Chapter 3.5 – It seems to be Interlude 1

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Author Note: The scene that occurred after the protagonist left.

Looks like he’s gone.”(God)

The chibi stood alone, watching him disappear through the portal.

A God’s body is not something I can just do anything with. If I were really omnipotent, I wouldn’t need to ask him to go…”(God)

Is there still no response from those managers there?” (Angel) (ED: The Managers are the five Warlords with the management rights.)

The blonde girl with wings from a little while ago had appeared behind the little girl.

Nothing at all. Even though I tried to say that I don’t mean to take over by force, they wouldn’t believe me.”(God)

She said while shrugging.

The blonde girl shook her head.

Is it not because of your position?“(Angel)

Is that so? Would you like to try taking on my responsibilities?”(God)

Please do not joke. One such as I am not worthy.” (Angel)

As the girl said thus while lowering her head, the God nodded in response.

Good. That’s a wise answer. It’s troublesome and doesn’t pose any benefits. If there’s anyone that can replace me, I would gladly give it to them.” (God)

You have an infinite lifespan, in addition to near omnipotent power. However, now you wish to return to a lifespan of less-than 100, as well as your great knowledge and experience ?”(Angel)

The girl said thus with a surprised expression.

Is it weird?” (God)

I cannot comprehend it.”(Angel)

How long have you lived?” (God)

According to my memory, a minimum of about 1000 years” (Angel)

Seeing the girl trying to remember, the chibi gave a blank look.

Then I guess you wouldn’t be able to understand.” (God)

Is that so?” (Angel)

I have lived for 11,260,000,000 years. I have remembered everything that has occurred in great detail. It’s agonizing.”(God)

God looked up at the girl as she heaved a deep sigh. The girl who had only lived for 1000 years couldn’t even begin to fathom the depth of her experiences.

I’m tired of it. All I do is create, destroy and repeat. It’s all just a system. If that was all it means to be a God, it’s laughable..” (God)

That’s…” (Angel)

The Girl tried to console God, yet couldn’t find the words.. She realized that she had only a experience puny bit of God’s wisdom.

Well, sometimes fun things still happen. Getting kicked in the face is quite the experience. I can still feel it.” (God)

God suddenly changed the topic. It was obvious that she was trying to change the atmosphere. Realizing this, the Angel decided to go with the flow.

How many times have you experienced it?” (Angel)

This is the first time I’ve gotten kicked by a human. If we’re talking about angels, it’s probably about once a millennium.” (god)

That means you’ve been kicked more than 10 million times, yes?” (Angel)

Oi, that’s cruel! I’m the creator you know?” (God)

If she wanted to get kicked, wasn’t it alright?

Though she had come just to meet a human, she attempted to mobilize 80% of the angels. Leaving aside the junior-classed angels, the associate-level angels would want to start kicking her too.

Leaving that aside, let’s select some tools for Renya-san. Leaving him nothing would be cruel.” (God)

Well, since it’s you, shouldn’t you have finished the catalog ?” (Angel)

Well, yeah. Wanna see?” (God)

Even though she said that she would pick it, after the selection ended, they hoped that what she sent were simple things. God asked if the girl wanted to look at the catalog because its contents were already set, being permanent and unchangeable. The girl opened a window.

It’s surprisingly normal.” (Angel)

The contents included food, temporary armor, and weapons. It seemed that, for someone as special as him, there was nothing extraordinary.

The truth is, even though I already tried to lend him a weapon from the land of god, the junior angels kept making a fuss. Even though I told them that due to the nature of the request, he needed weapons to a certain extent.” (God)

After Renya-sama’s gone, a problem has already arisen, huh.” (Angel)

As far as the angel knew, Renya believed that Artifacts were creations of god. However, this is wrong. Those artifacts are just objects that the warlords drop, or something that people create by chance. A weapon truly created by God would be something that could easily surpass human imagination. If such a thing was lost in that world, it wouldn’t be strange for as disaster to occur. The angels’ disapproval was undoubtedly correct. While thinking that, the Angel paused.  (ED: Confusing distinction!  Just assume it’s like “Artifact” as it is used in games, where the item has unique and special powers… that eventually get eclipsed by other equipment anyway, and that a God-Class item could split the ocean between continents with a single swing.  That is the distinction here.)

Excuse me, this is?” (Angel)

It’s something that Renya-san used in the previous world. It’s light and strong, yet, it can’t kill. Since Renya-san has learnt Kendo, he should be able to use it.”(God)

Have you shown this to the Associate Angels?” (Angel)

The Chibi looked at the angel with a blank face.

I did show it to them, though?” (God)

Have you explained what it is to them as well?” (Angel)

They just skimmed over it as they said “Well, isn’t it fine if it’s just this much?””(God)

God quickly checked the catalog again. Maybe there was something that the angels had missed. Maybe they said that because they only skimmed it and didn’t check it at all. Apparently, this angel was uninformed about the Shinai. That’s why she asked for an explanation.

This Shinai is unbreakable, right?” (Angel)

That’s right. Since normal ones will break right away.” (God)

Actually, this was something that the Chibi chose because she didn’t know what else to give as the angels had denied all of her suggestions. Then, she thought about the meaning about the bamboo in the Shinai. It’s light and can at least be used to exchange blows. However, since she thought it would break in a single hit, she bestowed it with high resistance. That’s why she had made it unbreakable. She thought that if it was unbreakable, he could at least use it to fight against a sword. She also thought that Shinais always come with a Bougu, since that was Kendo itself. As such, she thought it would be okay to give him that much. However, this was apparently a mistake.

I just want to confirm this with you, but you do know what happens when an unbreakable object collides with something breakable, yes?” (Angels)

That’s… Ah!” (God)

The girl raised her voice in realization.

As far I can remember, if an unbreakable object and something breakable collide, the breakable object would be destroyed?” (God)

That is correct. We can conclude that he is now boasting the capabilities of destroy anything in that world. Is this not a problem!?” (Angel)

That means, that the Shinai can destroy castles, dragons, Mithril, Orihalcon, and immaterial things like barriers, black magic, and seals in a single hit!?” (God)

That’s not on the level of a mere weapon anymore. In addition, it cannot be modified anymore, you know?” (Angel)

It’s not like I can’t change it. It’s just that I can’t contact the warlords there. This will have such a dynamic effect, Argh! I’m an idiot!” (God)

The little girl crouched and held her head while trembling. This was because she realized that she may have caused a very big disaster. She began to think again and said,

To think that he would have such a cool Shinai!” (God)

That’s not the problem!” (Angel)

The angel rolled her skirt and kicked the chibi’s head like a soccer ball..

In terms of brute strength, there was a big difference between the human Renya and this angel.

She hit the chibi’s head, making her body dance in the air before hitting the floor.

T-To think that the second time came this fast…” (God)

While crawling, she touched her head and returned to the Angel.

Even though he can’t destroy iron and mithril as if it were sugar, if it were to hit the human body or meat, it would get pulverized, yes ? What kind of ‘low attack weapon’ is that?” (Angel)

I see, since it’s unbreakable, it’s like a very strong rod.” (God)

Furthermore, since magic doesn’t have a physical mass, it will be destroyed in an instant!” (Angel)

I see. Even if magic is strong, as it has little physical resistance, it can be easily destroyed. In other words, Magic is useless against him, huh…” (God)

For your information, there is nothing unbreakable in that world, you know?” (Angel)

Even if you searched the whole world, there was nothing like that there. That fact alone would already make that Shinai priceless. However, the chibi once again let out another stupid thought.

As it’s bluntness was its predominantly defining attribute, I never dreamed that it would become such a dangerous weapon.” (God)

That bluntness is the only good thing about it!” (Angel)

As it was unbreakable, it was an object that could destroy anything. Thinking about it in such a light was already scary.

Well, it’s already happened so it’s useless to think about it. However, I would like you to forgive me because I have made it into the shape of Shinai due to my aesthetic sense.” (God)

Argh, whatever. Do as you like, I’m already fed up with it.” (Angel)

Whatever happens, it’s something that I created! I must at least rebuild it into something worthy!” (God)

Argh, do whatever you like! This super idiot God!” (Angel)

Today, the self-proclaimed God was kicked for the third time, her body dancing through the air.

Author Note: After several chapters of investment, I wonder if impressions will come (*glance*)



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      • But she didn’t say anything of that, it’s just “unbreakable”… it shouldn’t be able to wreck anything. Let’s assume that its shape can’t be changed… all that means is that whatever hit it will absorb all of the force involved in the collision. It doesn’t magically add enough power to break something.

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