connect to a path towards destruction.
That’s why the king denied the hero’s words at once.

“That’s not it. But, hero, Trident Principality is a longstanding country that has served in its role as a shield, preventing a demonic invasion on the human continent. It’s a country that constantly accomplished meritorious deeds in battles against the demons. Something like them supporting the demons is…”

“Isn’t that the very definition of doubt?” (Yuuki)

The king has no words to return to the hero’s curtly stated question.
However, if he pulls back here, there will be no other path for the Holy Kingdom but to lead the neighboring countries and declare war on the Trident Principality.
Although they haven’t decisively confirmed the demon king’s threat, it’s evident that now is not a time where they should have a war between fellow human countries, and thus he can’t yield as king.
In front of the king who tried to speak up once more, Yuuki slowly placed his hand on the holy sword that hung at his waist and drew it.
He draws the sword in the presence of the king.
That is unmistakably an act of disrespect. It’s an act where it would be proper for the sentries, who are stationed in this place, to apprehend him on the spot.
But, no one moves.
At this point two opinions existed.
First, those who have already agreed with the hero’s words.
They are the people who currently cannot act against the hero’s authority here, as they have catered to him from the start.
Second, those who understand that they won’t be able to stop the hero’s conduct even if they made a move.
The power of the hero, who was summoned for the sake of opposing the existence called demon king who is born with an unimaginable power, surpasses the power of humans by leaps.
They are the people who believe taking a confrontational stance towards the hero is simply pointless.

“Is it better for you to get killed by me for defying me in this place? Or is is it better for you to defeat those siding with the demons in the name of the hero? Let me hear your reply, king.” (Yuuki)

The hero urges the king to choose by thrusting the tip of his drawn sword at the king.
The king looks to the left and to right of the room, but there’s not a single person who tries to save him.
Even if there was for argument’s sake, they would likely be cut down with one slash by the hero.
The king, who was made to understand to the degree of hating it, nodded with his pale, sweaty face before long.

“G-Got it… in the name of the hero, we will attack Trident Principality who is hindering the humans.”

Maybe the history of the Holy Kingdom, which has continued since the old days, might come to an end with my generation. While harboring such thoughts, the king lets his head hang down, crestfallen, as he regrets choosing to stay alive despite all that’s happening.
Looking at the king, who doesn’t try to raise his face, the hero floats a very satisfied smile.


“Hey, is it fine to leave that alone?”

The one asking is a young man.
His violet hair has grown long, reaching the back of his knees, and he’s wearing a pure white simple clothing with a hole in the middle for the head.
He has slightly pointed ears and slender, well-featured looks.
A somewhat mischievous light is dwelling in his violet eyes that have the same color as his hair.
If he were to be called a young man, it would suit him, but at the same time, he has an aura that makes it understandable even if he were to be called a young boy.

“… It’s not overly nice, but…”

The one who replied is a woman wearing simple pure white clothing and had naturally flowing long, emerald hair.
She folds her arms in front of her chest and looks at the image projected in the empty space in front of her while showing a sullen expression.
What’s reflected in the image is the first act at the Holy Kingdom’s audience hall.
Since around the time when the hero drew his sword and threatened the king, the woman has been increasingly furrowing her eyebrows.

“This time the human race pulled a dud, didn’t they?”

It’s a man who, as might be expected, also wore a simple pure white clothing, possessing short blonde hair which is swept back. In contrast to the woman with a sullen expression, he’s floating a broad grin.
His ears are long and pointed like the blade of a dagger.

“Shut up! Wouldn’t it be better for you to quickly finish the selection of a hero if you have the spare time to care about my matters?”

“Although you say that, this time our side has quite an excellent and uniform range of choices, in contrast to your side, right? Even choosing is difficult.”

“… Have half of them perish by causing a major disaster or something like that…”

If it’s at their level, the spit-out curse words turn into real curses just like that.
The created curse attacked the blonde man at whom the words were pointed.
However, the blonde man forces the curse spit out by the woman with the emerald hair to scatter with a single slap of his hand as if driving away a fly.
Seeing that, the woman with the emerald hair quietly clicked her tongue.

“But, is it really alright to let the human race proceed just like that? If things go south, won’t they perish on their own accord even before the demons make their move?”

“That worry is legitimate…”


“However… that Trident adventurer. I fear that he’s likely an instigator placed by master, isn’t he?”
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The air at the place freezes upon the woman’s short comment.
It causes the blonde man’s expression to stiffen, and the violet haired man erases his broad grin and dons a sullen expression.

“The probability of that is high, isn’t it?”

“That means he possesses that much battle power. I guess he’s no mere human either.”

“In short, that means that master has interfered in our game, doesn’t it?”

“If that’s true… it’s something troublesome, right?”

The blonde-haired man says, and the woman continues speaking after nodding once.

“The humans of that world put a very high importance on the existence called hero. And that very hero regards the country, where that person*, who might be under the patronage of master is staying, as hostile. This is a gamble, but it should also contain a way to cut off the interference from master at this point.” (T/N: They treat Renya as “that” or “that person” as they don’t recognize him as human)

“In short, what’s this about?”

Being asked by the man with violet hair, the woman answers,

“I will take hold of the humans’ army and the hero’s power, and erase Trident Principality from the map along with master’s interference.”

The woman explained, without any kind of excitement, a plan that would likely erase human lifes in the tens of thousands if completed.

“That’s too reckless. If you fail, point recovery won’t be possible to use, right?”

The woman said to the astounded blonde-haired man as if challenging him,

“That’s why it’s a gamble. Besides, even if I fail, that subordinate of master, who would have repelled even the hero then, will probably do something about the demon’s invasion.”

“I see. I guess it cannot be helped for things to turn out like that as long ‘that’ continues to live on the human continent.”

“Indeed. And in reverse, if the hero wins, it should become possible to turn all military forces into an anti-demon army.”

What she wants to say in short is that if they win the gamble, it will be a big profit, and even if they lose, it won’t be a crushing defeat.

“Besides, I also feel like the failure level of this time’s hero is a bit too big.”

The woman confessed while sighing.
The two men nod to one another while thinking As expected, after all.

“Therefore, even if we lose, it will probably be possible to make the fairly high-ranking clergy of the church carry out a second hero summoning by showing them a dream.”

According to the prediction of the woman, a great war between the Holy Kingdom and Trident Principality will break out. Even if both sides finished the war in a state of considerable exhaustion, they should have enough leeway left to at least perform a second hero summoning.
What’s necessary are the casters and the mana to be employed for the spell.
And then it will finish with only a small quantity of resource consumed.

“Should we carry out the subjugation war in the name of the hero and goddess?”

If the hero loses, the authority of his name and the dignity of the goddess, who chose the hero, will likely hit rock bottom.
It’s questionable whether there will really be someone who will lend their ear to the oracle of a goddess that prepared someone, who only causes useless confusion, as the hero, at that point in time, the blonde-haired man ponders.
With a dignified tone she addresses that man,

“That hero has already gone crazy after being afflicted by the Poison of the Cruel One. That means he assumed the title as he is stimulated by deep-rooted delusions where even my voice doesn’t reach him anymore.”

“Indeed, the poison seems authentic, doesn’t it?”

The blonde man says in admiration.
Hearing that, the emerald-haired woman took offense and told him,

“It doesn’t look like it, it’s the real thing.”

“You are saying, a being that comes up with something this vicious is a goddess who guides the hero who loves justice and saves the weak? Stop with the far too bad joke. You are forcing me to feel sympathy for the humans, you know?”

“You are completely right there. Isn’t she more demon king-like than the demon king himself?”

The violet-haired man laughs with a “hee-hee.”

“Who is a demon king here? I’m a respectable goddess. … Having said that, demon god, can I have you take it a bit easy until things finish on our side, if possible…?”

“Sure. It will be fine if we slack off with our invasion moves towards your side until you reach a conclusion, right? It looks like you will be ejected from the game easily if we invade now, however that would be boring, wouldn’t it?”

“I think the selection of your game pieces is also part of the game, but well, it can’t be helped. Won’t the invasion towards the dragon race, mixed races and my elven country become intense, if we do it this way?”

“Speaking of that…”

The violet-haired man completely changes his expression from a smile into a slightly awkward one.

“There are various circumstances on our side as well, you know? Currently we are replenishing our combat forces, right? That’s why I guess I will wait-and-see for a little while.”

“Oh my, did something happen?”

The violet-haired man shows a sullen expression at the inquiring blonde-haired man.

“There’s no way I’m going to tell you, is there?”

“That’s true as well. The game will become boring if we learn of each other’s internal conditions, won’t it?”

The blonde-haired man, who readily pulled back, turned his back on the other two as if saying that the talks have finished with this.

“Well then, I suppose I’ll return to my task of choosing a hero. Both of you, please solve your problems as soon as possible so that we can go ahead with the game.”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Hah, I’ll show you that it will resume right away even without you having to tell me.”

After hearing the replies of the two, the blonde-haired man disappeared while waving his hand.
He very likely returned to his own space with the intention to start selecting an interesting-looking person as the hero from among the countless elves, just as he stated.
In his case, things such as abilities and personal history are secondary.
He only puts priority on the selected person being interesting.
In the first place, since they will be chosen by a supervisor, things like ability will be handled afterwards either way.

“I guess I will go back as well then. There are various things I have to do after all.”

“Take care. Please keep your promise, okay?”

“I know, I know. You, too. Immediately contact me once you are done, got it? Don’t try to stall for time.”

“I won’t do something like that!”

While the violet-haired man laughs at the woman, who waves her hand with a spiteful gaze, he waved his hand as well, and vanished as if erasing his existence.
The goddess, after glaring for a while at the space where the man vanished, exhaled deeply and muttered while returning her gaze to the space where the video is still running,

“If I consider the distant future… it’s easier to somehow make this idiot gain victory even if it’s somewhat unreasonable, but…”

However, in order to manipulate the hero discreetly, I guess I have to very likely extract the poison that was planted by that person, who is under the patronage of master, from the hero’s body, the goddess thinks with a feeling full of disgust.
Without doing that, it’s very likely that he will stay indoors while becoming sulky once again right away even if he were to brighten up a bit after having been allowed to destroy Trident Principality along with that person.
I think I can extract it if I treat him directly, but… I don’t want to get overly close to that hero.
The matter where he endured her punch while treating it as reward, with her, the goddess, as his opponent deeply carved itself into the her memory.
Not only that, the goddess isn’t pleased that the poison’s effect doesn’t inhibit his actions, leaving him with only half-baked functions.
If they had completely broken all of his functions, I might have possibly given up on the hero as well.
However, if I personally head to the hero’s location to treat him because of his condition, where only specific functions having been left untouched, he might turn the stuff that kept accumulating and accumulating towards me right after I extracted the poison.
Because he was still a soul last time, it wouldn’t result in a major problem even if I attacked him on reflex, but since the hero has properly incarnated this time, he will easily die if he receives a punch from the goddess.
It would be ridiculous if I ended up breaking the game piece of my own team with my own hands.
For that reason, it was necessary for the goddess to somehow find a detoxification method where she herself doesn’t have to get close to the hero.
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“If I choose a priest that seems capable of becoming a saint or holy woman… while concentrating my efforts with the preamble that they will be broken anyway… I will somehow barely…”

The goddess of the human race mumbles something outrageous completely naturally.
Regarding her objectively from the side, there’s absolutely no way for her appearance, speech and conduct to look like that of a goddess.


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