Chapter 5.5 – It seems to be Interlude 2

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Lord, what kind of person was Kunugi Renya?”

In response to the sudden question posed to me, I diverted my attention from work and looked in the direction of the voice.

The most troublesome things are those that are generated one after another, where if you crush one problem, another issue shows up, which results in feeling like you are playing a continuous game of Whack-a-Mole.

What I was doing now was, in a world where the Hero and his party truly believe that they can change the world with the strength of their willpower. Their power really is exceeding that of the Administrator, thus they are in a situation where they can truly change the world. I received a help request from the Administrator there, so for the time being I gave the administrator there some more power and I also had to work to increase the power of the Demon Lord to the point that when the Hero and co. confront the Demon Lord, they do not die, but have their hearts feel miserable to a breaking point.

To this idiot who had pointlessly increased my work, I won’t even bother to raise my hand to punish him, but instead I’ll have him continue his work for another 1000+ years.

Of course, the one who lent the Demon Lord power was me.

By now, the Demon Lord himself must be wondering and looking for an answer as to how he was able to fight off the Hero and his party.

If you look at it normally, by now the Demon Lord should have been defeated by the Hero, and the Hero should have returned triumphantly to the kingdom.

But I think that this scenario not happening is the severity of reality.

To create a world where everyone gets along is indeed a great idea, but a world is something which is made thanks to someone crying somewhere and wanting to be something. Someone somewhere once said that being an Administrator is like having the misfortune to give work to an indefinite number of people.

If the world could be made with ideals, an existence such as myself would not be needed, and there’d be no need for me to endlessly continue to work and adjust the world.

Even though I say that, if the Hero and his party is wiped out, another Hero will be needed to maintain an equilibrium. Somehow, not wanting to increase my work, I compromised and only weakened the party.

people pray to God for help, but I am God. Who am I supposed to offer my prayers to? Even then, what should I pray for?

(E: That was an intense monologue, oh God why do you do this to me [hehe], translating these must be an even deeper ring of Hell than editing them)

De, what were we talking about?”

Lord, exactly where the hell did you derail to?”

I saw the tired face of the blonde beauty.

I derail where I want.”

Please return to the main point.”

The blonde beauty retorts back coldly. This pissed me off, and I was thinking about to changing her into a frog, or making her reincarnate into an insect but stopped, as its would only increase my workload. Hence there is no meaning in doing this and I will only get pointlessly tired.

Okay, okay, alright, I will return to the main point, just let me concentrate on my work, as I won’t be able to come back from the main point for the next 360 billion seconds. (11,415 years for reference.)

Anyway, why are you telling me to get back to the point when you want to talk, but you do not even remember that? I wonder what’s wrong with the way of education. 24 sec had gone by while I was thinking about such things.

Now I have lost  approximately 0.000000006%. What a waste, I don’t even want to care. AGH! So troublesome.


Like I said, WHAT!? eh? Ah, Kunugi …oh. That old man.” (E: Lives for thousands of years, calls 94-year-old old man. Godlogic)

After yelling and saying a few words, I finally understood who she was talking about, and stopped my work for a while.

If it’s about that old man, I don’t know.”


His cause of death was quite straight forward when his soul was extracted, As to what type of person he was, I did not look into it. I did look at some of his data, though. It seems that he was a gourmet.” (E: Or was he… a gourmet bastard? kek)

If there was no data, I would not have known how to persuade that old man to go to the other world.

He might have had some regrets in his previous world, so I cleared his soul, but now I am reflecting on it, as sometimes it might be good, but it can also be bad.

Was it really alright to send him to another world in such a situation?”

Is there a reason not to?”

With a serious expression on her face, subordinate A is loss for words.

I have no idea what is so shocking.

Just like how a pebble thrown in the sea won’t cause a tsunami, what is such a big deal in sending him without investigating?”

Well, since I am responsible for sending him, help me investigate a bit.”

What do you mean, ‘help?’ If you were to search for his history, wouldn’t It come up immediately?”

Ah! that’s also an option. All I need is to pull up the history on his soul.

Kunugi Renya                                                                                                                           Human race , Age:94

Current resource file number: 9201-0846-2525-4985

former world number: 8190975314143878

No special events mentioned

14th family head of kunugi one sword flow style.

An accomplished kendoist since childhood, at the age of 13 he takes up swordsmanship, hence allowing his talent to bloom.
At 15 years old, moved to mainland China for warrior training by taking part in the underground society.
He killed a large number of people using a single sword, hence was called by the nickname of “
sword demon“ (T: ken no oni)
The number of people he killed in the underground society activities caps at 912 people in five years.
Then, he served in World War II.

The number of people he killed during the war period of four years was 3712 people. The number of people he killed during the war period of four years with his blade alone was 3712 people.
Hence the name, “
Blade ogre“.

After the war, became the next family head of Kunugi one sword flow style, spent time training and learning other sword styles.
Carried out performances of swordsmanship through demonstrations in various places, and quickly made the Kunugi one sword flow style widely known which lead to having 49 dojos in japan and abroad.

In His later years became a swordsmith, having the inscription of “ka Ren”(lotus petal), was known as the human national treasure.
Also was a known gourmet, had a high affinity for cuisine.
lived to the age of 94 years and 127 days, and died of old age.
Life Kills, 5730 people. (TL: WOW thats some record) (E: Holy shit, this guy’s a badass.)

“……. real cheat kita?”*

Why are you talking like that, Lord?”

Raising my line of sight from the window, which displayed the written information to me, I denoted it in a surprised manner and my subordinate dropped a tsukkomi* immediately.
I’m sure that right now, I must have a very blank look.

What’s this!? In spite of being chosen appropriately, it’s a ridiculous life, isn’t it!?”

To kill five thousand or more people with only a sword, but it impossible!? T-teka*, he must have killed about four digits from celebrating the end of the war, this man!”

It must have been exceptionally well-concealed.”

Come to think of it, the data had no disclaimer of him being a criminal!”

Information was to be displayed with a special note if one had a criminal record.
By the way, the crime record, which is displayed here, is according to the law of that world.

If it is not done so, every human will have a criminal record for killing countless lifeforms.

Because this person’s original world had several billion human beings, the killing of about five thousand people would not have much influence in the world.

However, he was sent to a place where the world’s population is, at best, around 10 million.*
A person that can kill 5,000 people with his own skills, plus I gave further cheat-like skills to the one I sent.

Instead of a pebble, that was a nuclear bomb!”

A tsunami is most likely going to occur.”

To subordinate A, who leisurely replied, I sent murderous intent.
…But stopped, as it might end up hurting, and my work would be delayed, and it would also be troublesome because the amount of time I need to spend working would increase.

Subordinate A, your name?”

It is not set, but?”

“…… hmm fix your appearance. Afterwards, I will give you a name”

What? What on earth is…”

Opening the settings window of the panicking Subordinate A, I start making changes. (E: Prepare to go from Extra to Lead. Scariest change ever. So many more lines to recite.)
First of all, I wonder why the subordinates are all blond women.
Certainly, initially I was making them with a certain degree of difference, but it started becoming troublesome as it continued, and I decided to mass-produce copies based on a template.
But it somehow seemed the old man did not like blond women, so I will change the hair to black, with the hairstyle of tails,  somewhat conservative, age setting of around 18 years old, and I’ll change the voice a bit.

From today onwards you will be Girieru (gi-ri-e-ru), because you are an archangel. Go to that world and serve as Renya’s archangel and continue as normal.” (E: I am become Girieru, destroyer of blondes)

Eh? Please do not increase my work.”

The revised Subordinate A replied with a genuinely unpleasant face. The angel I named Girieru settled down when I glanced at her, and asked me reluctantly.

But is it really okay? All of the Administrators of that world will not like it, you know.”

To send an angel is not a problem. And, because it is only to give refuge to individuals, they can’t complain, nor can they get in the way”

If that is so, wouldn’t it have been better to send an angel to get the resources?”

To Girieru, who came up with the bright idea, I jumped and dropped a fist on her head.
Since I changed the form of the girl, the height difference is somewhat of an inconvenience, but because another figure is particularly hard to think of, I am going to leave it as it is.

But you angels will not be able to reside on the ground!”

Oh, that is also true.”

Quickly go, without nitpicking! Give that old man some help, and do not be unreasonable! If you are unreasonable and reckless I will stop you! All right?”

I will act accordingly.”

The reply was missing the excitement, but it can’t be helped if my subordinates lack motivation – since I, as the one who made them, also lacked motivation. But still, she lowered her head, indicating that she will go as ordered. Incidentally, I added another order.

And that shinai* – at a proper time, change its shape to that of a sword (katana).”

Timing and reason is very important, I see. I will try my best”

I resumed my work after seeing the angel off.

FT: Quite long for an interlude. Or maybe that’s just the Monologues from Hell™.

* – 1: This is what it says untranslated.

* – 2: A Tsukkomi is pretty much just a smartass remark. i.e. sass.

* – 3: I don’t even know.

* – 4: OK, let’s see, the US population can be rounded to 306,675,000, and the square mileage of the contiguous US + DC gets to 2,959,064.44 mi^2. This is about 104 people to a square mile. For this entire world to have the same population density, it would be only 94,339.6226 mi^2, which is comparable to the size of Oregon, only 2 thousand or so miles short. Within this there are 5 territories, and each would have to be about 19,000 miles, if not a bit less. Basically, put New Hampshire and Vermont together 5 times. That’s not even half of the size of Ohio. And it’s the entire world. Put that into perspective.

* – 5: A shinai is a practice sword made from a bundle of bamboo. Well, really, it’s a *practice practice sword* being used for sport in Kendo. A “real” practice sword is a bokken, which is just a wooden katana, usually without a tsuba (comparable to a hilt, or a minimalistic hand guard).



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    • Ah sorry, I didn’t get to add the notice here yet as I did for Hachinan’s chapters (was busy TLing today). This chapter was released by another translator and is simply a repost. The link to the original post can be found in the ToC. I will add it soon here too, in a few minutes or such. 🙂

      Having said that, this was translated by another translator and left unchanged as it is.

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    • You’re missing the whole fiction point if you use real WW2 statistics. Hell, there’s even movies that depicts japan as the one victorious. The author did stated that he didn’t break any law, hence it’s impossible for him to be a civilians’ mass murdering war criminal. It is unjustifiable to call him scum if he strictly killed people according to law. Then again the number only meant to show that he was a real life cheat.

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